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Awkward Situation

Fandom: MCU

Pairing: Bucky Barnes/The Winter Soldier x fem!reader

Warnings: Nothing really except me trying to write fluff again haha

Word Count: 1,775

Prompt: Bucky and the reader like each other but are too shy to do something about it so Nat helps and well it got awkward haha


Y/n had just come home from another exhausting and mind-draining mission with Steve & Nat in yet another different part of the world and would like nothing more than to just lay in bed and turn into a log. She looked like a mess and with all the things she had to do overseas and her brain was focused in none other than the comfort of her own room.

“Hey y/n, Nat, I’m gonna go and make some coffee , you guys want some?” Steve asked. y/n plopped down on the common room sofa and closed her eyes while Nat followed her movements with a grin plastered on her face. “Cap, i’m gonna talk for y/n and say yes thank you, we would love that.” She said with a chuckle.

While Steve was busy making coffee Nat sat down beside a tired y/n and said “Hey y/n wanna go to Romania next week? I heard there’s a mutant there who can levitate and i causing havoc everywhere.” Natasha said with a smirk. “I think I’m gonna lay off from missions for a while. I think I don’t have a bone in my body I haven’t broken anymore.” Y/n said with a sigh.

“Yeah and the only thing that would make it better is if your Winter Soldier shows up out of nowhere and tell you he loved you.” Nat said with a wink and gently nudging her with her elbow. “You could scream it in Steve’s ear, he’d be able to hear it better.” y/n said sarcastically, rolling her eyes at her. “Besides, he doesn’t like me. He never ceases to leave the room the moment he knows I’m in it.” y/n said sliding down even further in the sofa with a sigh. Nat looks at her with an apologetic smile.

Just as y/n finished talking Bucky walked into the room. Nat whipped her head at the figure walking towards the common room and whispered to y/n with yet another nudge to her side “Speaking of the soldier.” Y/n followed her gaze and just like every time he walked in the room, she prayed that her eyes isn’t doing that thing where she looses control over them and just couldn’t take them away from the soldier. She quickly gained them back when Steve talked. “Hey Bucky! Want some coffee?” Steve said while holding the kettle.

“Uh no thank you. This wasn’t even the room I intended to go to so… I’m gonna go.” Bucky said as he spun around and walked back towards the hallway. Nat, with a smirk on her face then stood up dragging y/n along with her as she screamed “Wait! Bucky! Y/n’s heading back to her room too and she’s too tired to walk alone, could you maybe help her walk back?”

Bucky turned around and stared at y/n who was currently looking at Nat with wide eyes, cursing her best friend in her head. “Uh sure.” Bucky said quietly. “Let me help.” he continued as he walked towards y/n with his right hand outsreched for her to reach. Y/n took his hand and she swore she felt electricity flow through her body even though it was his flesh hand she had the honor to hold. Her legs turned to ice cream melting from his touch. Her head spinning and for the first time, through all the missions she helped the Avengers with, she didn’t know what to do.

“Y/n? Are you okay?” Bucky asked. Again, she lost control over her eyes and didn’t realize she was staring at him. “Uh yeah yeah of course. Thank you.” Y/n said as she regained her lost composure. Bucky guided her towards the hallway, unaware of the confused gaze coming from Steve.

“Uh Nat? What was that?” Steve asked holding the cup of coffee to his lips. Nat, on the other hand just shrugged her shoulders. “For a second there I thought you were setting them u-” Steve’s sentence was cut short when he noticed the slight smirk on Nat’s face, who was now walking towards the hallway to her room.

“Wait. ARE you setting them up?” Steve called out to her, but she just waved her hands in the air at his oblivious colleague.

Meanwhile, the tension can be felt all the way to the arctic coming from the two figures walking in the hallway.

Y/n, with her arm draped around the neck of the soldier helping her, still can’t look at him directly in the eye. “Y/n, are you sure your'e okay? You haven’t talked since we left the common room.” Bucky asked, worry emenating from his voice. Which, much to y/n’s delight, he failed to hide.

“Yeah. I’m okay. You should really tie your shoelace, you’ll trip,” Y/n said in a hurry thinking for a new topic besides her current situation. Which she also failed to hide, thanks to her rapid heartbeat. “Uh well, were here at your door now so it’s fine. Do you need help changing?” Bucky asked, looking down on y/n who was already looking up at him with those beautiful blue eyes he always admired. He also cursed himself because of the sentence his mind just came up with.

“Wha- What no.. I.. Uh..” Y/n then took a deep breath and continued “No. I’ll be quite fine,” Y/n said, thinking that was better than the stuttering words she just heard come out of her mouth. ‘Quite fine? QUITE FINE? REALLY? I COULD’VE SAID OKAY BUT I SAID QUITE FINE. THAT WILL BE ON MY GRAVESTONE. THAT IS MY EPITAPH’ she said in her head, showing an almost constipated smile on her face. Which she wished he didn’t notice.

“Okay then. Uh… I can still help you to bed if you want,” Bucky, closed his eyes in disbelief after hearing himself say yet another stupid sentence in front of the injured angel in front of her.

Y/n looked at him with a red face. Mouth open in surprise, eyes unblinking, and her stomach turning. 'What was he saying? Is he making an effort to make me faint?’ She thought. Bucky upon seeing her reaction then seemingly tried to make it better by saying “Wai- No.. I mean… I didn’t mean… I.. I can escort you to bed where you can sit comfortably,” Bucky closed his eyes in disbelief again and looked at her apologetically.

Y/n, at loss for words, just nodded her head in agreement at the soldier. Bucky carefully unlocked the door after y/n gave him her keys and guided her to bed, whispering “sorry” from time to time for nothing.

After sitting her down on what Bucky thinks is a comfortable position, he just stood there in the middle of an awkward atmosphere.

He didn’t want to just leave her there. He knew she needed help cleaning up. He also knew he can’t just offer it to her. I mean, she probably thinks he’s too destructive to be gently cleaning her wounds. Or caring enough to make her food. 'Hey. I could make her food here,’ He thought, which was unfortunately interrupted by y/n.

“Buck? You…you can go now. I handle this,” y/n said with a weak smile. Weak but enough to make Bucky’s heart clench. “Uh.. can I make you somethig to eat? I mean, you’re obviously too tired to make some yourself.” Bucky said.

“O..okay..” y/n said as she proceeds to reach for the first aid kit inside her bedside drawer. 'Yes y/n answer in one words. That’s attractive. And yes, he is making an effort to make me faint’ She thought.

“Here let me help.” Bucky said almost instantaneaously as he reaches for the drawer handle, bumping y/n’s slightly in the process. “Oh. Um sorry, thank you,” y/n said, cursing herself in her head again.

Bucky chuckled and said “It’s fine, would you like me to clean your wounds for you?” He said.

“You don’t have to Buck, I mean I can do it myself,” y/n said with a smile. “No, you just got home from the mission. You’re probably tired. Obviously tired,” Bucky said.

“Why are you doing this?” Y/n FINALLY confronting Bucky about it whose eyes are now unblinkingly staring at her ocean blue ones. “I mean, you leave the room the moment you know I’m there. You haven’t talked to me since Steve & I escorted you here. And now you’re being all nice to me, which is sending me really mixed signals. I really can’t understand. One minute you like me the next it’s like I don’t even exist. What’s your deal?”

Bucky was now standing upright with his head down. Y/n, with her heart beating too fast for her liking thought, 'Maybe I shouldn’t have said that? URGH idiot-’ her thoughts were cut short when Bucky said “I…I like you?”

Y/n’s mouth dropped open. Confused if she should be happy about this or be REALLY happy about this. “Wh..what did you say?” She asked, hoping he wouldn’t change his answer.

“I said I like you. Like you know, romantically..” Bucky said fidgeting with the first aid kit in his hand, cursing himself for spouting ridiculous words again. Y/n then tried to stand up to hug Bucky, make all this awkward tension go away as she tells him that she likes him too. But her ankles were still broken so before she could do any of that she fell back into the bed. At least, that’s what she think that’s happened.

She felt a heavy pressure over her body and opened her eyes to see Bucky on top of her, mirroring the surprised expression she has on her face. Bucky tried to catch her before she falls back but his untied shoelace finally backfired and sent him flying towards y/n.

“OH JUST KISS ALREADY!” Bucky and y/n whipped their heads towards the door to see Steve holding the cup of coffee and Nat with an angry expression on her face.

Y/n and Bucky looked at each other and laughed as they straightened themselves up. Bucky looked to Steve who somehow got the message and said “Let’s go, Nat,” and basicly dragged her away leaving Bucky and y/n alone again.

Enveloped by the awkward atmosphere again, y/n tried to make the situation better by teasingly saying “Well… I like you too. Romantically,” as she linked her arm around his and reached up to kiss his cheeks.

Why My Minis Are Amazing

           Over the past few years the standards for young dancers have been increasing. Today it seems like there are so many amazing mini dancers on the competition scene. Minis who can do 10 pirouettes, minis who can lift their leg up to their ear, minis who can do leg hold turns, scorpion turns, and leap 5 feet off the ground. It feels like it’s not uncommon to see 7 to 9 year olds preforming a routine with the maturity and quality you’d expect from a senior. There are so many little kids out there that are amazing. But here’s the thing:

You don’t need to be amazing when you’re eight years old.


If you are, that’s great. But the reality is, the vast majority of minis dance because it’s fun. It’s extremely important for me to keep my classes fun and entertaining for my younger dancers. As a teacher it’s so easy to get caught up in this craze of pushing your dancers to dance beyond their years. You go on YouTube and search “mini solo” and you find videos of little kids dancing like they’re adults. And it’s so easy to start expecting that of your students, and it’s so easy for your students to start expecting that of themselves, when it’s the image of mini dancers you’re surrounded with. My minis have technique. My minis have technique, quality of movement, and repertoire that is appropriate for their age. My 7 to 9 year olds don’t dance like seniors, but they don’t need to, because they’re 7 to 9 year olds.

           Over-training is very much something that exists. I could push my minis to train 10+ hours a week, to develop new skills rapidly, and to gain immense flexibility. However, I choose to make the most of the 1 hour a week I have with my minis, out of the 4.5 hours they train. I choose to train safely, spend at least half the class on technique, but still incorporate elements of play. Because the reality is, those amazing minis you see on YouTube train at least 10 hours a week, most train more. Even if this is safe training, I truly believe that 9 times out of 10, it will lead to burnout. Young dancers who train that many hours will become exhausted, they will be more susceptible to injury, and they will be taught discipline that is beyond their years. The 7 to 9 year olds you see doing the amazing solos on YouTube are also the 7 to 9 years olds you see taking classes with their knees taped and their ankles bandaged. Minis don’t need sport induced injuries. Minis need to train safely and reasonably.

           That’s not to say there aren’t minis out there that are self-motivated, and choose to train extensively in such a manner. That’s not to say there aren’t minis that are willing to give up so much to perform amazing solos. But those kids are few and far between. My minis don’t do crazy tricks, countless turns, show off immense flexibility, or dance like seniors, but I still think they’re amazing. I think my minis are amazing because they dance like minis. They dance like minis, yet every class they still show me that they are attentive, passionate, and happy. They’ll dance like seniors when they’re seniors. But for now? They’ll come to class and have fun.

Little Frog (Jack Lowden x Reader) Part of the “How To Parent” Series

Summary: It’s one of Jack’s few days off and Y/N decides to spend it with him doing one of his favourite activities.

AN: Sorry if the dad fics don’t float your boat. I’m gonna post some other stuff soon, I promise. Also this was written prior to the knowledge that Jack shaved. Rip.

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Imagine your child liking Negan

(Alright, sorry for posting so late but I had a few problems -_- but here it is now :) this request was supposed to be a kid/father relationship with Negan but I felt the family atmosphere was cuter and decided to change it to your kid instead hope it’s okay and you all like it! Yay for fluffy and cute Negan XD PS. Y/D/N= Your daughter’s name and she’s 3 yrs old :D Gif not mine/Credit to the original owner/Found it on google)

Negan was on a run with some of his other Saviors when all of a sudden a young girl came running to him. She immediately clung to his leg and looked up at him with a big smile.

She surprised everyone but her small frame and adorableness hadn’t alert them to be on guard.

Negan was really surprised at first and could only stand still for a few seconds. He looked at his other men and they simply shrugged their shoulders. He handed over his bag and Lucille to them to hold.

He took a deep breath and smile back at the little girl. He crouched down to pick her up and said “What is a cute thing like you doing here alone?”

She held his face with both of her hands and simply said “Papa!”

It had surprised him and immediately shook his head. “No, no, no,no! I’m not your father, kid…i’m guessing you’re lost!”

Not really understanding what he meant your daughter could only think and said “Papa, I missed you! Mommy misses you too!”

“Kid, I’m not your dad…” He said looking in her eyes.

“Papa…” She hugged him and rested her head on his shoulder. Negan felt strange and bad about the situation but could only rub her back to comfort her.

He looked at his men again and one of them said “Maybe her parents are nearby…”

Negan nodded and said “Yeah, maybe…I’ll just wait here for a moment…you guys head out first…”

They nodded and left him alone with the child and gave him Lucille back to protect himself.

He stood there and soon enough he was making silly faces and playing with your daughter to make her laugh. He had planned on leaving when he suddenly heard someone coming up from behind.


You had woken up from a simple nap to find your daughter missing. You had panicked and were now running through the woods looking for her.

You started to feel tears coming out and were nervous at the thought of something wrong happening to her. 

When suddenly you saw your daughter was holding tightly to a man. She looked at you with a big smile and called you.


The man turned around and it surprised you. You stood there in shock and couldn’t believe it. The man holding your child resembled your husband, who had passed during the beginning of the outbreak.

The man had slight differences here and there but he really looked like your husband.

He smiled at you and you couldn’t help but smile back at him. You slowly walked towards them as if you couldn’t believe what you were witnessing.

Your daughter had managed to squirm her way down and ran towards you.

As she got to you, you immediately caught her and held her up. You wiped all your tears away and started to kiss her all over.

“Sweetheart, don’t ever leave like that ever again! Do you know how worried I was!” You said looking at her diligently.

“I’m sorry, mommy…but I heard papa and then I saw him!” She said with a big smile while pointing at the man.

The man got closer and shook his head.

“I’m sorry…but I don’t remember fathering a child…”

You laughed at his remark and let your daughter down. As you held her hand you looked at the man and said “I know…I’m sorry for my daughter…”

Seeing you up close Negan felt nervous and stuttered "It’s okay! I-I actually don’t mind kids! I’m Negan…and recently single!“ 

He chuckled and reached out his hand to shake yours.

You smiled at him and introduced yourself "I’m Y/N…”

You took his hand and suddenly your daughter got away and immediately went back to clinging onto the man’s leg.

“Y/D/N!” You said trying to catch your daughter.

Still holding Negan’s leg she turned around and told you “Mommy, can we go with papa!”

You shook your head and crouched down and softly said “Honey…that’s not papa…that’s Negan…”

“Negan?” She said tilting her head. She looked up to the man and still didn’t understand what you meant.

Negan smiled at her and crouched down just as you. He introduced himself to your child and playfully asked what her name was.

“I’m Y/D/N…” She said shyly to him realizing that the man wasn’t her father.

“Nice to meet you Y/D/N!” He said while offering his hand to her. She shook his hand and still seemed confused about the situation.

Seeing your daughter’s small hand being held by Negan’s much bigger hand had made you smile.

Negan had noticed your smile from the corner of his eye and sarcastically asked you “What’s so funny!”

“I-I just think it’s really cute…” You said while pointing to his hand with your daughter’s.

Seeing how you finally seemed at ease, Negan felt a little more confident and held your daughter and got up.

“Alright, Y/D/N! I’m not your father but seeing that your mom and you are alone and that this place is unsafe…I’ll take the both of you in…” He said looking at your daughter.

“If that’s alright with your mommy…” He said smiling at you. You felt your heart skip a beat and could only nod in agreement. 


Since your arrival and after you had explained to him about your past and your husband, Negan understood the mix up your daughter had made but still had been nothing but a loving father figure for her. Although, it was slightly hard for him at first, adjusting to having such a young kid around, he couldn’t help but change his way for her’s and yours sake and had since always put the two of you in mind as his priorities.

At first, you had been worried about Negan as you didn’t knew him that much. However, soon enough you warmed up to him as you had grown to know more of him and realized his genuine intentions. 


His behavior with your daughter and you had since surprised everyone and even himself. He couldn’t explain it well to the others but seeing you and Y/D/N, he only wanted the both of you to have a much happier life. In which, he would gladly give as much as he could. 

With your daughter he had let her call him “Papa” or rather “Papa Negan” as she’d liked and would let her follow him everywhere she wanted. He would play games with her whenever he could and always made her smile.

He’d always carry her around in his arms when he was outside and sometimes even during meetings with the other Saviors. One time, he was angry at some of his men but as he was scolding them they couldn’t help but laugh at the scene as he was still holding the child in his arms.


Around you he was always kind and polite just as you, making sure you were comfortable and safe. He’d always try to make you smile as well and would always comfort you when you were feeling down. 

You would do the same in return and could only be thankful for him being quite understanding of the both of you. 

Although, he resembled to your husband physically they were both different in personality but you came to appreciate Negan as much as you did your husband. You both gradually grew closer to one another you started to have feelings for him, just as he did for you.

Once Negan realized he was in love with you, he had started to give you a variety of gifts and would subtly flirt with you or do anything to catch your attention. 


Each time he would come back from a run, your daughter would run up to him and he would immediately pick her up to hug her tightly.

One morning, as soon as Y/D/N heard the cars, she got up from your lap and ran towards the door passing all the other Saviors.

“Papa Negan!” She said while running to him.

“Y/D/N!” He said while slowly running up to her as well and picking her up.

She immediately started to laugh and giggle as Negan tickled her. You walked over to him and he kissed you hello.

It had always surprised you and you had tried to avoid it multiple times but it later came so naturally to the both of you, you just accepted it.


Afterwards Negan had spent the entire day with Y/D/N and as you walk into the room you saw the funniest thing.

Negan was propped up in your bed with your daughter soundly asleep on him but his fingernails had color and his hair was as much a mess as the room.

He turned to you and smiled.

“There you are…” He whispered.

You walked closer and sat by the bed. You slowly stroked your daughter’s hair and couldn’t help but laugh at him. You ran your fingers in his hair to put it back in order.

“Thanks…” He said as you finished combing his hair.

“No…Thank you…” You whispered to him.

He raised an eyebrow and said “For what? Letting your daughter do my nails and play in my hair or tucking her to bed early?”

You chuckled and said “For all of this craziness…As well as everything you’re doing for Y/D/N …It means a lot to me…”

He chuckled and said “It’s nothing really… I never thought I’d ever like kids but…I just can’t help when it comes to Y/D/N…She’s just so cute…”

His eyes had a sparkle you had never seen before and he seemed so at peace, you smiled at him. He smiled at you and continued “Just like you…”

You blushed at his words and shook your head. You chuckled and tapped him lightly on the arm.

“Stop it!” You told him playfully

He pretended to be shocked and said “I’m serious! And besides i’m not just doing it for her…there’s you as well…”

He reached for your hand and grabbed it. He looked in your eyes and continued “I mean it Y/N…i’d do anything for the both of you…”

He gave you a playful smile and continued “I don’t know if you noticed but…I even gave up on my wives…just for a chance with you…”

You could tell he was sincere and knew he had started to change his ways since he had meet you and especially since Y/D/N. 

You stared at him for a while and just wanted to hug and kiss him for everything and so did he. He slowly approached himself to you while still holding your daughter but as soon as you looked down at his hands you started to laugh.

“What? I thought we were on the same page…” He whispered not understanding what was so funny.

“Yes, I was on the same page…but it’s just difficult to take you seriously with your pink nails and you still holding Y/D/N…” You said pointing at his nails and your little daughter.

Still laughing, you tried your best to hold it in but just couldn’t help but think that the both of them looked adorable.

Negan was happy to know that you had feelings for him but he could only frown at your response and playfully threatened you

“You just wait after I put her to bed…and I clean up all this mess…you’re gonna regret not kissing me right now!”

He made you smile even more and you realized your family was once again completed.

dancer-lovely-anya  asked:

Top 3 styles you wish the fandom payed more attention for?

BALLET as a performance art!! I think we all know that it’s important but I would absolutely love to see it respected more as performance art rather than just a workout to improve technique!
Musical theater, I don’t like the trend of dances made up of entirely leg hold turns with some lip synching in between, and I wish we saw some more legitimate MT choreo!
And ballroom, I wish I was better at recognizing good vs. bad ballroom and I’m sure other people think the same thing lol, I just want to learn more about it and get more exposed to it!

anonymous asked:

"Oh fuck, oh FUCK" and Feyre and Rhys please :-)) 💕

you know this is gonna be dirty >:)

Feyre sighed from the pleasure she was feeling between her legs, her breathes coming out in pants. Rhys was eating her up like it was his last meal, his tongue burying deep inside her. 

“Oh, Rhys.”

“Wake up, Feyre.”

She groaned as his tongue did things to her, indescribable things.

“Wake up.”

Feyre’s eyes snapped open, sweat clinging onto her body like a second skin. She had been having dreams like that for a few days now, ever since Rhys had to stay over at the Illyrian camps to watch over a few new recruits with Azriel and Cassian.

But something was different this morning, it didn’t feel lonely or quiet, it felt just like when Rhys was here.

“Dreaming about me, darling?” she heard from below her.

Feyre pushed herself up, using her elbows to remain that way while she glanced down. There he was, Rhys in all his glory as he kissed down her inner thighs. Feyre’s legs were propped up against his shoulders, her night gown pushed up to her hips while he left open mouthed kisses all the way down her tender skin.

“Rhys,” she breathed out.

“I’ve missed you, Feyre.” he muttered as he continued leaving open mouth kisses down her inner thigh. He would nibble on the tender skin there every once in awhile as his hands held her calves. 

Feyre groaned as she slowly laid back against the bed. She buried her hands in his hair as he kissed lower and lower. She gasped when she felt him leave an open mouthed kiss on her clit, the sensation running through her body like a drug.

“Rhysand,” she moaned out, pushing his head closer to her heat.

“Patience, darling.”

She groaned, “I have none after you’ve been gone for three days.”

Rhys only replied with a slow, slow lick up her centre, leaving a trail of pleasure with it. Feyre spread her legs wider, willing him to continue.

“Please, please.”

Rhys pushed his tongue inside her, sucking on her soaking centre. Feyre gasped, her hips bucking from the feeling. That only made him suck harder as his hands slid down to her ankles and squeezed softly. He licked her up and down, his tongue delving in and out of her faster than before. He left kisses around her slit, biting and pulling softly at one of her lips. Rhys would kiss up her thigh just as she was close before burying his tongue once more.

Rhys flicked his tongue against her clit this time, knowing she was close to breaking once more. He sucked on it softly, as Feyre’s hips were completely off the bed.

“Come for me, Feyre.”

“Oh fuck, OH FUCK.” she screamed as she came before him. 

Her hands tugged on his ebony hair hard as she writhed in his hold. Her legs turned weak as she collapsed back onto the bed, her chest rising and falling from the high.

Rhys crawled up her body, leaving soft kisses on her stomach, breasts, neck and, finally her lips.

How I’ve missed those lips, he thought.

“You should do that more often,” Feyre whispered in the dark as she cupped his cheek.

“Definitely,” he whispered back as he finish what he started.

No more requests for now, please :) thank you!

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This is probably a hard question to answer, but how do you tell as a teacher when technical issues will or won't cause long term damage? Like with a lot of mini dancers, esp in jazz pieces, their turns and leaps are pretty messy because they're like 7 so of course. But I guess it seems that if they're practicing these pieces over and over for months and doing a lot of these movements without proper technique it would hurt them? But also idk how else they would really practice full out to learn

This is a really excellent question but be warned I’ve written a small essay as an answer:

Depending on the skill, not everything that looks messy is going to lead to injury. It’s dependent upon what muscle groups are used - and whether the dancer is engaging the correct muscles - as well as the placement of the dancer’s body. Having the ability to identify errors that may lead to injury is a skill that dance teachers are trained to have. It’s important to understand which muscles are to be engaged for certain moves, and how the rest of the body is affected if those muscles aren’t working. Another red flag is alignment - it’s crucial to know where each piece of the limbs involved in the skill are to be positioned. 

A grand battement is a good example to use to compare messiness to pre-injury placement. When a 7 year old first attempts a grand battement, they’re not going to have perfectly straight knees and pointed feet. A really common thing for kids to do is to develop a micro-bend in the supporting leg as the working leg reaches it’s peak height. If a dancer were to perform a grand battement on a turned out supporting leg and micro-bend the knee but keep the knee aligned over the toes by engaging the turnout muscles in the leg and pulling up in the arch, that would just be messy. The bend needs to be eliminated to clean up the technique of the skill, but the alignment remains safe. However if the dancer were to perform a grand battement on a turned out supporting leg and micro-bend the knee, but allow the outside edge of the supporting foot to lift up from the floor while the knee buckles out past the inner line of the foot, that would be pre-injury improper technique. This indicates the turnout muscles are not engaged, the dancer is not pulling up through their arch, and they may have too much weight in their heel. 

As far as repetition goes, it’s the job of the teacher to correct the pre-injury errors as soon as they are noticed, so that the dancer is not repeating them over and over. This is a reason I think it’s great to have a syllabus in all styles of dance - so that every thing the dancer learns is a progression. This way dancers have the base technical skills needed before attempting a more complex skill. For example, before a dancer learns a double leg hold turn, they should be able to do a clean double pirouette and hold a battement catch for two full counts. 

Hope this helps, thank you for asking!


Can we take a moment to appreciate Autie’s insane leg hold turns? 

Burn with you

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: None

Summary: When you were younger you used to be a dancer. You took classes all the time and it helped sometimes with hunts. Being flexible and all. One day while the boys were out on a hunt, you were listening to old songs, doing your old dances and Dean catches you doing one of your favorites.

A/N: This is an idea I’ve been wanting to do for a while. The song is called ‘Burn with you’ by Lea Michele. I don’t own the song. I hope you like it!


We are broken, we can’t fix it.

There’s no cure for our condition.

This was by far one of your favorite routines you had growing up. Sure, you had also been hunting back then, but that didn’t mean your mom deprived you from something else you wanted so badly to do.

You began the dance, slow with your movements in the beginning. You had moved the tables in the library to one side of the room, giving you enough room for a large stage area.

You hummed along with the words, prepping for the turn you were about to do. After two, your threw up your leg, catching them in your hands in what you used to call a leg hold turn.

Desperate eyes are staring at me,

Should be hopeless, but were happy.

The turn sequence ended and you twirled out of it, before leaping through the air.

The song, now that you thought about it while you danced, reminded you of your boyfriend, Dean. It described your lives. Your relationship.

What you didn’t know, was that the Winchester brothers had just walked into the bunker, headed toward the loud music blaring throughout the place.

It’s not perfect here between us,

Even Angels have their demons.

It was true, you and Dean weren’t always..happy with each other.

You fought quite a bit, mostly over stupid things to, but it never got between you because afterward, you both would apologize and cuddle.

Lately though, it had gotten bad. Dean fighting about you not going on certain hunts because they were to dangerous. That’s why you hadn’t gone on the one they were taking now.

Trapped inside this twisted circle,

It ain’t right but it’s eternal.

You danced as gracefully as you could. Letting your emotions take hold of your body as you move around the room.

Oblivious as ever, you never heard Dean walk in. You never saw him standing in the doorway, staring at you in awe as you continued your dance.

Dean didn’t know what to do when he walked in and saw you dancing. He had never seen someone dance so…beautifully. He had never seen anything like it before. You always ceased to amaze him.

There’s white light, and it’s calling me.

And it’s promising, ECSTASY.

Being able to do this again, it made you feel alive. Not like the way hunts did. It was different. Difficult to describe.

It was like you were floating on air as you danced, feet barely touching the floor as you leaped and turned and rolled.

You could feel the blood running through your veins. You saw movement from the corner of your eye, but thought nothing of it.

But I don’t wanna go to Heaven,

If you’re going to Hell.

You stopped though, when you finally felt a pair of eyes staring at you. When you felt like you were being watched.

You turned, staring at Dean with wide eyes. he seemed to shake out of his frozen state when you had stopped dancing and was now walking toward you, quickly.

When he reached you, he grabbed your waist, pulling you tight against him and his lips collided with yours in a searing kiss.

He was soft and gentle, his hands caressed your hips while yours slid into his hair, lips parting for him. It was a kiss full of passion, full of love and adoration.

It was a few moments before you parted, both in need of air.

He stared at you, his mesmerizing green eyes staring at you with some much love and desire and adoration. A smile graced his lips as he whispered softly against yours.

“I love you.”

“I love you too.”

I will burn with you. I will burn with you.

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