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MilaSara Week Day 1: Future

Title: Can’t Stop The Feeling

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Also. I only realized this now but this could also be interpreted as date night ughhh….

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A noncommittal hum. “Si amore?”

“Will you please tell your brother to stop glaring at me?” that finally grabbed the attention of her girlfriend from the restaurant’s menu, who had hurriedly turned around just in time to see his brother duck down on the table. Emil had been left sitting in view at the other table, grinning happily at them and even waving until a hand unceremoniously dragged him under the table.

When the Italian woman had turned back, his beautiful features were already contorted into annoyance.

Mila could do nothing more but smile wryly, grasping at her girlfriend’s hand that fisted at the table’s mantle to instead let it curl around hers.

“With the way he’s acting, it seems like we hadn’t already been dating for a year now.” The other half of the famously misunderstood Crispino twins muttered under her breath, glaring down at the porcelain plate in front of her. “I specifically told him not to follow us since it’s our anniversary today.”

“Hey,” she whispered, immediately softening her smile when those violet eyes she loved so much landed back at her. “Sorry I mentioned it. Don’t mind them, yeah? Who knows, maybe they’re on a date as well?”

An unflattering snort slipped out of those flattering nose. “Like hell they are. Those dumb idiots are still skating around each other it’s becoming unbearable. Do you know Mickey is still desperately trying to forget their kiss? While Emil on the other hand is desperate to reenact it. Ridiculous really.”

The Russian woman couldn’t stop the fond smile that suddenly bloomed on her face. “I know. You hadn’t stopped complaining about that since a month ago when that near kiss happened.”

A dainty hand was raised to cover pretty lips currently formed into a sheepish smile, the overall image striking something at Mila’s heart and making her fool herself into thinking she had fallen a little harder for the older woman again (which was ridiculous because honestly, Mila probably already surpassed the point of no return months ago.)

“Ah!” She hurriedly exclaimed, tugging lightly at the other’s hand still on her grasp. “They left!”

The Italian woman was quick to whip her head at the restaurant’s door, where the unmistakable squirming figure of Mickey was being dragged out by Emil, who had a bag of take-out grasped on his other hand.

The both of them hadn’t been able to hold in their laughs and, the minute the two men were out of ear shot, had immediately bursted into fits of laughter. It took them a few minutes to calm down, ignoring the different incredulous looks from the restaurant’s other patrons, and fully taking advantage of the fact that they were famous enough that they still hadn’t been kicked out for public nuisance.

“10 euros says Emil would finally be able to get that kiss.” Mila grinned, her hold on her girlfriend’s hand tightening playfully.

Sara was quick to mirror her grin. “You’re on.”


Tinker Tailer

This clip is called “Tinker Tailer” and is directed by an English actor and writer Richard Ayoade. The eerie video is shot from the point of view of a driver at night, who runs into a group of strange people all dressed in black and carrying briefcases. As they look left and right and huddle up, an explosion is seen in the distance. Then a masked person comes out from the driver’s left view.


‘Cause I still believe in miracles; I swear I’ve seen a few

And the time will surely come when you can see my point of view

I believe in second chances

And that’s why





anonymous asked:

So just for the record. John is NOT gay. But he is in love with Sherlock? Sorry but this doesn't make sense at all. He could be bisexual. But I mean you also said that it's a bad thing to ship Irene with a man, because she said she's gay. I mean it's shipping. It's fiction! How can you be so narrow-minded? I just don't get that.

> “john is not gay” -> “he could be bisexual”

> “you also said it’s bad to ship Irene with a man because she said she’s gay”

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who is cj?

an overrated garbage rat

The life of the dead is placed in the memory of the living.



yah sure if neville was the chosen one snape might still be a death eater. but y'all….

if draco hadnt been in danger, narcissa wouldn’t have turned. if his parents hadnt been in danger, draco could’ve killed dumbledore.

if it wasn’t for kreacher, regulus would have still been a death eater. if it wasn’t for james and lupin and pettigrew, sirius might’ve followed his family’s ways.

if it wasn’t for ron and hermione, harry might have become voldemort (or snape)

people’s decisions to move against the dark side aren’t always motivated by recognizing right vs wrong. sometimes people move against it because it threatens people they love. or because it killed people they love. i disagree with the idea that because snape left the de to save lily that makes him a worse person than people who fight against voldemort be they disagree with his views.

snape left the DE. that’s what matters. he left it and spent TWENTY YEARS working against voldemort at the risk (and eventual sacrifice) of his own life. he shows that he has not only renounced voldemort, but also the ideals he stands for.

and I world challenge anyone who uses this to condemn snape to think about why a half-blood might join the DE. recognize that snape’s attitude toward muggles or the light side might not be right but hardly exist in a vacuum. recognize the culpability of the people who pushed him to believe the de were his only way to power and recognition and why he might have been so desperate for that.

Detail of Île de la Cité, Le Marais, and Quartier latin from a map of Paris, 1550.

Note that the map is rotated so that north is to the left. You can view the entire original at Old Maps of Paris.

Title: Newlyweds
Pairing: Cassian Andor x Reader
Genre: Fluff, some angst
Warnings: Some nudity
A/N: Inspire by The Coat™ tbh. That’s the only excuse I have for this nonsense. I regret nothing

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“Remind me why we couldn’t just stay in the ship?” you asked, pulling your coat tighter around your body. Dark clouds loomed above, threatening to dump a blanket of snow right on top of you at any second.

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