Yay, I tried that meme thing where you draw the same picture with all of your hands and feet- 
It’s amazing, I am left handed and my left foot also worked better than my right foot so this is a beautiful proof for the fact that it’s really about the brain and not only about practice.

(the cat is my favorite because in the first picture it looks surprised, in the second picture it looks concerned, in the third picture it’s very unhappy and in the last one it’s just super pissed.) 

Why I think Elsa is Left Handed.

I don’t know if other people have pointed this out but,.. Elsa almost always uses her left hand first, which is why I think she’s a leftie.

And now its even showing in OUAT

Not to mention most people think lefties are freaks of nature and odd (I would know, as a leftie people have told me this) 

None of these gifs are mine.

these pens and highlighters all dry quickly to prevent smudging! even if you are not left handed, these can be useful if you write quickly and are constantly smudging the ink from the previous line.

[ image source ]

1 | uni propus window q dry 

these highlighters are double ended - one end is a marker with a window, allowing you to see what you are highlighting as you highlight, and the other is a marker. 

five colors
pink | orange | yellow | green | blue

[ image source ]

2 | pentel energel

these pens are a favorite of mine and are not only quick drying but very smooth, comparable to the muji gel ink pens. the smooth payoff does take its toll as these run out rather quickly depending on use. however i have never used one up yet, as i usually lose these or someone “borrows” it before it runs out.

the tips are needle point or metal tip / 0.5mm or 0.7 mm. pictured above are 0.7mm with needle point tip.

0.5mm needle tip, five colors
0.7mm metal tip, five colors, six pens (duplicate black)
0.7mm needle tip - red | blue | purple | black

[ image source ]

3 | pilot hi-tec-c maica

i was introduced to these by a friend, and although these were not an instant favorite, i have grown to appreciate them. they are not quite as smooth as the pentel energel rtx, but have a finer point and therefore dry significantly faster. 

the tips are extra fine (0.3mm) or fine (0.4mm). jetpens also sells a black one with a 0.25mm tip.

twelve colors, fine tip
twelve colors, extra fine tip
six colors, extra fine tip
black. 0.25mm

[ image source ] 

4 | uniball jetstream

i’m personally not a ballpoint pen person, but i thought i would include these for those of you who like them. these write smoothly and dry quickly. 

three colors, 0.7mm
five colors, 1.0mm
1.0mm singles - red | green | blue | purple | brown

besides these specific recommendations, i’d say that felt tip pens tend to dry more quickly than gel or ballpoint pens, and definitely quicker than fountain pens. some felt tip pen favorites in the studyblr community are the staedtler triplus fineliners [ 25 | singles ] and stabilo point 88 fineliners [ 30 | singles ].