As a community of caring and thoughtful individuals, we gifted the much needed practice of yoga to the girls of ‘Centro Anay’ in Cusco, Peru. These girls have suffered immensely from being ‘at risk’ as victims of human trafficking and abandonment. Their innocence has been truly tested by suffering and I was completely taken aback by their ability to trust me and believe in themselves through what they were learning. This brought a very powerful experience of hope for each of us during our classes together. Their efforts and enthusiasm for yoga overwhelmed me and I hope these pictures help you to better understand the difference you’ve made in their lives through your generous support. 

May this worthy cause continue to call upon your friendship and love. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


five years ago when we launched a similar competition to make a film inspired by our icelandic tour film heima, we received 57 entries. at the time this seemed like a lot to assimilate and judge. this time almost one thousand people (or rather, one thousand teams of people) have poured theirs hearts and souls into a bewildering variety of films that has frankly threatened to overwhelm us. wow! people have entered from all corners of the globe, inspiring us with so many and varied interpretations of the band’s music. and, without wanting to get too dewy-eyed, it really has been a humbling experience. thank you one and all for your truly amazing efforts.

The word ‘to inspire’ in Latin is ‘inspiratus’ and literally means ‘to breathe in’. As a witness to the song — the inhalation is what I have tried to genuinely requite as a visual exhalation. One complete unbroken breath, imagined into the imaginary. It mirrors our own exploration of consciousness, between human and celestial nature, bending light to the whirling sounds, dynamically still.

I first saw Sigur Rós at the Orpheum Theatre in Vancouver BC. I was studying at the university, a solace on my sojourn, from there to here. My most striking memory, was of the moment between each song — there existed an exalted silence, without the cacophonous  roars of hands clapping — until the very end, a final ovation.  In the opening of that space the music whispered to my soul. In its present incarnation, I know now what it was saying then.

—  Director’s Comments