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38 Ways College Students Enjoy ‘Left-Wing Privilege’ on Campus, by Tal Fortgang
'I can take classes and earn degrees in departments that are designed to line up exactly with my worldview'

28. If I can categorize someone who disagrees with me as “powerful” or “oppressive,” I don’t even have to listen to them to begin with.

31. I can get “trigger warnings” appended to texts that challenge me or make me feel uncomfortable.

32. I can get commencement speakers, recipients of honorary degrees, and other guests disinvited from my campus if I disagree with them.

33. I can disrupt and disrespect speakers whom I do not wish to hear; I will subsequently be praised for my denial of their freedom to speak.

34. I can monopolize terms like “justice” and claim that they only apply to what I am saying.

35. I can accuse those who disagree with me of “violence.”

36. I can claim that my personal experiences are “invalidated” by those who disagree with me.

jknox00  asked:

Have you ever lived in China? I'm asking because I didn't just grow up in a Chinese-Canadian community but lived and work in Mainland China. I'm also a Son-in-Law of China. It seems to me you are a white liberal college student trying to get 'PC left-wing cred' from your white liberal world. Have you even visited China as a tourist for a few days?

are you kidding me?

that shouldn’t matter because CHINESE CANADIAN issues are not analysed by some function of CHINESE NATIONALITY.

but since you want to play this game 

“a son-in-law of china” LMAO buddy almost all of my family still lives in china my dad lives and works in china i have never been merely “a tourist” in china

if you’re a “son-in-law of china” guess what? many of us whose opinions you dismiss as being informed by “white liberalism” are ACTUAL “SONS AND DAUGHTERS OF CHINA”. some of us did grow up and live in china for a considerable amount of time before settling in the US or Canada and finding another place to call home. does that make us “Chinese enough” for you?

and many of us also didn’t, but we’re still certainly Chinese Canadian enough, Chinese American enough, and therefore more informed on these matters than you will ever be.

this is the last message from you i’ll be responding to.


why the fuck have you been following us if you legit thought we were ~*~white liberals~*~ which you hate so much?

and i’m fucking dying, “son-in-law of china,” dude. u married a chinese woman. not a country. clearly there’s something fucking wrong about you if you think marrying someone from a different country makes you actually an expert of that country, let alone married to it.