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Seven new faces for the Barça women’s team

Irene del Río, Sandra Paños, Olga García, Patricia Guijarro, Bàrbara Latorre, Andreia Norton and Ane Bergara are the new arrivals for the coming season

Irene del RioCaptain of Oviedo Moderno, she is a left footed midfielder, technically gifted and willing to get into the box. She can play either in midfield or up front.

Sandra PañosShe is a Spanish international goalkeeper who has taken part in the World Cup currently being played in Canada and a key figure at Levante over the last few seasons. She stands out for her ability with the ball at her feet and her agility.

Olga García A striker who played for FC Barcelona in her younger days before leaving for Levante two seasons ago. Over that time she has gained in experience and has the ability to adapt to any of the attacking positions in the side as well as being a natural goalscorer.

Patricia Guijarro The youngest of all the newcomers and an U17 international with Spain at the European Championships that is being played this summer, she is a versatile midfielder with a strong physical presence and a winning character.

Bàrbara Latorre A quick, technical player who can play out wide on either side of midfield. She brings mobility and the ability to lose her marker in space. She has a background in futsal and has a nose for goal.

Andreia Norton U19 international with Portugal, Norton is a striker who stands out for her play with her back to goal and who can play in any of the positions up front. She arrives from FC Cesarense.

Ane Bergara Versatility is the watchword. Bergara can play anywhere in defence as well as in the defensive midfielder role. She is a born winner and has been a key member of Real Sociedad’s squad in recent years.

Five players say goodbye

On 30 June there were five players who ended their contracts with FC Barcelona. Virginia Torrecilla leaves for French club Montpellier, Marta Corredera, Sonia Bermúdez, ‘Willy’ Romero, who is signing for Valencia and Chelsea Ashurst. The Club would like to thank the players publicly for their professionally and dedication during their time with the Club and would also like to wish them the best for the future.

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