lefty guns

[This fic was requested by the lovely @superpinkkcat I hope you all enjoy! This is kind of a Gotham/SS mix in a way just using the characters of Penguin and Victor from Gotham and Joker-Leto from SS]

         “Huh? What was that?” I blew a lock of hair out of my face, hearing the crack of bone and I let the body fall to the ground.
         “Mister J says he wants you at the club, now,” 
         Pouting I took my phone from him, discontent when Alibi Now was all it said. I had fish to fry, he said so himself, he told me to take care of business and that’s what I was doing… yes there was an unexpected casualty but Mister J would understand why Joey just had to go.
         “Y/N, I don’t mean to boss you around but we really should-”
         My ‘guard’ fell harder than a sack of bricks and I covered my mouth, giggling until I saw who had hit him. Crossing my arms over my chest I glared at Penger’s and his thugs. I didn’t like the way he was smiling at me, like he knew something I didn’t. 
         “Now look what ya did, poor what’s-his-name barely had any brains to begin with and you go and kill his few good brain cells with a hit like that,” I tisked him, I could feel thugs sneaking up behind me as well and I was more impressed than nervous. 
         “How are you this evening, Y/N?” He asked pleasantly. 
         Smirking, I clasped my hands behind my back and kicked a rock with my strappy gold rounded toe pump. 
         “Oh, I’m just swell. I’m off to see my Puddin’.” 
         He waddled forward a few steps, “No,” he giggled, “I don’t think you are.” 
         I grinned, already feeling the vibration as Mister J replied to my text before my phone was tossed to the ground and two of Penger’s men gripped my upper arms. 
         “You wanna play with me Penger’s? Goody!” 
         I heard the snap of bone as I slipped away from the thug on the right and broke the arm of lefty, grabbing his gun from its holster. I fired the gun at the men who ran at me watching them fall before I turned the gun on Penguin, but alas I was out of ammo. 
         “Awwww, nuts.” I grumbled.
         I snarled my rage when a bullet lodged itself in my shoulder. 
         “Anyone who kills her answers to me!” Penguin yelled and I smiled, pulling my throwing daggers from my garter.
         “Let me kill you quickly pretty bird, you’re a dead man either way.” 
         He had the gall to laugh and I lunged for him, slicing at anyone who moved in my path. Seven, eight, nine, ten-ohhh, satisfying- eleven, twelve, I was sweaty and laughing by the time I was face to face with Penger’s but he was still smirking, like I had missed something and I didn’t like it. 
         “Mister J and I will have so much fun with you,”
         “Where you’re going he will never find you.”
         Raising the dagger I moved to strike only to shriek when two darts hit my thigh. Everything went kind of funny and I hit the ground but I didn’t feel the impact. My last thought was of Mister J before I fell into darkness. 

***Mister J P.OV

         “NOOOOOOO!” I growled, throwing the phone at the idiot replacing Frost who side-stepped to deflect it. 
         I’ll kill him, I’ll kill him, I’ll kill him for thinking he could ever try to pull one over on me. Two years, two years she had been in Belle Reve only to be taken again and by Penguin? Walking over to the inbreed that let them take her I punched him, I punched him and I just kept punching him. His blood splattered on my face and I laughed a violent, growling laugh before I slit his throat. 
         I was pacing, thinking of places where he could be. If I was a dead man where would I go? If I was a Penguin where would I hide? I’ll throttle her, I’ll take her over my knee for not listening. What did I tell her? What did I say? I told her never to be taken from me again, I told her to listen but she never does what she is fucking told! She never listens, what is it with her? That’s it, I’m done with the looney tune, I’m-no, no, no, noNO. Fuck!
         “WHAT?!” I snarled, aiming my gun at the idiots head. 
         Do something stupid, do something stupid I dare you, pal
         “I just received a message from the bird.”
         Ripping his phone from his grasp I pressed play on the video message. Y/N was in the back of a car completely unconscious and bleeding. Penguin’s henchman, Victor, had his arm around her and he was grinning, grinning as he ran his hands over her. A dead man’s hands. The camera abruptly turned to a grinning Penguin. 
         “Hello old friend. I bet you’re wondering why I’ve taken your companion, well, the answer is simple,” he giggled and I rolled my neck, trying to resist the urge to break the phone. 
         “Up until the day you met her you haven’t had a weakness, well now, you have one. By all means, leave her to die, but we both know you won’t. Now my demands will be made perfectly clear to you in time. So tell me, Joker, who’s laughing now?”

***Y/N P.O.V

         I woke up in a cage and for a moment I had to smack the side of my head a few times to remind myself that I wasn’t in Belle Reve. I heard the cage open and shut and I glared at Victor, lunging for him. I was on my back in an instant, convulsing as an electric current went through the collar around my neck. 
         “Bad girl, sit nicely.” 
         I laughed, arching by back and spreading my legs provocatively, “Oh, don’tcha just love electricity? Go on, baby, hit me again.” 
         He looked displeased, turning up the voltage before shocking me again and I writhed on the damp floor until he stopped. 
         “Go ahead, hit me again, god it feels good. Do it, please do it, come on!” 
         He pulled out a nasogastric tube and I was suddenly a lot less brazen. No, no, no I don’t like that; I don’t like that at all. 
         “Let’s have some fun,”
         “You’re so screwed.” 


         Two weeks, unless my count was wrong, that is how long I had been with my captors and I was almost sure I was going to die soon. Not to be dramatic or anything, but I am 90 percent sure the gunshot wound in my shoulder was infected. I was sweating but freezing, I was hanging in the air by my wrists and my shoulder was on fire.
         The good part was, I dropped to the ground as I finished unlocking the shackles, I was blowing this popsicle stand. Victor tried to play mind games with me which I found kinda funny, he didn’t like it when I found him funny. Weakly, I short circuited my collar and stuck the bobby-pin in the lock on the cage. The thing about these type of guys is they think more about the torture and less, the cage door opened, about the tools used for the torturing. They also underestimated me. 
Everything was kind of fuzzy and I couldn’t hear much as a result of the fever. I was weak but my anger pushed me forward. Grabbing an assault rifle and a scalpel they had left on their table of toys, I marched on and got to work. 

-20 Minutes Later-

         “How ya doin’ Penger’s?” I asked, sitting across from him with my thighs closed firmly around Victor’s neck, and my scalpel a mere inches away from his eye. 
         “Y/N, what a delight to have you for supper,” 
         He was thinking, I could practically see his brain doing overtime. If he shot me Mister J wouldn’t bend to his will and give Penguin complete control of Gotham, not that Mister J ever would. Penguin was an idiot if he thought otherwise. He was an idiot if he thought he was getting anything out of this at all except a tombstone. So, he remained pleasant. 
         “Oh, don’t you worry Penger’s. I already had my dinner, isn’t that right Vicky? Black shit, black shit, and more black shit. Amazing, right?” I giggled, sweat dripping down my face. 
         “You look unwell, if you let Victor go I’d be happy to-”
         “Bullshit, bullshit, and more bullshit, am I right Vicky?” He struggled and I trailed the scalpel down his cheek, watching the flesh open and he hissed in pain. 
         “Would you look at that, the doctor says that’s a bad booboo. Want me to kiss it better?” 
         “Kill her boss, she’s an idiot. If you say she is alive when she really isn’t the Joker will-”
         I took the scalpel to his ear and he roared in pain but I was too high on a fever and revenge to stop. Tossing the severed ear across the table it landed in front of Penguin. 
         “Wanna Gogh, Penger’s?” I giggled.
         Penguin glared at me.
          “Get it? Gogh,” I laughed hard. 
         “God, my Puddin’ would have been proud of that one.” 
         His eyes were glacial but I ignored him, deciding to finger-paint in blood (Your initials) hates Vicky on Victor’s smooth skull. 
         “He’ll never find you,” 
         I smiled. When he had slapped the collar on me something with that gizmo must have blocked the frequency in the tracker Mister J had put in my neck as a precaution after Belle Reve. He put a tracker in my neck, that way he would always be able to find me. Now that the collar was gone… my Puddin’ will come. 
         Penger’s heard the chopper when I did; I knocked Victor out quickly, throwing the scalpel when Penger’s reached for his gun and it lodged itself in his hand. I was already sprinting towards him, he swiped at me as I ran by but missed and I was crashing out of the stained glass window in an instant. I could have been wrong about how close he was, I could be falling to my death, but my hands reached out and grabbed the rope that hung down from the chopper. Mister J let the bullets rain down on the house, if Penger’s didn’t die in the assault it would be in his best interest to leave Gotham for a very long time. 
         We were flying over Gotham river when I realised I wouldn’t be able to hold on. My arms were shaking and my energy was being eaten up by the infection.
         “Come on, baby,” I heard Mister J from above me. 
         “I c- I can’t. Mister J, I’m gonna,” 
         I blacked out for a minute, recovering in time to firmly grip the rope but I was dangling at the end of it now. 
         “If you let go I’ll kill you, climb Y/N. Get the rope around you so I can pull you up!” 
         I pulled hard, pausing between pulls to gasp and whimper. My arms felt like jello and I tasted copper on my tongue. 
         “Come on baby, come on.”
         “Puddin’,” I panted, but he had already began pulling me up.
         Hold on, just a little bit more, stay awake, stay awake. I kept telling myself. I almost plunged into river but he had me, he yanked me over the edge and dragged me into the hold so the doors could close. 
         “Hey, look at me, look at me, doll.” He growled. 
         I grinned, reaching up to touch his face. “Hi Puddin’, déjà vu, huh?”
         “You’re an idiot, Mister pilot; could you pick up the pace?” He snapped.
         “I killed them, I got them good, Mister J,” I said proudly. 
         “That’s my girl,”
         I wondered if this was a dream, what if I hadn’t escaped? Perhaps I was just having a very good dream in the cage. Maybe Victor would be waking me up soon. 
         “You did all this for me?” I whispered, dark spots clouding my vision. 
         “Yeah baby, and when you’re better I got a grape soda on ice and a bear skin rug waitin’,” I thought I heard him purr in my ear, but the fever had taken me.


         “You never listen,” was the first thing he said when I woke up. 
         “I do in the bedroom,” his eyes narrowed, obviously not finding me funny. 
         “There were too many of them, even for me… I… I…” A flash of some of the horrors I went through with Victor flashed through my head and I smacked it once, twice, he grabbed my wrist before I could hit it a third time. 
         “Stop it,” he growled. 
         I looked up at him and I smiled, “They tried to make me weak, they died learning otherwise.” 
         “I bet they did,” he paused before saying, “Penguin and Victor escaped.”
         I looked down, “Can we kill em’ slow Puddin’?” I whispered.
         The venom in his voice surprised me when he whispered, “Death is too kind, they’ll beg for it by the time I am finished with them, they’ll pay for taking you.” 
Climbing into his lap I wrapped my good arm around his neck. 
         “Awww Puddin’, you care!” 
         He scoffed, “Don’t kid yourself, doll.” 
         Brushing my nose against his I kissed him, smiling when I noticed how stiff he was. He was resisting the urge to touch me; he was resisting the urge to be rough with me perhaps because he was afraid that he would accidentally hurt me more. This was as close to him being gentle as I would ever get, I preferred my Mister J, but I was too banged up to be unhappy about this. 
         “That bear skin rug on standby for when I’m better?” I whispered in his ear.
         He growled, “Y/N you won’t be leaving that rug for days once I’m finished with you.”
I grinned. 

[I tried, I really did, I hope you liked it! Please do not post my work elsewhere, in the event that it is which is beyond my control please credit me as the author. I love you all, thank you for your support!