leftover yarns

Hey tumblr knitters! What do you do with leftover sock yarn? I’ve been knitting a ton of socks lately, and my feet are small so I never end up using the entire skein, which leaves me with a lot of leftover sock yarn. I’m not a huge fan of the Beekeeper Quilt, so what else can I do with all the extra sock yarn?


After 4 years of knitting, stitching and stuffing I finally finished my Beekeeper’s Quilt! I love it so much and am really proud of what I’ve made!

I’ve knitted so many memories into this blanket. There are numerous puffs made from the leftover yarn from other projects and every time I see them I remember that I made a pair of socks or a beloved jumper out of that yarn. There’s one forest green hexi which is made from one of  the first skeins I ever dyed, which I had to knit really tightly because I had barely enough yarn. I put so much time into embroidering little birds and flowers onto puffs and can see how far I’ve come from the first one (some simple blue flowers which came with the pattern) to the later ones which I designed myself and put so much effort and skill into.

At several points I wondered if it would ever get put together. There was one time I started tying it together then gave up and undid all my work, putting the puffs back in their bags.

In the last few months I have been making a huge effort to get this quilt done. Slowly but surely it has been coming together (and taking up an increasing amount of space in the living room).

Now it’s done and gets to do what I made it for - looking pretty in my bedroom and keeping my feet warm!



I got through nearly all of my to-do list, yoshi! Including picking three winners for the giveaway! Yawoo! I’m so happy my Yoshi friends will be going to such good homes! Please take care of them, yoshi! (They like watermelon!)


But I’m nearly out of time, yoshi! How am I going to eat all the leftover yarn before bed, yoshi?! And I’m starting to get sleepy too, awawawa….


So last week I used the leftover yarn from this project to make this little guy. I was watching Iron Man (currently doing a Marvel re-watch before Civil War comes out) and wasnt really paying attention to what I was making… and I really like the result??? 

The only thing is, I have no idea how I made him… Guess I’ll have to give it another go and see if I can copy my own work. 

He’s off to join his hat counterpart with its new owner. ^.^ 

Happy Finished Object Friday, lovies!

This is a pair of socks made out of Regia Cinema Colors 4-Ply in the ‘7257′ colorway. Sixty-four stitches, 1x1 ribbing for 20 rows, 2x2 ribbing until the sock was 6 inches long, a slip stitch heel flap, a rounder heel, and a wedge toe. 

These are the first Christmas 2016 socks, for my Boyfriend’s Mom. Can’t wait to put some of the leftovers in my sock yarn blanket. 

Have a great weekend, darlings. 



Like many other knitters I can’t stand just tossing the end of a skein of yarn after a project, so I hoard all of my leftovers. I already have a beekeepers quilt in progress, but since there is a mitered square knit along being hosted by eat sleep knit, I decided to break out sock yarn scraps from projects with yarn from there.

Leftovers include yarn from my play date cardigan, dinosaur walk socks, and tour de sock round 4 socks. There’s also a few Madeline tosh unicorn tails that I picked up when I was in GA last weekend. Isn’t vacation yarn the best yarn?

I’m using the leftover yarn from my last two pairs of socks to make some fingerless mitts. It’s a lot less pucker-y than the last stranded colorwork project I tried, and I’ve only got one obvious mistake so far.

Pattern is Skull Mittens by Jennifer Thompson, available on Ravelry. This particular cuff isn’t in the pattern, but I’m following the directions for the fingerless mitt version.