leftover feelings

fire (jughead jones x reader)


pairing: jughead jones x reader

word count: 1139

request: Hiya! Love your blog! Maybe a jughead one where he is dating you but is more in love with Betty than he is with you. He tells you this and just a lot of angst. Thanks!!

warning: there’s a curse word in this, if anyone cares. also this is super depressing, yikes, sorry.

On that fateful day, there were three things you knew for certain.

The first, was that you were in love with Jughead Jones.

You really wish you could just say it was a stupid, teenage infatuation— a high school boyfriend that was nothing serious, but every time you looked at him you felt something that you couldn’t even place into words. Every time you saw his face in the hallways, pictures, down the street, in the distance, or up close— your heart would light up in some way. You remembered that looking at him when you first met felt like your heart was full of Christmas lights. You remembered very clearly, the feeling of sitting across from him at Pop’s, each of you doing your own thing, but sometimes you would look up at him and notice how beautiful he looked when he was concentrating: blue eyes reflecting computer screen colors, biting his soft lip harshly. Even worse, when he looked up at you and smiled.

You couldn’t help it: he was your first everything. Your first kiss, your first boyfriend, first everything. Sure, he was not the first person to call you beautiful, but he was the first person who made you believe it. He would often find you sitting on the roof of his tiny room at the drive-in, crying. You would always say it was because of the movie, but he would always know when it wasn’t. He would bring his hand up to your face, the pad of his thumb wiping a stray tear away. He gave you such a fierce look of sincerity in his eyes when he said it, “You’re so beautiful,” it was impossible not to believe him.

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Barbrey Dustin’s grudge against Ned baffles me because 1) her and Willam were married for half a year before he left to fight and 2) she hates Ned because she didn’t return north with Willam’s bones

So we’re led to assume that she loved Willam, despite the fact that they were married for a short time but she confides in Theon that “all her favorite Starks were dead”, that she wanted to be a Stark, and about her relationship with Brandon. she reminisces on Brandon fondly and clearly has leftover feelings for him despite his being dead for about 15 years.

I understand that death rituals are important to people, but Barbrey’s grudge seems rather unique in that we don’t hear anything of the other houses’ discontent over this (Wull, Ryswell, Glover). one of barbrey’s kin, Mark Ryswell, also died at the ToJ, but she makes no mention of him to Theon.

Her grudge is intense enough to want to desecrate Ned’s bones by feeding them to her dogs and prevent them from reaching winterfell. But why? Did she love Willam that much? Does she hold to tradition that strongly? Or is her rage misdirected, and her real anger lies with that fact that she never got to be a stark? She notes herself that she lost Brandon and Ned to Catelyn, which meant she lost both opportunities at becoming a Stark, and apparently seems to resent that.

The concept of “being a Stark” is a  theme we see repeated pretty often through the books. We see Robb and Jon (and even Theon!) hold to Ned’s teaching that “the man who passes the sentence should swing the sword”. We see the Stark children remind themselves of their Stark identities in their times of weakness (”I am a Stark, I can be brave”/”he’s a Stark, he’s more wolf than man, and so am I”). We see people lament that they want to be Starks and have what they have or in Theon’s case, struggle between his loyalty to the Starks and his loyalty to his family. Most notably, we see Jon attempt to reconcile his identity as a Snow with his upbringing as a Stark.

It seems like Stark envy is a real and powerful thing in these parts.


Carrie Coon accepts the Best Actress in a Drama Series award for ‘The Leftovers’ onstage during the 21st Annual Critics’ Choice Awards at Barker Hangar on January 17, 2016 in Santa Monica, California.

i am easily given to blanket statements followed by lots of exclamation points but i don’t want that trait to cloud my sincerity about the fact that i think the leftovers is truly the greatest show i have ever watched.

Marry Me

Genre: Fluff~

Pairing: Reader X Taehyung [Hwarang AU!] 

Word Count: 900ish 

Warnings: An overdoes of feels leftover by Hwarang led to this lame attempt at writing fluff 

Drabble Game Prompts: “I saw you staring at each other, I just wasn’t sure if it was sexual tension or murderous rage.” + “If my parents knew what I was doing, they’d kill me.”

Thank you @btssmutgalore​ for requesting this :) I hope you like it ^^

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You never realized when your gaze drifted to Taehyung, taking in each and every perfect feature of his, as though he was practically chiseled from marble to match the beauty and perfection of the gods themselves. But one thought weighed heavily on your mind, one that equally excited you and terrified you. 


He had brought it up during your last meeting and making the excuse of time, you left in a hurry but in reality, you didn’t know how to answer it. There was no doubt in your heart that you loved him but the vow of your marriage would take him away from his brothers, would make him leave the Hwarang house and you most certainly did not want that. 

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Episode of the Week - 10x14: The Putter in the Rough

ICYMI: Booth and Brennan have a house that they share- together.  Their child (and one who is likely already on the way at this point) also live(s) there. They cook meals for their family when the other one is working late. Sometimes they have leftovers (it all feels so domestic). But they still sit down and eat together every night. Because they live together. And because they are a family.  And they WANT to spend that time together. “We’re partners. We like being together.” BYE. 

Side-Dick Adrien

This fic is a gift to my lovely little on her 21st birthday!
Back in February, I was scrolling through the Sidekick Adrien AU tag on @geek-fashionista‘s page, because let’s be real that AU is a gift, when @thisawkwardbitch looked over my shoulder and asked “Does that say Side-Dick Adrien???”
Thus, this idea was borne!! Enjoy this nonsense that started out as an inside joke and spiraled out of control!

((I can’t believe I wrote this with my two hands…))


Marinette is cheating on Cat Noir. What happens next will blow your mind!!

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Shower Here (M)

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Anonymous said: for that drabble thing: RA!Jimin complained once that he never caught his gf locked out of her dorm with just a towel on. How about when he’s on duty, that actually does happen, and then of course he had to take advantage of that situation

Summary: Your habit of getting locked out and the fact that most people are out of the building lead to some one-on-one time with the RA on duty. Hey, after all, it is his birthday.

Word Count: 3.3k

Member: Jimin

Genre: Smut, some fluff, RA!AU

A/N: Belated birthday thing for our sexy little mochi because it’s the middle of midterms and I’m procrastinating.

As a college student, checking your email, most specifically your school email, is a must. Everything from class assignments, to on campus events, to the occasional notice that the dorm laundry room is closed because one of the dryers caught fire (people really need to learn how to clean out their damn lint). You also get the occasional email about dorm policy, such as if people have blasting their music too loud or if too many people have been leaving their dirty dishes in the shared kitchen. As you open your email today, you’re greeted with a message informing you that any time you have to get your room unlocked, after the third time, there’s a $15 fee.

Shit. You’re pretty forgetful as it is, but you’ve already had to have someone unlock you door for you 3 times, and you’re not thrilled to have to pay a fine. However, these sentiments slip your mind the next night when you go to take a shower. Hmmm, this situation seems familiar.

“When will I fucking learn?” You groan to yourself as you rest your head on the door to your room. Your roommate’s out of town too, shit. Goodbye fifteen bucks. You’re not exactly sure what to do now, as you are still not thrilled about the prospect of visiting the res hall office with only a towel wrapped around your body, hair soaking wet still. Fuck, what is it about showers that make you forget your keys?

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