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so I just finished watching the girl king, a movie about christina, queen of sweden and honestly it had the most epic friendzoning in history no other man can compare

this dude like went to the front lines of war for his queen of sweden, like he legit went to the blood soaked battlefields, killed shit tons of catholics, and got her all the treasures she ever asked for, like 1000s of books, a stuffed lioness, lots of cool shit including this rare-ass bible allegedly written by the devil himself–the book she specifically said, u bring me this, im urs, that exact book

so he returns with all this shit, thinking in his nice guy™ mind that of course he’s earned her hand in marriage, of course she’ll be his wife now

nope, she refuses him, she doesn’t even show up to the victory celebration he threw for her

so then, years later, she goes to him + he’s all secluded in this snowy wasteland. he’s been living off the grid, in the wilds of nature, bathing in ice water, dousing himself in stoicism + tears. anyway, when she comes to him, she puts her hand on his and says “now is your time to show your love to me” and of course he’s tripping balls, he’s finally got the girl he earned, the girl he won

but guess what

she makes him her legal “son”–yes her SON, what other friendzoned loser out there can say that his intended made him HER SON? that’s a whole new category now, the SON ZONE–and gives him the throne and just fucking leaves him there in sweden and goes to rome to party it up at the vatican

also she was queer and fucked women and never wanted to marry a dude so - the sucker never stood a chance. at least he got a throne out of it.

Saeyoung’s MC

Just my opinion~

  • Really, really kind: I don’t think I have to explain this.
  • Innocent but not dumb: Saeyoung’s humor is sometimes too smart :P but she always gets it
  • Patient: She didn’t give up on him
  • Stubborn: Same reason as patient, she didn’t gave up even when he pushed her away telling her the meanest things and showing her one if his ugliest sides!
  • Childish: have you heard their calls? She’s like a child
  • Positive: Saeyoung actually said it on a call…
  • Self-confident: I thought of this when hearing their calls, she doesn’t get shy easily. Actually, she’s not self aware since she wore short skirts in front of him.
  • She’s not only words, she acts: She told him she loved him but she demonstrated it to him, hugging him, risking her life for him several times…
  • She has her way with words though: You have to be really good with words to make a guy fall in love with you only by talking on the phone
  • Works from home: She stayed on the apartment barely going out for several days and then went with him to Mint Eye, she could be taking the semester off to make money for her tuition or/and works from home since she has a lot of free time.
  • Has problems of anxiety: on a phone call you have the option of at least give him some hints about it
  • Didn’t have friends when she was a child: An option of the chatroom that gives you a red heart
  • Pretty popular with guys but she always left them on the friendzone: you received calls from Zen and Yoosung near the end of the route saying something similar and actually MC is really nice and cheerful here, no wonder why a guy wouldn’t feel for her

Most of this had already been done 😅 actually now that I’m reading it again I think some of them are canons xD anyway, hope you liked it!

BLANKETS [JungkookxReader](Part 3/5)

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Pairing: Jungkook x Reader (Feat. Yoongi, Jimin, Taehyung)

Genre: Romance/Angst/Smut BadBoyAU!

Summary: A one night stand turned into various visits. No strings attached, or at least that is what you told yourself every time he walked through the door. His first name was the only thing you knew, besides having memorized every sensitive spot that laid upon his skin.

One night you catch a glimpse of his world. One that you had never had the temptation to roam on your free will. Jungkook though was addicting, and your craving for his touches led you to venture into his life. This new found world offering you a freedom you didn’t know existed. The consequences of your actions instead of taking you a step closer to him, formed a barrier. Jungkook’s sweet touches turned rough with rage, his passionate kisses turned possessive, and his comfortable casual talk went to promises/lies of a forever.

Rating: M [Language, Strong Scenes, Drug usage, Sexual Scenes](Will add a warning prior if that chapter will contain any smut scenes)

Author’s Note: Sorry for the HUGE delay with this one. I am from Texas, and due to Mother Nature I was in a bit of a pickle. Thankfully I am okay, and I finally finished the third part. Once again it is not 100% edited, but I hope you guys like it. Next Chapter will be longer. I hope ya’ll enjoy.

Also quick confession….. I have never written in 2nd POV till now, so sorry for any mistakes I might commit while writing in this form.

Trigger warning: Drugs, alcohol, and Sexual scenes

Not 100% edited yet. Might have minor mistakes :)

Feedback is greatly appreciated!

Word Count: 2,900+


.Part 1. .Part 2. [Fic Playlist]


My heart tells me this is the best and greatest feeling I have ever had. But my mind knows the difference between wanting what you can’t have and wanting what you shouldn’t want. And I shouldn’t want you.
—  Cassandra Clare, City of Glass

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WAIT THERE, I have some reflections and theories to share (2/2)

So I’m back with the longest essay I’ve ever made. If shipping gays would be an acceptable topic to make an essay of in my Spanish class (South American gal, yeah) I think this would have been shown in my school’s news board.

Here comes the ship- *inhales*

In a little less than the half of the book, Jasper insists on knowing who does Call like, but he gets really awkward. Jasper actually asks about all the girls he knows Call is close with, but nothing. That gives a miserable hope that there’s space for his blonde best friend in his heart. At the library as well, since he gave him all those lovey-dovey related books (I sincerely have the headcanon that Jasper knows all the tension between those two and he is just like “for fuck’s sake just kiss already”)

When Call learned to breathe underwater, he was very happy and Aaron noticed this, saying that “he ruled”. That made Tamara protest and say “Hello, we all rule here” since she was there like a third wheel. (I honestly laughed at these two dorks in my fangirling mode but I have to keep stern in this post-)

Even Anastasia noticed all of this, and Call is so oblivious that he answered “Yeah?” Like he didn’t know why on hell was she pointing out that they were pretty close and they cared for each other. He was that confused that he also included Tamara in his answer. Friendzone…
Oh and don’t forget when Aaron was blaming Celia all along when she was just trying to go out with Call, and he kept on it even if Tamara or Call were insisting on her innocence. I could sense a tint of jealousy in his actions, to be honest.

And, when Call thinks that “Maybe Aaron wasn’t actually his friend” that left me confused. He constantly friendzones himself and then he says that. Then what is he? Hm? This gets weirder when they magically take lessons without Tamara (great timing) on seeing souls.
(Taken from the book, chapter eleven:) “He flicked a glance up at Aaron’s eyes and found Aaron looking at him. They both grinned, without being able to help it.”

I really hope these are real hints of something further than friendship and counterweight stuff, because I am honestly disappointed of JKR when they made The Cursed Child (because come on it had all the homo but no, they would rescue each other from the dark and be awkward and all and them bam no homo) and I reaaallyyy don’t want to see that ever again, specially in here. Think about MaLec, aunt Cass. You did this once, why not again? Because it’s pretty sly from them to make them not only best mates, but also counterweights of each other. That can easily camouflage basic romantic quotes as “I can’t live without him” or “We need each other” because that’s what literally happens since both are Makars.

It’s clearly seen that Aaron is deeply in love with Call. Pretty fucking much. Since the moment they met, he was the first one in giving him a cheerful smile. To make it gayer, I just counted the times Aaron clasped his hand on Call’s shoulders. Three, okay? Three fucking times, and those times, even if they are just a few, were tense as hell. (I also have the headcanon that Aaron touching his shoulder calms him down even if he is getting consumed by the Void-) look. Just. Look.

“Aaron put his hand on Call’s shoulder. “Remember,” he said. “If you need to do any chaos magic, don’t try to do it all on your own. I’m your counterweight. I’ll be just outside with the others. Draw on me, on my chaos energy, like you’d draw on air if you were underwater.”
-Chapter 7

In here, the gang was about to see who was the spy in Magisterium, using Call as bait, remember? And Aaron just told him that. Like, practically he told him to cling with his life onto him. I’m swooning on how damn cute this ray of sunshine is. (Tbh they remind me of solangelo a bit too much) He knows Call likes to do things on his own, so he doesn’t doubt in telling him those words. If I was in Call’s place, I’d hug him right away, just saying.

“Be careful,” Aaron told him, clapping Call on the shoulder. His green eyes were reassuring.”
-Chapter 13

Before that creepy fire maze, he does the same thing he did to make him feel good. I’m pretty sure that with his eyes, he was saying the same words he said six chapters before. Want some more? Down below.

“Call felt Aaron’s hand on his shoulder, and a moment later he’d been guided out of the room and was back in the corridor.”
-Chapter 14

Call was freaking out because of that accidental soul commanding he did with Jennifer’s soul leftovers. Then Aaron strikes again, gives him a small motivational speech, squeezes his shoulder and lets go. He just can’t take the fact that his crush is stabbing himself with self-hate, huh?

And yes, it really looks like as if Aaron is madly in love with Call who friendzones him, sadly (don’t make me count the times he says Aaron wouldn’t hurt him, since he is his /best friend./ They are countless.) BUT!!
In a pinch, when he made the chaos-ridden obey him, he employed all of the Void magic he could afford, he went dizzy, and reached for Aaron; but he couldn’t do it since the blond’s magic was dim, so it almost consumed him. It’s even said that he felt desperate because of the fact that he was without him. That could make him reflex a little more, I think. It was necessary.

“He was alone in the dark without Aaron. In despair, he let himself fall backward into nothingness.”
-Chapter 13

He practically was giving up since there wasn’t his other half ready to help him and put his feet back to earth.

But what gives me the chills and gives me a furious outrage impulse is the fact that even at the verge of death, in the tensest pinch of their lives now, they still want to protect each other no. matter. what. Just remember those lines where they were all “No, kill me, don’t hurt him” “Just don’t hurt Aaron” “Get away from Call” etcetera etcetera. Those lines through all of the book are also countless, if we also count the “I wouldn’t hurt Call” and “He wouldn’t hurt me!” Lines.

Is when even at all the lost hope, when they already accepted the fact that their powers would be absorbed, is the moment when Call, out of a sudden, grabbed Aaron’s hand. God fucking dammit. I swear I’d cry a river if they had put a confession right there. That would have broken me into pieces and a two-week depression. That would have been too much.

And that sunny optimistic little shit |returns the grip|, and says THIS:

““At least we’re going to die together,” Aaron said. Then, unbelievably, he smiled at Call.”
-Chapter 15

He smiled at him, even if they were about to die. This was practically the most romantic moment between these two (even if at the shoulder moments I was like “take his fucking hand now” this hit me hard), and at the most defining moment of their lives. Aaron is sadly happy that at least, he would die with the person he liked as more as a friend. Oh god. (I personally was frustrated af since in the last minute he approached for not making the first move, well done, Stewart. What’s next? Waiting for a kiss when you’re revived?) this gives me the feeling that Aaron knew that he was being friendzoned (damn obliviousness) and he was showing his affection in small portions, since it would be bad for him (his feelings) and for Call (since he was going through many bad stuff) to go and confess his feelings right away, or just go and peck him on the lips.

And when he apparently dies (I’m not confirming this, for my crashed, mashed and broken shipper heart’s sake and because of the reasons in the early post) Call realizes who had lost. Not only a best friend, but his soulmate. He dreams with him after all that stuff, he was smiling and telling things about the Gallery, as it was said in the books. He realizes that he was taking their bond for granted, that he didn’t think a single time that such a thing would ever happen. Oh well, lessons are everywhere.

I personally think that I could make essays justifying why do I ship certain ship and this is not the exception, since for me, they are so fucking otp. And that’s why I’m trying to squint and find every rational trace of romance implied between them. Rational, okay? I am not using every time he acknowledges Call’s presence. He always cares for him in a friendly way, but see these things and tell me if some of those ways are way much closer than Tamara has ever been with Call. Sure, he is awkward toward girls because he doesn’t know how to deal with them, since he has lived only with his father, and because of the contrast between Tamara’s direct personality and Call’s introverted and distant one. But he tries his best on not to focus so much in these things. I still think that Aaron has a sweet personality filled with gentleness that blend perfectly with Call.

These two dorks are my otp, fight me. I will sink into fanfictions until the next book is out, thanks for reading until here. I will upload some fanarts of this saga because it deserves them.

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And love triangles tend to happen when you're all in a group of boys and there's only a girl there. And the fact that she only spends her time with boys doesn't make her a whore. For example: in my group, we were only girls, and suddenly a boy became part of it and (excluding me, because I was in love of my best friend; she left me in the friendzone) they all we're in love with him, and it wasn't his fault. -2

I never said it made her a whore at all??? I just am saying I wish that that part wasn’t in there because it’s frustrating and seems like theres no purpose. If Beverly was written well and had a purpose in the book, of course I’d like her. It just becomes annoying when she’s there JUST to be a love interest. If that’s the only reason she’s there, why would I like her?

Key Fitzsimmons Moments


  • Meet Fitzsimmons (pilot) 
  • fzzt sacrifice 
  • “you’re the hero”
  • sandwich
  • “What’s in the box”
  • “i dont like change”
  • triplet/ we need to talk
  • “you’re more than that” / confession


  • hallucination
  • “… i told her how I felt and she left”
  • friendzone
  • “why do you think i left?”
  • “i can’t work with you”
  • *hand holding*
  • “maybe there is” / confession


  • “you love her yeah?" 
  • *jumps through hole in the universe*
  • date
  • Perthshire
  • kiss
  • snow scene
  • *jumps through hole again* (to save will)
  • kiss
  • our friendship is linear
  • SEX
  • Seychelles

If I missed any, feel free to tell me :P

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I remember this one time I lead on my bff,(2-3months) I teased him, sent him porn videos, mind you he's like my bff since childhood and he got so fed up with it that he came over and legit made out with me and he like grinded himself into me and said "you see how hard you make me, only you can do that" and i never been so turned on in my life, and then we fucked for like 2 hours straight, (he took my virginity)

damnnnnnnn he left the friendzone!!!

Send me slutty confessions!

Love to Hate You

Note: Written for Anon-ie (thank you so much for requesting!) as well as @kriselynne who wanted a jealous Jaehyun~ 

Pairing: Jaehyun/ Y/N

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Y/N didn’t believe in love at first sight.

But she did believe at annoyed in first sight.

She couldn’t exactly tell the reason why, but she always got annoyed at Jung. Jae. Hyun.

How he always seemed to smile at everyone, showing off his set of deep dimples (“Like yeah. We get it. You got a million-dollar smile.”); how he always seemed to tower over everyone else (“Can I scream giant?”); and how everyone, including their mom, seemed to like him to damn much it was nauseating. (“Ugh.”)

“Y/N. Hey, Y/N.”

Ten, your best friend, smiled at your predicament.

“There he goes again,” Ten whispered. “The bane of your existence.”

You resisted the urge to roll your eyes heavenwards.

“When will he ever leave me?” you whispered back.

Jung Jaehyun has made it his life’s mission to annoy the living hell out of you every chance he got.

“Just give him a chance, Y/N,” Ten said, smirking this time. “Poor guy needs your love and attention.”

You shuddered and made gagging motions. “The hell you talking about, Chittaphon?” you said through gritted teeth.

And as much as you wanted to change directions to avoid interaction with annoyance personified, you no longer could. Talking to Jung Jaehyun was inevitable. It didn’t stop you from rolling your eyes, however, before facing him with a forced amicable smile on your lips.

“What is it, Jung?” You could never call him his first name. It had always been ‘Jung’.

“Whoa,” Jaehyun raised his hands as soon as he saw the expression on your face. “You look like you’re about to kill someone.”

Then he laughed so loud as if he hasn’t laughed in centuries. Ten laughed with him, that was, until you silenced your best friend with a glare.

“I’m about to,” you replied, still pasting the fake smile on your lips, “if you don’t remove yourself from my presence.”

“Ooohhh,” Ten taunted him. “Whatcha’ gotta say, Jung?”

It seemed that Ten was the only one entertained with the exchange between you two.

You crossed your arms across your chest and stared straight into his eyes, hoping it relayed how annoyed you were with him.

“Shut up, Nine,” Jaehyun replied and Ten looked offended.

“Hey! I’m always a Ten!”

Jaehyun rolled his eyes. “No, you ar—“

You waved your hands in front of them before it became a full-blown argument. “Make it quick, Jung. You’re wasting my time.”

“Ouch. That should fucking hurt.” Ten made stabbing motions to the heart to taunt Jaehyun some more.

Jaehyun just raised his middle finger to flip him off. But Ten, being Ten, had been long immune to this kind of stuff. He just shrugged Jaehyun off.

Addressing you again, Jaehyun finally said, “I just wanted to ask you out to lunch.”

Your heart almost leaped out in surprise.

You? Jaehyun? Lunch?

What in the world happened to him?


“Because you looked like someone who hasn’t eaten in days,” he finished off with a smirk on his lips. He looked proud and there was nothing more you wanted to do than wipe that smirk off his face.

You held your breath as your smile cracked. The chill you felt throughout your body was comparable to doing the “Ice Bucket Challenge”.

They broke into another bout of laughter, even clapping each other while you felt your cheeks go red.

“Oh.” You ran your tongue on the inside of your cheek. “So you think that was so funny?”

You could no longer hide your annoyance so it didn’t matter to you if your mouth ran with no filter.

“Well, fuck you, too.”

You spun on your heels, whipping your hair, and hitting Jaehyun intentionally on the face.


You looked back at Ten, still with the same annoyance on your face. “Are you coming with me, Ten? Or you’d rather stay with your buddy over there?”

Ten clapped Jaehyun on the back, whispered, “Sorry, bro,” before running to catch up with you.


Jung Jaehyun was annoyance personified.

A long tired sigh escaped your lips as you placed your notebook and pen inside your bag.

“Someone’s got a long day,” Ten commented as he prepared his bag, ready to leave school.

You deadpanned at him. Sometimes, you wondered how you even got to be friends, no, best friends with him when he’s sarcastic as hell.

“And with that sigh, you sound like you were just asked to carry the world,” he added.

“Are you done with your speech, Chittaphon?” you asked, rolling your eyes at him. “At least, it’s a sign of hard work. When will you?”

The two of you got out of the classroom still bickering.

“Well, excuse you, Y/N, but I work—“


At the sound of his voice, your heart melted and your panty dropped. You gripped Ten’s hand so hard he yelped at the pain.

“Ow, Y/N!”

Trying to recollect yourself and act cool, you fixed your expression into a neutral one. You turned to the sound of the voice and had to control the urge to sigh in bliss.

‘How could anyone be blessed with that face?’

“H-Hi, Taeyong.” It surprised you how you managed to find your voice even if it was shaky.

Taeyong smiled at you and you swore you held your breath. It was a miracle how you didn’t faint. His smiles were always rare.

‘How could anyone have a jawline so sharp it could cut throats? How could anyone have eyes so bright they’d rivaled the stars in the sky?’

Inside your head, you knew you were so cheesy as fuck.

But basically, Taeyong was the perfect person.


With probably glassy eyes, you looked at Ten. “Hm?”

“You’re drooling.”

Ten laughed while your eyes widened. The rest of his laughed got swallowed in pain as you ribbed him. Trust him to ruin this perfect moment with your crush.

As Ten rubbed his sides, your eyes sent clear warning.

Shut up or die.

Ten smiled sheepishly at you before saying, “Well, I take that as a cue to leave.”

Your soul sighed in relief. Finally! Just you and Taeyong. No more annoying, sarcastic best friends on the side.

Ten walked away from you two, but not before leaving one last remark.

“You two lovebirds enjoy the rest of the day. And Y/N, stop imagining Taeyong in your head.”

You were a frozen block of ice at what Ten said.

“Ten Chittaphon Leechaiyapornkul!”

You wanted to hit him, but it was too late. Ten had already scampered out of your reach, leaving a teasing laugh in his wake.

You eyed Taeyong, and he at you. His gaze made you stare at your shoes, as if finding them interesting.

Coughing out a nervous laugh, you said, “I’m sorry about that.”

Taeyong shook his head and laughed with good-nature. “Let’s go?”

You nodded, finally lifting your head to meet his eyes. You had to look to the sides to hide the goofy smile threatening to split your face in two.

The relationship you had with Taeyong was questionable. There was no exact label, but you two had been hanging out for a couple of weeks now.

Even with the set-up where there was no commitment, you loved every second of it.

That was until Mr. Annoying Face, also known as Jung Jaehyun appeared in front you two just as you and Taeyong were out of the school gates. Just seeing his face was ruining your mood and your perfect afternoon.

You stopped from walking and your eyebrows met like a natural reaction.

However, seeing Jaehyun made you wonder why he looked like he was about to eat someone.

“Y/N, who’s this?”

Both you and Taeyong were taken aback with Jaehyun’s tone. You felt your temper rise. Why did he sound so entitle, like he had any right to dictate who you should hang out with and who you shouldn’t?

Good thing that Taeyong just smiled and offered his hand. “I’m Taeyong. Nice to meet—“

Taeyong didn’t get to finish what he was saying as Jaehyun slapped his hand away. Your eyes widened at the rudeness Jaehyun was displaying. Good thing that Taeyong kept the pleasant smile on his face.

“What the hell are you doing, Jung?!”

If Taeyong wasn’t going to react, you were going to for him.

“It’s okay, Y/N—“

“It’s not, Tae!” Your voice was getting higher by the minute. You faced Jaehyun again. “What’s your problem?!”

You’re my problem,” Jaehyun replied with the same heat.

“Me?” You pointed to yourself. “The hell are you talking about?”

“I don’t like seeing you with him.”

You were taken aback with the confession, but your anger got the best of you.

Crossing your arms, you said, “You don’t get to decide, Jung. I can be with anyone I want!”

“With this guy?” Jaehyun pointed his index finger at Taeyong who kept his silence at what was unfolding before him. “Come on, Y/N. You can do better.”

Jaehyun laughed with the intention of mocking.

“And I suppose you are the better one?” You scoffed at his remark. It sounded crazy how Jaehyun thinks he’s better than Taeyong. “Well, excuse you, Jung Jaehyun.  Can’t you see how much of a God-sent individual Taeyong is? Compared to you, he’s a god.”

You let your eyes roam from head to foot.

“You don’t stand a chance against him.”

That shut Jaehyun up.

“Y/N, you didn’t have to…” Taeyong placed a hand on your shoulder to calm you down. However, there was no stopping you.

“No! I can’t let this pass! Did you even see—“

“How about you, Y/N?” Jaehyun spoke again. This time, it no longer carried the heat from before. His voice had softened. He stared into your eyes with sadness reflected in them.

“Will you ever see me?”

Your eyes furrowed in confusion. The anger you felt just moments ago left you. “What are you talking about?”

Jaehyun sighed then looked heavenwards before resting his gaze back on you again. “Sometimes, I wonder why do you hate me.”

Inside your head, you were screaming, ‘The hell? Why is Jung so dramatic all of a sudden?’

“I don’t—“

“Don’t hate me. Please,” Jaehyun said it so low you almost didn’t hear it.

You were almost filled with pity for him until you glanced at Taeyong who was frowning at Jaehyun and looking sorry for him. Then you remembered how Jaehyun acted moments ago.

A decision was made in your mind.

“I don’t hate you…”

Jaehyun looked relieved at what you said.

“But I can’t bring myself to like you either.”

With that, you held Taeyong’s hand and left Jaehyun alone.

Note: Jaehyun friendzoned you? You friendzoned Jaehyun. Lol joke. I wrote this back in the day (The Space Between Girl and Friend 1 | 2 ) and thought of a scenario where this time, the girl got to do the same to him. They are not connected stories tho. Hope you guys liked it!