Left brain, right brain - Overwatch edition

I think Bo Burnham is a very funny comedian, and his song “left brain, right brain” really suits Roadhog and junkrats personalities! And that’s why I made this animatic that took a shit ton longer than what I planned…


i was bored so….new vid

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oh I forgot to post about this but the psychiatrist who I really liked is now :/ because the other day he said “not to be too sexist, but men are typically more left-brained and logical and women are typically more right-brained and emotional” 

oh and at one point after asking about my relationship w/ my mom he even said “biologically, the mother is supposed to form a bond with the child and be more involved in raising them than the father” 


i had a nightmare that the demigoogoo from stranger things was trying to take the son i don’t have from our bedroom last night and some lady kept trying to give me christmas lights while the demigordo was dragging the kid on the floor behind her and i had to yell that i didn’t have time to decorate