“I want to thank you all so very much for being apart of Beyond the Body Boat Party experience and helping to raise the vibration of everyone on the boat and Toronto, as well as helping to raise money for Steps to Recovery. I know each and every one of you gave it there all Friday night and the collective energy we all created together was so powerfully beautiful. I acknowledge all of you for standing in your power and being yourselves for it is through example that lives are transformed.

I am so proud and grateful to announce that WE raised $5,692 for Steps to Recovery!! This could not have happened without you guys. Thank you for taking time to make this happen and please acknowledge yourselves for taking this on because each and every one of you took part in making this difference.” -Vanessa Finiello

The word ‘to inspire’ in Latin is 'inspiratus’ and literally means 'to breathe in’. As a witness to the song – the inhalation is what I have tried to genuinely requite as a visual exhalation. One complete unbroken breath, imagined into the imaginary. It mirrors our own exploration of consciousness, between human and celestial nature, bending light to the whirling sounds, dynamically still.

I first saw Sigur Rós at the Orpheum Theatre in Vancouver BC. I was studying at the university, a solace on my sojourn, from there to here. My most striking memory, was of the moment between each song – there existed an exalted silence, without the cacophonous  roars of hands clapping – until the very end, a final ovation.  In the opening of that space the music whispered to my soul. In its present incarnation, I know now what it was saying then.

—  Director’s Comments