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Why won't the liberals denounce the violence coming from Antifa?

Answer that question…since liberals love to denounce violence and hatred, why not Antifa? Even though Antifa has a long history of violence, harassment, murder, vandalism and all other crimes they committed in the name of “anti-fascism” or “anti-capitalism”, which is an excuse for people who have a different opinion or is just a moderate to get hurt simply because they are not the same as Antifa, and this started since the fall of the Berlin wall in November 9, 1989. While liberals are chanting “love Trumps hate”, shouldn’t they be focusing on the hatred and violence coming from Antifa? If not then liberals are just huge hypocrites, for not even pointing out logically of what violence, especially political violence is.

This concludes my argument… Have a good day.

Hamburg - when (almost) everybody is wrong

My best friend’s brother had a brand-new baby girl on Tuesday. She’s quite pink but everybody is very proud of her. The brother is a teacher in Hamburg and his partner and baby are in a hospital in the city. 

It’s G20.

Yesterday I talked to my friend and she told me how terrified her brother was. Hamburg expected 100.000 protesters. Which is a lot, causes traffic jams and is a general nuisance. 

It also expected about 8000 violent instigators, hooligans, extremists and so on. 

In the run-up to G20 business in the richer parts of town had been marked as belonging to, well, rich people. All of this is nothing new. We have that every year in Berlin. Cars are set on fire, windows need to be barricaded, there will be water throwers. 

Try navigating that with a newborn. 

The hospital released both mother and baby a day early to get them out of the city because they expected a very real possibility that the hospital might be attacked and I sat in my kitchen on the other side of Germany wondering what the fuck that says not only about my the world but also a movement I have always felt very connected to.

But ultimately… I mean, heck, I have lived in Leipzig and spent a good deal of time in Connewitz, I come from the deep and very neo-Nazi east… I am not surprised.

And then there is the other side of the story. Hundred thousands of people who care about this world and this planet and what’s happening to it and our future. A tidal wave of worry but also of hope.

Setting up their tents in parks, areas that have been given to them by the city of Hamburg - their right to do so, to come together and protest, bolstered and protected by the German constitution AND a legally binding decision by a judge just the day before. 

And then there is the chief of Hamburg police, a man even my conservative friends in the city call an absolute hardliner… Twisting the legal decision to his liking, as a member of the executive branch looking for loopholes in a legally binding decision to interpret it to his liking. 

A man that many have accused of provoking the violence by rigorously responding to the slightest provocations from the black block in the March to Hell demonstration, basically doing what the violent protesters wanted: Instigating violence and drawing every other peaceful protester down the drain with them.

They didn’t even need to bring in their own instigators. Holy shit, this is Germany. We have a long-standing tradition of violent left-wing protests. We have the 1st of May and this is HAMBURG. St. Pauli is a rallying cry for everyone looking for an excuse to set a car on fire.  

All they needed to do was to declare the black block as the black block and let everything unravel from there. We even have a word for a mass of hooded demonstrators ready for violence. There is a reason your are not allowed to cover your face at demonstration because that is the ONE determining characteristics from dividing the peaceful protesters from the Hooligans. And everybody accusing me of dragging a football term into this. Look at them and tell me the difference. I dare you!

Do any of them care for the protests? To any of them care for G20 or what these people decide up there?

A friend of mine is a member of the police emergency personnel, a branch from the standard police that is trained for those exact situations (and football games, because Germany). He is also a few political meters left of me. What we call a “linke Zecke” here in Germany. He cares. 

He cares that idiots attack them and then run into the masses, using peaceful demonstrators as human shields. He also cares that an asshole in a plush chair plays Russian roulette with his men’s health by waging his own cute little war. 

The new baby’s father cares because more than half of his students are not of German heritage, spanning the globe in their mother tongues and skin colors. 

But people that invade the perceived “rich” quarters to vandalize whole streets, setting cars on fire and respond to pleas of “People live here!” which “Shut the FUCK up!” 

They don’t care. they just want an excuse to brutalize others and there is no difference if you call that left-wing or right-wing terrorism. It’s terrorism. 

And people like the police chief, who so blatantly disregards a law he swore to uphold? Does he care for anything but his own personal power and pride? Does he even CARE for the people who now have no car anymore, no business or who can’t go to a hospital because everything is blocked and emergency services are busy taking care of the victims on both sides of the violence he provoked days in advance?

What does HE care for?

There are situations that you cannot win, caught between a rock and a hard place and the pride and disregard of men who don’t see you as worth caring for. Police power, terrorists. Doesn’t matter. 

I just saw the pictures a friend sent from by-streets in Hamburg. Not the main streets. Not the protest route but remote, peaceful by-streets, far from the protest, littered with burning cars. Family cars, not expensive ones. Just family cars. Trash cans kicked onto streets and set on fire.

People standing by in absolute disbelief.

Yet still, people stand up and go there. They protest the unfairness of a world order that disadvantages people too poor to even come to Hamburg and protest in their own name. 

Yet still, the people of Hamburg sweep their streets and replace their windows and go on with stubborn northern determination. 

And yet, a man walks through the crowds with a shield saying “Leave me alone, I’m just going to the supermarket.”

And yet, the first thing I hear from everybody around me, no matter which camp they belong to is “this is not democracy” and “what do you need?”

And yet, humanity prevails. Even if it sometimes is by just surviving. 

THE COMING INSURRECTION by The Invisible Committee

It’s useless to wait - for a breakthrough, for the revolution, the nuclear apocalypse or a social movement. To go on waiting is madness. The catastrophe is not coming, it is here. We are already situated WITHIN the collapse of a civilization. It is within this reality that we must choose sides.

FACT CHECK: Is Left-Wing Violence Rising?
This week's shooting at a Republican baseball practice alarmed those who fear the left is becoming more radicalized.

“The Antifa shouldn’t get a pass on their violence just because they oppose white supremacists. ‘These guys are odious, [but] attack them with words. Don’t come in with sticks and nails in them.’”

That said, the answer is still a resounding “NO”:

“Those who track extremism say that while there are a few far-left groups that raise red flags, their numbers remain small. … It’s misleading for right-wing groups to suggest that the Antifa are more violent than right-wing extremists. … ‘In the past 10 years when you look at murders committed by domestic extremists in the United States of all types, right-wing extremists are responsible for about 74 percent of those murders.’ … We have been in a predominantly far-right extremist cycle since the 1990s — the abortion clinic bombings and Oklahoma City, for example. And, more recently, racially motivated attacks such as the one at a Sikh temple in Wisconsin, the mass shooting at a black church in Charleston, S.C., and last month’s stabbings on a commuter train in Portland.”

AntiFa bike lock incident at the Berkeley Riots

Remember the Alt-Left Antifa extremist, who attacked an innocent bystander with a bike lock at the Berkeley riots? He got tracked down, and charged with assault etc. as he should be. Anyway, look at this pathetic plea he uploaded recently.
He hit an innocent person with a bike lock cracking their head open, all for his stupid political LARPing, and he has the nerve to try and act the victim still? Christ.

Here it is:

“My name is Eric. I’m currently facing years of prison time as the result of accusations made in the most shockingly hateful parts of the internet. On April 19th I began being targeted by a dedicated swarm of internet trolls known for spewing racism, xenophobia, and misogyny onto the web. Suddenly a hit piece by Milo Yiannopolis caused the targeting to go viral. Several old social media photos were posted, online accounts hacked, addresses published, hundred of calls to my employers, and countless threats of physical violence made against me, my coworkers, friends and many others. This harassment campaign is where the accusations against me originated.

Dealing with an unintelligible internet force smearing and threatening me online was not easy, and created stress to say the least, but I had every expectation that very few people would take them seriously, especially considering the character and credibility of their sources. However, five weeks later the Berkeley police smashed into two houses, held guns to peoples’ heads, handcuffed, verbally abused, and stole the belongings of over a dozen people including books and zines.

All of this after my attorney Dan Siegel had reached out to Berkeley police on my behalf, and all on the basis of an ‘investigation’ that largely involved detectives reading far right forum posts and studying unverified youtube videos. When I was interviewed at the police station detective Hong had the nerve to say to me, “the internet did the work for us.” My case threatens to set a new standard in which right wing extremists can select targets for repression and have police enthusiastically and forcefully pursue them”

Second German soldier arrested over 'false flag' plot to assassinate left-wing politicians in terror attack

A second soldier has been arrested for allegedly planning a “false flag” terror attack to be blamed on refugees in Germany amid fears of a wider neo-Nazi network within the army.

The plot was exposed with the arrest of a German lieutenant, Franco A, who was found to be posing as a Syrian refugee in order to carry out a shooting attack targeting left-wing politicians.

British Politics: A Brief CV
  • The Tories: Backroom-dealt and forced their way into a Brexit vote last June with David Cameron thinking he could win it – Cameron does not, resigns, Theresa May (former home secretary) becomes PM without a vote
  • May promises not to call a new general election before the 2020 scheduled election, seven times
  • May calls election anyway to increase her narrow Commons majority (something like 15-17 seats) for a better position in Brexit negotiations
  • Tory campaign is a spectacular bumblefuck because it turns out when people actually get to see what the party wants to do, they don’t like it very much
  • Wind Theresa May up and she will say “strong and stable” 500 times in a row
  • Meanwhile, Jeremy Corbyn surprises everyone by rising from the political dead and running a fairly good campaign for Labour (opposing left-wing party)
  • Three terror attacks in the UK in three months amid serious questions for the security services and Tory-backed cuts to police funding
  • Last night: Tories end up losing 12 seats (including, by the looks of things, Kensington, which is as hardcore Tory as you can go because shockingly, uberrich people don’t want to be anything less than uberrich)
  • This puts them below the 326 seats needed for a Commons majority (there are 650 seats in Westminster and you need to hold half plus one to ensure that even if all your opponents band together against you, and assuming all your MPs vote the line, you have the majority)
  • The Lib Dems just… want to win 14 seats and not have a coalition with anyone and just sit there by themselves, apparently, because Principles?
  • SNP (Scottish National Party) whose big thing is, you guessed it, Scottish independence, takes a bruising, loses close to 20 seats to Tories and Labour alike, including major/senior party figures – Scottish independence round 2 appears to be dead in the water
  • The Green Party gets 500 votes per constituency and they’re very proud of this for some reason
  • “Mr A The Durham Cobbler,” “Lord Buckethead,” and “Mr Fishfingers” were actual candidates who got actual votes
  • Aaaand none for you Ukip, possibly because the Tories have turned into you and that’s terrifying (Ukip = Nigel Farage and the Trumpistas)
  • Theresa May is now seeking on to stay on as PM and form a minority Tory/DUP (Democratic Unionist Party, 10 MPs from Northern Ireland, who would put her over the 326-seat threshold) coalition government
  • Has no actual plans or specifics as to how this would work
  • Seems to be completely in denial as to not only NOT getting a mandate or the early-predicted Thatcherite landslide, but LOSING seats and going BACKWARDS on BrexitBrexitBrexitBrexit
  • Actually thinks she is still offering “safety, security, and continuity” for the next five years
  • Is ignoring calls even among Tory leadership to resign
  • There is thus a less than zero chance we could end up with Boris “Walking Political Cartoon Punchline” Johnson as Tory leader/prime minister at some point

Right so. Got all that?

The Tories have, in less than two years:

  • Forced the Brexit vote
  • Had no clue what to do after that
  • Tried to call an election to get a better position/more seats
  • Lost seats, including previously very safe Tory ones
  • Are forming a…… coalition, presumably, of some sort, with DUP (who believe in some VERY shady things and have their own links to N. Irish terror and are like Ukip/the right wing crazy fringe – anti-gay marriage, anti-abortion, etc)
  • They have no idea how this is happening
  • Have not acknowledged this at all and are trying to carry on as if literally nothing happened (at least May has, the Tory establishment actually noted they got pretty bruised last night)
  • May is still somehow trying to position the Tories as the “safe, secure, continuity” option despite these HUGE political upheavals, all manufactured by the Tories, in under two years, and aforesaid three terror attacks in three months
  • And all of this is happening with Brexit negotiations due to start in less than 10 days
  • Like
  • The US has the Orange Nazi Cheeto, and he’s bad enough, but boy oh boy is there never a dull day around here either

On the bright side, between the first signs of electoral backlash that basically delegitimised Hard Brexit, and Comey’s pretty damning testimony about the Cheeto yesterday, I feel as if June 8, 2017 was a small bit of hope in the otherwise terribly depressing present political landscape.

So yes.

Antisemitism in college/universities - an anecdote

@andarthas-web asked me a very long time ago to write up a post on a particular lot of antisemitic bullshit I encountered during my uni studies. @fearinyourheart also wanted the full story as well, so here it is…

So one afternoon I’m sitting in a legal war crimes class and my very openly Jewish professor had just spent an hour teaching us about the legal elements of terrorism. It was a simply a checklist for what counted as being a terrorist in international law. Naturally, ISIS being active at this time period made them prime candidates for being used in scenario examples for the explanation. Fairly simple stuff, you’d think? As it turns out my professor wasn’t speaking the same language as at least one half of the class.

Let’s call him… Brett. Brett was gay, left-wing, an activist and could not keep his ignorant mouth shut. The following exchange happened like so:

Brett: What if they’re freedom fighters though?

Professor: Freedom fighters don’t attack civilian targets. They attack military targets only. Freedom fighters don’t meet the legal criteria for being terrorists.

Brett: What if genocide can be justified (referring to ISIS’s spate of massacres)?

Professor: (dumbstruck) You can’t justify genocide.

Brett: But what if they had a really good reason?

Professor: You just can’t. Don’t you remember us discussing this in the second week of class? You can never justify genocide. It’s murdering innocent people through the incitement of hatred. You can never ever ever justify genocide. There’s never a good enough reason for indiscriminate slaughter..

Brett: But what if their reasoning requires the extermination? So in order to pursue freedom they need to commit genocide and achieve it through any means necessary?

Professor: (attempts to repeat the explanation a further four times then gives up)

According to Brett, ISIS was perfectly fine with killing piles of people so long as they did it for the right reason. After this exchange Brett’s friends got involved and brought up, you guessed it, Palestine and how certain areas of the Middle East “deserved” retaliation. I’ll let you guess the one country they were shitting on in particular. If you guess “Israel”, you’re correct. In a class of 20ish students you had at least half supporting Brett in his views that genocide is a-ok to a Jewish individual who had just spent 10 weeks explaining why genocide is bad (where we covered the Holocaust and Nazi trials extensively) and telling us that he taught classes like these to inform people as to the calling cards of genocide so we can avoid them. The professor stood there on the verge of tears and had no idea what to say. He was absolutely lost for words. I remember trying to derail Brett’s stupidity by pointing out the elements of terrorism again:

Me: Uh, that’s not how terrorism works. You need to have the intent to do it for a) a political purpose and b) you know, cause terror as your key intents. This is basic criminal law. What are you talking about? The professor’s been explaining this for an hour now.

Brett: But why is the guy who crashed a plane into the French Alps not a terrorist then?

Me: Uh, dude, he doesn’t meet the elements. There was no political purpose and no intention to create terror in him crashing that plane. He doesn’t meet the elements. He’s a mass murderer which is still bad, but he’s not a terrorist that’s part of a political group or movement. Still evil, just not a terrorist. (The professor is nodding furiously in the background.)

Brett: But what if you can excuse the mass killings? (Professor and I both facepalm violently.)

Me/Professor: You can’t!

From that point on it was me and the other half of the room arguing these people down that genocide is totally fine if it gets the job done. There was a particularly vehement Lebanese guy in my class who tore strips off these guys, rightfully pointing out that Hitler thought genocide was a great idea for dispute resolution too. Eventually we were saved by the bell and my professor staggers out in a daze. I got the fuck out of there as though the room was on fire.

A week later we have our next class. My professor tells us that he felt like throwing himself off the stairwell after the views he saw discussed in that class. “I have no idea what to say about such… postmodern, relativistic views (read: batshit crazy, what the fuck is wrong with you people).” Brett’s friend Roger decides to restart the debate…And is promptly told to shut up by 10 people while the professor looks as though he’s experiencing déjà vu. Our classes were never the same after that and our professor started actively avoiding the students he taught. If I heard half of a class of supposedly ethically minded, peace seeking individuals tell me genocide was fine after 10 weeks of pointing out the horror of it I wouldn’t want to speak to them either.

Antisemitism is alive and well in universities, and it’s not the right-wing who are the problem. It wasn’t neo-Nazis that were causing problems because there weren’t any that I ever saw, it was the left-wing activists hating on Jews and advocating for collective purges. You guys think the Neo-Nazis are bad? These guys would make them proud. Let me restate it, 50% of a legal war crimes class thought genocide for the right reason was okay and it wasn’t the right-wingers saying it. Have a think about that.

If anyone ever wants to know why I didn’t enjoy law school, this is it.

Are you a terrorist? Take this quick quiz to find out!

Do you do/are you any of the following?

  • Brown
  • Studying counter-terrorism (a clear way to learn all the anti-terrorist secrets)
  • Listen to Triple J
  • Vote for the Greens
  • Watch the ABC
  • Believe refugees should be openly accepted with welcome arms
  • Have an opinion on terrorism that isn’t outlined in your patriotic Team Australia pamphlets mailed to every loyal citizen
  • Did not receive the Team Australia pamphlets (thus demonstrating you have not earned enough loyalty points)
  • Think renewable energy is a good idea
  • Don’t endorse good Christian values

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions then you scare old Christian white people and should be investigated by ASIO for suspiciously being vaguely different.

The LSD water supply caper made us so excited that every time we tried to hold a meeting to plan it we became so frenzied that the meeting fell apart with us rolling on the floor screaming, drooling, and shooting dope. Only thru sedatives and by contemplating pictures of plane crashes were the Yippies able to calm themselves down enough to scheme out this great project.

During the summer of 1968, Augustus Owsley consumed much of his personal dope fortune in the preparation of LSD for the Chicago water supply. Owsley has always thrilled the Council of Eye Forms by his dedicated chemistry. This great man, scheduled to head the Ministry of Karma in the forthcoming Aeon of Yippie, spent eight months cooking up acid until he had the four swimming pools at his Ozark estate in Cabool, Missouri, completely filled with 800 dodecatillion doses of LSD, bubbling in hostility, ready for the reservoirs.

8:00 A.M. Tuesday, August 27, the day before the nomination, was chosen as the proper moment for the dope dump so that a bit of our sacrament might be shared by all the deliberating Americans preparing to select the Democratic candidate for president. I must admit that the Chicago Seed people were extremely hesitant to get involved in the acid caper. They gave the usual argument they gave whenever the Yippies sneak-zapped a cub scout pack, upper-room class, or DeMolay chapter with the sacrament. That did not prevent Abe Peck, the editor of the Chicago Seed, his voice trembling with need, from begging that we dump the acid in a waterproof cellar under his apartment building. “We’ll get rid of it later, heh heh ehe ha haw! hawrl! howrawhl!! hlwrahsh!! he said, being led away by his bodyguards. We decided to give them one hundred gallons which they put to good use. It was thrilling to see the Seed staff charge the Hilton thru teargas, laughing uncontrollably, while glub glubbing from their canteens full of hallucination.

We rented five milktank trucks from a Muncie, Indiana, dairyman (a product of dope and the Farmer-Labor party–chortle chortle–commies and Yippies are everywhere) to haul in the acid. We managed to get the trucks hidden in a Chicago warehouse owned by a babyfood manufacturer, but the National Guard was guarding all possible entrances to the water plants and reservoirs. Our plans were all over the newspapers and we became so panicky that we almost charged the convention building with our convoy of dope. Frankly, I was in favor of this. We would crash the dope-trucks into the Amphitheater, ax holes in the tanks and slosh the LSD on all the reporters, soldiers, cops, and conventioneers. There was an hysterical fifteen minute genital-fondle and hashish break after we considered this proposal. Praise Ra that we decided against it. After the break, Abbie laughingly (I hope) proposed that we get all the girls at the weekend rock shows at the Electric Theater to take a mouthful of acid and try to slip past the guards at the reservoirs and spit it into the water. To solve the matter, Jerry got on the phone and ran the data thru the computer. The reply was negative on the LSD caper. There was too great a danger that some of us would get snuffed.

What actually happened is that we poured it into the tanks used to clean the meat coming out of the Chicago slaughter plants. Hope you had a happy trip at Tad’s steak house. As it was, the LSD water supply cost us four good men, one eager fucker of step-aunts who chugalugged two quarts directly from the spigot of the tank-truck, and three who were stomped off by the Mafia, who wanted the acid for their Norwegian market.

—  Ed Sanders, Shards of God: a novel of the Yippies: The National Defense Planning Council Documents in American Civilization: The LSD Water Supply Caper–an example of left wing terrorism in the United States of America (1970)

Helmut Schmidt, German chancellor from 1974 to 1982, died today, November 10, 2015, at the age of 96

Helmut Schmidt, citizen of the hanseatic city of Hamburg, became famous in 1962 during the North Sea Flood of 1962, when large parts of the city were flooded. At that time, he was senator of interior affairs and ordered the German army (and the British Royal Air Force) to help in disaster relief although operations of the army in interior affairs were strictly forbidden by the German constitution as a result of the experiences during Weimar and Nazi Germany. He later said “I did not look at our constitution these days, I was looking after the people.”

His chancellorship was dominated by the economic struggles of the 1970s, an era of stagflation and repeated oil price shocks. Under his leadership, Germany managed to ride these rough times better than most other industrialized nations, stabilizing its economic position. Another troublesome issue was left-wing terrorism by the Red Army Fraction (RAF), which repeatedly took political and industrial leaders hostage, eventually killing some of them. Schmidt followed an adamant policy against the RAF, refusing to pay ransom money, which stimulated criticism against him being cold-hearted against the victims of terrorism. He himself later said that he had felt the enormous responsibility for the lives the hostages as existentially depressing. Schmidt, who became chancellor after Willy Brandt had resigned, was voted out of office and replaced by Helmut Kohl by the Federal Parliament in 1982 in a constructive motion of no confidence after his coalition partner FDP (Free Democratic Party) had made a right turn, and the left wing of his own party, the SPD (Social Democratic Party), was no longer willing to follow his course in foreign, safety, and military politics, in particular the NATO Double-Track Decision. In retrospect, he answered to the question whether he had willingly executed the post as a chancellor: “Actually not very willingly, no.”

In the 2000s, Helmut Schmidt fulfilled the role of Germany’s elder statesman. His expertise in world politics and macroeconomics was highly regarded, and he was a frequent guest in political talk shows and a sought-after interview partner. This way, he gained more popularity than he ever received as a chancellor.

Apart from politics, Helmut Schmidt also has musical and artistic inclinations. He was an excellent pianist and published several recordings of piano concerts of Mozart and J. S. Bach. He also collected paintings and painted himself. He remained a lifelong heavy smoker and continued to smoke in public and during TV appearances long after the ban of smoking in public rooms. In response to the ironic comment, smokers were good for the common weal because they would die sooner, he, already 90 years old, responded: “I can’t do you the favor of dying sooner any more. It is too late for that.”

Fuck, just Fuck. The next American who keeps telling me that we must label the co-pilot a terrorist.. I´m just going to slap them.

Germany has a long and painful history of white terrorism. 

Hitler and the NSDAP were actually a terrorist group who did manage to overthrow the government and establish a military dictatorship .. in a democratic election. 

Then came a pretty difficult time with very violent left wing terrorism of the RAF in the 70s including bombings, public executions and the like. 

There was the Oktoberfest bombing in the 80s. (Right wing)

And then, of course, came the wonderful recurrence of right wing terrorism with the NSU killing spree of Turkish and Greek citizens and attacks on police officers. 

Not to talk about arson attacks on refugee homes. 

You wanna know what we don´t have had so far? Muslim terrorism. 

So, if we say someone who was mentally ill and killed a plane full of people WAS obviously mentally ill when his doctor actually had written him home sick and not promoting some radical political or religious idea, trust us.