left wing art

Original gif created by Bagginshield

So I saw the original gif on my dash and @cas-you-assbutt-dean-needs-you had requested in their tags that someone add wings to it. I was bored and have a lot of time on my hands now that school is over (until July….) so I thought I would give it a try. 

Hey everyone! I’m starting a new promotion with my online store where I’ll be including freebies with orders that change every month and July 2017 is Hellhound (Anubis Pharah and Devil Mercy) emote stickers!

P.S. My Pharmercy charm will be back in stock during the month as well as new solo Pharah and Mercy charms. :D

They say it’s weakness,
But you’re just an angel with your wings clipped.

They say it’s madness,
Future on the line, you’re moving backwards…

made a poster in response to the Cancellation of the Marduk by Antifa bastards, in Oakland, CA. 

So I Stand with Marduk against Antifa for the Freedom of music regardless of Political affiliation. 


Quarkie: I want more Zexal stuff on my dash…

Alt. Quarkie: Draw some? We should practice our traditional sketches…

Quarkie: alright, partner. Here goes… *15 minutes later* is it just me, or does my wrist hurt? 

Alt. Quarkie: again?? CRAP. Stop, stop, other me! Put the pen down already! 

So yeahhh… T_T wrist pain seems to be back again. It’s probably from too much time typing in front of the computer…(This is why programming is fun but frustrating). Anyways, will be taking a break for a bit, so these sketches are in the “unfinished and abandoned” category again.