left handed and proud

I myself have contributed to the Blushing Killua meme for fun, but let’s be honest. Killua is a chill person who is very okay with physical contact and often initiates it himself. I think this is how their dynamics would be. Gon would be openly affectionate with lots of cheek kisses and hand-holding and Killua’s fine and casual with that. Killua prefers simple gestures like touching and leaning into Gon, rather than initiating “romantic” things like kisses. Killua kisses are something of a rarity (and usually kind of sly), so Gon, who is absolutely crazy about his best friend in the whole world, turns into an excited blushing mess whenever he sees one coming. I see him as the type that gets so happy he just starts laughing. And Killua at first is like, “What’s so funny??” and gets mad because he thinks Gon is laughing at him for, idk kissing wrong? wtf Gon! But Gon keeps assuring him he’s just SO HAPPY that Killua loves him.

The second reason this not-quite-a-comic exists is because I wanted to draw Gon in this shirt. Dogs say “WAN” in Japanese, which sounds like “ONE” in English. Killua got him this shirt because Gon is a pup who is Number 1.

Okay but also the idea with him being left handed is kinda adorable.
Like he would notice his mom writes with her right hand when hes younger and tries it himself but he isn’t as good as he is with his left.
Heidi encourages him to use his left and tells him its rare and hes just lucky that hes not like other people with common right handed writing.

Jared tries to help Evan too when it comes to taking notes in some classes because all his writing is coming put awful and he knows Evan is going to get frustrated if he doesn’t help.
Then later Jared explains to teachers that Evan can’t write so he needs to be able to type to just help Evan more.

Evan doesn’t see being left handed as a problem and is pretty proud of it, he doesn’t tell anyone though.

I’ve been working on this for a few days haha

So I tried my best to emulate Tomm Moore’s style in The Secret of Kells - one of my favorite films. It’s a really hard style to copy, but I feel very satisfied with the results. I also took the opportunity to experiment with different coloring techniques. It’s all just one huge experiment that actually ended pretty nicely.


Dorian Pavus and Yvad Trevelyan, Pirate AU

This is gotta be the picture that I took the most effort..  I am so happy with it!!! :) Time to change the phone background… 


“Laurent had appeared beneath an archway. Damen’s breath left him in a rush as he took him in: Laurent stood beneath the smooth white stone, the tangle of vines and wisteria matching the laurel that was balanced delicately atop his head, the rich green leaves gold-tipped. His hair was woven into a long braid that went diagonally across the back of his head and ended resting over his bare left shoulder, elegant as spun gold. He wore a white chiton with gold embroidery that resembled Damen’s, neither garment more elaborate than the other, though Laurent’s had a long overfold that flowed from the clasp of royal vermilion at his shoulder down to the backs of his knees. The soft twilight made him breathtaking, his pale limbs bare.

When Damen met his gaze, Laurent smiled, a genuine, joyful expression, nothing repressed or held back, and Damen’s heart moved in his chest. Laurent’s blue eyes were shining and looked nowhere but at him. Damen felt a little stunned.

Laurent came to stand before him and Damen thought, he will always be mine. Laurent’s smile had softened, the expression startlingly gentle, and his hands came up to cup Damen’s cheeks, thumbs brushing away the wetness there. If not for the emotion in his chest, Damen might’ve flushed. He hadn’t noticed that tears had come.”

A Firm Hold of My Heart - punktius


don’t you mean- what the Dickens? 8D 8D 8D eyyy

ahahahabut yeah he writes, mostly children’s stories and satire I mean what better occupation for someone who has to stay inside during the day :Tb

My freehanded charcoal drawings of Harry because whipped

Prince George 'prefers using his left hand'... just like William

Prince George has given his dad the best Father’s Day present possible – it appears he has inherited his father’s famous left hand.

The Duke of Cambridge is known to be proud of the fact that he is left-handed and now it seems Prince George might be a ‘south paw’ too.

A source who knows the couple well said: ‘Young children can use both their hands but George seems to be very left-handed.

‘More often than not, he uses his left hand to hold things and both William and Catherine have noticed this. William is thrilled his son has inherited this trait. He is always joking that left-handers have better brains.’

The toddler Prince has made three public appearances in the past two months and seemed to favour his left hand.

At a polo match last weekend, he picked up a mallet with his left hand and hit a ball with it. He also uses his left hand more than his right to clutch at toys and to wave.

While the Duchess of Cambridge is right-handed, along with the Queen and Prince Charles, there is precedence for left-handedness in the Royal Family. Queen Victoria, King George VI and the Queen Mother were all left-handed.

I was going to draw legs and shoes, but I hated them. I also had to resize his head nad left hand… I’m quite proud of the little Trott and Ross heads on the card! I don’t often free-hand like that anymore.

I couldn’t resist when I realized that May 20th is Smiffy’s birthday, to draw some art of… I’m still not sure what his skin is, some sort of slime or something? A plant alien? Maybe he’s like Tigger, there’s no other like Smiffy… Didn’t stop me from making him shiny, because slime!Smiffy is a fun thought(SQUISHY)

I may have based part of his clothing on metaforazi’s headcanon design of Smiffy. It’s transparent because I can’t really… BACKGROUND well.