left when they spotted the paps

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You know what I just realized and it wasn't until you made that comic about UF Papyrus's eye that every time you have a picture or a comic of the fell brothers Sans is always standing to the left of him. Because Sans no that's his blind spot and he wants to protect him my mind was blown when I found this out. I love when people do that secret stuff 10 out of 10 please continue to draw again. XD

? !


……But I doubt he is really doing this for protecting him though.

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LOL, i dont know who's annoying again by saying Louis' couldnt be there if the paps were (like we havent gone through this a million times and have tons of proof he sneaks out in the back), but if that wasnt enough... does Harry's 2015 birthday party ring any bell? Louis was known to be at his party yet there was no picture of him even tho everyone and their mother took pics with Harry.

Louis is more with Harry at public events than people imagine, but people seem so sure that every time harry is out louis is not with him EVER just because we only see harry with jeff. it’s not how it works and they are not the only two in hollywood / showbusiness that use this strategy to avoid being spotted together when they actually are. I am not saying he was 100% there but i laugh cause people are writing posts like louis left him for the night to have fun with his promo friends without him cause he apparently is not able to go where harry’s pap friends are if he wants to, like ??????? 


*  heh, we actually met on a quite snowy day, we were both probably something around 18 in human years 

* ((… yes… I had though finally running away from home was a smart thing to do without backup plans…  and because I left so quickly I also forgot driverman was a thing… so the smart kid I was I walked all the way to Snowdin…))

* he was so burned out when I spotted him just sitting in the snow crying, of course I had to held out a helping hand

* (( …I was glad Sans let me stay at his house for the night… the next day he showed me the town and helped me to find a place to stay… ))

* I remember how excited Pap was to have a visit, he almost didn’t go to sleep because he was so worried about Grillbz’s well being and wanted to make sure he was as comfortable as possible

It Really Is Genetics

A/N: This isn’t a direct sequel to the reader x Sans fic I did about him having his brother’s laugh, but if you’d like to think of it that way you can. Enjoy!
Des: Papyrus is sick of Sans laying around all day, so he decides to take matters into his own hands.

“SANS!” Papyrus shouted, storming into the living room. Sans was lounging on the couch, as usual. He never seemed to move. Papyrus was pretty sure there was an indention in the couch from Sans laying there so long and so often.

“SANS! HAVE YOU DONE ANYTHING ALL DAY?” Papyrus yelled, crossing his arms and tapping his foot like he always did when he was mad. 

“Well, uh duh. I’ve closed my eyes and kicked my feet up and-”

“I MEANT SOMETHING PRODUCTIVE, SANS.” Papyrus sighed in frustration, hovering over his brother. 

“Oh. Uh, no.” Sans gave him a cheeky grin, nestling back into the couch cushions.

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The Game || C.H.

Warning: Smut ahead

The party that you had just been at was complete shit.  Filled with numerous peple there for the wrong reasons - wanting to be seen with the right people.  It was unfortunate that Calum was required to be there, something to do with the band and needing to keep up the image or something.  All you knew was it was important that Calum and the boys be there.  Being brought along as Calum’s plus one, you were happy for the excuse to dress up and as soon as you had stepped out of your room ready to leave it became apparent Calum was quite happy about you getting dressed up too.  

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Wait what you HAVE to tell us the story of Alex turner sitting across from you at a restaurant!! Omg sry if you've already told it haha

I’ve already told it but it’s okay, haha! I was having morning coffee at the restaurant at the Bowery because I was in the neighbourhood doing some shopping and my mum and I were originally going to stay there (until she decided to do Airbnb), so we wanted to check it out.

I decided to go the restroom inside and, when I came out, my mum was like “I think Alexa Chung just went inside, I saw her hug a guy but I couldn’t tell who it was through the glass”. I thought maybe it was Matt Hitt, so I looked back inside and my heart stopped as I saw Alex and Alexa sitting there - partially because of how surprised I was at them being together and partially because it was my two favourite people in the world sat about 20 ft. from me. I was completely starstruck like a total embarrassing fangirl (insert war flashbacks to chatting up Ezra Koenig).

We then moved inside for a spot of brunch because this was the opportunity of a lifetime and were sat right across from them (they were round booths facing each other but with a walkway in between). The restaurant was completely empty except for a couple in the booth next to them since it was 11 or so on a weekday. My mum and I then proceeded to super casually eat breakfast about 6 ft. away from Alexa Chung and Alex Turner, I literally couldn’t make this up if I tried. Yes, I heard some of their conversation, but I’m not down to invade their privacy on my blog. I’ll just say that they’re both very cute, mellow, and totally normal but super rad people.

Then, they got up and Alexa went out to the sidewalk and Alex actually came up and stopped the waiter right after he had asked us if we wanted our check to tell him they were going out for a smoke, so Alex Turner was standing a literal two feet from where I was sitting, so that was pretty intense. When they went out for a smoke, their check came and we had the brilliant idea of getting their bill. So, we spotted their brunch and then ditched before they came back inside because we didn’t want to make it seem like we were expecting anything from them because we weren’t. I just really like them both as people and I wanted to do something nice.

They were smoking right next to the front door and that’s when they got papped and it’s also when I left through the front door so, I absolutely promise, that if those paparazzi pictures were zoomed out, I would be leaving the building right next to them.

I didn’t bother them or ask for a photo because I think they’re really rad and I didn’t want to stress them out because it was pretty clear to me they were trying to be mellow and inconspicuous or else the world would freak out. Incidentally, the world found out and, of course, freaked out.

Main highlights: Alex’s crazy deep voice, Alexa’s ability to make blue jeans, a t-shirt, and Converse look better than most people wearing Chanel, Alex’s really well-cut trousers