leftover campaign money

Google knows its demographics so well… That’s the exact query I meant to search!

The thought occurred to me late last night as I was falling asleep, but was promptly forgotten amidst dreams of friends driving me around from the backs of their cars so I could escape totalitarian dystopia. However, the idea resurrected itself this afternoon when I read that Herman Cain was suspending his campaign, meaning he’s not making any strides forward but it still allowed to collect funds; for all intents and purposes, though, this is the Cain Train’s death knell. So what happens to all that extra campaign money left over once Cain officially leaves and after all bills and debts are paid? What’s the rule?

Unsurprisingly, the big one is that any leftover money is not for personal use. Instead, unlimited portions of this money are allowed for donation to charities or political parties, and donations to other candidates within PAC and similar rules are also permitted.

Now I know, and so do you. You’re welcome.