Naked & Famous Denim presents new styles and cool old faces.

Welcome to the Chinese New Year! The Fire Monkey SuperSkinny Guy has just arrived us recently.

Furthermore we got a hugh package of new stuff. The EasyGuy Left Hand Twill Selvedge, WeirdGuy Natural Indigo Selvedge, WeirdGuy Deep Indigo Rigid Selvedge and of course tons of restocked items! Let’s get loud guys!



I got these absolutely sick jeans sent to me by unbranded. They weigh in at a fuckin colossal 21 ounces, left hand twill, indigo dyed selvedge denim. I’m super pumped to wear them this fall/winter/the rest of summer (but only when in air conditioning). I feel like Frankenstein’s monster (also named Frankenstein if I’m not mistaken? Feel free to correct me) but these elephantine bastards are gunna break in so nicely, so stay tuned for fade updates and whatnot!

Also, keeping with the theme of this blog, they’ll only run you a little over one hundred bucks!


by S. Charlie Weyman

Jeans might be the most common clothing item worn today. But sometimes it seems you need an instruction manual to buy and wear them right. Here is what a glossary for that manual might look like.

Chain stitching: A stitch sometimes found on the leg opening of jeans. Denim enthusiasts like them because of their connection with traditional production, and because of the “roping” effect they give to fades at the leg openings. However, chain stitching is less durable and more expensive than lockstitching. Furthermore, chain stitching machines are rare, and when a “link” in the chain is broken, the whole thing can unravel. But purists will settle for nothing else.

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