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Trump’s Tuesday press conference on the Charlottlesville protest was a massive improvement on his early response. He initially condemned “hate” and “violence on both sides” which whitewashed the affair. Although that was not as bad as the cuckservative or shitlib narrative, it placed too much blame on the pro-White, pro-Southern protesters. Today however, Trump came out swinging. He blamed the “alt-left” or antifa for attacking the alt-right and said the alt-right had every right to protest because they had a legal permit. He did condemn Neo-Nazism and White nationalism but also defended the alt-right, saying that many of the protesters were motivated by safeguarding Southern heritage and this was completely legitimate. He accused the left of trying to erase Southern history and make a perfect analogy been Jackson & Lee and Washington & Jefferson. The whole press conference sent the controlled media into apoplexy. A solid frame is the only way to deal with this vermin. This was vintage campaign Trump.

There was a degree of naivety in trusting the police, who seem to have been under orders to block peaceful means of exit from the park and force the alt-right into a direct confrontation with antifa. This was unnecessary and resulted in a number of injuries on both sides, possible including permanent eye-damage in the case of Baked Alaska. The denial of the right to assemble legally was an outrage and the behaviour of the police in forcing a confrontation between the alt-right and antifa was despicable. However, we must realise that the police are just paid to do a job; they are not particularly intelligent or idealistic people and generally have authoritarian personalities. The police follow orders from their superiors and will side with pretty much anyone who controls the levers of power and can guarantee them a paycheck and a pension. Even in spite of the general attitude of the police, massive unvetted events can easily attract agent provocateurs that give the police an excuse to use force against us.

As for the event generally there were positives and negatives. It was a show of strength in numbers and solidifies the claim that this is not just a movement that is confined to the internet. An antifa tranny was shocked by the number of White nationalists on the first night and referred to it as “the end of America”, a month after claiming this protest would herald the end of the alt-right. Events such as these create a stronger bond between activists and enable us to network, which is always a good thing. The old saying that all publicity is good publicity may or may not be true in this case but we certainly got a lot of publicity from the event. Some proportion of the people who see this on the news will check out our side of the story and join our movement.

The main negatives of this event were twofold; the fact that the deaths were effectively spun by the controlled media and sub-optimal aesthetics. I was on Twitter shitposting at the time and after one particularly effective tweet that later led to my third and final suspension from Twitter, legions of white cucks and monkeys started hurling semi-literate abuse at me. Very often they claimed that White supremacists were directly responsible for the deaths of 3 and the injuries of 19 because they had been given this impression from the controlled media. We do not have all the facts as of yet but two of the deaths were clearly due to police incompetence in flying a helicopter and the guy who crashed his car was not even part of the alt-right. In any case, the man had his car surrounded and smashed by leftist thugs, so he probably panicked and accelerated. In any case, there is no evidence as of yet to pin any of the deaths or reported injuries on the alt-right but the truth doesn’t matter very much when your enemies control the mass media. One positive though is we have the internet and can get our side of events across to the public, although most people will not bother to do this.

The crowd of overwhelmingly male and uniformly White protesters mainly looked like normal White people, probably a bit better actually considering how bad the average is but this didn’t matter that much either because the media deliberately highlighted those wearing swastikas and performing Roman salutes. There is a niche for this stuff on the internet but in real life with TV cameras, this is not a winning aesthetic. Every serious modern White nationalist leader including those most sympathetic to National Socialism like Pierce and Tyndall have had these problems and have come to the same conclusion. Generation Identitaire and the Nordic Resistance Movement project non-stereotypical, attractive, clean-cut images which is what the U.S. alt-right should be emulating. Spencer and Damigo clearly get this on a personal level but that’s not good enough. There need to be clear rules concerning personal conduct and a dress code to minimise the ability of the controlled media to pigeonhole us. This may reduce our numbers to some degree but it will also eliminate those who don’t care about the public image of the movement so it’s probably very beneficial on net. In the long-run if not the short-run this approach will increase our numbers as those who don’t appreciate the NS aesthetic but support White identitarianism will be more likely to attend. As it stands the reaction on normiebook was not good according to G. Johnson and Blithering Genius and a lot of this had to do with the association with Nazism. At least if there are clear rules of conduct we will know that anyone who breaks them is either a saboteur or a moron. We need to care about aesthetics more than antifa because the media isn’t out to highlight the genocidally anti-White nature of there movement and the detritus that their membership is composed of.

Good aesthetics;

Bad aesthetics;

It doesn’t take a genius to work out which approach is going be more successful with the public. How people project themselves matters more than what they say. The controlled media has created a stereotype designed to destroy us, so we would have to be fools (or feds) to walk into their trap. The basic message of both groups is identical; White survival and prosperity but any normal European would be embarrassed to associate with the latter but vastly more open to the message of the former. Our task is hard enough without making unforced errors.

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Clip is from live chopper feed by @kcranews in #Berkeley. No cops seen, this is #Antifa. kcra.com/article/police…
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This video footage was taken earlier today in Berkeley, California.

Dear Democrat/Liberal Leaders of the United States and Mainstream Media:

Denounce your Liberal Leftist Hippie Commie Snowflake Thugs - aka Antifa and have them Stand Down.

Because if you don’t, their blood will be on your hands.

I am a U.S. Army Veteran. I have many Veteran brothers and sisters. There are many Conservatives, Patriots, Veterans, Oath Keepers, Three Percenters, Law-Abiding American Citizens, Traditional Family-Oriented Men and Women and God-Fearing People.

You know … the Deplorables that elected Donald J. Trump!

And … We are Legion. We are also better at stuff like violence and mayhem than a bunch of Hippie Snowflakes.

Antifa … Keep up your bull$hit!

Those of us who elected President Trump see what is going on. We are aware of the “soft coup” attempt by Obama and the “democratic socialists”.

All President Trump needs to do … Is get on TV or Twitter and call out the militia … and millions of us will answer the call to uphold and defend our Constitutional Republic against these domestic enemies.

If that call ever comes … Blood will be shed without regard.

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Check out the real Hillary Clinton voters out there. You won’t see anything like this on the mainstream media.

If something like this happened around me, I would most likely be put in jail … but not before I took out as many of these thugs as I possible could!

This poor homeless woman has sense enough to know that Trump is her only hope of a brighter future.

When these low-life Hillary Clinton, liberal, leftist thugs attack one “Deplorable” Trump supporter … they attack all of us “Deplorable” Trump supporters.

Rest assured … Their day is coming … soon.

Trump is Coming … and Hell is Coming with Him!

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