left sobbing

“I grab both sides of her face and force her to look at me”

“I don’t want to ever see you like that again.”
“I’m alright. I’m still here. Okay?”


Matsu Crossing!

All based on their animal counterparts! There are no red pandas (yet) in AC so I just made up my own design for Oso, & Jyushi is the kinda dog Copper is

NSFW Dean Winchester Headcanons

-i feel like he would be so. fucking. loud

-like he’s just grunting and moaning and sighing into your skin 20 times a second 

-sometimes he’ll whisper sweet nothings against your neck i

-his hANDS

-he’s so. touchy

-just gripping and sliding and pulling and squeezing


-if they’re not closed then he’s just staring at you like you’re a goddess

-Devine and sweet and fuck- just all for him. He gets to see you at your most vulnerable

-fuck, his LIPS

-so soft against your own or trailing kisses down your neck or your stomach or your spine or your legs

-his favorite place is the inside of your thighs. second is your neck: he loves the sounds you make. whether it’s a soft sigh, an air stolen gasp, or a loud moan of his name. jackass gets off on it

-his tongue is just. everywhere

-flat against the swell of your clit

-licking along the V of your hips

-the asshole’s got an oral kink

-His voice fam?

-It’s just. deep and breathy and rumbling. And he’s talking about how beautiful you are, how good you taste, how he could do this for hours, how he could cum just from eating you out.


-he doesn’t stop blessing you with orgasms until your 5th one.

-5 is the minimum

-and then when you rIDE HIM FAM FAM

-He’s just a messy panty begging mess underneath you.

-Eyes wide with adoration bc fuck he adores you. Always has. He’s told you before but you’re a goddess and he’s here to worship one hundred percent.

-I feel like post purgatory Dean would still be big on oral

-but like, the bar has been raised bc he’s had more experience



-he’d leave marks all over too

-Bc he likes seeing the proof of the pleasure he’s caused you the night before (the minutes before) against the pretty softness of your skin

-could be how he’s been gripping your hips do tight bruises are the only option

-could be the trail of hickies he’s left along your neck -and your collarbone -and your legs

-your thighs as well

-sex with Dean is passionate asf

-sometimes he likes to go slow

-gyrate his hips in an unforgivingly patient pace. his head’ll be buried in your hair. and he’s forcing himself to be quiet so he can hear the squish of wet his dick makes driving into you. and everything builds up and you’re so strung you could cry. and you’re orgasm comes with a heartbreakingly broken gasp.

-then he can’t stop himself from moaning bc he’s causing this. he’s driving you wild with pleasure. he’s the one breaking you down

-he knows you can fuck him up tho so he doesn’t gloat verbally

-he has a praise kink

-when a compliment slips off your tongue he just. he fucking keens

-sometimes he likes to go fast

-like, he’s too impatient. too eager. wants you too much and his hands are in a flurry of motion. and it’s too fast for you. too much. you’re begging him to stop and to go faster and he doesn’t stop and you just. explode.

-you know he’s feeling romantic when the dirty talk gets serious

-when he starts out by telling you how he loves the way your eyes darken and the swell of your lips makes him lose his mind, and how much the physicality of you turns him on

-but then it leads into how much he loves you, needs, you, appreciates you

-when he cradles you especially close and you’re wrapped up in each other so much, the world becomes nothing short of oblivion


me, calling friend at 1 am: *weeps, screams in agony, cries, swears, yells, and probably broke something in the room* 

friend: …..so, what I gathered from all that is Eren has about 8 years left, aye? 

me: aye *sob*

friend: dude, I’m dead ass sure if someone’s told you I was dying, you wouldn’t have done what you just did. IT’S ONE IN THE MORNING GOD DAMMIT I DIDN’T WAKE UP FOR THIS SHIT. GO TO SLEEP. *hangs up*



Yes, I am queen of procrastination so here are the promised Stage Door photos. =)

Just look at these amazing people. We enjoyed ourselves so much. I managed a short chat with each of them this time cause the queue wasn’t too long that night. They are all so incredibly kind. Let me know if you want to know anything specific cause I can talk about the HPCC cast all dayyy! =D

Click on the photos if you want to read my squealing random comments from Stage Door with the cast =)