Minecraft and a Winchester

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Pairing: DeanxReader
Word Count: 1,635
Warnings: Slight mention of porn?

You were currently laying on your stomach on your bed, legs bent, and crossed at the ankles. Your eyes were fixated on the screen across from you. You’d found a used XBox for extremely cheap online, and it had come with a few games. Need for Speed, Left 4 Dead, and Minecraft. You had enough blood and gore hunting, so you opted to put Left 4 Dead to the side for the time being. Minecraft caught your attention because it looked like something that you could zone out and play. It didn’t require much, or at least that’s what you were guessing. You never guessed that you would get hooked, let alone so quickly.

You were, though.

Dean walked in your room, watching you for a moment. “What the hell are you playing?” He asked.

Glancing over your shoulder for a minute, you wondered how long he had been standing there. “Minecraft.” You said simply, chopping down another tree.

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Just posting this again because after playing hard rain the amount of relevancy it has to my playing of the game


An old favorite for today’s potpourri.


left for speed 2

really funny