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Shattered Dreams
  • Rachel:
  • The next morning Rachel left Finn's place at 3am so she would be able to get to work on time. She had stopped at a coffee place on the way to get some coffee in hopes of waking herself up some more so she could be fresh and ready for another day of filming. But everything changed within a couple of moments, one moment she was ordering a coffee and the next there was a searing pain through her lower abdomen. She had been shot twice by a man robbing the coffee shop, for a moment she saw a similar scene unfolding with her father who she lost not that long ago and it was terrifying. Before she knew it she was in hospital in surgery and woke up to her dad sitting by her side. For the next couple of days she stayed in hospital unaware of the fact that Finn didn't know where she was or that her phone had been smashed when she fell to the ground.
  • On day three she was finally allowed home. Her doctor had said that because of where she was injured and just how bad her internal injuries were that she might never have kids and that was the worst thing she could have ever expected to hear. The moment that she was home and back in her own bed she barely had the time to notice that Kitty was there waiting anxiously for her. The only thing she could focus on was that the future she was dreaming of a couple days earlier was no longer possible. With her dad and her best friend there she found herself wrapped in comforting arms but they weren't the arms she was longing for yet simultaneously she wasn't sure she could face Finn knowing that she was stripping away from of his dreams too.
  • After a few hours Kitty had managed to get Rachel to rest and sleep and slipped out of the room to call Finn. As soon as she heard an answer on the other line she just began speaking. "Finn, it's Rachel. I know you were saying she went weird after the other night but she didn't. She got hurt and she's been in hospital and hasn't had a phone. I've gone and gotten her a new one but.. she needs you. Right now I think that you're the only one who can comfort her so you should get over here."

A Weekend In The Woods.
Carving spoons, eating great food, laughing out loud, poking the campfire.
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Feeling good about myself because I managed to delight a small child in a boring meeting (that his mother and I were attending) by reaching into my bag and producing a ten page sketchbook that he could use (and also keep).

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please introduce us to your son

y’all this is my new son lewin kerr/zhang luwen aka alderman, a former overwatch agent. he’s basically every bad spy trope rolled up into one old dad with a bionic left forearm in place of the one he lost during his early overwatch years, and even tho he was forced to retire and overwatch disbanded that isn’t going to stop him from doing Justice Things™

I just left a place where I felt well liked, loved, and enjoyed by my peers. I was relaxed happy and included and honestly what more could I ask for. I feel like I don’t have that kind of feelings anymore and receiving that tonight was a breath of fresh air and will honestly carry me through what has been probably the most stressful 2 months of my life. on top of learning that everything will be ok I’ve never been more relaxed and confident for my exams. Idk this was really important to me and I just wanted to share a little of what’s been happening w/ u guys

Dear Rabbit: I Know I'm A Wolf (Part 68)

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What’s the point of being a writer if you don’t put in something ridiculously silly and cliche at least once?

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The White-Gold Tower, also called the Imperial Palace, is the enormous central spire of the Imperial City, located in the heart of the Palace District. The tower was built by the Aldmer in the middle of the Merethic Era and was the center of the region occupied by their kin, the Ayleids. Currently, it serves as the Imperial Palace and hosts the vaults and libraries of the Moth Priesthood. It can be seen from all over the Imperial City and the surrounding countryside, and is a defining symbol of the Empire.

“Do you fear the Darkness…?”

Fan art for the doujinshi “Left Places” (the last fan art I made was for the prequel “Left Behind”) by ryobkr

Also, check out the full story here: “Left Behind” and “Left Places” is there too.

I really love how this one came out and didn’t want to ruin it by coloring it. It is all drawn in pen except the shading all around. Also, I love how Marik can totally rock that button up shirt with the rolled up sleeves look! <3

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This is the first time that I try to draw manga about Middle Class Family au!You guys want to know how was Kylo and Hux’s life like before they became the perfect family. And I want to tell you the story little by little

Once upon the time, deep in the very dark wood

There was a little black bear called Benny the pooh

He was depressed and grumpy, isolated and sad

“No one really knows me, and life is unfair”

One day there came a prince with shinny ginger hair

“Sorry for being so late, I’m here to save you from tears.”

“Under your dark furry skin, there is a princess sleeping.

The soul of my ideal girl, is here burning and gleaming.”

He cut the pooh bear open, filled him with spices and sweets.

After the pretties nightmare, the princess in fur was released

Happily they get married. Forever they left the sad old place.

This is how perfect tales should end. Evening kisses on your face.

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Hum.. Hi, umm... I was wondering if it was fine to make a cosplay for German Chocolate Frisk... And sorry if not... Omg... Im so shy.. I love your ideas and your magnificent art. =>w<=

* everything regarding classytale is off limits, my apologies.
* fanart of the designs with proper credit to me are ok, but outside of that, i’m going to have to say no.
* no cosplays, no fics, no big serious comics, no merchandise related to the au, no anything without my written consent.
* and most certainly no roleplay or kin blogs centered around and of the classytale characters, make your own designs and au’s or use others that allow that sort of thing.
* these designs are for my personal use regarding roleplays with the exception of very few trustworthy friends of whom i draw with on a daily basis.
* i also use vanille for quite a bit of self-expression, so personality wise, nobody’s gonna pull it off quite like me.
* hate to be blunt but i’m gonna be strict on this one, and i’d hate to have to cut off the story from everyone, but i will leave you all in the dark if it comes to that.
* there is a lot that nobody knows and nobody will be knowing unless i want them to.

1d as missed connections

zarry: saw you on the bus heading towards the moma, you were in all black, with a pretty smile and long lashes, I tried to talk to you but you told me to fuck off

lilo: you were skating, red beanie, lots of tattoos. I smiled at you and you said “you can’t afford me”

narry: I ran into you at the coffee shop and spilt my coffee all over you, you laughed it off and when I was wiping you down you got a semi

zouis: I needed a lighter and you let me borrow yours, somehow you ended up at my place left in the morning before I woke up—and you never told me your name. u left your lighter at my place and I think you did it on purpose ;)

larry: I was sat alone at my table at the Italian restaurant for a long time when you asked me if my date stood me up and I said yeah, you said that asshole is an asshole and bought me a side of mash

nouis: you gave me a lapdance but wouldn’t let me touch

ziam: the club was really dark but you came up to me on the dance floor and we danced together all night and you smelled like chicken wings. I’m typically not into that but you’ve changed my mind

ziall: i was doing karaoke and I needed a partner to duet with me you ran onto the stage and we serenaded each other and forgot where we were. please run your hands through my hair again

niam: you bought me a beer at the tennis game instead of saying thank you I said I love you. I’m sorry

lirry: you wouldn’t shut up during the captain america movie and I told you to leave the theater if you were going to be disruptive. you responded by insulting the amount of wrinkles in my clothes.

You’re giving up on me,” he mutters accusingly.
“Don’t do this,” she replies lowly. 
“Do what? Get upset?” his voice rises with each question, “Well I am upset! You said you would never-”
“You didn’t give me any other choice!” She screeched back. They both fell silent, if you listened you could hear their hearts crumbling. “You’ve pushed me away too much and now the only place left to go is the exit.
—  Stories I Will Never Tell #29//L.J.W.

“Dean…” Your voice comes out smaller than you intend, caught off-guard by the sheen of tears in his eyes. “Dean, I’m s-”

“Don’t,” he cuts you off, and now there’s anger in his tone, something darker than the exhaustion he’d displayed before. “Don’t you dare tell me you’re sorry. If you were sorry, you would’ve done something about it. You would’ve left me a note or picked up a damn phone or not left in the first place.” His smile is brittle as broken glass. “But you didn’t. So don’t try to tell me you’re sorry.”

You open your mouth to respond, but no words will come. You’d known he would be angry, but you weren’t expecting this.

“Fine,” you say quietly after a long silence. “I won’t apologize. Because you’re right, I’m not sorry. I left to protect you, Dean. I didn’t have any other options. And I won’t pretend I’m sorry for doing what I had to do; for saving your life. Because if you were me, if it had all been reversed? You would’ve done the same damn thing.”