left the coffee pot on

I promise it won’t be easy. There will be days where we fight, especially over stupid things like who left the coffee pot on again.

There will be times where I’ll yell at you to go sleep on the couch but I swear, every single time in the middle of the night, I’d tell you to come back to bed because god knows I can’t sleep properly without you.

We won’t always be that couple people would want to look up to, but we will be that couple where we don’t care about what anyone else thinks.

Like for instance, we can be sitting at a resturant and all of a sudden, you’re putting straws into your nose and pretending that you’re a walrus and everytime, I would laugh.

Even if the joke dies down about after the fifth time and people are staring at us, I promise to always laugh.

And I know it won’t be easy, because we both do things that makes the other person crazy but we are we, and I love you and I’m willing to wake up every day going through life loving you, even on the days where we both can barely stand each other.

Because honestly, there is no where else I would rather wake up at if it isn’t beside you.
—  A.M// for jake, it won’t be easy but i promise to always love you.
Stay Here Forever (Connor Murphy X Reader)

WC: 2044

Warnings: Mentions of suicide, drug use, starts out kinda angsty, OOC Connor

Summary: Y/N finds out one of Connor’s darkest secrets, and confesses her feelings before it’s too late

A/N: This is probably both the most intense and sensitive fanfic I’ve ever written (content wise). Connor is kinda OOC here, but whatever.

“Evan! Hey!” I called as I ran up to Evan, panting slightly. I got a couple of shushes from various library patrons, but I didn’t care. “Hey Y/N. Are you ok?” Evan asked gently. I shook my head vigorously, doubling over as I tried to catch my breath. “What’s wrong?” Evan asked and I felt my eyes prick with tears. “Have you seen Connor?” I said, gesturing to his cast with my head, Connor’s name scribbled across it in black sharpie. “He, uh, he left a few minutes ago. Why?” Evan said and I took in a deep breath. “I’m very worried about him, so I thought I’d try and catch up with him. Thanks Evan.” I said hurriedly, ignoring Evan’s various questions as I raced out of the library. I made my way into my car and raced out of the school parking lot. I knew the route to the Murphy’s house like the back of my hand, and was there in record time. I parked haphazardly on the kerb and took a deep breath before knocking furiously on the front door. The door opened to reveal a very calm Cynthia, who smiled when she saw me. “Hello Y/N. I don’t mean to be rude, but Zoe is at jazz band at the moment.” Cynthia said kindly and I shook my head. “I’m here for Connor, Mrs Murphy.” I said and Cynthia’s face was a mix of emotions. “Oh, sure. Please, come in.” She said and I nodded gratefully. “So, uh, I didn’t know you and Connor were close.” Cynthia said, pouring a cup of coffee. “It’s, um, it’s complicated, Mrs Murphy.” I said and Cynthia’s eyes widened slightly. “Is there something, if you don’t mind me asking, going on between you and Connor?” Cynthia said and I felt my face flush red. “I, uh, well, I care about your son, Mrs Murphy. That’s actually kind of why I’m here.” I said and Cynthia raised an eyebrow. “Please call me Cynthia, Y/N.  Would you like a cup of coffee?” Cynthia asked and I shook my head. “No thank you. Is Connor upstairs?” I asked and Cynthia nodded. “He got home not too long ago. He looked upset, so I thought I’d leave him be.” She said and I grimaced slightly. “Thank you.” I said, smiling at her once more before walking up the stairs. I saw that the door to Connor’s room was closed, so I knocked on it gently. “Go away mom!” Connor shouted and I winced, holding my ear to the door. “It’s Y/N.” I said and I was met with silence. “Can I come in?” I asked, and I got a grunt in reply. I took that as a yes and turned the knob gently, pushing the door open. I was met with the overwhelming scent of weed and I coughed a little as the smoke hit me. I looked over at Connor, whose eyes were slightly red and sunken in. “Connor.” I said softly, waving some smoke from my face. “Hey Y/N. I wasn’t expecting visitors. No one ever wants to see or talk to me, so this is a pleasant surprise.” He said dully, and I let out a soft sigh. I sat down next to him, looking him up and down. His dark hair was stringy, and covered part of his face. He wore his usual all-black attire, and somehow managed to pull it off in a way no one else could. “Connor, are you ok?” I asked, slightly nervous that I might say the wrong thing and get hurt. He let out a dark chuckle and flicked his hair out of his eyes. “Do I look ok? Everyone loves my stupid sister more than me, my parents hate me, I don’t have any goddamn friends.” Connor ranted and I took in a sharp breath. Seeing Connor this way was jaunting to say the least. “Connor, if you don’t have friends, then why the hell am I here, worrying my ass off about you?” I said sternly, almost glaring at him. “I don’t know. Maybe you just wanted to come and laugh at me one last time.” Connor said and my face fell. “Connor, what do you mean by one last time?” I said, looking at him warily. Connor flicked his eyes to something that glinted in the dim light of the room and I gasped. “Connor… you don’t mean.” I said and Connor nodded grimly. “What good am I on this planet, Y/N? I could just disappear, and no one would notice I was gone. I don’t mean enough to anyone, Y/N. Not even my parents love me.” Connor mumbled, his voice gaining strength and volume towards the end of his sentence. “I’ve been worried sick about you, Connor. You may not notice, but I try to make an effort to befriend you, to be there for you. And every time you shrug me away, yeah, it hurts, but I know that there’s more to you than the scary, printer-throwing kid that everyone thinks you are.” I said, gently taking Connor’s hand in my own. “Your parents do love you, and they do care about you. You may not think that, but they do.” I said, squeezing Connor’s hand as I spoke. Connor took in a deep breath, a mildly annoyed look on his face. He wrenched his hand out of mine and stood up, walking towards and picking up the gun I could now see clearly. “Why do you even bother? There’s nothing here for anyone to love or care about. I’m a mess, Y/N. I’m better off dead. Can’t you see that?” Connor said darkly, his eyes flicking towards the gun in his hand. “I can’t see that Connor, and I have a damn good reason for it. I love you, Connor Murphy! Your life is not yours to take. Think about how much it would affect people. Your parents, Zoe, me. I couldn’t stand to see you die.” I shouted, slamming a foot down on the ground. “Why do you love me? What the hell is it about me that you find even mildly loveable?” Connor screamed, his voice matching my volume. “The fact that there’s more to you than meets the eye. The fact that you can care about people, but never make a big deal of it. I saw you sign Evan’s cast today, and I swear I saw you smile. You look so much better when you smile, Connor, and no one else will be able to come to that realisation if there’s a gaping bullet hole in the back of your goddamn head!” I exclaimed, waving my hands about wildly. Connor’s eyes widened, and the hand he held the gun in went slack, the metal implement falling to the ground. “You… you actually mean it. You do love me.” Connor said and I nodded, feeling tears prick in my eyes. “It’s finally gotten through that thick skull of yours.” I said, sniffling as the tears threatened to release. I walked over to Connor, the silence comforting somehow, and shakily wrapped my arms around him. I closed my eyes as I sunk into the embrace, Connor’s lanky frame pressing against mine. “Y/N.” Connor whispered into my hair, his arms wrapped around my neck. “Thank you.” He whispered again, and I felt the tears start to freely flow from my eyes, staining Connor’s jacket. “Thank you.” Connor repeated, and I pulled him closer to me, still crying into his jacket. “Do you, uh, want some coffee?” I asked shakily, my voice cracking in places. Connor pushed me away slightly and I grimaced, but I suddenly felt his hand under my chin, pushing my head up so I locked eyes with him. His touch was surprisingly gentle, and I let out an involuntary shiver at the contact. “I’d love some coffee.” Connor said and I smiled at him, gazing into his eyes. My gaze flicked to his lips and I leaned in, noticing that Connor was doing the same thing. Our lips grazed each other, but a knock on the door made us jump apart. “Connor? Y/N? You guys ok?” Cynthia asked sweetly, although there was a hint of worry in her voice. “I just, uh, heard shouting, and I got a little worried.” She said and I looked zag Connor hopefully. “We’re fine mom. We’re fine.” Connor said and Cynthia let out a sigh of relief. “That’s good. I’m glad you’ve settled down. There’s some coffee downstairs if you’d like it.” Cynthia said, and the sound of her voice trailed off as she walked back down the stairs. I let out a slightly awkward cough, Connor still grasping my chin lightly. “Now, where were we?” Connor whispered and I felt my cheeks heat up at the lack of space between us. I gently placed my lips on Connor’s, a warm feeling spreading through my body. His lips were soft, incredibly soft, and I swear I melted a little. His lips had an interesting taste, like peppermint and coffee. Connor let go of my chin and wrapped his arms around my waist, my skin burning under his touch. I let out a soft moan and tangled my hands in Connor’s dark hair, tugging on it slightly. Connor let out a groan and pulled away, cheeks flushed and breathing heavy. “The coffee’s gonna get cold Y/N.” Connor muttered, catching his breath. “Oh, uh, sure.” I mumbled, still reeling from the kiss. Connor took my hand gently in his and opened the door, looking down the stairs for a second. “Mom’s left. Probably to pick Zoe up from jazz band.” Connor said and I nodded, pressing a kiss to his cheek. “That means we have the place to ourselves.” I said suggestively and Connor’s already flushed cheeks darkened in colour. “How about we have a cup of coffee first? I need some caffeine right about now.” Connor said and I nodded, walking downstairs hand in hand with him. Connor picked up the pot of coffee Cynthia had left on the bench, and I noticed a slip of paper underneath it. “Hey, Connor. Look at this.” I said, picking up the note. Connor put the jug down and walked over to me, gingerly touching my shoulder. “Dear Connor (and Y/N), I thought I’d leave you guys some coffee. The shouting followed by silence lead me to guess that you guys are definitely romantically involved (if you weren’t before, you are now), so congratulations to the both of you. I know you’ll be good for Connor, Y/N. See you when I get back, Cynthia xx.” I read, chuckling slightly at Cynthia’s words. I looked up at Connor, who was blushing profusely. “Your mom is so sweet.” I muttered and Connor’s lips turned up in a small smile. “I guess.” He said and I gently punched his shoulder. “There’s that smile that looks so adorable. Now, where’s my coffee?” I said teasingly and Connor’s smile grew as he passed me a mug of coffee. “I don’t know if you like milk or sugar, so it’s just black for now.” Connor said, scratching the back of his neck. I pecked his lips and smiled at him. “It’s perfect. I have my coffee black because it’s my favourite colour.” I said, gesturing my head to Connor’s outfit. He let out a laugh and I fake gasped. “You can laugh!” I said and Connor took a sip from his mug, trying to avoid eye contact. “It’s nothing to be embarrassed about. I think it’s cute. I think you’re cute.” I said, resting my head on Connor’s shoulder, his warm skin heating up my cold face. “Jesus Christ, you’re freezing!” Connor said and  he took his jacket off, handing it to me. I went to protest but he gave me a warning look and wrapped the jacket around my shoulders. “Thanks Connor.” I said, looking up at him with wide eyes. “You’re very welcome Y/N.” Connor said, kissing my forehead gently. “I could just stay here forever.” I muttered, wrapping my free arm around Connor’s waist. “You’re welcome to stay here forever. Very welcome indeed.”

Taking The Lead (Spencer x Reader)

A/N: guys I am so sorry for not posting in such a long time! The only Internet I had was at school because I ran out of data and my parents changed the wifi password. I had internet at school but Tumblr is blocked on it (of freaking course) so I couldn’t go on and I missed you guys so much! Anyways I really enjoyed writing this unique imagine and thanks for requesting it anon!!
Warnings: slight smut
Pairing: Spencer x reader
Prompt: the reader is the new British member of the team and Spencer secretly has a thing for English accents and the team tease him about it because he constantly blushes and he hides his lower half whenever you talk, the reader hasn’t quite caught onto the fact that spencer likes her so she’s asks why he covers his crotch when she talks and he ends up having to explain that she turns him on
Request: ✅
Upcoming Imagine: reader is victim…
“Attention, this is SSA Y/N L/N from the Behavioral Insights Team in London. She will be replacing JJ until further notice.” Aaron Hotchner said introducing you.
“Hello. I’m Y/N.” You said shaking a black haired lady who open her mouth in surprise at your accent.
“Wow not only are you from London you’ve got the accent as well!! It’s nice to meet you.” She said shaking your hand.
“I’m Jennifer Jareau! I’m excited to work with you.” A blonde lady said shaking your hand.
After shaking everyone’s hands, you noticed you missed someone.
He was tall, definitely handsome, and looked a little socially awkward.
“Hi.” You said waving to him, who was standing behind everyone else.
“H-Hi! I’m Dr. Spencer Reid but you-you can just call me Spencer or Reid what-whatever works.” He said stumbling over his words.
“It’s nice to meet you.” You said holding your hand out to shake his.
“Oh he doesn’t really shake…” Emily said before he firmly took it.
You were a little confused as to what she was saying but you thought it was probably a misunderstanding.
He shook your hand just fine.
After a little while you settled with the rest of the team for a case.
“Alright two women have been found dead in back alleys behind restaurants. One woman was named Kylee Carey and the other Lauren Reeves. Both are blonde, successful woman. We believe a few witnesses can tell sketch artists a brief description of what he looks like. They are coming in around noon today so we can deliver the profile before the end of the day.” Garcia explained showing pictures.
“He has a preference for victims so that makes it easier to warn the community.” You said noticing the common similarities in the victims.
You saw Spencer shift next to you, which you just ignored.
But throughout the day he kept doing it and you started to notice a pattern.
Do you make him uncomfortable?
You two were sitting in a room alone with the evidence board, while everyone else did their tasks.
“Are you okay?” You ask him noticing his back facing you.
“Yeah. Yeah I’m okay.” He said slightly turning around.
“Are you sure? Do you need anything? I was actually about to make some tea if you want some.” You said with a small smile.
He turned his whole body towards you for the first time today and nodded softly.
“Alright, do you like Earl Grey?” You ask digging in your purse for some tea that you brought.
“I do yeah.” He said with a smile.
That’s the first time you have seen him smile and it made butterflies explode in your stomach.
You left the little room to the coffee pot, where a kettle was and you warmed up some water.
Then you heard walking behind you.
“Hey sorry umm if I’ve been distant around you. I’m just kind of umm… awkward I guess. I’d like to get to know you a little better.” Spencer said standing on the other side of the counter.
“I would love to get to know you too! First question I’ve been dying to ask is how come you go by ‘doctor’?” You asked handing him the cup of warm tea.
“First thank you for the tea and second I have three PhD’s. One in Engineering, Chemistry and Mathematics. I also have three BA’s in Philosophy, Sociology, and Psychology.” He explained.
“Wow that many in such a short time. How did you do that? A lot of free time on your hands?” You ask walking towards the small room again.
You noticed Spencer almost panic as he followed.
“I have an eidetic memory, an uh IQ of 187 and I can read 20,000 per minute.” He said clearing his throat.
Something is off.
Then you saw it.
As he sat down he grabbed his messenger bag and covered his lower half.
Do… do you turn him on?
What could you possibly do that gives him a boner?
“Spencer can I ask you something? I mean you don’t have to answer, but if you don’t answer your kind of answering it.” You say.
“Go ahead.” He said with a small smile.
“May I ask why you keep covering… um yourself when I talk to you?” You ask awkwardly.
“Oh um heh it's… it’s embarrassing I’m sorry you noticed umm… I guess I kind of um have this thing for… this is stupid.” He started.
“No it’s okay. Finish what you were saying. I’m interested.” You say walking closer to him.
“Umm I have this thing for accents, I guess, British ones really get me off.” He said looking into your eyes.
His hand were folding over his crotch as you stood in front of him.
“So… your saying I turn you on?” You ask biting your lower lip.
“God yes.” He said waiting for your next move.
You grabbed his hands and pulled them apart, interlocking your fingers with his.
“Well, I would be lying if I said I didn’t feel the same way.” You said standing on your tiptoes leaving your lips centimeters apart.
“Really?” He asked cheerfully, not taking the opportunity to capture your lips in his.
“Your not really the dominant one are you?” You ask shutting the blinds to the small window and locking the door.
“What-what are you doing?” He asked as you approached him again.
“Taking the lead.” You said pushing him against the wall and taking his lips in yours.
His lips were soft and innocent, as well as his hands.
They stayed at your mid back as you loosened his tie.
You took his wrists in your hands and slid them down to your hips.
“Don’t be afraid, Doctor.” You said as he looked into your eyes.
A spark of confidence lit his face up when you called him ‘doctor’.
He spun you around, pinning you against the wall with his hips as his hands rummaged through your hair.
You dropped to your knees but right when your hands went to his belt there was a knock on the door.
“Y/L/N, Reid? Are you in there?” You heard Aaron Hotchner say.
“Yeah.” You said mouthing to Spencer to fix his tie.
He frantically did as you opened the door to half of the team.
“We found a diameter of our UnSubs disposal sites.” Spencer said inconspicuously, trying to play it cool.
Hotch looked from both of you and left, leaving Derek Morgan.
“What were you two pretties doing in here?” He asked teasingly.
“Working out the investigation.” You said avoiding eye contact with the dark man.
“Reid your hair seems more bed-headish that usual.” He said ruffling Spencer’s hair.
“Knock it off.” Spencer said swatting his hand away.
You smirked a little as you looked at the evidence board.
You followed Derek out but before you left the room you turned around.
“To he continued.” You said to Spencer, who’s eyes got big as he followed you out.

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anonymous asked:

Supercorp: Lena always seems to leave for work early before Kara can open her eyes. Just once, Kara would like to wake up before Lena to give her a very good morning.

Kara yawned as she started to wake and rolled over to snuggle into her girlfriend. She squeaked slightly when instead of rolling into Lena’s warm body, she face planted into the pillows.

Kara mumbled into the pillow and continued rolling until she hit the edge of the bed. She scooted until her feet hit the floor and padded out to living room where she knew Lena would have left a note for her.

Sure enough, next to the three sticky buns was a note in Lena’s swirling handwriting;

Morning beautiful :) It looks like you had a busy night from what I saw on the TV. I’ve left three sticky buns for breakfast- I can’t have you wasting away on me!

Kara chuckled as she tucked into the first sticky bun and went about getting ready to head to CatCo, thoughts running through her mind of all the little things Lena does for her; the notes she always left; the breakfast pastries she always put to one side; the flowers she kept buying for Kara, even after they had been together for years.

Kara had been wondering how to repay Lena; she had a few thoughts- a picnic in the park, star gazing at the planetarium, lovely romantic ideas, but Kara wanted to do something different.

She suddenly remembered the morning six months ago; the morning she had stirred from her sleep, hips rolling, moans escaping her lips as Lena’s tongue lapped at her soaked folds. Kara had whimpered at waking up to the sight of Lena between her legs; it was something they had discussed, but Kara had forgotten. Until now.

Lena hadn’t said anything, she had simply made eye contact with Kara when she felt Kara’s fingers tangle into her hair, raised an eyebrow and sucked hard on Kara’s clit.

Kara had come hard, her body wrecked from Lena’s ministrations rousing her from her sleep; she was soaked, her arousal dripping down Lena’s chin as her tongue flicked her clit in hard strokes.

Kara shuddered and twitched her way through her orgasm and flipped Lena over to pin her below before grinning and sliding down Lena’s torso to return the favour.

Kara’s breath hitched at the memory, her mind made up as to how she wanted to wake Lena the next morning. The only problem; Lena was an incredibly early riser.

That night Kara had checked the alarm on her phone three times before she was completely satisfied that she had actually set one. She snuggled into Lena and shivered in anticipation of her plans for the following morning.

It never happened.

At around 2am, her phone blared out; Alex on the other end informing her that Supergirl was needed. By the time Kara actually made it back to their apartment Lena had already left for L.Corp, a note next to the coffee pot reading;

You weren’t here when I woke up- I’m guessing today is a huge caffeine fix day. Love you x

Kara persisted, determined to wake before Lena at least once. After a few ill-fated attempts; Supergirl getting called out, Kara forgetting to set her alarm and a conference call that required Lena to be up at a ridiculous hour, it finally happened.

Kara’s hearing picked up the quiet alarm she had set and she blinked her eyes open. She couldn’t quite believe it when she saw Lena gently snoring next to her, her dark hair splayed across the pillow. She had told Lena her plans which had caused Lena to chuckle, ‘only if you can manage to wake before me, my sleeping beauty…’

Kara placed a gentle kiss to Lena’s shoulder before gently pushing Lena from her side onto her back. She ghosted her fingertips across Lena’s nipples smirking as they went hard, straining against the material of the worn out Supergirl top she insisted on sleeping in.

Kara lightly ran her finger down Lena’s body until they brushed through Lena’s curls; after Kara had divulged her plans, Lena had taken to sleeping commando, something which was driving Kara wild. Lena shifted slightly in her sleep and cocked one of her legs.

Kara started circling Lena’s clit with a single finger, occasionally sliding it down to run through Lena’s folds, while sliding her body down, littering Lena’s body with kisses. She carefully placed herself between Lena’s legs and removed her finger, sucking it clean.

She inhaled the scent that was so Lena and ran her tongue in one long stroke from Lena’s folds up to her clit. Lena’s hips rolled slightly as Kara repeated the motion and she heard a little sigh escape Lena.

Kara continued to tease Lena with her tongue, delighting in the little moans that Lena emitted every time she ran her tongue across her clit.

Kara felt Lena stirring; her centre was grinding against Kara’s mouth and her breathing had become heavier. A few minutes later Kara heard her name leave Lena’s lips as her hand came down to thread itself into Kara’s curls.

‘Oh… Kara’ Lena moaned out as her head rolled back, her lower lip secured between her teeth.

Kara stroked her tongue harder, flicking Lena’s clit after each stroke.

'I’m so close darling’ Lena panted out.

In a repeat of the move Lena had previously pulled on her, Kara simply retained eye contact with Lena, raised an eyebrow and took Lena’s clit between her lips, alternating between sucking and flicking it with her tongue.

Lena cried out as her orgasm washed over her, her hips bucking wildly. She squirmed as Kara kissed the top of her thighs before the Superhero scooted back up to gather Lena into her arms.

'Morning beautiful’ Kara grinned as she placed a soft kiss to Lena’s forehead.

'Mmm, very good morning’ Lena chuckled out as she snuggled into Kara. 

Kiss prompts - FFXV

I’m somehow still writer’s blocked to fuck on that followup to Fireworks TT_TT So have some short stuff instead!

Thank you @royaldumptruck for posting the prompts that i unceremoniously jacked from your page <3

All Bros/Reader so far, all SFW so far. Might add some OT4 combinations later- I’ve got a Promptis one done but figured it’d be best to split them into separate posts by shipping ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Tagging @hiddenreligion @ignis-scientia-estrogen-brigade @sweetchocobae @louisvuittontrashbags @hypaalicious @insomniascure @viscositea @itshaejinju 

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Where Soul Meets Body- 7

Summary: Soulmate AU. Some people went their entire lives without ever meeting their soulmates. You were one of the lucky ones, to have found and fallen in love with the owner of the initials tattooed on your hip. When your soulmate’s best friend struggles to deal with a tragedy in his own life, you discover that you might not have been as lucky as you thought.

Steve Rogers x Reader; Bucky Barnes x Reader (Not MMF)

Warnings: (Series, not specifically this chapter: bad language, unprotected sex or sexual situations, drinking/alcoholism, drug use, violence, cheating, references to death, mutilation and trauma, maybe more.)

Words: 1989

Tags at End

Master   Part 6

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You were not alone when you woke up the morning of Steve’s departure. Surprised as you rolled over, your eyes snapped open, only to be met with a wall of flesh, stretched tightly over a muscular back. Nuzzling into the warmth his massive body provided, you wrapped an arm around his torso and pulled yourself as close as you could get, morphing your body to fit the curve of his.

He started shifting, slowly turning onto his back as you tried to keep ahold of him. A deep, throaty chuckle fell from his lips as he peered through sleepy blue eyes at you, shielding his face from the sun with one arm thrown over his face. “Mornin’,” he drawled, using his other arm to hold you against him.

“You’re actually in bed,” you commented, fingers dancing over his ribs. He chuckled again, feebly trying to stop your tickles.

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Back To Where We Started (Spencer Reid x Reader)

A/N: Hello! Sorry this request took so long and the anon who requested it pointed out that I kept saying this one was next but it wasn’t. Sorry for the inconvenience anon, I hope you like it.
Warnings: angst
Pairing: Spencer Reid x Reader
Prompt: the reader admits her feelings to Spencer after a long time of friendship and he doesn’t believe her and thinks it was a cruel joke. She’s storms off and later Spencer meets Morgan and he asks her if reader already confessed and Spencer gets that she didn’t pull a prank so he’s trying the next few days to apologize until the reader forgives him
Request: ✅
Upcoming Imagine: the reader was kidnapped and the team finds her…
You stood in front of Spencer’s apartment door, waiting for him to answer it after you knocked.
You had texted him earlier and said that you needed to talk.
You have been wanting to tell Spencer about your feelings for him for a while now, and you finally built up the courage to do so.
He opened the door with a smile.
“Hi Y/N, come on in.” He said presenting his warm apartment to you.
You walked in and sat on the couch, immedialty feeling anxiety catching up to you.
“What did you want to talk about?” He asked sitting in front of you.
“Spence… I like you… I’ve been thinking and I really like you.” You said, realizing how pathetic the words sounded.
Spencer’s brow furrowed. “What?” He asked harshly.
“I-I like you Spencer. In the boyfriend girlfriend type of way…”
“Are you kidding me?” He yelled as he stood up.
Tears started to pool in your eyes but his face didn’t soften whatsoever.
“I thought I actually meant something to you! You know you can’t just… pull a cruel joke like that with me. We’ve talked about this!” He yelled, making you flinch.
“Get out! I thought what we had was important, not just something to throw away like this!” He yelled as you rushed to his door.
Once you were out of his apartment, he slammed the door making you cry harder.
You slid down the wall to the right of his room as you sobbed into your hands, realizing that you wasted years of friendship.
After Spencer slammed his door, he gawked, thinking about how you ‘used’ him.
He thought about the waste of time that you were in his life.
He thought you knew that he was sensitive when it comes to relationships and for you to even think about joking about that is just cruel.
He knew you would never go out with him, he knew that you were too good for him.
He called Derek, needing to have a few drinks after the blow up he just had.
Spencer and Derek met at the downtown bar and Derek came in with a smile on his face.
Spencer almost cringed, thinking Derek was a part of the joke too.
“Hey Pretty Boy, what’s up?” He asked sitting next to him at the bar.
“I just… I needed to talk.” Spencer said downing the last of his glass of whiskey.
“Did Y/N come and talk to you yet?” He asked.
“God you too? Don’t tell me you’re a part of this crap.” He said as he ran his hand through his hair.
“Kid, what do you mean?” Derek asked confused.
“Y/N came to my apartment and thought it would be funny to say that she liked me, to say she had feelings for me.” Spencer said.
“Kid, she wasn’t joking.” Derek said with a worried look.
Spencer looked at his friend, seeing the sincerity in his face.
“She has been hesitating to tell you that she actually has feelings for you. She has been nervous about it for weeks. You didn’t… you didn’t blow her off did you?” Derek asked, already thinking that Spencer would never be rude like that, but he was thinking wrong.
Spencer’s face softened as he remembered the argument word for word.
“What have I done?” Spencer asked rhetorically. “I-I yelled at her. I told her to get out of my apartment. I-I made her cry, Morgan she was crying.” Spencer said as he dropped his head in his hands.
“Reid, you need to call her…”
“I know… I need to call her now.” Spencer said quickly pulling out his phone and dialing your number.
Just as he expected you didn’t pick up.
He dialed again, and just like last time he got no answer.
As he dialed again, Derek stopped him.
“Maybe try again later, if you can’t talk to her tonight, there’s always work tomorrow.” He said.
Spencer nodded and they both went home, Spencer thinking the whole night about you.
How he too had feelings for you.
He’s always avoided the thought because he didn’t want to ruin the relationship between the two of you but when you confessed your feelings he did the opposite of what his heart was telling him to do.
The next day, you tried to avoid Spencer as much as you could, your heart still burning from his harsh words.
Luckily, today was a calm day at work; everyone was going through files and organizing.
You sat at your desk as you went through files and Spencer walked by your desk.
“Please don’t talk to me.” You said holding back tears as he stood in front of you.
He thankfully left your desk and went to the coffee pot.
You remember how he would bring you a cup, knowing exactly what you like in it, and you wouldn’t even have to ask.
He would recall how fast you drank it and when it was empty, he knew.
He knew you so well, and now all of that was gone.
You felt a hot tear fall down your cheek as you stood up and sped walked to the bathroom.
You felt eyes on you as you left and heard footsteps follow you.
As you approached the bathroom, you turned around.
“Spencer please just go away.” You said before turning around and seeing JJ.
“Oh sorry, I-I thought you were Spencer.” You said quickly wiping your face as you kept your head low.
“Y/N what’s wrong? Spence didn’t do this did he?” She asked.
That’s what you would have asked too.
Spencer would never hurt a soul.
Except yours.
“No… I’m okay I just… I need to wash up. I’ll be okay, really.” You said with a small smile.
After work that day, you were the first to go home, eager to be by yourself.
You looked at your phone at the multiple missed calls and threw it on the couch before you heard a knock at the door.
You slowly got up and answered it to see Spencer, and when you did you slammed the door.
Tears started pooling in your eyes as you heard him knock again.
“Y/N please.” He said through the door.
You slowly opened it. “What do you want?” You said wiping tears from your cheeks.
“I’m-I’m sorry.” He said quietly. “I’m sorry for yelling at you I shouldn’t have done that.” He added to the silence.
“Sorry for yelling? Spencer you broke my heart. I have been in my apartment crying since you told me to get out. My heart might mend back together but the memory of the pain will always be in my mind.” You said as tears spilled from your eyes.
You slowly closed the door but his hand stopped it.
“I’m so sorry.” He said tears falling down his own face. “Can we start over… go back to where we started? Please.” He begged.
You stayed silent as you slowly wiped the tears from your face for the millionth time.
“Y/N I’m in love with you. I have been for a while and I rejected the thought because I thought you were too good for me. I-I know I can’t fix what I did to you… what I said to you, but I want to be with you. If you changed your mind that… that’s okay, but I want you to know that I love you and I am so sorry.” He said quietly.
There was a silence between the two of you.
A silence filled with thought.
“Are you lying to me?” You asked as you let go of the edge of the door.
“No, Y/N I love you and there won’t be a moment of my life where I will not regret doing what I did.” He said taking a step forward.
You looked up into his tear filled eyes before they fell down his cheeks again. “Please forgive me.” He said before he brought his shaking hands to yours, delicately gliding his fingers across the top of your hands.
You nodded and bit your lip.
“Do you still…”
“I do… I do still love you.” You said as you nodded quickly.
He smiled and pulled you close to him before wrapping his thin arms around your waist.
You pulled away from the hug and he pressed his lips to yours in a savory kiss.
He held your body closer than he ever has before, afraid if he lessens on his grip, you will slip away forever.
But you never would, you would never hurt him like that.
You and Spencer spent the rest of the night holding each other on the couch as he whispered how sorry he was and how he loves you.

no pets allowed, but i won’t tell

My remix for @thinkoutsidethelovesquare! This is a remix of the fic No Pets Allowed by @kiwikwami.

Summary: Against the rules of his apartment complex, Nino brings a kitten home. When his neighbor Adrien finds out, he strikes a deal to make sure he won’t get turned in. An Adrinino remix.


Nino knew that he was breaking the rules as he brought a tiny bundle of fur into his apartment building. There were weekly newsletters and posters hung just about everywhere denouncing the ownership of animals that weren’t fish, so it was kind of impossible to not understand that getting kicked out was a horribly real possibility.

Nevertheless, he calmed and quieted the kitten hidden in his jacket as he took the steps instead of elevator, and the back door instead of the front. It was a lot more effort than normally going to his room, but looking down at the cat’s sweet expression, he knew it was worth it. With a smile, he made it to his floor and, after a minute of searching for his keys, unlocked his room and stepped inside, letting the door swing shut by itself.

“Alright, little buddy,” Nino said, “I’m gonna give you a bath ‘cause you’re crazy dirty. After that, I’ll go buy some cat food. Sound like a deal?”

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Bloomtale - Chapter 16 - Kaitogirl - Undertale (Video Game) [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Chapter 16 is up!!! This chapter has 8000 words and it took me a lot to write! Sorry for being inactive, I just wanted to have it all neatly tied before I continued forward. This chapter is important! So please enjoy and read carefully~

In other news… this blog almost reached the 1000 followers!! It’s a really HUGE number, specially taking into account that this is a fic, and generally fics get less attention than comics, [sad truth </3], so I’m really excited for this! Thank you all for following my story <3

I think that once I reach 1000 words I’ll start working on a small comic featuring Athela <3 So you get to know her better… know what I mean?

Really, guys, THANK YOU! I am so pumped!!!

I’ll leave you to the fic now~

For those who can’t access AO3 or just don’t want to do it, the chapter is pasted under this sexy cut!!!

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Did anyone else have weird injuries as a kid? I actually don’t remember most of my childhood because it was pretty miserable but out of my many visits to the ER every year there’s a few I remember vividly (although whether they happened in the way I think or not I can’t tell for sure).

(Around 6) We’d had a barbecue and the disposable grill had been sitting in gravel. After the grill was removed, I stepped on the scorching gravel and got really badly burned. I had to wear a cast for months.

(Around 8) My dad closed the door behind him and my fingers got smushed in the automatic lock. The tip of my little finger almost came off.

(Around 4) We were walking into town and I slipped on the ice and my mom grabbed my arm and yanked me up, which caused my shoulder to sprain.

(Around 1,5) My parents left a pot of coffee on the coffee table and I pulled the tablecloth and got scalding hot coffee all over my chest and stomach.

(Around 12) Some kid on the beach was poking at a dead jellyfish with a stick and managed to flick a large piece of it onto my leg (asshole).

anonymous asked:

hmm i'm not good with prompts but: one of the boys is having a horrible day for very trivial reasons (accidentally nicked himself shaving, slammed the door on his hand, phone died inconveniently etc) and then other tries help. cue: (DRUMROLL) SEX but with the one still halfheartedly grumpy

(read on AO3)

He wakes up slow, to an empty bed. He lays there for a few minutes, face half-buried in the pillow and making sure his breath comes steady, even. In half an hour he won’t even be able to really remember what he’d been dreaming about. No sense in dwelling on it.

He slept like shit, though—they got home late, after dealing with that annoying bitch of a naiad who’d been drowning guys on Lake Superior, and he hadn’t wanted to stay anywhere near water, just wanted to get back to their bed. His ribs are all bruised to shit, and his right wrist—he rotates it slowly, shuffling down the hall, and okay, maybe Sam’s right, maybe he did sprain it.

The kitchen’s empty, when he wanders in. No coffee in the pot, and no grounds left in the jar when he checks. Groceries kept slipping down the priority list, with the last few hunts they’ve been on. He looks into the nearly-empty fridge, holding his wrist up against his chest, vague unease still lapping slowly at the back of his mind. Maybe he can force Sam to make the run into town. Surely he must’ve earned a day off, by now.

When he heads into the library to try to wheedle Sam, though, it’s empty, too. He checks his watch—it’s already ten, so Sam ought to be back from a run if he took one, the freak, and—oh. A note, propped on Sam’s laptop. Got a tip on a grimoire in Topeka, it says, in Sam’s goofy handwriting. Home late. Dean drops the note on the table and sighs, rubbing his eyes with his good hand. Okay, so no lounging around with Sammy. He can get some stuff done, instead.

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I Wanna Be Your Man

Characters - Steve Rogers, Reader

Pairing - Steve x Reader

Summary/Request - Steve’s been gone…a lot. And it’s changing things in their relationship.

Word Count - 1120

Warnings - Little angst and lots of fluff….
(If you spot any other warnings I should add, please let me know so I can edit this post to include them!)

A/N - Tonight I Wanna Be Your Man - Andy Griggs

Tags (Want on or off? Send a message/ask!) - @hushothermuses @i-stole-rudolphs-nose @thepalaceofmelanie @@theimpossibleg1rl @@blondekel77 @@xfirespritex @wrenwritesometimes

Story - 

Originally posted by sadbatfleck

Steve had been busy lately.
More so than usual.

He was always away from home, doing who knows what. If he wasn’t Captain America: King of the Boy Scouts, I’d probably be convinced he was cheating on me.
Obviously, that wasn’t the case.

That didn’t make it any easier when he was gone, though.
Sometimes it was for a few hours, sometimes weeks. I did the best I could to keep myself grounded, but I couldn’t help but feel like I was…

Well, that I was losing him… sometimes.

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Vital: Part One - Terra (A Yondu x Reader Fic): Chapter 7: She’d Rather Be With Me

Click here for: Chapter One | Chapter Two | Chapter Three | Chapter Four | Chapter Five | Chapter Six

Rated M for language and future NSFW chapters (these will be marked as such).

Your long work hours are exhausting, but the thought of going home to somebody makes it more bearable. In the depths of your heart you know that any day now, you’re going to come home and Yondu is not going to be there – his crew will have found him, and he’ll be gone. But you’re enjoying his company while it lasts.

You can’t help but be a little afraid of him, but he makes you feel safe, and that protective feeling that emanated from him a few days into his arrival only seemed to deepen after Devon cheated on you. He’s gentler these days, less gruff, and jokes more, teetering on the edge of flirting. But he never quite crosses that line, and neither do you when you’re teasing back.

Even though Devon was an ass, the reality of it is that it still hurt. Someone you trusted betrayed you, and the pain is still raw. It’s something that Yondu seems to understand, and you’re grateful.

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Mornings With You //Prequel- John Laurens X Reader

request from anon: Hey! First of all I absolutely love your writing! <3 Could you maybe write a prequel to Mornings with you? I would love to read how the reader and John met in more detail. Thank you very much for everything!!!

a/n: thank you!!

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The Inquisitive Snake - Jughead x Reader - Part 8

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7


@idle-lanes @sgarrett49@murderyoursoul@moonlight53@redhairedoddity @j-headjones

Warnings: Mild Swearing

Sorry I didn’t get to post last night. I got too tired after work to write. Please let me know if you guys want more. Thanks!

“Oh shit”.

I quickly changed out of my pants as I looked behind me - Y/N was still passed out on the bed. I didn’t think any slight movement would really wake her. I grabbed my beanie and jacket and then fumbled putting on my shoes. I hadn’t realized the slight ache in my head until I quietly closed the door behind me.

I reached out for my phone and finally returned Betty’s call. It was seven in the morning but she would had been up for school already.

I took a breath while looking at the beat up house behind me. I could text Y/N later and explain everything.

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(The Third and Final Part of “If We Build a Strong Enough Foundation”)


Pairing: Lin-Manuel x Reader

Summary: “There had been discussions. The idea of another kid had come up once or twice, and the two of you knew that if you were able to get through the first year of Sofia’s life with all the bullshit that came with, that you could do it again.But the timing had never been right.”

Note: Remember when I said I was done with this? SURPRISE I’M TRASH SO HERE’S WHAT WILL HOPEFULLY BE THE FINAL PART. I meant to sit down and write something short to give you guys closure and then this monster of a thing happened (it’s the longest one I’ve ever posted so goal definitely not accomplished). 

Word Count: 3,474 (WHY AM I LIKE THIS.)

I’m garbage, but enjoy!!!

You had never quite expected to find yourself absorbed in domestic life. It wasn’t the direction you had seen your life going, not when you were ten, and not when you were twenty-four. But here you were, with a husband and daughter whom you loved more than anything else on the planet.

Granted, you were still a dedicated career woman, spending your days in the studio with the Dance Theater of Harlem, speeding to get to work on time so you could always drop your kid off at school in the morning. Sofia was in the first grade now, and sometimes when you looked at her you saw the beginnings of a little person.

She would tell you and Lin about her opinions at the dinner table, and she made her own decisions about her outfits (a lot of which were crazy and all of which made you proud to have a daughter than genuinely didn’t care what anyone thought of her).

Sometimes she looked just like your sister when she talked—full of logic and passion. It made your heart fill up to the very brim.

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Build Up: A Criminal Minds Fan-fiction

Featuring: Emily Prentiss x Female Reader

Warnings: SMUT

Requested by: Anonymous

“ Can you write a fic where Emily and her wife has sex in her office after the reader spent the day sexually teasing her? Thanks.💜💕”

Image from deadline.com

A/N: This got a little more domEmily than I intended…

Leaving for work before Emily was hard to do, she was so dedicated. She and the team had flown in late the night before, so she had given herself and the BAU the morning off. Watching her sleep was a peaceful start to your day, but when she rolled over the lace of her nightgown pinched her breasts in such a way. You had to, they were right there and beautiful, but you resisted. Em needed her sleep.

As you finished your morning routine, Emily dozed on. You left a little note by the fresh pot of coffee you made and headed in for a long day of spin classes and your regular trainee appointments.

I could barely keep my hands off of you this morning. You’re lucky I am a nice wife and let you sleep.

Texting Emily in between classes was habit, teasing her was a new endeavor. You cringed at how pushy you sounded, but prayed the tech gods would grant mystery to your words and somehow they would be sexy. Emily’s reply pointed to your requested blessings.

How do you think I felt walking in on you last night? I should make you wear something to bed once in a while. This sleeping nude is very distracting.

The speed of her reply jump started your confidence, but you knew how to keep her waiting. You texted a kissing emoji and continued to the next studio. Emily would have to wait for a solid retaliation.

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