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The Mane Mane no Mi is a Paramecia-type Devil Fruit that allows the user to turn into a physical double of anyone they have touched.  When the user changes, they also imitate the copied person’s flexibility, strength, and abilities, aside from those bestowed by a Devil Fruit. They can change to someone else by touching their face with their right hand and switch back to their normal state by touching their face with their left hand.

“Broken” (Chapter Fourteen)

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Bucky’s heat lasted three long, horrible days, and everyone took turns sitting and watching Bucky throughout to make sure he was alright.

First Steve and Tony, for hours, then Clint came to relieve Steve. After that was Natasha, who held Tony’s hand the entire time, and then Pepper who brought a stack of paperwork and kept up a constant stream of chatter about the company and the latest news from SHIELD as a way to break up the quiet. Bruce sat and went over the final design for their new helicopter, forcing Tony to take bites of his dinner in between okaying certain specs and constantly checking on Bucky.

Sam was last, having been gone on a mission for a few days, but as soon as he got home and heard what happened he was downstairs as well, telling a nearly passed out Bruce to go to sleep, and taking up the post next to Tony.

And Bucky never moved.

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In His Arms (Peter Parker x Reader)

Summary: she always liked being in his arms…

Authors note(s): I wrote this at 12AM forgive me pls.

Warning(s): angst, death, mentions of blood.

In His Arms

In his arms is where she felt safest. The comfort they provided, when sobs wracked her small frame as the yells and shouts from her parents grew louder and more threatening. He would pull her into his chest, pressing her ears against his heart so she could feel and hear it’s slow, yet calming pace.    

He’d rock her back and forth, dusting her face with feather light kisses as he whispered sweet nothings to her. He made her forget the darkness that had consumed her, lead her out of the tunnel and show her the light. His scent would pull her out of the walking nightmare and the softness of his jersey would lull her into the confines of a deep slumber.

The strength that radiated from the toned yet muscular appendages would make her laugh as he tugged her into him. The avengers would share amused stares as he attempted to ward of the stray eyes of college boys that were glued to her bikini clad form. The touch of his arms against the bare skin of her curved waist made her shiver with delight as the pads of his fingers burned into her flesh.

Although the display of affection would put others off, she savoured the moment where she was close to him. He would gaze down at her with a pout as she laughed at his jealousy before those strong arms lifted her by the waist and dunked her into the cool abyss of the sea. The water, soothing the heat from where his arms once were. Even if she craved that sensation again, she knew that she’d find her way into his arms again before the daylights end.

But in his arms is not where she expected to die.

The look of fear that splayed across her features as she looked down at her wound was haunting, heartbreaking and horrific. Voices screamed into her ears, concern and fear filling her head making her dizzy, the air in her lungs was ripped from her body as she begun to shake involuntarily. And yet, she was calmed, the voice of the man, the boy she loved fanned over her as his face came into view. It was blurry, but she knew it was his, through her pain filled tears she could make out his defined and chiselled features ~ even if they were as fear stricken as hers.

His arms were cool in the metal suit as he pulled her softly into them. He knelt by her, holding up her torso as she pressed her palm into the wound. “Peter…” she whimpered “I’m sorry

(Y/N), hey hey” he whispered back trying hard to fight his tears, he gently rocked her back and forth in his arms. He wouldn’t show her that he was scared nor sad, he didn’t want to make things worse for her. He saw how the shrapnel was twisted into her gut and how the crimson liquid poured from her open wound. He didn’t want to show her that she wasn’t going to make it. “You’re alright, everything’s gonna be alright

She knew that she wasn’t going to make it. There was too much to go by. She also knew that he was putting on a brave face for her. The small, sad smile she gave him caused him to pull her closer to his armoured chest. Blasts and yells from other superheroes sounded around them as tears rolled down her supple cheeks.

She blinked a few times as he continued to rock her back and forth, whispering about how she was going to make it. His right hand was clasped firmly with hers, as he pressed kisses to her dirty, bruised knuckles. She looked at the  sky, its bloody, dark and ashy colour being all that she saw. Her earth, her home was being corrupted by Thanos and his minions.

She knew in her head that if she tried to hold on and if she kept Peter here, there would be so many more deaths.  Whilst her body convulsed, she pulled her hand away from her wound and cupped Peter’s cheek. He cringed, not in disgust, but in pain, as he felt her hot sticky blood touch his face. He placed his left hand over hers as she let out puffs of air.

I-I-I’m not a-afraid to” she paused as pain wracked her small frame “to die… Peter

Salty streams rolled down his face as he gripped her tighter, shaking his head. She smiled softly. “Y-you don’t have to…to pretend

He shook his head more violently, practically sobbing. “Don’t say that…

Do me p-proud Peter Parker” she sighed, looking back up at the clouds as dark spots invaded her vision. “I love you…

The boy let out a scream of anger and pain as her body fell lip in his arms. He cradled her, begging for her to come back to life, to turn around and throw her arms around him. But alas… she didn’t.

In that moment, A thought plagued Peter’s mind.’How could she feel safe in his arms? when they couldn’t keep her safe at all

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Anything for You: Part Five

Pairing(s): Richie Tozier x Eddie Kaspbrak

Warnings: hickeys, fluff

Word Count: 1.1 k

Part 5 / ?



9 Months Ago

Trees loomed over Richie as he sat with his headphones in. The forest was dense around him, sunlight peaking through the gaps of the tree limbs and illuminating patches of dirt and grass. Music blared into his ears from the cassette player strapped to his jeans. The tape played the same songs he’d heard a thousand times over but not got tired of.

“Richie Tozier!”

The slightly intimidating, yet adorable, voice startled Richie. Pushing the headphones off of his ears, he watched as his tiny boyfriend stomped up to him. Eddie was red-faced, absolutely fuming, but Richie wasn’t worried in the slightest and couldn’t seem to wipe his grin away.

“Good to see you, Eds. You look as gorgeous as always.”

“Get that smug look off your face, asshole,” Eddie scolded, coming to a halt, “You fucking gave me a hickey!”

Richie got to his feet as Eddie jerked the collar of his button-up down, revealing a deep bruise right in the crook of his neck. Richie’s grin widened as he admired his handiwork, his finger brushing against the spot.

“It’s not fucking funny, Rich. When my mom sees it she’s gonna flip.”

“Sorry, Eds,” Richie drew his lips into a pout, “Want me to kiss it better?”

‘If your fucking lips get near my neck, I will slit your throat.”

“Well, I could put them somewhere else-”

Richie recoiled as Eddie’s tiny fist hit his bicep, a loud laugh bellowing from his lips. Eddie was nearly seething, and Richie’s humorous personality was absolutely not helping. It was cold out, but Eddie was not shaking from the temperature - only from the rage and anxiety he felt.

“I told you not to leave any marks, Richie! What will I tell my mom?”

“Eds, calm down-”

“No!” Eddie let out a loud heave, “Fuck, she’s going to fucking see it! God, she’s going to find out I’m gay and then she’ll find out you’re gay and we’ll have to break up and-”

Richie cupped Eddie’s face, forcing the smaller boy to look at him.

“That won’t happen. Your mom won’t find out we’re gay, or together - and I’m definitely not going to break up with you, alright?”

Eddie nodded, leaning into Richie’s touch. Richie’s hands left his face and instead gripped his hips, pulling their bodies flush as Eddie’s arms coiled around Richie’s torso. Another cool breeze rolled in, Eddie pushing himself further into Richie’s body as he let out a groan.

The older boy stepped back and unzipped his jacket. He held the cloth open, leaning forward and wrapping his boyfriend in it before zipping it back up around both of their bodies. Eddie’s body was completely flatten against Richie’s, as if they’d been stuck together with glue.

“Richie, what the fuck are you doing?” Eddie spoke through laughter, wiggling around into the confined space.

“I refuse to let you freeze, my dear Spaghetti Head!”

Richie removed his arms from the sleeves, sticking them out from under the jacket and hooking them under Eddie’s thighs. He lifted the giggling boy, twirling him around. Eddie gripped Richie’s shirt under the jacket, his head practically adhered to Richie’s neck.

“You’re going to fall - we’re going to to fall!” Eddie exclaimed as Richie stumbled over a tree root.

They hit the grassy terrain with a thump.

“Can’t you see, Eds? I’ve already fallen; fell in love with you a long time ago.”

Eddie let out a snort, trying to cover the burst of adoration in his body as he cheeks flushed bright red against his boyfriend’s skin,

“You’re an idiot, Richie Tozier.”

“But I’m your idiot.”

For the next several minutes, Richie squirmed around in the dirt with Eddie attached to his chest, struggling to get back up to his feet. Eddie practically cackled the entire time, feeling his lanky boyfriend writhe uncontrollably.

“Rich, unzip the jacket-”

“Quiet, Eddie Spaghetti, there’s a master at work.”

Richie rolled over, pressing Eddie’s covered back to the ground. Eddie shrieked, grabbing at his boyfriend’s shirt again to prevent himself from being crushed, but making no real difference in the situation.

“You’re going to squash me, lard ass!”

“No, shut up - I’m a genius.”

Richie sat back on his knees, tightening his grip on Eddie’s thighs before letting out a grunt and pushing his own legs up straight.

“There we go!” Richie praised himself, “You’re lucky you have such a beefy hunk for a boyfriend, Eds. It takes serious muscle to do that.”

Eddie snorted again, “Yeah, you’re practically a Roman god.”

“Sculpted from stone by Zeus himself.”

“That’s a Greek god, doofus.”

Richie laughed, reaching up to unzip the jacket. Eddie didn’t realize how hard it was to breath until he was unlatched from his boyfriend and back on his own feet, but he found himself missing the warmth. Richie stared at him for a moment before reaching and pulling down Eddie’s shirt collar, glancing back over the hickey as a sense of pride overtook him.

“I’m real sorry, Eds,” said Richie, “But that’s some of my best work.”

Eddie rolled his eyes, jerking back from the older boy and glaring at him. He turned away from Richie and rubbed his hands over his own face with a groan as he remembered the issue.

“I bet Bevs has some makeup, she could cover it for you.”

“You think my mom will notice?”

“There’s only one way to find out.” Richie shrugged, before grinning, “And if the makeup covers it, that means I can leave more.”

“I will actually kill you right here in these woods.”

Eddie picked up the cassette player laying near his feet, Richie immediately patting his sides in search of his own. Eddie placed on the headphones, letting the music fill his ears. Richie watched as Eddie’s eyes fluttered shut, the lyrics encasing him entirely.

“They sound just like you,” Eddie spoke, keeping his eyes closed, “The songs - the lyrics, they’re you. I don’t really know how to explain it, but it’s comforting.”

“You can keep it.”

Eddie looked at his boyfriend, sliding the headphones off, “But you love this tape.”

“Yeah, but I love you more.” Richie stuck his hand out and Eddie placed the player in his palm. “Got a marker?”

From his fanny pack, Eddie dug out a pen and handed it over. He stretched up on his tiptoes to see Richie’s scrawl along the white label of the tape. His heart gave a shake as Richie gave it back.

‘For when I’m not with you’

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Truth or Dare Gone Right Part 3/4

Pairings: Steve Rogers x Reader

Word Count: 1,876

Warnings: Drinking, Sexual Tension,Swearing, Eventual Smut, Steamy Kissing

Ratings: PG-13

Summary: Being the personal assistant to the Avengers wasn’t all that bad, except your huge crush on Steve made you turn into mush. On your annual game night, Tony insists you play Truth or Dare.  It seems as if a few people already know your secret and they are trying to hook you up with Steve.  

After your embarrassing show of spitting out your drink, all you could do was sit there.  Your head hung low as you played with your cup; you couldn’t face anyone.  Not from the expectoration of your drink, but from Steve’s words.  You replayed him saying “Y/N of course” over and over on your head, as if you were listening to a broken record.  Your face was pulsating from the heat; it felt like it was never ending, your embarrassing night.  It took a mere minute for it to finally click in your head; Steve thought you were attractive!  Does that mean he might actually like you too?  You were always a quiet shy mouse around him, how did he even know who you really were?  Unless he talked to Nat and Tony and got information from them.  

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daddy todoroki with ice/fire twins! -maybe some angst?-

A/N: Yoko’s name is composed of “陽” (sun) and “子” (child) in reference to her flames that burn hot as the sun. Yuki’s name is written as “雪” (snow) in reference to her ice powers.

Todoroki leans back on the balcony of his mother’s large condo, watching his redheaded child. His oldest twin sits, crouched down with her knees drawn into her chest, as she plays with small firecrackers and sparklers that he had bought her. The sky is sprinkled with stars and a full moon illuminates the sky with a pale glow. Yoko holds a sparkler in her hands, lighting it with her Quirk. Everything is silence, save for the chirping of the crickets and the soft hissing of the sparkler. 

“Why does Grandma hate me so much?” Yoko asks.

Todoroki blinks, furrowing his brow, “Why would you say that, Yoko?”

His daughter shrugs, returning her attention to the sparklers. She picks up another and lights it with her finger. Todoroki can see the glossiness in his daughter’s eyes as the small sparks illuminate her face. Her blue eyes are focused in a sharp, trancelike state. It fizzles out.


His daughter looks up at him and the tears gathering in her eyes begin to roll down her cheeks. She isn’t hiccuping or screaming, just staring at her father, unable to stop the tears colluding her vision as she stares at him. Todoroki cups her face with his large hands, gently thumbing away the tears. He tries to smile at her, but how can he when he know his daughter is right.

“Grandma doesn’t look at me like she looks at Yuki-chan.”

Yoko pushes her father’s hands away and looks through the sliding glass door, staring at her grandmother and sister sitting on the couch, flipping through a photo album, as they smile at each other. Her grandmother runs her hands through Yuki’s pure, white hair before planting a kiss on her forehead. Yoko just stares, oddly silent for the fireball of life that she usually is.

“It’s ‘cause I look like Grandpa, isn’t it?”

“Yoko …”

“And my Quirk is like his. And I’m bad ‘cause of it so I can’t ever be good like Yuki-chan.”

Todoroki scoops his daughter into his arms. She stares at him, bringing up her small hand to cautiously touch the burn on the left side of his face as tears start in her eyes again. The skin is uneven under the smooth pads of her fingertips. This is her half … her side of her father … the side her grandmother despises. It’s the only half she has. Todoroki covers Yoko’s hand with his own.

She’s only four. She shouldn’t have to deal with this intense self-loathing swirling around inside of her. She shouldn’t have to be ashamed of her fiery red locks or the intense flames that she creates. They are both a part of her. Both parts that her father loves so very much, and it kills him on the inside knowing that his daughter feels what he had once felt. He didn’t have anyone to save him when he was her age. For years, Todoroki wallowed in self-loathing and hatred. No one was there to save him, but he will be there to save her. 

“Yoko, I want you to listen to me,” Todoroki says, “Are you listening?”

“Yes, Papa.”

“Grandma doesn’t hate you. You aren’t your grandfather. You couldn’t be more different. You are you, my daughter, my Yoko, my sunshine. You may look like him, but it’s your Quirk and you decide what to do with it. And, trust me, you are nothing like him. Do you understand me?”

“Yes, Papa.”

“If a man like him can be a hero, a good girl like you can be whatever she wants to be. I love you, Yoko. I love you so much, baby.”

“I love you too, Papa.”

Yoko wraps her arms around her father’s neck. Todoroki leans against the railing, holding his baby girl and rubbing her back as warm droplets trail down his skin. She clutches his shirt. He looks up at the night sky towards the full moon. 

No one saved him as a child, and, for years, he suffered because of it. Todoroki softly shushes his daughter sniffles as he gently bounces her. No body was there for him. No body was able to hold him. No body was able to tell him that he could be something greater, something more than the tool his father crafted. As long as he’s here, as long as there’s breath in his body, he will be the one to save and protect his baby, even if it is from herself. Todoroki kisses her messy red locks, and Yoko tightens her grip on her father like he is the only thing grounding her. 

Taking care of you(rself)

Pairing: Stozier

Tags: angst, hurt&comfort, tw:child abuse (mentioned), aged up characters, Richie is a mess and Stan tries to fix him up

Written for a request:  "I LOVE YOU! ARE YOU HAPPY NOW?!“ (like theyre fighting) w stozier

Word count: 1876


“You’re such a pain, Richie.”

“Incorrect, Stan. I am in pain.” Richie chuckled weakly, but when he noticed sharp look that Stan send him, he quickly became silent. 

Stan stood still, towering over Richie who was sitting on the verge of bathtub. He was scrutinizing him and trying not to let all of his worries flood out and paint all of his features. His eyes wandered from Richie’s dark hair all covered in dirt, to his eyes, hidden behind the glasses, and huge purple bruise forming under the left one, to his nose, covered in already dry blood. Richie was holding himself by his right elbow, making small massaging moves.

“You won’t ever learn, will you?” Stan finally said, rubbing his face with one hand and sighed.

Richie didn’t respond, his eyes wandering all over Stan’s floor. Talking to Stan in moments like this was hard and it drove him crazy at some points. No matter what anyone would say, he always seemed to have a smart, witty answer, so engaging into a squabble with him, having no arguments on his side was like shooting himself in the foot.

“At least you should be glad that I found you today.” Stan said trying not to sound like an angry parent telling off his kid. Once again before his eyes appeared the sight of Richie sitting on the curb, barely breathing but laughing. Shiver went down Stan’s spine, he blinked few times trying focus again.

“Glad? Yes, I’m so fucking glad! Can’t you see how fucking glad I am?!” Richie almost screamed, earning warning look from Stan. His parents were downstairs, probably asleep and even though they wouldn’t mind Richie being here, especially looking the way he did, he didn’t want to wake them. He threw his first aid into the sink and turned his whole body to face the other boy.

“What do you mean?” he asked slowly, furrowing his eyebrows at the tone Richie used, painfully sarcastic but not in his usual way. 

“What do I mean? I couldn’t be happier to get beaten up again and stumble upon you so you can scold me like a little bitch!” 

“Sco- scold? I haven’t even said anything, I-” Stan tried to bounce the ball back but was thrown off his guard by this accusation. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath. “Whatever you think, I dragged you here to take care of you.”

“Yeah, because I can’t take care of myself alone, right?” 

“I doubt you can.” Stan shot angrily, grabbing his left hand, ignoring the whine that escaped Richie’s mouth, and shoving his palm to his face. Richie didn’t want to look at it at first, knowing all too well what Stan is talking about. “Look at it.”

Stan’s voice was calmer now, quite cold but concerned. Air left his lungs when he moved his eyes to face it. There was an ugly scar laying shamelessly across his skin, grinning to him with sharp teeth; painful reminder of what happened 4 years ago at the Neibolt house. He didn’t want to look at it for too long but before he managed to move his head, the other hand appeared in his sight. There was a scar too, but it was smaller and smoother, almost unnoticeable if you didn’t know it was there.

The day they swore to come back if It has not died was kind of foggy in Stan’s memories but he was well aware that this happened. It was highly irresponsible to cut their skin with dirty piece of glass but fortunately nothing bad happened to, well, most of them. Stan got his wound cleared and fixed right when he came back home and he was sure everyone else have done the same. That was, until two days later when he noticed dirty bandage covering Richie’s left hand and visible painful grin on his face when he touched anything with it. He was surprised, he hadn’t expect his friend to be even more irresponsible. That day his parents went with him and Richie to the hospital to have it taken care of professionally since the wound has gone really bad. 

Richie had been ashamed back then when they left the building of the hospital, and was ashamed here, sitting in Uris’ bathroom. He pulled out his hand from Stan’s grip and tried to hide it in his pocket looking anywhere but him. 

“You asshole.” Richie whispered after few minutes. “It always has to be the way you want it, right? In order. Clean and clear.”

“Don’t tell me that keeping your wounds clear is just my whim!”

“I don’t know Stan, maybe it is!” Richie huffed “You just love perfection so much that I don’t even know what am I still doing in your life! I’m this indelible stain you just keep trying to wash off, always correcting, always aiding with this patronizing look in your eyes, I’m so sick of this. I am not perfect and won’t ever be so just, spare me and fuck off.”

“It’s not about perfection!”

Stan couldn’t believe what he has heard. Richie was talking about him like about machine that was set to obey certain rules.

“I love you! Are you happy now?!” Stan whisper-screamed, tears welling up his eyes. “It’s never been about perfection. It’s about your fucking health and your fucking well being. That’s what I’m concerned about.” 

He panted, looking at Richie who seemed to be at the loss of words. Such a rare sight he thought to himself. He turned his back to Richie feeling his eyes were too heavy, couldn’t hold tears anymore. He blinked few times, and wiped them quickly not wanting to completely break down. It hurt. It so fucking hurt, but at least Stan felt that his friend was honest with him and he appreciated that. He gulped, trying to swallow the huge knot that formed in his throat. 

He moved to the sink, trying to gather all the supplies that he needed to finally fix Richie up. He was so focused on keeping control over his trembling hands that it took him a moment to notice that the silence between them was now broken with little sobs, followed by a thud. He turned around to see that Richie was now sitting on the floor, keeping his legs tightly to his chest and shaking uncontrollably. Stan felt his heart twitch painfully in his chest and in no moment he was sitting right next to the boy, his arms wrapped around him, careful not to hurt his hand more.

“I’m sorry- I’m so, so sorry-” Richie whispered and if Stan wasn’t so close he wouldn’t hear him.

“Shut up, Richie.” Stan said softly, taking off his friend’s glasses and placing them on the shelf. He let him rest his head on his chest, burying hand in dark locks. He felt his heart break into smaller and smaller pieces with every sob. “It’s okay, you don’t have to say anything. I shouldn’t have said anything. Guess hanging out with you made my mouth trash as well.”

He earned a small chuckle from the boy in his embrace, but it didn’t calm him down, not even a bit. This whole evening, the sudden urge to go for a walk so late in the night, finding Richie all messed up in the middle of the empty street, so far away from his home and him acting just weird for the good ol’ Trashmouth Tozier…it all raised so many questions Stan was too afraid to ask, although deep inside he felt he knew the answers and it made his guts twitch. 

They’ve been sitting on the floor for god knows how long, when Richie spoke again, and when he did, Stan’s heart sank.

“It’s my father, you know.” his voice was hoarse, he cleared his throat, and continued. “He came back yesterday. I don’t even know what have I done wrong this time, all I remember is that he hit me twice and shoved me. Believe me or not, but I didn’t even want to say anything. I’ve just run away, and I ran and ran and ran…and next thing I know is that you found me, I don’t even remember what street was that.”

Stan closed his eyes and let out a breath he had no idea he had been holding. He knew it. He felt the anger crawling up his guts and clutch his heart. 

“You’re staying here today.” he just whispered after a moment, but they both knew he didn’t have to. He just wanted to feel that he can do something at the time. He placed soft kiss on the top of his head and slowly untangling them he got up. “I’ll bring you towels and some clothes to wear. You can clean yourself. I- I believe you can take care of yourself, Richie.”

Stan sat on his bed dressed up in his pajamas, waiting for Richie to leave the bathroom. He was looking at no particular thing on the wall, hugging himself with one arm and chewing on thumb of the other hand. He still was worried. He was worried that in the morning he won’t be able to stop Richie from leaving, he was worried that his friend has to come back to the place he has this misfortune of calling his home, he was worried that next time (oh God, please don’t let next time happen, oh please) he won’t find him. 

The door to Stan’s room opened and Richie came in. He still looked miserable but seemed relaxed now. He closed the door behind him and sat next to Stan.

“Where do I-”

“Here, with me.” Stan cut in, sending him reassuring smile.  He moved his hand, almost unconsciously, wanting to move Richie’s hair from his face and touch his bruised cheek, but he stopped halfway through. Richie licked his lips eyeing Stan, his hand now hung in the air and Stan again. He caught his friend’s wrist and awkwardly placed his palm on his cheek, leaning a bit to the touch.

Stan felt his mouth dry out, his heart running mile per second. He wanted to say a lot of things that have been weighing his heart since he can remember, but all he managed to do was to caress Richie’s face gently and press a kiss to his forehead.

When they finally settled down under the covers, Stan was laying on his side, facing Richie’s back. He was worried for whatever the next day may bring, but at least right then and there Richie was here, all safe and good. That had to be enough.

Stan sighed and rolled over. His eyelids felt heavy but other than that he couldn’t think about sleeping that night. He heard the mattress shifting behind him, the other boy moving closer to him. Skinny arm made its way under the blanket and rested on his waist, Richie’s head was now pressed to the back of Stan’s neck. He let out shaky breath.

“Hey Stan?” 


“I am happy. You know- that you love me.”

“Go to sleep, Richie.” Stan whispered, closing his eyes and catching Richie’s hand, intertwining their fingers together. 

(A/N) uhh so that’s first ever Stozier fic I’ve worked on (I started writing it about a month ago? Maybe less idk) and I’m actually kind of proud with how it turned out? The only thing I’m unsure about is the title but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Hi I wasn’t going to post that drafts but @ortenmendes
Told me to post it sooooo ta da!!!!! It’s shitty and the first thing I wrote read on your own risk.


You are starting to wake up and you already know it’s going to be a hell of a hangover. Blurry thoughts play in the back on your mind while you struggle to gain consciousness.

Vegas, fun…get away for a few days, just the two of you…casino, drinks, lots of drinks…making out in the car…more drinks…chapel…“I do!”, kisses…speeding back to the hotel in the Jeep…sex…more drinks…more sex…

The whirlpool of fragmented flashbacks is making you feel dizzy, even if you didn’t even open your eyes yet. You touch your face with the back of your left hand, attempting to give yourself a little nudge to reality.

“Auuch…” you cry in pain as something scratches your cheek.

You finally open your eyes to see what it is and…

“Oh my God!” you suddenly wince, covering your mouth with the other hand.
You stare at huge diamond wedding ring, finally able to process what this means.

“Crap…” you manage to utter, suddenly awake.

You turn your head and look at Shawn. He’s still deeply asleep, facing you, his brown hair a mess, all over his face. His hand rests on your tummy. You lift yourself on your elbows to take a better look. There it is: a wedding band on his finger.

You drop back on your pillow, glaring at the ceiling. You two are not supposed to get drunk because you become impulsive. “God damn it,” you whisper to yourself, biting your lips nervously.

“Shaawwwnnnn,” you try to wake him up, gently caressing his face. “Babe, wake up…Shawn…” Nothing. Still asleep.

“Shawn!!” you raise your voice ,slapping his naked behind. You only hear a growl. Another slap. “Shawn, wake up!” This time he moves, repositioning himself on his back, eyes still closed.

“Baby, let me sleep,” he pleads with raspy voice, covering his face with the sheets.

You yank the covers off and you get on top of him. He senses your naked body on his and grins.

“Love…give me a few moments and I’ll be ready to go.” His hands reach for your waist and he adjusts you so he can feel you better.

“Not that I mind where this is going, Shawn, but you really have to see this.”

He blinks a few times, getting his eyes used to the image of your fingers close to his face.

“Baby, is that a wed..” You don’t let him finish.

“Yes, yes it is and…look here, you have one too!”

Shawn gazes at his wedding band, then at your ring, then at your face.

“Did we fucking get married last night?”

“Apparently?…” you make it a question, waiting for his reaction.

He stretches with a big smirk. Suddenly, you feel it and you giggle.

“Shawn, you weren’t joking about being ready in a few moments.”

“You know me, everything to make you happy.” He grabs your hand and kisses it and you get lost in his hazel eyes.

“Relax, baby, it’s Vegas. We can cancel that piece of paper anytime we want.”
You sigh without answering and he takes a hold of your hips, shifting you over so he’s on top of you now.

“You look so sexy with that wedding ring on…” he purrs in your ear, sending shivers down your spine. Shawn’s lips kiss your breasts, going up you neck, then find your lips again. At this point, both your breathings are erratic; your body is on fire, so needy for his.

“Baby…” you whisper “we should do this more often.”

“What, love, get married?”

“No, sex in Vegas”, you reply with a smirk on your face.

He starts laughing.

“Well, damn, let’s do it more often then.”

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Bad Ideas | Yuta

Genre: bartender!au | comedy

Main star: Yuta / Reader

Word count: 2 760

Warnings: Language

“Bad ideas make the best memories.” The bartender in front of you shrugged while he filled your glass with another shot of saqué.  You were drinking that specific type of alcohol because he suggested and, well, why not? The week has been bad enough and you just needed to forget it as a whole. Also, the guy serving you was pretty much handsome and his face made you ignore the fact that you ex-boyfriend was in the same club as you.

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Daddy’s home

Author Notes

500 Milestone #3 Hvitserk

Celebrating my 500 follower mark by recycling old works.

1 work per brother = 1 for each hundred

Originally posted by allthosemuseiisms

Pairing: Hvitserk x Reader
Warning: fluff
Word count: 646
Theme: Daddy Hvitserk 


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Stars Collide (Sequel to Capable of Change)Barry/Reader)

Capable of Change

Originally posted by grantgustinnews

You walked over to your door one evening when the knocking wouldn’t stop. You pulled your sweater around your tightly as you reached for the door sleep still written all over you features, “Jesus…what’s the emergency…”

You froze the handle of the door your only anchor to the reality around you. Your mouth dropped open a little as those blue eyes looked into your own filled with concern, apology, and wonder, “Please don’t shut the door…”

“Barry…” You felt a tear fall down your cheek hundreds of emotions welling up inside your chest all at once.

“I…have no excuse.” He stood in the doorway watching you carefully as another tear slipped down your face, “I left…and I am so-”

He stopped when your hand left the door handle reaching up touching his face. Pure surprise rippled over him as his heart thumped quickly in his ears when you hugged him tightly, your baby bump pressing into him, “She…she said you were gone…”

He shut his eyes tightly putting his arms around you gently, “I-I was…I can explain…everything…if that’s what you want…”

You looked up at him and smiled, “Stars melting…colliding…fast…hard…”

Joe watched Barry begin rambling to himself again as his eyes opened slowly before he began writing on the wall again. He thought Barry looked sad for a moment. Sad to be awake and not in the state he was in a moment before.

“Dad…” he turned looking back at Iris walking up to him with her arms crossed, “I called her…she…wasn’t…”

“I didn’t figure it would be easy.” Joe sighed heavily looking back at Barry, “But…if anyone can get him back it’s you and Y/N…”

“…” Iris let out a sharp sigh making Joe look at her, “What?”

“You have to let it go.” Joe put his hands on his hips, “I know that everything got very complicated after Savitar blinked from existence, but you have to respect Barry’s wishes.”

“She hasn’t wanted any help.” Iris snapped back, “I tried…”

“You tried once.” Joe stepped close to her his voice hushed, “And not very hard.”

“…she’ll be here in an hour.” Iris huffed a little before looking at Barry, “I hope you’re right about this…otherwise it’s just making things worse.”

He watched her turn on her heels before he whispered looking back at Barry, “Me too…but other options do we have.”

You swallowed stepping off the elevator into the hall of the containment area seeing Joe waiting for you. He smiled a little as you rubbed your hands over you belly, “How’s squirt doing?”

You smiled tiredly, “Kicking…a lot.” 

He let out a little chuckle before getting serious, “I appreciate you coming down. I know this…can’t be easy.”

“I…” You let your voice hang in the air for a moment before going on, “I needed to see him too.”

Joe nodded before he walked to the hall that held Barry’s unity, “He’s…uh, well he’s here, but not. We’re trying to figure it out and I’m hoping seeing faces from just before he left might stir something in him. Snap him back maybe.”

You stared down the hall seeing Barry crouched down back to the glass scribbling on the wall, “What is he doing?”

“We don’t know…he’s been writing these symbols since he got back. He seems to recognize people, but he speaks in gibberish.” Joe sighed frustrated following you as you stepped forward.

You stopped looking at him, “I…I’d like to do it alone.”

“Okay…” He nodded slowly watching you walk slowly down the hall.

Six months…you felt sick as you walked toward Barry and you were unsure if it was the pregnancy or the nerves. You let out a slow breath as you stopped next to the glass watching him scribble on the walls of this box, “…Barry…”

He paused looking back to you eyes getting wide, “Stars…collide…fast…”

You tilted your head a little listening as he muttered to himself standing himself up walking toward the glass, “Barry…do you know who I am?”

“Two people…two halves…the same…” His fingers grazed the glass, “Jump…”

“What did you say?” You whispered leaning into the glass.

“I didn’t do it…I didn’t…” His hands went to his head as he shut his eyes tightly.

“Barry…Barry!” You put your hand on the glass, “Barry look at me!”

His eyes opened staring at you. You watched his eyes search your face before his hand matched yours on the other side of the glass. You swallowed slowly before you spoke, “Do you know who I am?”

“…jump…” He whispered letting his forehead lightly thunk against the glass.

Your eyes got wide as you stared at him, “…Allen?”

“…Two…the same…” He made a face closing his eyes before thunking his head against the glass once more with more intent behind it, before he began to slide down to the floor.

You followed him down taking a seat on the floor next to him, “Okay…it’s okay…don’t force it.”

He thunked his head once more before he opened his looking at you. His eyes trailed down to your swollen belly. He smiled a little pointing his finger, “…Halves…”

You smiled a little putting your hand belly, “I suppose…yeah…you’re half of this.”

Joe watched from afar seeing Barry calming down in your presence. He smiled a little feeling some hope that his son might return to him. After a while he watched you stand up, Barry following you up. You spoke to him quietly before turning walking toward Joe.

You looked at him before he turned the corner with you, “He’s in there.”

“You think?” Joe felt relief spread through him.

“He’s just…limited…I don’t really know.” You shook your head before leaning against the wall. 

“Whoa…are you okay?” He went to your side to support you.

“I’m okay…a little dizzy…” You looked at him taking in a deep breath.

“You should get looked at.” He insisted as he took you onto the elevator, “You’re part of all this now, we can help you.”

“I…” You let out a sigh feeling another wave of dizziness hit you, “okay…”

“Good.” He smiled at you helping you toward the infirmary, “Just take it easy, we’re going to take care of you.”

the-lonely-ghost  asked:

Could I request "Kiss" for FrostIron please? :)

For this prompt list.

A solid blast with the unibeam shattered the golden force field around Loki’s cell, and Tony didn’t hesitate for even a second before he stepped inside the bare, white space. The bright light made the smears of blood on the floor stand out sharply, even though they were clearly dried and not close to fresh.

Loki was tightly curled up in a corner, shackled hands resting limply between his chest and thighs. His head was tipped forward, and his long, tangled hair hid most of his face, but Tony could still see the bloody, ruined mess that was Loki’s mouth. And he caught the green glint as Loki’s wide, staring eyes rolled around to flit over his face when the helmet retracted into the suit. His gaze didn’t seem to stick anywhere, wild and unfocused.

“Hey, Loki? You with me?”

There was no movement, no change in Loki’s expression, but a faint, whimpering noise came from deep in his throat.

Tony took it for a yes, stepped up close, and sank to his knees. “Let’s get rid of these”, he muttered in disgust, and made short work of the shackles. It wasn’t a challenge for the gauntlets. No magic in the armour to suppress. He tossed the mangled remains away and turned back to Loki, hands now hovering uncertainly. Where did he dare touch without hurting him more?

Before he had made up his mind, Loki’s hands left his lap, and shot up to Tony’s face. The touch startled him at first. It was so sudden, and maybe Loki didn’t really know him? Maybe he didn’t realize he was being saved, rather than facing more torture? But he quickly realized that the trembling touch was soft, almost reverent, as the thumbs brushed his cheekbones, the tips of Loki’s long, thin fingers slipping into the damp hair behind Tony’s ears.

The movement made Loki tip his head back a bit, and Tony got a proper look at his mouth - and then wished he hadn’t. The soft, delicate flesh had been pierced and torn, over and over, a nasty-looking, black thread stitching his lips together.

“Fuck”, he ground out, throat thick and painful. Then forced himself to take a slow breath. “I’m getting you out, Tricks. I’m taking you back home.”

Another noise came from Loki’s sewn shut mouth. This time a little hum that sounded like approval. While his hands slipped deeper into Tony’s hair, twining into the thick half curls, and gently tugged him closer, down, closer still, tilted his head to the side, and then Tony couldn’t deny what Loki so obviously wanted.

Carefully, gently, softly, he settled his lips against Loki’s, felt the swelling, the heat of the inflammation, and the harsh, hard lines of the thread against his own mouth.

It was everything he had never wanted their first kiss to be.

And it was still everything he had dreamed.

Scribble-Doodle: Scarred

During the parabatai ceremony in 203, Alec did not have the scar in his left eyebrow yet. So, what happened between that moment and the beginning of the show? A parabatai story.

They’re meant to be the backup and nothing more.

“You’re still too young for this, boys!” the leader tells them with a cheeky grin while the squad’s gearing up to raid the warlock’s lair.

Unable to help himself, Jace rolls his eyes and reminds the guy, “You’re just three years older than we are, Jack!”

Laughing, Jack claps Jace on the back. “And that means three years wiser, kid!”

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TODOMOMO HOGWARTS AU (with some other ships here and there)

-First off all the kids would probably be in Gryffindor, but for this they’re all in different houses

-Yaomomo is in Ravenclaw with Iida, Mei, and a few others

-and she’s best friends with the rambunctious Hufflepuff Mina (mina would be a lot like tonks let’s be real) and the Gryffindor Jirou (I can’t think of any other house she would be in so if you can think of a better one for her let me know)

-Because of her friendship with Mina, Jirou, and Iida, Momo has befriended a lot of people from the houses and has a very diverse house friend group, including:

-Mina’s fellow Hufflepuffs Kouda, Shouji, and Sero. Also her best friends, the Gryffindor Kirishima and Slytherin Bakugou (Momo was told Baku was under the sorting hat for almost five minutes before it settled on Slytherin cause of his ambitions and goals, though Gryffindor was a very close choice for him as well) and mutual friend with Jirou, Kaminari

-From Iida and Jirou, Momo met Tsuyu, Ochako, and Izuku, alongside some other Gryffindors whom Momo has developed friendship with over their five terms.

-All these people have formed a very tight knit group with each other, and call out and talk with each other during term and on the train they all try and get compartments together

-the whole group tries to pile into three compartments close together so they can move between them to talk with everyone and share food from the trolley if they please

-Momo always sits with Jirou and often Kaminari, while Mina flitters about the compartment talking with everyone and getting into trouble with Kirishima and Sero.

-but on the train ride home Momo always makes it a point to talk with everyone and make sure they were ok- if it’s cold she makes sure everyone is bundled up and if it’s rainy she transfigures umbrella’s.

-And she’s in good terms with everyone

-(the only person she isn’t on good terms with is a slytherin prat by the name of Mineta, whose always sneaking into their compartment and harassing Momo)

-In their sixth year, the Triwizard tournament comes around, and the other schools start arriving at Hogwarts

-Beauxbaton arrives first, and Momo can hear Mina giggling excitedly at all the attractive people, and Momo has to agree that she had never seen people more attractive

-Mina'a giggling turns into fullblown laughter that Sero has to smother while suppressing his own, when a flamboyant blonde with glittering robs struts down last behind his fellow classmates but in front of his headmistress. His hands behind his head and his stomach thrust forward so the glittering diamond belt could catch the light and glisten blindingly.

-Momo had to hold laughter in herself, he just looked rather funny walking like he was.

-Durmstrang arrived the next day, with their ships sailing smoothly into the lake where they anchored and students stayed aboard, while their headmaster Endeavor strutted importantly down the plank to talk with Headmaster Nezu and Headmistress Uwabami

-the students of Durmstrang didn’t leave their ship until dinner, but as Momo sat under a tree near the bank earlier, helping Mina and some other friends with their homework, she had looked up at the ships and saw a student on the normally empty deck

-she could make out his hair, which seemed evenly white and red down the middle, but that was all she could identify of him. as she watched he made his way over the railing and leaned over to look down at the water. As he looked, his left hand reached up and touched his face as if examining his own reflection.

-Momo felt entranced as she looked out across the lake at him, she couldn’t distinguish anything besides his hair, but something about him made her unable to look away

- Across from her, Kaminari chucked a stone into the lake from boredom, and the student looked up at the splash.

-No one else was looking at him, only Momo had her face turned towards him, and his eyes fell on her

-she couldn’t make out the color of his eyes, she was to far away, but she did notice the frown on his face

-not wanting to seem rude, Momo lifted up a hand and waved at him, which he cautiously seemed about to return when Endeavor burst onto deck

-Momo quickly diverted attention, she didn’t want to seem like she was spying if Endeavor saw her looking

-A few seconds later, she chanced looking over again, and Endeavor seemed to be done scolding him, as he turned and marched back towards the depths of the ship

-the student started to follow, but paused and looked over his shoulder at Momo, and seeing her looking, he raised his hand and gave a small wave over his shoulder, before retreating into the ship after Endeavor

-Momo couldn’t wait for dinner after that.

-she wanted to see this student up close, and with her house table in the middle of the hall, she had a good close view of the Durmstrang students entrance

-Endeavor burst into the Great Hall first, opening the swinging doors behind him for his students to march through behind him

-(Momo couldn’t help but notice across the hall at the Gryffindor table, Inasa Yoarashi was sending vehement glares at Endeavor)

-Almost immediately after Endeavor, flanked by two students who were looking around the great hall with interest- was the white and red haired student.

-Unlike his fellow students, he wasn’t looking around at the great hall, instead his gaze was firmly ahead of him, glaring daggers into Endeavors back.

-Momo poorly withheld a gasp when she saw him, but was accompanied by other gasps so hers wasn’t singled out

-He was gorgeous

-his duo-hair framed his face perfectly, locks of red and white intermingle in places were the wind had blown strands over to join their different colored brethren. The Durmstrang uniforms of crimson red matched his hair well, the white standing out stunningly against the reds. It was slightly noticeable, despite the bulk of his fur lined cloak, that he was was tall and firmly built. And his eyes- oh gosh his eyes!

-Momo felt her cheeks heat up as his gaze broke away from piercing Endeavor’s back and swept across the hall. The intensity of his stare did not let up as he started his march down the center between the tables, and when his eyes ran across her for a second, Momo felt embarrassed, like he had caught her staring at him again.

-which he did.

-as he walked past where she was seated at the Ravenclaw table, his gray eye had turned to look towards her. At first, Momo was sure she was imagining it, but as he continued walking, his head turned to look back

-and his dual colored eyes locked with hers for a moment, but he turned back to look at the front again

-with what Momo could swear was the slightest smile on his lips

-And as the classmates next to and behind her at the Slytherin table whisper argued that he had looked at them, Momo felt a dawning feeling that this year was going to be filled with a different kind of magic then she was used to.

/this is probably going to be continued, I’m a sucker for both todomomo and hogwarts AU’S so this will definitely be continued in another post sometime! This is like the foundation of where all the other posts will be made up from so I had to write it down first! (*w*)

(If you have any suggestions for who would be in what house btw, feel free to tell me! I’m always up for suggestions!! That applies to the AU and scenarios about todomomo in general cause man am I weak for them and am dying to talk with people about them!!!)

Hollowness - Jung Soojung

Can you imagine Krystal having a Hades storyline? Where she’s been lonely in Underworld/Hell for so long; and then she sees a beautiful girl living her life and Krystal wants to get to know her, so Krystal kidnaps her to be her future wife …

Yes, I did. And I’m all in for this. I changed a bit the plot, but I really hope you like it!

Originally posted by teyuns

The room was deadly quiet as always, even the fire crackling in the fireplace was mute. Soojung liked that for some reason, just watching the muted sinuous flames move from her spot at the foot of the king size bed. Her back against the once old dark wooden headboard, she was used to spend her free time there in that anodyne silence, trying to catch a breath that she knew it was gone forever. If she looked over her shoulder, she could see a figure lying over the bed.

The whole bed was made of some material similar to ivory. A dark ivory layer which covered the whole furniture down to the floor. Wood turned into black ivory, simple objects too. Even the figure of the woman lying there, as if she was asleep, was covered with ivory.

Soojung got used to hang out there, in the silent that the immense magic power set long time ago.

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Beautiful Arrangement

Request: #8 and #17 w/ bambam since he’s made a home in my heart -cries- p.s you’re the best

8) “Why am I so afraid to lose you when you aren’t even mine?”
17) Your bias hires you to be their significant other 

Prompt list can be found HERE! 

Member: Got7′s BamBam x Y/N

Type: angst/fluff

You tapped your fingertips against the cafe table nervously. The click of your nails seemed to echo across the empty space and create the sound you needed in the silence. 

After all, this was the first time you had ever ended a relationship for hire. 

You glanced over your shoulder, overly jumpy in the cold and quiet atmosphere. The day you had originally visited this coffee shop was notably different…

The lighting was warm and the clinking of glasses and laughter filled the air around you. You stared lazily at the man across from you, only his eyes visible between his mask and baseball cap. He kept his hands secured around his lattee, never daring to bring it to his lips as he sized you up. 

“So you saw my ad?” he asked slowly, tilting his head to the side. 

“I’m here, aren’t I?” you responded, lifting your brows. You brought your coffee cup up slowly, blowing sulkily at the hot liquid. You were trembling with nerves, but you wouldn’t let him see you sweat. It was the first time you had ever answered an advertisement like this, so you weren’t exactly certain how to act. You had no idea what he had in mind, but at this point, you were so broke that you didn’t care. 

You were struggling as a student in a country you weren’t familiar with, your two part time jobs barely covering your rent. Your contract as an English teacher had been terminated and your next position was still pending. When your eyes had glanced upon the opportunity, you felt like you’d be a fool if you didn’t at least try to take it. 

You could sense a smile behind the thin mask he was wearing. “So do you have any questions?” 

“Seemed pretty straightforward,” you hummed. You placed your mug back to the table and set him with a heated gaze. “You’re looking for someone to pose as your significant other, specific occasions pending. You’re offering a little over a million won per month with the contract end date also pending.” 

“You read it well,” he chuckled. 

Only because you were so nervous that you read it repeatedly.

“I like to pay attention to the details,” you sighed. “But I suppose now that we’re discussing it, how often will my services be needed? And…um…” your voice faltered for a moment. “What…what type of services are you expecting?” 

His eyes grew wide as the words left your mouth, only to disappear into half crescents again as he began to laugh. He pulled the mask he had been wearing to sit beneath his chin. You gasped as you saw his face in full, completely aware of who he was. 

His plump lips were unmistakable as they framed his intensely white smile. 

Got7′s BamBam. 

“I’m not in this for anything physical,” he laughed. “Not to boast about myself, but I don’t think I would have a problem with getting something like that. I do however, have a problem with finding a person who is smart, funny, and understands my lifestyle. I need someone who is there for me when I’m around, and not blowing up my phone while I’m away. I need the emotions of a relationship without the actual work.” 

You lifted your brows and tried not to scoff. “Charming.” 

“Honest,” he smiled. “And sometimes honesty can’t be charming.” 

“So essentially,” you sighed. “You want me to listen to you when you need me to. Go out with you on events and dates and provide emotional support, but expect the same in return only when you see pertinent.”

“Sure,” he nodded. “I’ll agree like I know what ‘pertinent’ means.” 

You rolled your eyes. “How long?” 

“Depends on how long I need you,” he grinned. “But the least amount of time would be two months.”

“Sounds bearable,” you hummed. You uncrossed your arms and set your hands lightly on the table. You began to pick nervously at the napkin near your coffee cup, but stopped as soon as BamBam’s hand encased yours. You looked up in surprise, just as he tugged his mask over his face again. 

“We can iron out the details…but I think this will be the start of a beautiful arrangement.”

And it had been. 

Maybe too beautiful perhaps. 

Your meetings started out slowly. He would invite you to the occasional dinner and call you at all hours of the night. He found solace in venting his worries to you and you would listen with the attentiveness he had paid for. You found yourself slipping into a specific role while you were around him and saw it as another part time job. 

Until you didn’t. 

As the days crawled by, he wanted to know more and more about you, pieces of your story to empathize with his. There came a point to where you could only tell so many half-truths and had ended up telling your own experiences instead. You grew to know each other…to like each other even. 

Nights of rushed dinners where you discussed his career turned into three to four hour outings that neither of you wanted to end. You had begun trading in hand holds and quick kisses on the cheek for cuddles and soft nibbles on the neck. What had begun as an attempt to provide normalcy in his life soon turned into a romance. 

Which you hadn’t been prepared for. 

Most of the rules BamBam had initially established seemed to carry through your relationship. If he wanted to see you, he would be the one to commence contact. You would respond when he reached out, but otherwise, you left him alone. If he were to set up a meeting, you were to clear your plans. Of course you hadn’t minded, but it was beginning to make you feel as if you were a second thought in your own relationship. You were giving more than what you were getting back. 

So here you were, two months later to the day…ready for this journey to end. 

You took a deep breath and wrapped your arms around your waist, trying to provide some sort of comfort in this strange situation. How were you to break up with someone who was never yours in the first place? 

“Hey,” BamBam’s familiar voice cooed from behind you. He wrapped his arms around your shoulders and kissed your temple gently. “So this is weird.” 

“Oh?” you asked, watching him as he eased his hands from you, and moved to sit on the opposite side of the booth. “How so?”

“In the entirety of me knowing you, you’ve never asked me on a date,” he laughed.

“I didn’t know I was allowed,” you sighed, your smile slowly turning sad. BamBam furrowed his brows and set his hands on the table, motioning for you to put yours within his. 

“You’re allowed to do whatever you want,” he said slowly. “You can contact me when you need me…you know that.”

“Can I though?” you asked, tilting your head. You weren’t sure when you had grown bitter about what this had become, but your heart hurt. Maybe it was just the prospect of ending things that had you on edge. “I’m sorry…I didn’t mean…”

“You know what,” BamBam sighed. “You’re right. I guess I kind of have made things hard for you. Which I’ve been meaning to talk to you about.”

“Good,” you nodded. “We’re on the same page then.” 

He smirked with a small nod as well. “Right. So I’ve been thinking-”

“The best route is to just separate,” you whispered, looking away from his face and to your fingers intertwined. “I don’t think I can give you what you need anymore.” 

“Uh…oh,” he nodded. “Right. Separate…break the contract.” 

“It’s not really breaking,” you hummed. You slowly pulled your hands from his and placed them back on your lap. “You said at minimum our arrangement would last for two months. It’s been that.” 

“It’s been a good two months,” BamBam said quietly. His jaw twitched as he spoke, choosing not to look away and search your face instead. “But I’m curious…why can’t you give me what I need?” 

“The truth?” you grimaced. 

“Nothing but,” he nodded. 

“It’s draining being in a one sided relationship Bam,” you grumbled. “Even if it’s simulated. Thinking about you has become exhausting and I just…I can’t put myself through it anymore.” 

“What if I pay you more?” he blurted. “2 million won a month? Whatever you need.”

“To be your rock?” you whispered. But who would be yours? The payment was great, but you didn’t want to be a check someone had to write every month. 

“To be my everything,” he said quietly. “Now that you’re with me…how am I supposed to go without?”

He began to grind his teeth as he looked around the cafe, blinking rapidly to hide any type of emotion emerging from his eyes. “Damnit…why am I so afraid to lose you when you aren’t even mine?” 

“I’m sorry Bam,” you whispered. “I’m just…really sorry.” 

You could feel yourself beginning to tear up the longer you sat with him. Shaking your head, you slowly lifted yourself from the booth and slid out from it’s confines. You simultaneously felt like a great weight was lifting from your shoulders and a boulder had been placed on your heart. He was right, you were never really his to begin with. 

You left the cafe with a quick pace, eager to place as much distance between yourself and BamBam as possible. 

If only he had gotten that memo. 

“Y/N!” you heard the screech from behind you. You looked over your shoulder to see BamBam breathlessly tearing across the sidewalk, falling across every stranger in his path. 

You paused for a moment, resolving to stand with your decision. You couldn’t go any further with him as a paid for hire partner. Some jobs you just weren’t strong enough for. 

“Y/N,” he repeated, nearly running into you. You both fell against the brick of the cafe you had just left, your faces nearly touching. He kept his hands placed against the wall on the opposing sides of your face to hold himself steady and to hold you in place. “3 million won. 4 million. Please just don’t go.” 

“Am I just a number to you?” you whispered, biting back the tears. “That’s the problem Bam. I’m tired of being a number. I want to be a real person. I want you to see me. I want you to love me.”

“I do,” he croaked. “It may have been a number at first, but you are so much more to me than that. I promise…just give me a chance.” 

“A chance?” you whispered. “Am I going to be a business associate to you BamBam? Or am I going to be your partner? Am I allowed to text you when I need you? Am I allowed to show up at your apartment when I’ve had a shitty day and expect you to play with my hair and listen to me vent? Am I to get everything in return that I’ve been giving you for the past two months? Are you capable?” 

“Forget the contract. Be with me because you want to be. Not because I’m paying you. I can try to be what you need,” he whimpered. “But I’m realistic. I know I won’t be the best boyfriend. I know I’m a jerk, I know I am selfish, but I’m willing to try for you. And that’s more than I’ve done for anyone. Before you said you didn’t want this anymore, I wanted to tell you I did. I’ve wanted you more than I’ve wanted anyone or anything in my entire life. I couldn’t let you walk out of that door and out of my life without chasing you. I understand if I’m not worth it. And I understand if you really want this to end, but coming from the mouth of a desperate man…I don’t want us to be strangers.”

“BamBam…” you trailed, searching his eyes, so full of need. “This wasn’t meant to turn into anything…”

“And then it did,” he said sternly. “And I’m not willing to give that up. You can’t give up when a something isn’t ideal, Y/N. I’m not perfect and neither is this…but I’m here. I don’t know how to leave you alone…so please don’t make me.” 

You felt tears begin to fall across your cheeks as he spoke. He reached up and quickly wiped them away with his thumb before pressing his lips lightly where they had once been. “Please.”

You nodded slowly, unsure of what decision you should make for your ultimate wellbeing, but falling toward the one you had wanted all along. “Okay.” you said simply. “Okay.”

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Back in School 2016, My teacher told me to draw more than 30 sign language using characters for gonna display our classroom. It’s lot of work, but it was worth it that now I can choose characters from Cartoons via Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, Disney, etc. Before my Summer Vaca begins, I decided to have my drawings with me for safe keeping and wanted show you guys! 😁

1. Cartoon Network’s

Finn (Clean,Nice,Neat): “Side the plam of the open right hand from the heel to the fingers of the open left hand in front of the chest, palm facing up. Hint: Wiping something clean.”

Double D (Right): “Move the right “I” hand. Palm facing forward, to the right with a deliberate movement. Hint: Initialized sign pointing right.”

Steven (Run): “With the index finger of the right “l” hand touching the thumb of the left “l” hand, palms facing each other and index fingers pointing forward, crook both the index fingers and the right thumb while moving the hands forward.”

Belly Bag while Uncle Grandpa doing his sign language (Good Morning): “Move the fingers of the open right hand from the chin forward a short distance. Then, with the open left hand in the crook of the extended right arm, bring the right palm upward toward the fare. Hint: “Good” plus “morning.”

Anais (No): “Tap the extended index and middle fingers of the right hand to the right thumb with two quick movements. Hint: The fingerspelled letters “n-o” produced quickly.”

Chowder (Throw,Throw Away): “Beginning with the right “s” hand in front of the right side of the body. Palm facing in. Move the hand forward and downward while thrusting the index and middle fingers forward forming an “h” hand, palm facing left.”

Gumball (Want, Desire): “Bring looth “claw” hands back toward the waist, palms facing up. Hint: Bringing something to yourself that you want.”

That’s all for now, but there’s more of them. BTW, you will probably notice about the names in blue boxes and arrows on right bottom. I wanted to make a video game themed like one of those “Phoenix Wright” games. ^^

Something Old, New, Borrowed, and Blue-Percival Graves x Reader

Fandom: Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

Characters: Percival Graves, Reader,

Pairing: Percival Graves x Reader

Notes/Warnings:  There is some cursing

Word count: 1388

Request: Anon-Hi! I love your headcannons and imagines for the gentlemen of Fantastic Beasts. Could you please do a Percival x Reader wedding day imagine? (I’m sorry if this bothered you. I don’t see a lot of activity in the tags so I’m not sure if you’re still active.) 

Tags: @aislinsekhem, and @elenawrit, @gravespercy for the gif…because there are only so many percival graves gifs that shows up in tumblr gif searches

“What are you even doing here?! The healers said you’re not supposed to be doing things like this!”

“Don’t play innocent. I saw your fine hand in this from the beginning of this mission to get me out of my slump. It worked. I came after you. And I’ll be damned if I’m letting you out of my sight, because you get into more trouble then Tina! So when we get back, I’m tying you to my waist and you’re going to marry me !”

“Is this really the time to ask that?!”

“It’s not a question!

“Oh fuck it all! Yes, I’ll marry you!”

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