So, new Far Cry set in America.

I’ve seen the far right furious that it might be anti-american, calling it leftest treasonous propaganda

I’ve seen the far left irate that the redneck extremist groups you fight do not, in fact, entirely consist of white racists

Everyone else is probably more like “Who still cares about Far Cry?”

regardless of the final result i think this election has given new life to the left in the uk and we mustn’t let that wane, if the exit poll is accurate then corbyn has, at the least, denied the tories a majority govt on the leftest platform we’ve had in decades 

Bismuth and Racism and what not

So as always tumblr makes the characters turn into flat black and white tropes when the characters themselves are written as complex and grey.

Its a popular post thats going around that the Crewniverse basically created a “gem equivalent to a loud black woman who’s a leftest extremest”  but this is not the case. People who are saying this are not analyzing the message  of the Bismith episodes or the shows entire plot.

When Bismuth was poofed the first time, it was in the middle of a war, she had seen many of her comrades die and she does the most logical step, to invent an unstoppable weapon, much like when the world was first introduced to guns instead of long drawn out combat.

However rose obviously thought this was a bad move as she was fighting for a non violent cause. Rose wanted to give the homeworld opponents chances for redemption, Bismuth wanted to end the war. It’s a controversy thats as old as time Non violence with slow change or violence to get immediate results. Its bad either way but its a human mindset to choose non violence.

So when Bisuth was brought back to earth in a post war environment , obviously suffering from PTSD she could not handle the results. This episode is supposed to show that sometimes good people cannot be changed because of the hard situations around them. Bismuth was and never is a true villain. She’s supposed to represent the travesty of war.

I understand that Bismuth is obviously coded black, with the dreadlock- like hair, however this is more to again, add diversity to the show. I think this is not the last time we will see Bismuth and she will later get her own arch to deal with these issues she has. Shes a strong woman, who obviously was fighting against presumably one of the most militaristic societies ever. Shes not a sad one dimensional “this character is black so they’re either the enemy or victim” archetype.

Shes a broken down solider whos fought for freedom and overwhelmed with doubt and wants desperately to live in a world where she and her friends could actually just live in peace.