left's a girl; other two are boys


Reader x Roman

Warnings: sex, smut, car sex, swearing

Requested By Anon

You stormed out of your class, hoping to avoid your teacher but she called you back, making Roman stop and lean against the snake tank as he waited for her to explain what she wanted.


“The two of you need to redo your projects, you’re doing them together.” She said and Roman stared laughing.

“You think I’m going to work with her?” He laughed and you glowered at him.


“Yes I do; you can stay after school.” She walked away and left the two of you to glare at each other.


“I hate you.” You hummed at Roman.


“No you don’t.” He snickered.

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imagine the class having a party or something and they’re playing twister and it gets outta hand
• first it’s just fun and only competition is between Alix and Kim
• There’s two or three mats so everyone’s playing
• Soon a real competition starts
• One mats girls the others boys (if a third it’s just whoever is left)
• everyone’s all over the place
• some people dropping out from embarrassing positions and others going hardcore
• lots of arguing
• Chloe steps on people’s fingers
• at one point with the boys someones like “hey check out the girls” and they all turn and look and they all go down because they slip in shock because to a bunch of hormonal teen boys the girls look like they’re in some very sexual positions (Mari is face up with Ayla’s arms on either side of her waist with her shirt neck going down low while she’s in between her legs and Mari’s face is an inch from Alix’s boobs, who happens to be hovering over her)
• At one point Mari is right over Chloe and slowly does a push up to try and push Chloe into the mat bc she was talking trash to her
• Sabrina lasts surprising long
• Rose dropped out on the second move
• Juleka and Mylene drop out around five
• Nath and Ivan at six
• Chloe plays dirty (stepping on hands and hair, trash talking, blowing on necks) while Lila trys to flirt to make others slip up
• Boys are elbowing each other all over the place (they’re bigger than the girls so there’s less maneuvering room)
• Adrien wins his first round ever
• Adrien is really good and Nino’s mad about it
• Final girls round is: Alix, Mari, and Lila
• Final boys is: Adrien, Kim, and Max
• It comes down to Alix, Mari, Kim, and Adrien
• Eventually Kim slips and takes Alix down with him
• This leaves Adrien and Mari
• after two more spins Alya takes the spinner from Rose
• “final two! How bout you say we mix it up and do individual spins?” Everyone’s like “yeah!” “Let’s do that” and Mari’s like internally “Alya NO!!”
• cue deliberate embarrassing/close positions
• Mari over Adrien with her face RIGHT above his chest
• Adrien over top of Mari and she can feel him breathing on her neck
• Mari with one leg over him and having to flip over him because she’s falling off the mat
• Her face being so red but Adrien thinking it’s from exertion
• His face is red for the same reasons
• Both sweaty
• Mari huffing into his ear bc her head is in the space between his head and shoulder while on top of him by two centimeters and. He. Can’t. Take. It. Anymore. And crumbles to the floor
• Cheering
• Mari in complete shock she won
• Adrien rolling over and telling her “good game Marinette. Congratulations.” Then she collapses next to him
• They’re so tired they just lay there panting for a few min while everyone is lining up for game 2 (minus Alix and Kim, they’re still tired so they’re the spinners)
• Mari only plays two more rounds. One just to defeat Nino and another because it was just Rose and Nath on a mat bc they’ve dropped out
• Nath drops out from the pressure of being that close to Mari (she was over his stomach while he was upside down and her shirt rode up)
• Adrien plays one more round with Juleka, Mylene and Alya but Chloe butts in and he “falls” bc Chloe is taking the fun outta it
• Lila joins after he drops out just so she can crush Chloe
• Later that night Alya sends a bunch of pics in the group chat of the party
• a lot of them are the Mari Adrien showdown
• Both of them save all those pics
• Plagg makes unnecessary comment about it (“ohhh you must’ve really liked being that close to her huh?” “Did you like losing to her that bad?”)
• Adrien gets defensive
• It’s the only thing he thinks about as he falls asleep (“maybe I can challenge her to a rematch…”)


You and Jeon Wonwoo have always hated each other since the first grade.

It started with him calling you ugly, expecting you to cry, but instead, you called him uglier and from then on, it’s been war between the two of you.

What started trivial gradually became worse to the point you’ve pulled harmful pranks at each other.

He would pay someone to take you out and make you fall in love with them, only to be left in the air the next minute. In return for that heartbreak, you had set up a scene where it had looked like he was cheating on his current girlfriend and you watch in triumph as his girlfriend turns into his ex.

No one understood why the two of you always fought. Some boys would tease, saying it’s because the two of you actually liked each other, but they would only regret saying it because Wonwoo would beat them up the next day and you would verbally assault them the day after that. Some girls would make rumors, saying that the two of you used to date and it ended up badly. Unfortunately for the both of you, you couldn’t pinpoint who exactly made the rumors up to make them eat their words.

None of them knew how far your antics with Wonwoo had gone. Both of you always seem to end up in a tie, but if there was one thing that Wonwoo wins at…

You gasp, scratching your nails against the teacher’s table and leaving white claw marks against the shiny honey-colored wood.

A satisfied scoff rang behind you and you shut your eyes as he picked up speed.

You hate him. You hate Wonwoo so much. You hated his hair and how he styled it down, how his fringes fell just above his eyes. You hated his eyes, too. How they pierced through your soul and scrutinized your very being. You hated his nose and how it scrunches up with his eyebrows when he sneezes or laughs. You hated his lips, so pink and full, and how the corner of his lips would curl into a smirk. You hated how tall he was and how he would tower over you. You hated his broad shoulders, his fair skin, his long legs, his strong arms, and his fingers. God, you hated his nimble fingers.

They skimmed across your skin, leaving a hot trail in their wake, and play with your clit. You cry out loud, grabbing the front edge of the table. Tears make their way down your cheeks as you found yourself in the very line between pain and pleasure. Wonwoo’s fingers pinch harder and you gasp again, shooting up from the table and arching your back near him.

The back of your head hits his shoulder and you can feel his hot breath on your ear. You hated this the most.

You hated the feeling of his breath against your skin. You hated feeling the small spark zaps you when he would touch you. You hated feeling weak when he looks at you. You hate feeling small when he leans over you. You hate feeling him, his body under your skin and feeling him inside you. You hated how your walls contracted around him after stretching to accommodate his size. You hated everything he made you feel.

“Wonwoo.” You whimper. These were the only times you allowed yourself to call him by his first name. He curses, pushing you back down to the table and lurch forward, going deeper and deeper until he grunts and stills.

No, you silently cried. You haven’t came yet. No, you cried again, feeling him pull away and leave you empty. You hear his zipper and then his belt, before hearing his footsteps walk a few steps away.

Shakily, you pull your underwear back up.

“Aren’t you going to rub that one out?” He asks while discarding the used condom into the trash bin. He’s smirking at you with sweat dripping down his face.

No.” You croaked out as you fingers trembled while brushing out the hair out of your face, exposing your tears to him.

“What?” He chuckles, referring to your tears. “Couldn’t handle me?”

You ignore his questions and wiped your cheeks with the back of your hand. Fixing your skirt, you make your way to the door.

Wonwoo blocks your way and you snap, “What do you want, Jeon? You came first, again. Now, let me leave.”

“[Y/L/N], if you need help to come off, all you have to do is ask and I’ll gladly help you out.” He gives you one of his boyish grins and you scowl back.

“I’m not giving you a chance to make me come because I hate you.” You emphasized, watching his grin fade away. “I hate you, Jeon Wonwoo.” You repeat and without knowing it, you were crying again. “I hate you. I hate you. I hate you.”

He reaches for you and you try to avoid him, but he was always quicker.

“Let go!” You yell once your back was against his chest and his arms secured around your chest and waist. “I hate you!”

“Everyone,” He growls lowly into your ear, “knows that, princess. Everyone knows that.” One of his hand slides down to flip your skirt up and hold the fabric against your stomach. “But right now, we’re alone.”

You shut your eyes and hold your breath, praying he’d let go of you and let you be.

“We can pretend that you don’t.”

You let out a breath and gripped the arm around your chest. “Okay.”

“Okay.” He pushes his nose into your hair, but his hand stays above your navel.

Whining, you take his hand, feeling his knuckles against your palm, and guide him down your abdomen. Slipping both of your hands into your underwear, you sigh when his fingers start moving.

You jerked against his hold as he explores your folds and plunge one, two, three digits inside you, all the while rubbing his palm against your clit.

You hated it. You hated how it made you feel. You hated how much you wanted to admit that maybe you don’t really hate Wonwoo. Maybe you never really hated him at all.

“[Y/N].” He breathes and you let yourself fall, his arm holding you still against him.

Not long after, you finally came, crying out of pure bliss, not because of his fingers, but with the small kiss he pressed against the side of neck.

Request 14~
come on (y/n) this is nothing compared to before I thought to myself, preparing to knock on the large red double doors infront of me.
 Knock, knock, knock.
“3 minutes until meet and greets” I stammered through the door, just loud enough to be audible on the other side. I heard the two British voices reply with okay and thanks from the otherside and left to check with all the people attending the meet and greet.

After an hour of teenage girls hugging them and crying, Dan and Phil had finished all the meet and greets with time to spare.
“Is there any staff who want a signature” the brown haired boy joked. I took him up on the offer and bounced over to them; my (y/c/h) swaying in a ponytail behind me.
“Hi!” I exclaimed, looking up at the two men who were giants compared to me. “I love your videos so much” I mentioned as they signed my phone case.
“Are you watching the show?” Phil asked, a smile plastered across his face.
“Uh yeah I’m helping with the props so I’ll just be backstage or in the wings watching” I told him before realising the time. “Uh you two should really be getting ready for stage” I smiled as I pointed at the clock on the wall.
“Oh shit” Dan whispered under his breath before they said there good byes and head off in the direction of the stage.

I enjoyed the show so much. The screams when they played the internet is here were immense; and seeing all the teenagers crying took me back to seeing MCR in 2006. Every now and then, I got to hand something to Dan or Phil, both boys smiling and filled with pride.

Another hour passed and the show was over. Everything was packed up and most of the girls had left. I watched as Dan and Phil got back on their tour bus and waved as they pulled away.

Whilst I was clearing out the room they had been preparing in, I found a shirt on the chest of drawers which I immediately recognized to be Dans weed shirt.

time skip 

Knocking on the door of the hotel the boys were staying at, I prepared for what I was going to say.

Moments later the door swung open to reveal a paniced Dan.
“Um hi it’s me from earlier, you left something at the venue” I spoke, surprisingly confident. His eyes flickered down to the dark material in my hand and his shoulders immediately relaxed.
“Oh my God, thank you so much” he sighed as I passed him the shirt.

The Next Day

“Tell the people where we’re going today the Philip” I heard the familiar voice from behind me. I spun round to be met with the two dark haired giants from yesterday holding a phone pretty much above my head, clearly making a day in the life video.
“Oh hi! It's  (y/n)” Dan said after nearly walking into me.
“Guys this is (y/n) she helped with the props yesterday” Phil said, walking to be behind me so I could be on camera.

I saw my face had turned bright red on the screen of the phone.
“Um, (y/n) since we don’t know where we’re going do you want to come round with us?” The other boy asked.

The three of us became inseparable as we walked around the streets.

“So this is the great barrier reef?” Dan asked, a confused look in his hazel eyes.
“Uh yeah”
“Why isn’t it as colourful as the pictures” he asked, still showing signs of confusion.
“Well the people who look after the reef, I think they’re scientists or marine biologist, have said it could be pronounced dead in the autumn” I explained
Both of the 6ft boys had a solemn look on their faces after.

After visiting the reef, we decided to head back to their hotel.

They had been vlogging most of the day and I knew I would appear in the video at some point.
“(Y/n) you do know if we mention any of your social media links you’ll get tons if messages like ’ I CAN’T BELIEVE YOU GOT TO SPEND THE DAY WITH THEM’” Dan joked.

“I know Dan, I’ve seen the phandom” I laughed, getting off Dans bed to make a drink.

“Anyway…. Mr Philip” Dan laughed, vlogging again. “What are we watching?” He questioned, legitimately not knowing what was on.
“Are you serious?” Phil joked in response “it’s quite clearly the Olympics” he finsished as I walked back into the room. Dan saw me and took it as an opportunity to joke around.

“Look who is still here” He turned the camera to face me as I sat to the left of Phil. “It’s like 10 at night and she’s still here. Third wheel much”
“Guys pleaae remember that was a joke and there is no need to attack (y/n)’s social media with comments like ‘leave them alone’ and that sort of thing” Phil chimed in, slightly more seriously.

“I do need to go soon though guys” I moaned acknowledging that I’d have to leave the boys
“Just stay here,” Dan suggested patting the space next to him on the bed.
“You do realise what the phandoms reaction is going to be after that” I laughed, sitting in the place I had previously been.

Looking back on the events of the past two days I realised how lucky I had been in meeting and bonding with Dan and Phil. The two men who most people wanted to know. The two men with 2007 hair and who wear nothing but black jeans.

Where are Adrien and Marinette’s lockers?

I needed to know, for ficcing purposes, where Adrien and Marinette’s lockers are relative to each other. All I discovered is that this show is full of continuity errors.

To begin with, the locker room is actually two rooms, with a sort of metal curtain in the doorway. If I had to guess, I’d say one of these was the boys’ locker room and the other was the girls’.

That’s Marinette following Adrien’s cellphone in the Copycat episode; that episode is consistent about Adrien’s locker being in the locker room on the left when you walk in from the courtyard/gym. So, the left locker room should be the boys’ locker room and the right should be the girls’. Lady Wifi supports this when it shows us Chloe’s locker:

It’s clear in this screenshot that Chloe’s locker is on the right side of the divider. However, this all gets torn to shreds in the Dessinateur / Evillustrator episode. 

Here we see that Marinette’s locker is in the same row as Chloe’s…

But this time Chloe’s locker is in the left-side locker room (you can see the divider behind both Marinette and Alya’s backs)

In fact, the show is so inconsistent about locker placement that it gives Adrien two different lockers within the same episode. 

When Adrien first checks his locker during Copycat, it’s the 7th locker down…

But later, it’s the fourth one down.

In conclusion, you can put Adrien and Marinette’s lockers wherever the hell you want in your fanfiction because that’s what the showrunners do.

Sam x reader

Prompts 14 and 19 requested by @pureawesomeness001

Warnings: Angst and fluff

For the first part it’s soulless!Sam but later when the reader is reunited with Sam he’s not soulless

“I can’t stay forever, I can’t keep doing this forever, I’m sorry boys. I love you Sam, love you Dean. Stay safe.”
Those were the last word you’d said to the boys in over 3 years. Ever since Sam lost his soul he’d been a total asshole, and that’s why you left. You had become a solo hunter, but the pain being away from the Winchesters was horrible. Castiel would pay you the occasional visit, but it wasn’t enough. You missed them both, but most of all, you missed Sam. You had loved him so much, but then he lost his soul, then he had to go and get with some other girl. Before he lost his soul, you two had been perfectly happy together. You didn’t blame Cas, wasn’t his fault, it was no ones fault, and yet he constantly apologized for it. You still loved Sam, but you couldn’t take much more of his insulting comments and his heartless attitude. You wanted to see him again, but with a soul. It’d been a while since you left and rumor has it that Sam had gotten his soul back. As much as you’d like to believe that, you had to see for yourself. With the help of Castiel, you were quickly able to fine the motel they were staying at. Though Cas offered to teleport you there, you declined, this was a journey you had to make on your own. So you drove over to the motel they were staying at in Kansas and in the blink of an eye you were at the front door. A million thoughts were racing through your head. ‘What if they don’t want to see me?’ ‘What if they’re not here?’ ‘What if Sam still doesn’t have his soul still?’ ‘What if he does and he’s pissed at me for leaving?’ ‘What if…“ You’re mind went on and on, but you knew that you had to see them again. So you knocked on the door. You heard someone groan from the other side of the door. “Coming!” You recognized the voice right away. It was Sam. Before you could decide to leave, the door swung wide open and you came face to face with Sam. He stared at you for a moment. You were both speechless. He looked so much older. His eyes, full of life and happy, were now sad and lifeless. And yet a huge smile was displayed on his lips. Neither of you said anything, you spoke without any words. You sighed into his shoulder, smiling as tears streamed down you face. He took a step back, and pressed his lips to yours. You broke apart to speak. “I-I missed you.” You murmured. “I missed you too.” He said. There were no more words needed after that. No words needed to show how much you loved one another. Because you both knew. You both knew that you loved each other more than anything in the world.


I wanted to do some character paintings for the four main kiddos in a story I have - you’ve seen the top left girl and the boy in the bottom left around, but I was still figuring out the other two girls. But I’m happy I finally FINALLY figured them out because now I can finally fall into the shounen-fighting, cute outfits and afterschool demon-hunting shenanigans I’ve ALWAYS WANTED. FINALLY. 

Imagine Jon getting upset after someone hits on you

prompt number fourteen requested by @kpopmusicanimebooklover​


Although the brothers on the Wall were used to the chill of the Wall, you were not. You bundled yourself in your fur coat as you made your way to the Lord Commander’s quarters. When you came to the door, two boys stood guard in front with their arms crossed.

“There ain’t no girls on the Wall.” the one to the left said dully, “What’a you doing ‘ere?”

You showed the guards a rolled-up scroll, “I’m here to see the Lord Commander. We have word of new recruits.”

The guard to the right narrowed his eyes, a smirk flitting across his face, “What you wanna see Jon for?” he asked menacingly, “I’m all the man you need, sweetheart.”

You took an apprehensive step back as the other guard spoke up, “Come on, don’t be like that.” he said, making a grab for your arm, “Don’t you struggle now.”

Your eyes darted and your words caught in your throat, but just then the tower door burst open, and with it came a booming voice,

“Chett! Lark! That’s enough!” Jon exclaimed, shoving the men away from you. “This woman is my guest, and I don’t need the two of you rallying her.”

The two boys glared heavily at Jon, but before they could say anything, Jon muttered, “Go on. And don’t think Bowen Marsh won’t here about this.”

As the two grumbled and strode off, Jon made his way to you, putting a hand on your shoulder, “I deeply apologize, Lady Y/N. Did they do you any harm?”

You shook your head, giving a small smile, “Not at all, Lord Commander. I give you my thanks.”

Jon smiled, “Any time, Lady Y/N.”

sdmn-boys  asked:

hey so there is this boy and he lives in Australia while I live in Asia. He used to live here but moved during the school year cause of his parents jobs. we were in year 10 and we were basically dating without the title because we knew he would be leaving. Once he left we were the same talked Everyday and all that. Now going into year 11 his school is adding girls for the last two years. And I'm so worried about other girls, I trust him but I don't trust other girls. What do I do? OH AND I <3 U

I love you!!! c:

Trust him! You need to learn to trust him. You can’t “Protect him” forever it is just one of those things. Don’t be jealous or over protective. I will tell you if he ends up finding a new girlfriend. He is not worth your time. Any people who is will to leave a perfectly good thing isn’t worth your time. 

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George Imagine

Requested by @tropiiicl: Can you please do a smutty George weasley imagine where the girl is called Grace and is in ravenclaw? Thanks

George was the ultimate trickster, if there was a way to get around a rule, he would find it. That was how you had ended up in his room tonight – and all the other nights before then. The other boys didn’t mind, as long as you left when they wanted to sleep. The common room wasn’t really an option because of Percy, George’s wildly disapproving brother and the fact that you weren’t even a Gryffindor.

Hogwarts beds were less than generous in size, which only gave the two of you an excuse to be as close to each other as physically possible. Lee Jordan was sat on the bed opposite, telling you about his holiday. He was one of your best friends. However much you enjoyed his company though, right now both you and George wanted nothing but alone time, having not seen each other since before the holidays.

It was only about an hour later that he did finally leave, saying that he was going looking for Fred. It was not a second after the door had swung shut behind him before there was a whisper in your ear.
“I missed you Grace.” You smiled broadly and turned your hair to the orange-haired head behind you. You plant a chaste kiss on his lips; deciding this wasn’t enough, you soon leaned back in.

George’s breath was hot on yours, his hands pulled you closer. Your fingers were tangled in his hair as you kissed down his jaw and neck. He let escape a sharp intake of breath. As your lips traced his collar bone, your fingers fumbled to undo the first of his shirt buttons. He soon caught on and undid the rest as, in the momentary pause in activity you removed your own top.

There, breathless and in bliss, you and George reconnected your lips, fingers exploring each other’s newly exposed skin – just like the first time. You were immersed in one another. You felt like you were on-

“Merlin’s Beard guys!” exclaimed a voice. “You could have at least put a tie on the door, simple manners.”
“Piss off, Fred,” muttered George from under your mane of hair.
“This is my room! No offense Grace but I’m shattered. Please leave.”

Bloody typical, you thought as you reluctantly re-clothed yourself. You placed one last, lingering kiss on George’s lips.
“Until next time,” you said with a wink.


Part One

“Go best friend that’s my best friend that’s my best friend!” You and Dylan scream at each other before bursting into laughter as both of you attempt to twerk. 

“Oh my god Dylan, what is that?” you cackle. 

“I’m twerkin’ bitch!” he yells.

“That ain’t twerkin’!” you yell back.

It was a Friday, after work. You and Dylan had gotten a little…rowdy. 

To say it honestly, it was the first chance the two of you could get sloppy drunk together at the apartment since Britt left. 

You loved having her at your place, it was nice to have another girl around and someone else to pick on Dylan with. Teasing Dylan was one of your favorite hobbies. 

But she had to leave and you and Dylan had a ritual. If you broke up with a boy or whenever Dylan and Britt had to leave each other, the two of you would drown your sadness in liquor the first chance neither of you had to do something the next day.

Today was finally that day. 

So you cranked up the stereo and got out the bottles. There was dancing, loud singing-essentially yelling, and lots and lots of drinking.

It was fun. It was carefree and fun. 

“Oh my god, change the song!” you yell over the music as you pour two more shots. 

Dylan sways over to go change the song, accidentally playing some sad, slow song. 

“What the hell?” you hear him say. “Get the fuck outta here,” he says to the speakers. 

You chuckle to yourself, the fact that he’s literally talking to an object is too funny. 

He changes the song, again, and comes waltzing into the kitchen where you are. 

“Yaaass,” he says in his best white-girl voice, “Shotssss.”

You smile, “Cheers.”

“Cheers,” he echoes, meeting your shot glass. 

The rest of the evening consists of more drinking, dancing, laughing, and carrying on. 

And eventually you both pass out.

Betrayal and Redemption Part 3


It had been a months since Dean had drove away from that black Monte Carlo and Sam had kept his word, he never brought up heading back to that town again. They got lucky somehow no cases ever seemed to pop up near them which Sam was grateful for but he still hoped it wasn’t because they were hunting now, even if Leana promised him she would never let Morgan do something like that alone. Dean on the other hand….was a hot mess he would not talk to Sam about it at all so spent most nights when they weren’t on a case in his room drinking. The one time Sam tried to get him to talk a week or two after, Sam about had a black eye for trying to push Dean into talking, only thing that came from that was Dean drinking less. 

A few days after the boys left, the girls left the small town, it took them about that long to find something funny a few miles away. Since then they both had gotten better at finding these cases, not so much at stopping them. Leana stayed true to her word and Morgan never told her she needed the help just wanted her to keep her promise to Sam. She wasn’t hunting, just researching like she always had Sam had just told her to not hunt. Shockingly they did start with baby steps a ghost here, poltergeist there, nothing big until they stumbled upon a demonic possession case. Morgan up till this point had just had some minor cuts and bruises but after this demon case she had to stitch up a nasty gash, and hide it from Leana thankful she had everything she needed in the truck. She was still glad it was winter and she could hide everything behind long thick clothing. Leana and her were doing ok, it still hurt and they talked about it occasionally. If Leana was hurting Morgan didnt see it too much, she worked at the local shelters typically by day and hunted by night. She had always laughed at Dean’s 4 hour sleep and now here she was doing the same thing most nights if she even slept at all. 

I love you, farkle.” She said softly.

Shocking how three simple words could send a person’s sanity spiraling out of control. Though it was all in a friendly matter, he still couldn’t ignore his beating heart yearning for the feeling of her lips against his. The way they’d be left breathless, holding each other as though nothing else in the world mattered.

But that was all a dream that could never happen because he was too afraid of damaging her fragile heart any further. 

The poor girl was already torn between two boys, one she gave up for a friend and another to distract her from everything else and truly because she couldn’t say no to his pleading heart that begged her to give him a chance.

Riley claimed she was happy that way and wasn’t bothered to see her best friend dating the guy she loved. 

But Farkle knew. He knew that was all a cover up and beneath all those lies and fake smiles was a broken heart he wished he could so easily fix with just a simple peck on the lips. Then he remembered that could never happen and the thought stuck with him until he finally accepted it.

He grew quite over the years, less quirky and more serious. If only there were a rewind button so they could all go back in time to the moments when loving was easy and perhaps at times a playful joke. And now, it seemed as if everyone was too scared to love because they knew it would only bring more chaos to the mayhem they lived in.

It took nearly every ounce in him to control his feelings, thoughts and emotions all so that she would be sane even if the price meant that he wasn’t. For true love had the cost of suffering and happiness and he would rather receive all the pain and sorrow in the world than watch his dearest sunshine shed a single tear.

He ignored all that though and enjoyed what he could have of her; deep conversations, little glances during class, exchange a smile or two, hug from time to time, and comfort. He’d always love Riley even if she didn’t love him the way he wished she did, but that was okay with him. As long as they were still close friends, nothing would change his love for her.

Farkle then smiled at the thought, still embracing Riley as he wholeheartedly said, “And I love you.

a little one-shot I made of riley and farkle when they shared their first ‘I love you.’

Teen Wolf is NOT diverse. As a white person you have no right to judge that. What is diverse? When I wanted to make a gifset of WOC only I couldn’t find more than two girls who didn’t have tiny role. The only black boy we have is probably going to die this season. The asian girl is left out the whole fucking time but the white girls and the white boys always get a scene even if it is useless. The LEAD character who happens to be not white is sidelined for the storyline of his white best friend. Literally everyone is straight except for like two side characters who will probably die or disappear soon. There is nothing diverse about Teen Wolf. Just because it is better than other shows does not mean it’s good. POC and queer people should not have to be okay with shitty treatment like this just because other shows pretend they do not exist. How can you as a white person claim it is ‘diverse’ multiple times when you KNOW all about this?

Also the ‘dude’ in a relationship does not exist. Just because some boys like to be the little spoon does not mean he is the 'girl’ in a relationship. Girls can be big spoons. Guys can be little spoons. That is not gender related. Seriously. You are also not better or special because you don’t wear skirts and don’t walk on heels. Neither are the girls who do wear skirts and walk on heels. Y'all are just girls. There is no such thing as 'boyish’. If I wanna wear skirts and heels I can still beat everyone, be angry and be the big spoon. If I wanna wear sneakers and jeans I can still ask my boyfriend for help when I need it and be the little spoon.

Nurseydex Parent!AU Headcanons!

 @dexsnursey tis i— the parent au anon and i am here to spill me feels™ about William J. Poindexter, Derek M. Nurse and their three children. Feel free to talk to me about this AU!

Pretty long. About 1K. I will add more to this later. Everything under the cut!

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i have loved you since the day we met,
but i am afraid of all those who left.

each day, each day, i tell myself
that somehow it is okay

but how is it okay for me to love and to love you,
and for you to not know,
for you to not suspect a thing at all.

and i feel like i’m lying, saying i’m a friend;
could you please hold my hand?

there’s been so many others, you know, boys and girls who can say pretty words but break hearts in two; so many others who don’t notice when my chest falls and laugh when i can’t breath.

(but she’s different, i insist, she heals

oh how she heals)

and i think that i want you to know,
that in some universe it is true that you love me too.

i am scared that you will hurt me;
i am more scared that i will hurt you.

but you smile, you smile and you laugh, so why is it so bad?

(“because it hurts to love”, a stranger murmurs in my ear)

and you smell like flowers in june and rain in decemeber and you look like the fireworks in july; bright as fire and kind as light.

(“but i still love”, i murmur back)

so they say time heals all wounds,
but how is that so?

what about love?

(a bruise that doesn’t fade)

all that space only gives room for the empty to grow.

i have heard people say ‘i love you’ and i wonder, how is that true?

and sometimes you’ll text me, at three in the morning, and you say that the stars look like his eyes

and i laugh it off, biting my thumbs, unable to reply ‘but have you seen yours?’

love hurts, they say; love is an ache so deep in the soul,

they say it’s embedded in the depths of your mind—

and minds are dangerous, more dangerous than hearts—

they say that the one you love at sixteen exists forever.

so i suppose i just wanted you to know,

that twenty years from now,

your eyes will still be the Cassiopeia constellation,

and someone will probably find more stars than i never could,

your laugh will still be the same mockingbird’s song,

and i’ll probably still be in love you.

—  hi–ily
So I'm playing sims 4

And I’m making 4 girls and 4 boys.

2 of the girls and two of the boys will be extremely attractive while the other four will be extremely UGLY.

I’m making a house and dividing it by a huge wall. One side for the boys and the other side for the girls.

At the start of the game I will let the sims live autonomously with limited resources like food or beds. The sims should begin to die off- leaving one boy and one girl left standing. Whoever these two sims end up being are the strongest of the herd- and therefore earn the right to procreate with one another.

Let the games begin….

I thought I could also recommend some non-scary Halloween themed movies, for those who don’t watch horror. I hope you like these!


In this Korean movie a family with a sick daughter moves to country side, where they find a boy who behaves like a wolf. The daughter and the wolf boy form a strange but adorable friendship.


As Warm Bodies is pretty new movie, most of you might have seen it already. However, it’s a wonderful movie of a zombie R, who unlike others, can actually think and ponder the reason for his existence. He saves a girl named Julie instead of eating her and an odd friendship slowly begins.


Wolf Children is a story of Hana, who in her university years falls in love with a werewolf. They get two children, until the husband dies and Hana is left alone to raise their half-human/half-wolf kids.


If you haven’t seen this brilliant (costume and visual party) movie based on Anne Rice’s novel, shame on you. No go and watch it. You thank me later. Even if you didn’t care about vampires that much.