leg behind the head

I’ve decided I’m going to start posting a lot more regularly on tumblr - especially fitness related stuff, as that’s where my passion lies

So first things first, I haven’t posted a photo of the biggest part of my life, my girlfriend. Here’s a photo of us upon return of a breakaway before our masters… currently wishing I was still so golden 🙃

Anyway, today’s workout:

Cycling 1hour - 10 min cycle, 10minutes of sprints (20on, 30off) and repeat for the hour

Cable chops 3x8 E/S
Cable pull down (front, side, side) 3x20
Side bends 3 x 8 E/S
Russian Twists 3x15 E/S
Leg raises while lowering weight behind my head (1 leg, other leg, both legs) 3 x 10
Plank 30s
Side Plank 30s each side

Only did core and a cycle today as I’m playing football tomorrow, and didn’t want to be too fatigued 😅