left handed products

Why Being Gay is Like Being Left-Handed

-Society assumes you’re right-handed unless you say otherwise

-Society makes products specifically for right-handed people and expects left handed people to “just adapt” to using right-handed products

-When a product is made specifically for left-handed people, right-handed people don’t understand why someone who is left-handed would specifically need that as a left-handed product

-Sometimes people try to make you use your right hand instead, claiming that using your left hand is “wrong”

-People get stunned when they notice that you’re left-handed, and feel the need to ask you questions about your left-handed “lifestyle”

-When a left-handed person mentions that they’re left-handed, a right-handed person will say “I don’t tell people that I’m right-handed, so why do you need to announce to the world that you’re left-handed?”

-Children of a left-handed person will ask their parent why there aren’t books, tv shows, or movies about their family, because each character is portrayed as being right-handed


mini gruvia thing part 2

Kidnapped gruvia part 1


Gray leaned forward and inspected the clock that sat atop his desk, wondering absently why it wouldn’t just go bloody faster.

Granted, it was a particularly rainy day and he was in no hurry to get to his new apartment, empty, and alone.

The move from Magnolia had been hard. His entire livelihood resided there, everything from birth to graduation, Magnolia was his home. But his job had all but demanded this, a move to the capitol had been his fair distant dream, and now it had finally come true.

But the first bloody day was never fun.

Setting up boxes, setting up papers, setting up…well, everything.

But now it was done, and his shift ended in three…two…one.

Success! A day’s work well done, and he was off to the field with his new partner tomorrow.

Right…his new partner…

The man had been…eccentric, so to say, but he certainly had a good rep for closing cases.

And right now, that was all that really mattered.

“Fullbuster! Hold up!” Speak of the devil, Gray’s new partner surfaced, Agent Fernandes.

“Fernandes,” Gray greeted, his hand pausing at the exit.

“Turn up early tomorrow, you’ll want to get there before the cops show. They always ruin everything.” Jellal said with a wry smile. Gray felt obliged to return it, after he became an agent back in Magnolia the cops were always making a fuss about every little thing they did.

“Will do. See you then.” Gray bid, before propping his black umbrella open and greeting the rain with a sigh.

“Later novice,” Jellal said, giving him a two fingered salute before disappearing.

Gray didn’t answer, it would be rather futile considering Jellal wouldn’t hear him.

The rain beat against the busy pavement, reminding Gray of early spring mornings in Magnolia when the rain would soothe his stressed mind.

He’d always liked it. No real reason, just a feeling.

Standin’ here out in the cold,

Cars built up in the street, headlights bright and drivers impatient. That was one difference, the traffic oh lord the traffic, it was about as efficient as tying your shoes with two machine guns.

The streets were rarely empty, but on rainy days like this few people braved the open skies, afraid of being trampled by the telltale droplets from the clouds.

Gray pursed his lips. Which way was his apartment again? Left? No, that way didn’t look familiar at all, but what about-



Gray hadn’t even realized that he had been wringing the necklace around his neck so much that the pendant had actually fallen off. He leaned over to pick it up, but paused for a second to examine it.

A glossy, three dimensional ocean-like rock, shimmering from the rainwater and whispering memories of the past.

He clasped it in his hand, almost afraid that it would disappear. Just like the person it belonged to.

Suddenly in a bad mood, Gray clicked the rock back onto his necklace and stormed across the road, ignoring the blatant honking and swerving of cars.

He didn’t notice her, not with the mood he was in.

But he still rammed into her, a sneer still written on his face.

He instantly felt bad, he had knocked a small, frail looking girl onto the soaking wet pavement from his carelessness.

“Ah, I’m so sorry, I wasn’t watching where I was going,” he apologized, reaching down to pull her to her feet.

Her hands were small, cold.

Searchin’ for a sign of hope,

“N-no, it’s my fault,” she said, her voice was small like a droplet of water. Her face was  hidden by the curved hood of her navy blue jacket, but Gray could see a peek of winding blue hair, curling from the humidity of the rain.

“Hey, uh, you don’t by chance know where 845 Emblem road is, do you?” He asked sheepishly, feeling guilty for running into a girl and then immediately asking for a favor.

“Oh, yes. Are you lost?” She asked. It only took him a few moments to decide that he liked her voice, although small it still held all the qualities of rain, soothing, light, cool…

“A little bit, yes. I’m sorry for causing you any trouble, but…” he trailed off, hoping she would catch his hint.

Life was simple, we once had it all

“It’s not a problem really. It’s not too far from my place.” She said, well, more like sang, Gray could almost swear that this girl’s voice could cure several varieties of cancer.

“Thank you. I just moved in yesterday, I guess I’m no good with directions.” Gray admitted with a soft laugh, lifting his umbrella a bit higher to fully cover her.

Through the storm in times of trouble

“I know what you mean. Sometimes I get lost in my own house,” she giggled, overstepping a puddle and signaling Gray to make the next turn.

That was the moment Gray decided to do a little work practice, just some basic profiling.

Her right hand was firmly plunged into her jacket pocket, probably hiding something, like a tattoo, or a scar.

Her jacket was spotless, not a misplaced hair was strewn across it besides the obvious rain splatters, so no pets and probably lived alone.

Her shoes were rather worn, hence her intuition to avoid puddles at all costs or face the consequences.

The right boot was laced up tighter than the left, she was most definitely right handed. There was also some smudged ink on her left hand, a product of writing something down in a hurry.

“Are you ok?”

Gray looked up, interrupted from his mini study session and smiled. “No, just trying to…figure you out.”

She looked up, the bottom of her chin poking out of her hood so that he could catch the curve of her neck, smooth and milky like vanilla ice cream and he reminded himself not to stare.

“Oh? Did you find anything interesting?” she asked, amused by his pastime.

“Hm…do you live alone?” He asked. She paused, and Gray instantly knew that whatever she was about to tell him was a lie.

“…Yes.” She said emotionlessly.

Gray snapped at the ground, pretending to be frustrated. “Damn, first profile wrong already? I’m really rusty.”

“…What made you think I lived alone?” She inquired, not accusatory in any way, simply curious.

“Your jacket.” He answered, looking for her puzzled reaction.

He got it.

“I’m not quite sure how my jacket would lead to that conclusion, but go on.”

Gray smiled. “Well, it’s completely clean. That suggested you had time to clean it, and that you probably didn’t have any pets.”

“How do you know I didn’t have a lizard?” She asked, the corners of her mouth turning upwards, not that Gray could see.

“Real people don’t have lizards.” He answered simply, and she laughed.

“What else?” She asked, almost eagerly like he’d just shown her a magic trick.

“Hm…do you have a tattoo?” Gray asked, trying to hide the skepticism in his voice.

She covered her mouth to avoid her giggles to spill out. “N-no! What? Why?”

He shook his head. “You right hand, it’s hidden…”

She stopped laughing abruptly, looking down at her concealed hand. “O-oh, it’s just…” she retrieved her hand to show him a wicked looking cut covered by several butterfly bandages. Gray couldn’t hold in a deep suck of breath at the surprising severity of the wound.

“It was stupid, I just cut myself on an old nail on my shed…” She said, waving her hand back into her pocket.

“Well…in all fairness, that was going to be my second guess.”

She laughed, reaching up and pushing her blue hair back behind her hood. “Oh really?”


She stopped, and Gray realized that he was in front of his apartment building.

Gray tried to ignore his disappointment, but failed miserably.

“Well…here you are…” She said, turning around so he could only see her back.

“Well, now that I know where it is, can I walk you home?” He asked hopefully, tightening his grip on the umbrella handle.

She looked down the road, considering his offer.

“W-well, I mean, if you want to…”

Gray grinned. “It’d be my pleasure.”

We can rise or we can crumble

She turned down the road, leading the way to her house. Gray followed her, just close enough to uphold the umbrella so that she wouldn’t get wet.

“Where do you work, anyway?” Her soft voice cut through the silence, reminding him of where he was.

“Up on Lexington, I’m a Federal Agent.” He said, a bit proudly.

“O-oh.” She said, clearly disturbed by his area of work.

“Don’t worry, I’m not going to arrest you or anything.” He joked, not lightening the mood one bit.

“Sorry, it’s just, my dad had some trouble with the feds before. They thought it was suspicious that he was a single father…ridiculous…” She whispered the last word like some sort of omen.

“Well, they’re just doing their job.” Gray said, a bit defensively.

“Right, right…I’m sorry, I must’ve hit a nerve.” She said apologetically. Gray softened at hthe sound of her voice.

“Yeah, I’m sorry, I just…I knew a girl. Who got taken, you just…can’t trust everyone.” Gray admitted, having no idea why he was pouring his life story into this girl. Maybe it was just the comfort that he would most likely never see her again.

“Oh, I’m….I’m sorry, I know that must’ve been hard.” She said shyly, looking up towards a forested property guarded by a grand looking gate. “This is me.”

Gray whistled, the spiraling steel gate catching raindrops menacingly.

“So…I guess this is goodbye.” Gray said lowly, holding the umbrella higher to catch a glimpse of the mysterious girl.

And he almost lost his breath.

She turned around, her familiar bluebell eyes heavy with stories and her full pink lips curved into a memorable smile. It was all too much, he nearly dropped the umbrella to the ground in awe.

“Thank you…um…” she trailed off, leaning forward to hear his name.

“Gray,” he whispered absently, his train of thought lost in the depths of her eyes.

“Gray,” she repeated. “I’m-”

Juvia” he whispered, almost too quiet for her to hear.

“What?” she asked jarringly, pulling back like he had shocked her.

“Er, sorry…but that is your name…isn’t it?” He asked hollowly, afraid to hear her negative answer.

“I-I’m sorry, I don’t know what you’re talking about.” She turned around ardently and punched a number into the gate code.

She’s lying, she’s lying…


“Please go,” she said, her back still turned to him.

“Juvia, please-”

“Just go! I don’t know what you’re talking about!” She yelled shrilly, but even in her most dire state her voice was still tragically beautiful.

“Juvia.” He said, just as the gates creaked open. “Please, if it’s you, just give me a sign, please I can help you…I promise.” He said in one final effort to see her beautiful face one last time.

To his disillusion, she turned, the hood just barely covering the dip of her forehead, but just enough for him to see her limitless eyes once more.

“Just a sign…” he repeated quietly. “Please.”

She paused ,an obvious war waging in her head. He was mentally screaming at her to tell him, to just come back to him because it wasn’t fair, it wasn’t fair that she was stolen from him so long ago-

Taking a deep breath, she met his eyes, an electric silence filling the air around them.

“Your necklace.” She said blankly. “It’s pretty.”

And then she was gone.

…But that was all he needed.