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Today I opened at work, and i was really tired since i closed the previous night and didnt leave till midnight. Whenever I KNOW im tired, i wear my glasses that hide the bags under my eyes. I still had left over makeup on my face and my hair in a bun.If you look tired like that, youre sent home and written up.One of my coworkers came in looking fine. Our manager tells her 'im sure you have natural beauty but you need to wear makeup next time' WTF. Yet he told me nothing?That was just plain rude.

X - Part Two

A/N: Here I am, coming at y’all with a part two to “X”. Part three is already in the works so stay tuned. I’ve never been so excited to write before and I have so many ideas and plans morphing and swarming through my brain. My headaches are outta control, man. I appreciate feedback and I love you guys. Enjoy.

Part One Part Two Part Three Part Four Part Five Part Six Part Seven Part Eight Part Nine Part Ten

I felt shockingly warm, long fingers push against my lower back rather roughly. When I looked in front of me, in front of us, I could see a picnic laid out carefully. Directly to the right of the checkered blanket and basket, was a pond reflecting the deep blues and purples of the night sky above. The pond was dancing with life while the rest of the surrounding area was empty.

I could sense people on the outskirts of the park, just outside of my peripheral vision.

My feet coaxed the rest of my body in what ever direction the fingers pushed it towards, my mind didn’t seem to think there could be any other way. It was under complete lockdown, waiting for its next set of instructions that could only be delivered by the gentle pressure being placed against my back.

While we became close to reaching our destination, the strings of pressure along my back became more evident.
The fingers were not relenting their grip like I expected them to, but I was at complete ease. I trusted the person whom those fingers belonged to.

Whoever they were.

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can you write something fluffy mc x becca? i don't have a specific prompt but i just need some fluff lmao thank you!

OH HECK YEAH!!! You know I’m a sucker for Becca! I’m actually surprised more people don’t ask me for more Becca x MC fics! 

Thanks for the request! Enjoy!! 

Title: Make a wish

Pairings: Becca x MC

“Becca!” she shouted, banging on her bedroom door.
A very sleepy—and pissed off—Becca opened the door. Her hair in a messy bun and she was still in her pajamas, her face was makeupless with some left over makeup from the day before was smudged underneath her eyes.
“It’s 3 in the morning,” she whined, yawning between words. “Why are you all dressed up?”
She eyed Katie up and down. She wore jeans and a cute sweater, her hair in a messy bun. Katie smiled, grabbing Becca’s arm and pulling her back into her room.
“There’s a meteor shower in an hour and I wanted to go! But I knew you would say no if I told you how early it was!” Katie began to pull things out of Becca’s drawers, searching for something cute but warm to wear.
Becca groaned, but bit her tongue; grabbing the clothes Katie found for her and slipped them on. “Only if you drive.”
Katie squealed and grabbed the car keys before dashing out the door, Becca close behind. They drove for a few minutes before finding a secluded park with a large grass field. There was wear and tear all over from various soccer games, football matches, and lacrosse tournaments but the grass seemed to be pretty green for the middle of spring.
She dragged Becca to the center of the field, laying down and gesturing for her to join. Becca let out a heavy sigh but couldn’t help but let a smile escape her lips at the sight of the brunette getting overly excited about something so small. She laid down next to her, their hair falling together on the grass, their heads just centimeters away from one another’s. They looked up at the sky, the stars twinkling above them.
“Don’t you ever feel so…small?” Becca asked, feeling tiny compared to the rest of the universe.
“Becca…” Katie sat up, rolling onto her side to look at Becca who still remained on her back, hands on her stomach.
“I don’t mean to sound so depressing,” she sighed. “But ever since my parents got divorced, I… I don’t know. I’ve just been feeling…”
“Small?” Katie finished her sentence and Becca nodded in response.
“I mean hardly anyone paid attention to me when my parents were married,” she continued as water went to the corners of her eyes. “But ever since I dropped out of the sorority and basically lost all of my friends, I’ve just been feeling so lost.”
Katie frowned, brushing the tears away that were beginning to fall down Becca’s face.
“I haven’t been able to sleep,” she continued as he voice began to shake. “I’ve just been feeling like no one wants me around and it causes me to stay up at night wondering what I’m going to do with my life.”
“Is this why you’ve been coming into my room at night?” Katie asked and Becca nodded.
They were silent for a moment, the only sound was Becca’s heavy breathing as she tried to control herself from sobbing. The rest of the world was quiet, like it was listening in to what Becca had to say, it seemed like all of the attention was on her for a few moments.
Katie leaned over and kissed Becca on the nose, causing Becca to giggle a bit. “Well if it counts for anything, I want you around.”
“Yeah?” Becca looked over at Katie for the first time since they had laid down.
“Of course,” Katie smiled, “Who else would come out with me in the night to watch stars burn up in our atmosphere besides my girlfriend?”
Becca laughed, the tears slowly beginning to stop, “You’re a dork.” She commented before sitting up and kissing Katie.
She met her half way, kissing her softly, her hands finding their way to her hair and she tangled her fingers in it. Becca smiled against Katie’s lips, knowing that everything Katie had said was genuine and true. She loved the way Katie kissed when they both knew nothing was going to happen. They held their kiss for a moment more before pulling away, both of them smiling.
“Oh look!” Katie yelped, looking up at the sky.
Hundreds of sparks lit up the night, leaving trails of bright colors of orange, red, and yellow behind them in a tail as they began to burn up. The stars around them were still and untouched, making everything look like it belonged in a movie. The two girls went back to laying down, staring up at the sky, pointing out several shooting stars to each other, laughing at how crazy it all looked.
Becca peered over, smiling at the happy expression on Katie’s face, acting like a child at Disneyland for the first time. She reached over and grabbed Katie’s hand, placing it by their sides as they continued to gaze up at the night sky.

Things That Could Be Breaking You Out

Hello makeup lovers!

Let’s talk about skin. There are many causes you may not know are behind your break outs. Switching up a few daily habits and making some minor life style changes can drastically improve your skin and keep spots away! Besides eating healthy and drinking loads of water, every day things can have a major effect on your skin.

Talking on the phone. Do you have a cluster of pimples on your cheeks where you talk on the phone? Try to use headphones, to talk on speaker or sanitize your phone screen once a day to avoid getting all that bacteria on your skin, girl!

Not washing your pillow cases. Try to wash your pillow cases once a week! Makeup, oil, sweat, dirt, etc all builds up on your pillow case while you sleep and could be transferring onto your skin every night causing break outs.

Not exfoliating. Exfoliating your skin once a week helps buff away any dead skin that could be blocking and clogging pores. Exfoliating will help your skin get a deeper and more effective clean as well give the skin a more even, smooth texture.

Not washing your makeup brushes. Makeup brushes can have built up dirt, oil and makeup which you’re applying back on your face every time you apply makeup with dirty brushes. Make sure to wash your brushes, especially face brushes, once to twice a week.

Drying your face with a dirty towel. After cleansing your face, dry off with a towel… normal right? Well if you aren’t washing your towel almost daily you could be applying old makeup, dirt and oil back onto your just clean face. Keep your skin clear by washing your towel daily, having back ups of clean towels or using a clean sheet of paper towel to dry your face.

Sleeping with your hair down. Many girls don’t wash their hair every day causing a build up of dirt and oil. Sleeping with your hair down while it’s “dirty” causes dirt and oils transfer onto your face while you’re sleeping! Avoid this by tying your hair up in a bun while you sleep to prevent dirt and oils from getting on your skin and pillows.

Not fully removing all of your makeup. Makeup is made to stick to the skin so sometimes a light cleanse won’t fully remove all your makeup causing you to go to sleep with left over makeup residue clogging your pores! Use a makeup wipe to remove any makeup and then cleanse the skin for a proper cleanse or simply wash your face twice once to remove makeup and once to cleanse the skin. You could also go in with a toner and cotton pad to remove any excess dirt and oil after cleansing. 

Using too many/too strong of acne medicated products. Using too many or too harsh of acne medicated products could be irritating your skin causing it to break out even more! Keep the rest of your skin care gentle and simple and stick with one acne medicated product like a cleanser or spot treatment. Try to avoid acne medicated products that are too strong with over 1 - 2% of a medicated ingredient.

Touching your face/picking at your skin. Try to avoid popping and picking at current acne! When you touch your face and pick at spots you’re spreading bacteria causing new acne. Popping a pimple will spread bacteria and cause the pimple to heal incorrectly resulting in acne scars. If you do pick at your skin make sure you’re sanitizing the area afterwards with a medicated toner to prevent new acne.

Magnian culture evolved from Juggalo culture over thousands of years but there isn’t a lot of the juggalo stuff left over. Eye makeup and lipstick that is worn by Magnian youth is a simplified corruption of Juggalo face paint over thousands of years, and the general leftist beliefs of their society came from that too. Magnian babies also wear full Juggalo face paint.

Red Vinyl- Jimin(m)

// (m)- mature, (a)- angst // word count: 3,201 //

The deeper you fall, the harder it is to get out. 

You lay in bed, gazing at the utter cold of the cotton sheets beside you as your mind runs in circles around one thing. Jimin. Jimin, Jimin. Bright hair, crinkling eyes, ivory skin. Smiling. Laughing. Jimin. Nothing but him. Always him. 

Everything is just a broken record you want to smash.

“It’s for the best.” He’d said.

“I’m going to be gone for so long.”

“I don’t want you to just sit here waiting for me.”

“Let’s just let go of each other before it hurts too much.”

You remember watching him leave, curled up on the couch while you let his hand turn down the door handle, while you waved at him and allowed him to walk into the hallway with his things and close the door with a bitter click. The surprise had paralyzed you into submission, the fear had made you run from the only thing you’d ever loved, choking on your tears with a smile.

Doesn’t it already hurt too much? Doesn’t it already feel like your heart is splitting in two?

Licking your dry lips as a car door slams outside, you roll on your back, the white ceiling blanking you out for a moment before it comes back. You squeeze your eyes shut in anger, it’s been a week, why can’t you just move on already?

Peeling your shirt from the stick of your skin, you discard it next to you, feeling your nipples peak in the sudden chill and with an absent finger, trace the rosy tip; trying to distract yourself from him, trying to move on. It’s a mutual breakup, something that you both know is for the better; your love is an addiction, your relationship a high intensity drug, too intense, too passionate, too emotional to be real.

Next go off your shorts, throwing the comforter to the side so your legs can bathe in the free air, goosebumps appearing along the sensitive skin like fingertips dancing atop them. Like the wet of Jimin’s tongue as it lapped you up, as it tasted the salt of your flesh in the middle of a long night. Too sinful, too beautiful, too pleasurable to be real.

 Finally your panties are kicked with the clothes pile, spreading your legs and groaning as cold air caresses you, an instant ramification of Jimin’s breath ghosting along the most raw parts of you.  

With a single curse slipping from your lips, you shove two fingers deep inside of your barely damp walls, feeling an intense pain that seems so synonymous to pleasure, the tightness of you after one week astonishing. Not wasting any time, you ride the gorgeous torture, desperately trying to fuck yourself out as you groan, toes curling, back arching, thighs shaking.

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Clean a Halsey smut

Requested: yes/i combined 3 requests into one if that’s ok

Plot: you and your gf (Halsey) hook up after an award show

Pairing: Halsey x reader

{A/n I have decided to make a ghost au smut also so be on the lookout for that bbys!}

Y/n pov

I sat down in my seat and quickly looked through my phone while I was waiting for Ashley to perform. I couldn’t wait. Her set was gonna be perfect. She had been practicing her ass of for the past week, knowing that she was gonna be on live tv.

The lights fade up.

The music ambiance starts.

There she is. Standing in all of her glory. Looking like a goddess.

She starts to sing. I’m captivated by her voice like its the first time I’m hearing it. She’s wearing this outfit that is tight and shows off her skin. I bite my lip as I see her walk around the stage like its her slave. The crowd is going wild and all I can think about is how bad I want her right now.

I’m not normally like this. Being worked up by the smallest things she does. We’ve been on different sleeping schedules with our jobs. We haven’t been doing anything -sexual- lately.

As soon as I knew it, her set was done.

She comes back to me after a couple of minutes. I can’t keep my hands off her. I don’t care that there’s people next to me. I want her.

Before I know it though, the show is over. Thank god.

We get a uber to take us back to our hotel room. As soon as we get into our room, I grab her and smash our lips together. She stops me. “Babe I’m sorry, I’m just really, really tired.” She gives me a half smile and takes her heels off. I sigh but I also understand. “Ok..I’m gonna take a shower.” I start the water and strip down.

The warm water feels good on my muscles. I start to sing a song to myself but not too loud, remembering that Ashley was going to bed. Sooner or later I’m done with my shower. I get out and do my hair and take off the left over makeup. Finally I brush my teeth and get dressed in some pjs. I walk out to the hotel room and see something I like…a lot.

Ashley is standing there in some black lace undies that are slightly covered by a red silk robe. Some slow romantic music is playing quietly and adds to the mood. She slowly makes her way towards me. “You didn’t actually thing I was gonna leave you hanging, did you baby?” A smile creeps across her face.

She pushes me back onto the bed and kisses me. She slips her hand into my pants and rubs my clit. She moves to kissing my neck and I let out a moan.

As soon as I was wet enough she slips in two fingers and and she looks at me as she bites her lip. I throw my head back at the sudden pleasure. She fingers me and rubs my clit gently until I cum once.

She takes off her robe and all of my clothes. Suddenly she gets up to get something out of her bag. I admire her butt as she bends over. She walks back over to me with a smirk. In one hand she has a vibrator and in the other, a strap on. I start to smile as she climbs onto the bed.

I take her bra off and admire her amazing boobs. She puts on the strap on. Ashley slides into me. “Ah- baby!” I moan. She turns on the vibrator and pleasures herself while she still thrusting into me. I grab at the sheets.

“You like that baby?” Ashley moans out. I manage to nod my head through heavy breaths. “I can’t hear you y/n.” She laughs. “Y-yes Ashley..” I moan. She starts to use the vibrator on me. “Mm..Ashley I’m gonna cum too soon!” “That’s ok baby. I’ll make you cum after that too.” Soon enough I feel a familiar knot start to form in my stomach and I cum. She pulls out of me and flips us over. She takes of the strap on and her panties. I grind against her slowly, still being weak from my high.

Ashley moans out my name. I start to pick up speed and I grab her hands to hold them. I grind into her harder and she starts to squirm more and more. “Aah-ah y/n you feel so good.” She moans out.

Faster. Faster. Faster.

I’m grinding into her and she try’s to speak. “Mm. Let’s. Let’s cum together baby.” I nod and I start to count down. “3…2…1!” We both moan and wait it out. I collapse next to her. She catches her breath and says “I guess we need to shower again.” We laugh and get up to take a shower together.

We help each other with washing our hair and bodies and then we get dressed together. We get cuddled up and soon fall asleep together.

A/n I’m sorry this was terrible. I’m so sick and really tired rn guys

Skincare and Lipcare thread:

Step 1: I wash my face with the Belif Problem Solution Cleansing Foam to clear my skin of any toxins and left over makeup that I might have missed the day before. 

Step 2: I use my Proactiv Toner with a cotton ball all over my face, which is where I am more prone to acne.

Step 3: I apply either my Ponds Dry Skin Cream or my Bobbi Brown Intense Hydrating Night Cream depending on time of day

Step 4: I apply the Bobbi Brown Eye cream

Step 5: I use my Mario Bodescu Rose Water Spray all over for extra hydration

Note*: Depending on the day I will use my Beauty Infusion Revitalizing Pomegranate Peel-Off Mask before I start my facial routine.

For Lips: 

I apply either my Burt’s Bees Flavor Crystals Lip Balm in Red Raspberry or my Carmex to exfoliate and hydrate my lips. I then apply a cheap lipgloss that I got from Sally’s for that extra shine.

" Baby Don't Be Afraid of Me "

“ Baby Don’t Be Afraid of Me “

pairing : fave x reader

synopsis : after the attack a week ago, she hasn’t moved, but her boyfriend is about to change that

Originally posted by relationshipaims

trigger warning ; talk of previous attack, may trigger past memories


The sun peered through the closed curtains, through the small gap, shining in the room filled with her, the frail girl who couldn’t speak after what had happened. She lays in a fetal position, knees pulled tightly to her chest. Her head lays on the tops on her knees, her face a clear reminder of how traumatic the incident was. Her tear stained cheeks, eyes bloodshot and puffy, surrounded by the black makeup, still on from that night, smeared and some leftover mascara mixed with the tears running down her face. She blamed herself, she can’t help think it was her fault.

The door to her room creaked open, her boyfriend peeped through the small opening. He hated seeing her like this. He walked in, as quietly as he possibly could. His steps, soft, inching closer to the bed. He reached her side, her back facing him. He sat down next to her body, on the smallest available space that was left. A soft murmur left his lips, asking is she was okay. His voice being so low, she couldn’t hear him. He then put his hand on her arm, in a small gesture to make her feel safe.

Her body jolted as soon as the hand to skin contact was made, She didn’t look over, she couldn’t. “ Baby “ he said, breaking the silence. No answer. “ Baby, please “ he pleaded, as he did days before, leading up to today. She was mute. He then got up and switched sides, walking over to his side of the bed. He then, ever so slightly crawled in, and layed next to the broken girl. She covered her face with her free hand, but her stopped her. “ Baby, don’t be afraid of me “ he said. “ I need to see that face, even if it’s all red and puffy “ his words spoke, laced with emotion.

She couldn’t. She tried, she did, but after what happened, she couldn’t. “ I know baby, I know “ he said, as she started to break into a mess of sobs, replaying the attack in her head. He carefully wrapped his arms around her, as she started to mold into his body,her face buried into his chest, as his shirt started to become damp, due to the amount of tears spilling out of her eyes.

Time passed, she was still wrapped in his arms, her breathing started coming back to normal. “ Baby, we need to get you cleaned up “ he said. He undid his tight grip on her, as she went limp as he released. “ Baby, please “ he begged. He walked over to her side, and carefully lifted her body from the bed. Her legs draped over the side of the bed. Her head snapped down. He guided her to stand up, but her legs wobbled because she was so used laying down these past few days.

He held onto her, as he guided her to the a joining bathroom. He opened the door with his free hand, and sat her down on the toilet. Her head dropped, and she slumped over. “ Shower “ he asked, knowing he wouldn’t get a response. He started the water, turning it on a warm temperature. He walked over to her, tilting her head up with his finger. “ Baby, please, you know you can open up to me “ he reassured her. Her head just drooped back down.

He then tugged on the bottom of her shirt, asking for permission to take it off. She just raised her arms as a response. He brought it over her head, and did the same with her pants. She nodded, which excited him. He was happy she was actually communicating, even if it was just a head gesture, He unbuttoned her jeans and wiggled them off of her. He helped her stand up, and turned her around. “ Can I take these off, or do you wanna do it “ he said, trying to get her to talk, but she just put her head down, meaning she wanted him to do it.

He did, as he slid her bra off her now becoming slimmer shoulders, due to the lack of food from the past few days. He then got down and slid her underwear down. She stepped up and stepped out of the holes, as he moved them. Coming up from the floor, he kissed his way up her legs, a simple gesture to know she was safe with him. He opened the curtain, as she stepped in. He discarded his clothing quickly, as he stepped in, joining her.

He filled his hands with body soap, and started rubbing her frail shoulders, rubbing the tension out of them. He did the same to his body as she washed off. He then did the same to her hair, as she washed her face with some soap, trying to remove as much of the left over makeup.

After they finished,he stepped out first guiding her out and wrapping her in a towel, doing the same to his body as they made their way over to the bed. She sat down, as he dried her off. He then got her dressed in some comfy clothes, and he did the same to himself. She then retreated to her side of the bed, curling back up. He joined her.

Laying in the same position they had before, he spoke. “ Baby, I love you, and I want you know that I will always be here, I will help you through this, please know that baby. “ He then kissed her forehead repeatedly. She sniffed through her nose, and rubbed her nose. Then, she did something he would never expect to happen,

“ Thank you, I love you “ she said in a small voice. “


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Hey!! I've been slacking in the toner department as part of my routine. My forehead is pretty dry due to the whether but the rest of my face is generally pretty normal (not a whole lot of oily-ness) what would be a toner that you recommend?!

Hello! :)

There are actually many different kinds of toners that can be used all for all different reasons! A more simple, basic toner will gently cleanse the skin and get rid of any excess dirt, oil or left over makeup after cleansing. Some toners can help with acne, oily skin, dry skin, uneven skin tone/texture, etc. If you want a more simple toner to gently cleanse the skin anything from the drugstore will work fine, just make sure it’s not an astringent/has no alcohol! Witch-hazel makes a great more affordable toner.

I have a few different toners I like to use depending on what my skin needs at the time! My favs are

Mario Badescu Glycolic Acid Toner. This toner is great for those with oily skin, acne, acne scars, discoloration, etc. This toner chemically exfoliates your skin to reveal more even, soft skin. $18 at Nordstrom or Ulta.

Murad Clarifying Toner. This is my favorite toner when my skin is particularly bad and breaking out. The salicylic acid is effective yet gentle. Helps keep your pores tight so you skin is less oily and removes any impurities. $22 at Ulta and Sephora.

Boots Bontanics Rose Water Toning Spritz. Great for more dry skin to use after cleansing when you’re skin feels tight and dry, Gently moisturizes and tones preparing your skin for serum and moisturizer. Rose water/rose products are known for softening the skin so it’s looks and feels more smooth and supple. $8 at Target.

Clinique Clarifying Lotion Toners. Clinique makes a few toners depending on your skin type and all work great as simple, gentle toners. Very popular as beginner toners or toners for teens, this was actually my first toner! Under $14. 

I’m Sorry (Harry)

This one was a bit harder, but I enjoyed writing it it. It was more difficult to write because it’s hard for me to see Harry as a bad boy since he’s so polite and respectful. So this one is more of an AU, but it’s not too big of a stretch. I hope you like it! I kind of took my liberties in coming up with Y/N’s personality and the plot. I made him more on the hard, stern bad boy type than punk really. The ending is super mushy though, and I got so happy writing it c:

Anyway, I hope you like it! Thank you for all of your requests and encouragement, guys! 

(2,034 words)

You know stuff’s gonna go down when the first pic is of H on his motorcycle. Anyway, moving on.

He pulled up to pick you up from work on his motorcycle. Damn.

The greatest feeling in the world was to publicly wrap your arms around the toned, tattooed torso of one of the most attractive men in existence, claiming him as yours.

You didn’t mean to be dating such a bad-boy. To be honest, he wasn’t even really your type. The classic leather jacket, dark jeans, slicked back hair thing never appealed to you. Neither did his attitude. He made snarky, rude comments to everyone, but when he made one directed at you, you snapped back. “I like you,” He said, every word pushing more already-inhaled cigarette smoke in your direction. From then on, you were hooked. 

He made you feel alive: the spontaneous trip to the beach at midnight, trespassing to the roof of a building to stargaze, driving too fast with all of the windows down just to blast crappy music into the empty night air. Though his aura felt so dark and mysterious, he ignited every spark of lightning in your bones.

He tightened your helmet, showing a more tinder side of himself that he normally kept buried. Only you could unearth any emotion from him. He rarely admitted his love verbally, but he would often admit it in little actions like tightening your helmet. It was his way of saying that he cared for your safety.

The motorcycle took off. Your long hair whipped in the wind. You’d kept it short until you met him. He liked the youthful appeal of long hair as well as seeing what it did without your styling it. For some reason, the boy emitted, attracted, and was attracted to unpredictability. For that reason, you balanced each other out well.

Everything about you used to be structured; you thought your anxiety required that of you. If everything wasn’t in perfect order, that’s when it attacked. You didn’t like to take medicine for it, but teaching was a stressful job, and more often than not, your kids turned your plans upside-down, and you needed something to calm you down, unless you wanted to break down in front of over a hundred middle-schoolers. You found yourself taking medicine less often after meeting Harry. The bad-to-the-bone man tore you away from your daily itinerary and created a time for you to relax and enjoy whatever wild ride on which he took you. The irony surprised you; the way he cured your stress was by ruining what you had previously believed helped it. You had planned every aspect. You’d plan on staying in, making spaghetti for dinner, watching a horror film with Harry, making love, and going to bed, in that order. But you’d get home, too tired to cook, so Harry would whisk you off on another adventure on his motorcycle to some unknown burger joint, and after, you’d make love on the deserted beach, illuminated only by the moon and stars.

Lately, you’d thrown your plans out the window, ready for whatever Harry whipped out at you. This open-mindedness had almost cured your anxiety and prepared you for anything. 

It being the weekend, you had no knowledge of where he was taking you and how late you were staying out. You finally arrived at a club, of all places, and he illegally parked his bike on the sidewalk of some alley. You couldn’t tell if that irritated or amused you. He dismounted his bike and removed his helmet, turning to you with arms outstretched as if he owned the place. “What do you think? Huh? The wait is usually a couple of hours, but I got us in instantly.” 

“Harry, we’re at a club, I don’t look club-ready. I’m a teacher, for goodness’ sake! I’m required to dress like a professional.” He smirked, his dimple deepening. Your fits entertained him “Relax, love.” He lit a cigarette, and examined your attire by giving you a swift glance from your head to your toes, then back to your bust. You dressed like the standard school teacher: a button-down tucked into a pair of black skinny-fit pants, covered by a knit cardigan. He put his cigarette between his lips and went to work, taking your cardigan off and unbuttoning your blouse. “What are you doing? An alley seems kind of unhygienic, Harry.” He laughed out loud. “Relax. We’re not gonna fuck, I’m fixing your outfit. You’re wearing one of those tank top things under this, aren’t you?” You nodded, as his hands reached underneath your shirt to graze it off of your shoulders. “Although, seeing you like this does make the idea sound quite nice.” You rolled your eyes, “Oh, save it.” The tight white shirt exposed your curves. “Now tuck that in,” he commanded, “I wanna be able to see your ass.” Normally, you’d never obey such a command, but you knew you’d stand out more in a club if you didn’t show off your body. “You’re wearing flats. You took off your heels at work?” 

“Yeah, they’re in my purse.” You replied, fishing your necklace out of you pocket, fastening it back on to make your outfit look more intentional. You changed out of your shoes, touched up your lipstick, and entered the club.

Lights flashed, the bass thudded, laughter rang, bodies sweated. You relaxed, swiping some of the liquor Harry was trying to drink for himself, which relaxed you even more, causing you to steal more of his drinks, thus causing you to loosen up more. You pulled his ear to your mouth, nibbling it and yelling, “Dance with me!” over the amplitude of the music. His curls shook, and you couldn’t hear him, but he made his “no” very clear. You pressed your chest against his arm and watched him groan. “Come on!” You yelled, smiling and batting your eyelashes at him. Harry Styles, cool as a cucumber, could do nothing but succumb to you. You had him wrapped around your finger, and his hands wrapped around your waist as you stumbled toward the dance floor.


Harry disarmed the house and turned on the kitchen light after closing the garage door. You held firm to his hand, giggling without any restraint. You pressed your body up against him, kissing him hard. He responded appropriately, kissing you back, hands roaming your torso before settling just underneath your breasts. He pulled back, and forced himself to say sternly, “Let’s get you to bed,” You tousled your hair, misinterpreting his intent in your drunken stupor, “Hell yeaaaah!” You said, eagerly rubbing your hands up and down his toned torso, on his chest, and over your shoulders, biting your cherry red lips. “No, you, damn it–” He began, but you gently licked his jaw, latching your lips to his neck for a long kiss, interrupting his train of thought. “Baby, you’re drunk, I’m really trying hard not to sleep with you right now,” You laughed loudly, “Pppfffttt, whaaaat? Harry Styles? The badass macho man? You don’t have those kinds of standards, come on!” His face immediately hardened, and he snapped, “Time for bed.” He swiftly picked you up and threw you over his shoulder. “Haha, well this is new!” You teased, oblivious to your setting him off. He walked you to the bedroom and gently lowered you onto the bed, his calm actions contradicting his hard demeanor. His jaw was set, his brows were furrowed, but he ran his hands softly through your hair, pulling it into a bun on top of your head. You collapsed backwards onto the mattress, saying something about how he was better at managing your hair than you were. “Anyone is, when you’re this hammered,” he retorted, taking your shoes and pants off, making it evident he wasn’t being sexual about it. “Sit up,” he whispered, taking off your top and bra, removing his shirt, and putting it on you. You lied back down and immediately fell asleep.


The light forced its way past your curtains, waking you up as it gradually increased its presence. No sooner had you woken up when you recognized the symptoms of your hangover. Your bare feet slowly padded across the wooden floor to the bathroom, where you naturally released the contents of your stomach. You brushed your teeth and wiped off the left over makeup, noticing the red still staining your lips. You walked back to the empty bed, the sheer physical exertion of your first few minutes awake caused your heart to thump in your head. The bed was empty. Where was Harry? What had you done last night? 

You looked to the clock on the night stand. 9:30. Not too late in the morning. Behind it, you saw a glass of water and two extra-strength ibuprofen tablets. Another way he said he loved you. The last few memories of the night before crept into your mind. You walked out of the bedroom and found Harry sprawled out uncomfortably on the couch. His lanky tattooed body clad in one of his thousands of black Calvin Klein boxers, his arms and legs hanging off the furniture. Sure enough, he had stains of your red lipstick clinging to his mouth, jaw, and neck. You groaned, and, slowly regaining some coordination, moved on to the kitchen to make the obligatory “I’m sorry” breakfast. 

You left the lights off as you made french toast, a surprising sugary favorite of Harry’s. When he smelled the cheap microwave bacon, you heard his feet sliding on the floor, as he was too tired to pick them up completely for each step. He sat at the counter, repeatedly pushing his hair out of his face. You pulled the ponytail holder off of your wrist and gave it to him. He accepted it without thanks. He accepted the breakfast you set before him in the same way. After a few minutes of his chewing, you finally broke the silence with a meager, “Sorry.” He shrugged without even looking at you. “You’re not gonna say anything?” He put his fork down, finished chewing, and looked up, lacing his fingers together, elbows on the table before responding, “We all get drunk. It happens.” 

“That’s not what I’m apologizing for.” His brows raised and eyes widened, suddenly showing interest. You swallowed hard before continuing. “What I said… that you didn’t have standards, I–”

“–Yeah that was absolutely uncalled for.” You looked up at him, and he was still staring at you, hard. He paused for you to defend yourself before continuing, “I mean, damn, Y/N, who says that kind of thing to someone? Especially someone they’re dating! If I didn’t have standards, why the hell would I be dating someone like you who’s so unattainably out of my league?” You looked away, ashamed at his compliment. “I don’t deserve–”

“–You’re damn right you don’t deserve my compliments after last night. You’re lucky I didn’t have at you right then and there last night.”

“Harry, I know! That’s why I’m apologizing. That’s why I’m making you breakfast, even though I’m too hungover to even walk properly! That’s why I’m not telling you to talk quietly, even though my head is absolutely killing me! I deserve for you to yell at me, I just want you to know that I’m so sorry! I know what I said was wrong and hurtful!” You panted and wiped the tears that had barely started to drip out of your eyes.

There was a moment of silence, before Harry rolled his eyes and relaxed his shoulders, beckoning for you. “Come here,” He whispered, noticeably less tense. You stumbled into his arms which he wrapped around the small of your back. He was warm and soft, contrary to the personality he portrayed. You buried your face into the small area between his collar bone and his neck. “Thanks for the Tylenol and water.” You mumbled into his neck, playing with one of his curls. You sat for a few moments in silence. “I love you.” He said, barely above a whisper. 

You smiled, knowing you were the only one who ever got to see this side of him.

“I love you, too.”


The picture of Meryl Streep in whiteface was made during a session that didn’t start out well. Meryl had only recently become a movie star. I had already done a fashion sitting with her for Vogue, and Life had used a head shot taken from that sitting on their cover a few months earlier. Francesco Scavullo had just shot her for the cover of Time. This round of publicity was for The French Lieutenant’s Woman. Meryl was uncomfortable with all the attention she was getting and she cancelled the first appointment for the shoot, but she was finally persuaded to come to my studio for two and a half hours one morning. She came in and talked about how she didn’t want to be anybody, she was nobody, just an actress. There were a lot of clown books lying around the studio and some white makeup left over from an idea I had had for either James Taylor or John Belushi. I told Meryl that she didn’t have to be anybody in particular, and I suggested that maybe she would like to put on whiteface. To be a mime. That set her at ease. She had a role to play. It was her idea to pull at her face. (Annie Leibovitz)