Leo’s Motivating Songs.

According to “www.ovacióndeportes.com”, Messi revealed which his favorite songs are to Pinto. A year ago, Leo said that “Hijo, by the Cafres” was his favorite song, saying that “This song represents everything that I have lived”. He also said that he likes Argentine music a lot .

Below is the list of Leo’s top 10 songs.

  • Note: “La Zurda de Oro” (Golden Leftfoot) by El Polaco, is a a song about Leo’s life. 
  1.  Los Cafres - Hijo
  2.  Los Cafres - Aire
  3.  Shakira - Waka Waka (Canción oficial del Mundial del 2010)
  4.  El Polaco - La zurda de oro
  5.  Juanes - A Dios le pido
  6.  Juanes - Volverte a ver
  7.  Pibes Chorros - Qué calor
  8.  Sergio Torres - Me dediqué a perderte
  9.  Sergio Torres - Díganle
  10.  Sergio Torres- Mira como baila