left one is unofficial

the signs as stupid things people in my class have done
  • Aries: taken selfies with several teacher's asses
  • Taurus: asked the geography professor if he ships drarry
  • Gemini: called me daddy three days in a row because he didnt know of daddy kink and then got really disgusted when someone told him and never did it again
  • Cancer: had a meme war with someone who constantly stole printed out memes he hung up and actually planned to fake his death
  • Leo: nearly started a webcomic to get back at andrew hussie for ruining his life
  • Virgo: sang a song from a cat game that made another person break out in tears
  • Libra: hid in the closet of the room of some girls just to use his phone and then wordlessly walked out again and left the room and no one questioned it
  • Scorpio: unofficially married skrillex
  • Sagittarius: left school early to buy a rug, and wasnt there half the day once because she needed to return her snowboard
  • Capricorn: wore a nicolas cage mask half the day while other people visited the school and stared at them
  • Aquarius: actually just took a picture while making candles at night, but ended up looking like they were summoning satan
  • Pisces: had an asthmatic reaction on a school trip while the teachers were in some bar and searched the whole hotel for an asthma spray