lefty and righty a lil bit

Another tag meme I'm sorry pt 2

Snatch’d tag meme

→ name: Audra
→ will you answer all questions truthfully: prolly
→ are you happy: ehh
→ are you bored: ehh
→ are you sad: lol 24/7
→ are you italian: lil bit
→ are you german: no
→ are you asian: no
→ are you irish: very 
→ are you latino: don’t think so 
→ are your parents still married: no

● ten facts ●
→ birth place: Arkansas
→ hair colour: light brown 
→ eye color: brown
→ birthday: May 7
→ mood: lonely
→ gender: female
→ lefty or righty: righty
→ summer or winter: winterr
→ morning or afternoon: afternoon

● ten things about your love life ●
→ are you in love: prolly not 
→ do you believe in love at first sight: lil bit
→ who ended your last relationship: me 
→ have you ever been hurt: too many times 
→ have you ever broken someone’s heart: Ye I feel bad abt it 
→ are you friends with your ex: nah
→ are you afraid of commitment: idk
→ have you hugged someone within the last week: prolly 
→ have you ever had a secret admirer: no im literal shit
→ have you ever broken your own heart: 24/7

● ten choices ●
→ love or lust: love
→ lemonade or iced tea: lemonade
→ cats or dogs: cats
→ a few best friends or many regular friends: a few best friends 
→ television or internet: internet
→ coke or pepsi: coke
→ wild night out or romantic night in: night in
→ day or night: Night
→ im or phone: phone

● ten have you ever ●
→ been caught sneaking out: No
→ been caught running away from home: nah
→ fallen off the stairs: always
→ white water rafted: i dont think so
→ finished an entire jawbreaker: yes!
→ wanted something/someone so badly it hurt: everyday 
→ prank called a store: nah
→ skipped school: nope
→ wanted to disappear: when have I not wanted to?

● last… ●
→ phone call: ma dad 
→ phone call you received: skype gc (fuck y'all..jk luv you)
→ person you hung out with: Annie/Jordan 
→ thing you ate: Doritos
→ site you went to: google images (does that count as a site) 
→ place you were: HEB

● family ●
→ do you and your family get along: Ye 
→ would you say you have a “messed up life”: not as bad as other ppls 
→ have you ever run away from home: nope
→ have you ever gotten kicked out: nope
→ if so, how long:

● friends ●
→ do you secretly hate one of your friends: Ye
→ do you consider all of your friends good friends: mostly
→ would you die for them: nah
→ who knows everything about you: Idk

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