Lefty Problems

- That awkward moment when you go to hug someone right handed and end up stopping because you look like you’re about to wrestle

- Scissors. Nuff said.

- Hanging up your clothes in the closet

- People CONSTANTLY asking you “OMG are you left-handed?!” When they see you write. 

- Only having right-handed friends

- Lefty guitars are too damn expensive

- Binders and notebooks.. ugh

- Smudging the page and getting it all over your hand!

- Trying to eat next to someone right-handed

- Desks. 


Sometimes it just looks so easy to be right handed. Is it? I just watched some of those hand lettering and cookie decorating videos and I keep thinking it must be so easy to have seen what you just did so you can match the slant of letters when you are writing or, like, not accidentally smudge the thing you just wrote as your hand moves across text.

Most of the time I don’t think about being left handed but every time I’m struggling to use a power tool or kitchen appliance or think about buttons or zippers on clothes or the ways doors open, I’m forced to think about it.

Humans are adaptive so over almost 4 decades I got this, but sometimes I think just about how much easier simple things could be.

This relates to witchcraft cause while we are on a list of things I reject I also hate deosil and windershins and the “left hand path”. My path is always left handed.