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Hello? Im getting into drawing and you leg so well? Any advice?

Ok so disclaimer, I did not make this technique. 
The technique I use i learnt from Sycra on Youtube, please go check out their videos cause they are super detailed and excellent. I also learned my colour theory from their videos, seriousy good stuff. 

Ok so I usually start out with a hip box. How this is shaped depends on how you want ur character to look i guess but it’s roughly up turned isosceles trapezium. 

from here the basic measurements are about halves not including the hip box. I tend to make the thighs the same height as the torso. 

Ok so here is where Sycra’s technique comes in. They call it the lightning technique i think?? you essentially draw a curvy lightning bolt then connect it up.

line over top and adjust + feet

the actual composition of the leg i like to think of as tubes with one end smaller than the other. So the thighs are larger at the top and thinner towards the knee. The shin is a more pronounced curve though. 
You can also cross two lines over as shown and use that as a guideline.

I always use the lightning technique for legs from profile since it works best. The back of the shin is curved while the front is straight unlike the thigh which seems to be soft and curvy all over aha

I hope this makes some kind of sense??????

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Hi do you have some links to how to sew wide legged pants? I'd like to start making my own! Thank you! 💜

Yes!! I really admire people who take on sewing projects to make clothes! It can be so frustrating and time consuming. I hope these links help you!


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DIY Wide Leg Pants with Pockets


DIY Wide Leg Pants

DIY Wide-leg Pants

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