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just a comic for Animated Zorox’s contest, page 1 (?) idk Time took: 4 hours cuz i had trouble with the colors and if you keep an eye on horror sans hand on the bottom left side I.. uh.. gave up on that arm hehe, so now it looks like that, Im gonna make a second part of this and no, Horror Sans is not dead, if you have watched Underverse by Jakei;which I totally recommend ; you know what happens when the scene looks like at the bottom most right of the comic. be back later with part 2 cuz Im tired af. hope u like it. -KimLui

CAMGIRL 101 - Shit to do first

So you’re broke as fuck and you are stoked on camming and want to shred off all your clothes and make a million bucks right this fucking second. I get it. Read this first. It’s worth it to be prepared.


1) Lock down your personal social media. Instagram, facebook, twitter - set all that stuff to private, or if you’re not partial to it, delete it. If you’re using your full first and last name on Facebook, don’t. At the very least, change your last name to a nickname. If you’ve got the time and the patience (and you’re paranoid like I am), go through and lock or shut down or privatize any old blogs or profiles you may have set up elsewhere - tumblr, livejournal, wordpress, bla bla bla. Why? A shitty potential problem with cam work is having someone get a hold of your first and last name and post photos/videos/screenshots/whatever of you on sites where you can’t get things removed. Ultimately this means that if someone were to google your First + Last name, they’d see your ladybits, and that might potentially fuck some shit up for you later on in life. Obviously it’s a risk no matter what you do, but it’s better to at least put some precautionary work in.

2) Create a cam-related snapchat and a twitter. Twitter is king in the cam world. You can use it to tell people when you’re going to be online, to connect with members and to make friends with other camgirls! I used to hate twitter and now I adore it. I 100% recommend making a twitter and a snapchat for cam purposes before you get on cam because it’s a good way to make money and a good way to market yourself. Most camgirls allow a tip option to receive a snapchat add, whereas twitter is usually shared with members for free. Post your twitter link in your chat when you cam and people will know how to find you next time you’re online.


Yes, the site you work on needs your actual name and actual information because they’re going to pay you with actual money. And yes, you also need to show your face. If any of this seems too risky for you, close up shop and look for something else.


1 token = 0.05USD. To check what you’re making, plug in your token amount x 0.05 (NOT 0.5. I have had people think they were making shit tons of money on their first show, show their vaginas to the world and then realize after the fact that they made $50 not $500. BE MATH SMART lol).

i.e: 500 tokens = 500 x 0.05 = $25.


You will need a webcam, a computer and some half decent lighting. If you’re broke as shit and can’t afford fancy stuff, it’s okay, you can always start basic and work your way up. I used a second hand macbook and it’s built in camera for the first year of camming and it worked fine. I’d say more important than high tech stuff is good lighting, so if you can haul a couple lamps from around your house, you’re golden.

From the model admin page…

GEOBLOCK YOUR STATE OR PROVINCE. from the Model Admin page, on the left hand side, scroll down until you see a link called “model settings”. You will see an option there for “Blocked Locations” – use this to block your area or others you want to keep away from you. This will prevent people from within the province from seeing your profile or being able to see your webcam stream!

From the web broadcaster…

You have three basic modes on MFC: free chat, group chat and private chat (private/true private). The majority of the highest earning girls spend most of their time in free chat. Stay in free chat for your first few shows. Save group and private chat for prizes or special occasions. Under the “options” button on the left hand bottom side of your screen, click “chat” and make sure you aren’t accepting group, private or true private requests.

BLOCK PRIVATE MESSAGES FROM NON-FRIENDS. From your Web Broadcaster page, on the bottom left hand side of the page is a button that says “options”. Click that, then click “chat”. Make sure to only accept private messages from friends. It is also wise to block other models from your chat room (some models will attempt to “poach” tipping members by sending PMs to anyone who tips you).

BLOCK GUESTS AND BASICS FROM CHATTING. Guests do not have an MFC account and are viewing your cam but can’t tip until they sign up and buy tokens. Basics do have an MFC account but have never purchased tokens, so they also can’t tip (until they buy tokens). The first time you buy tokens, your account becomes ‘premium’ - these members either have tokens or have bought tokens before, therefore are the most likely members to tip (in most cases). For this reason, most models block guests and basics from chatting - on the top of your screen you’ll see two little buttons beside the topic bar. Holding your mouse over them will bring up a note that says “block guests from chat” and “block basics from chat”. Make sure you click both of them so that you’re only talking to people who are most likely to tip you.

BLOCK ASSHOLES AND TROLLS. Yes, there’s a fine line between being ban happy and being assertive, but you’ll figure out your own stance on that as you mature on the site. In the mean time, if people are bothering you, ban them. You can do this by clicking on their name in the chat: notice that a box shows up on the left hand side with their information on it. There’s a drop down menu you can click that gives you a number of options, one of them being “ban” - this will shut them out of your cam room for 6 hours, and hopefully get them out of your face while you’re trying to figure shit out. Remember that annoying members don’t only annoy you, they annoy potential tipping members, too - it’s best to get them out and keep the vibe of your room positive.


Do not accept paypal as a new model. Scamming members will offer new models paypal for things/shows/blabla – it’s against MFC rules to accept paypal for shit and they will always, always cancel the payment before you get it and you end up with nothing.

Skype is the same. Don’t let people tip you for skype – stay on the website, if people want to tip you they can tip you for your time on cam.


New model status is a small yellow icon that appears next to your name for the first six hours that you stream on MFC. It’s a way for members to pay attention to models that just start out. Some people consider new model status really important and valuable … personally, I think it’s hit or miss. Yes, it boosts your visibility, so you should aim to use those six hours wisely. No, it doesn’t guarantee quality members or tippers; if anything, I’d say it guarantees more trolls and douchebags who are looking to take advantage of a girl who doesn’t know what she’s doing. Regardless, people will know you’re new for the first six hours, so make what you will of that.

Camscore is a model points system. It’s complicated as fuck and makes zero sense but essentially speaking, the more tips you make in an hour, the higher your camscore, the higher your camscore, the higher up on the front page you appear, aka the better the exposure and the more members you are able to meet (more or less). Aim to make a minimum of 1000 tokens an hour. This will help keep your score competitive. If you notice that after an hour you haven’t made that, don’t be afraid to encourage the room to help you reach your goals (“I’m really trying to hit the 1000 token mark this hour, every tip helps”, etc etc).

Miss MFC is a monthly rank competition that numbers girls according to their token earnings for that month. The #1 girl is whoever makes the most tokens, so on and so forth. This is a huge point of interest on the site and many girls use “rank push” months to boost their team moral and their incomes. For now, you don’t have to worry about it.


TOPIC: You can get creative with how you do this in future, but here’s a good idea for a start point:

@remain top off – 25 Spank, 200 Friend Add, 550 Snapchat, 900 Name On Booty [First Day On MFC!]

Now you have a basic idea of what people charge for, and members have an idea of what they can tip you to get you to do. The options here are endless – I have tips for making a pot of Kraft Dinner, for example – so do whatever you feel comfortable with! You’d be surprised what people will tip for.

COUNTDOWN: MFC does this for you automatically. When you hit broadcast, on the right hand upper side of your screen (beside your topic bar) you’ll see a button that says “Start Countdown” or something like that. When you put a number there, as members tip, MFC automatically keeps track of how many tokens have been put toward that countdown. You can automatically display your countdown in your topic so that your members can see the progress by typing @remain in your topic bar – this will display the number and update it all for you.

TIP: It is customary on the site for members to ask about a request before tipping it. If someone tips you 10,000 tokens and says “flash ur tits” and you don’t have an option for flashing anywhere on your profile or in your topic, YOU DO NOT NEED TO FLASH YOUR TITS. You’re under no obligation to do anything you haven’t advertised, and even if you do advertise it, you’re never going to be in trouble for not following through. Tips are not payment for a service: tips are a gratuity. People will try to take advantage of new models in this way. If someone tips you to do something you’re not comfortable with, thank them for their tip but remind them that you don’t do whatever they’re asking and move on.

There are three types of tips on MFC: public tip, “ninja” tip and anonymous tip. A public tip shows up as a yellow bar: you and all of the members of your room can see who the tip came from and how many tokens the tip was. It is customary to thank the member and use their name for public tips. “Ninja tips” are tips that only you, the model, can see: the room cannot see the tip amount nor who sent a tip. They will appear as a grey bar, not a yellow bar. Because these tips are hidden from the rest of the room, it is customary to thank “ninja” for the tip and NOT use the member’s username. Anonymous tips show a username of anonymous to both you and the chat room. Sometimes, anonymous tips are also ninja tips - the room can’t see the anonymous tip but you can. There’s no weird ass name for these kinds of tips even though it seems like there should be.


BANS: Like I said before, if someone is making you feel uncomfortable, don’t hesitate to ban them. Doesn’t matter how much they’ve tipped – your comfort is paramount and you need to be in control of your room. Once again, if you click on a member’s name, on the left hand side you’ll see a little menu option: you can hit “ban” and they won’t be able to see your chat room for six hours. You can also perma-ban people, which I’ll teach you later because it doesn’t really matter right now lol

FRIEND ADD: If someone wants to PM you (and tips for an add), you add them similar to how you’d ban them: click their name and on the left hand side of your screen you’ll see a little heart option to “add as a friend”. You can also remove them using this same method. Their private messages will pop up near your topic bar at the top of your screen. While it’s nice to talk one on one, I usually try to keep PM conversations short and give most of my focus to the chat room.


As mentioned, new model status can be a huge draw for assholes who assume you have no idea what you’re doing and can be taken advantage of. Think about what people are saying to you before you take advice from even seemingly helpful members, especially in your first few days. They’re gonna offer you tons of advice and some of them are honestly great people but others are really manipulative little shits so USE YOUR OWN INTUITION AND OTHER CAMGIRLS AS YOUR SOURCE OF INFORMATION and take what members tell you with a grain of salt.

Be grateful for every tip. Avoid the word “slow”. People tip on MFC because they enjoy the vibe of the room and think you’re cool/hot/fun – so your number one job is to create a fun environment where people can relax and laugh and feel good about themselves. Try to remember people’s names. Don’t be afraid to be a little over the top if someone tips you a lot.

Play music that makes you feel good, dance around, show off your bod, be confident and feel cute and people will notice!! Having the jitters is normal. Feeling frazzled on your first show is normal. It’s also cute as fuck. Work it to your advantage – you’re bound to make mistakes and do things you regret in the first little while but as long as you’re willing to make a couple mistakes along the way, it’ll be a fun experience.

Value yourself highly and others will be forced to do the same. Sometimes I offer deals on raffle tickets or videos, but very rarely will I make my countdowns cheaper. Never, ever will I do what the countdown was for if we don’t make the count. Say you put a 1000 token countdown up and you only make it halfway, but since it’s slow you think that maybe being topless would draw a crowd, so you pop the top off anyway. You have effectively just taught all of the freeloaders in your room that if they wait long enough, they’ll get to see what you offer for sale … for free. It’s better to wait it out or walk away and consider a slightly lower countdown for next time than it is to reduce the count during the show.

It pays to be friendly and kind. People want to feel liked. Don’t be a doormat, but try not to be an asshole. People are always more motivated to help a friend than they are to help someone who they fear might turn on them or be using them.


Countdowns: 1000 for top off, 1200 for panties off (I wear a thong underneath booty shorts usually), 1500 for “braless tease” (sort of like a pin-up-esque dance, lots of covering my nipples with my hands and sexydancing lol), and then 2000 for a “show” like lotion (rubbing lotion on my butt), bath tease (I wear a bikini top and a thong in the bath and get soapy), something like that. This usually takes two or three hours. If I’m near my “day goal” (which is usually 4000 to 6000 tokens), I’ll put up a countdown just to reach that goal, with no show or anything tied to it – people are usually pretty motivated to help out. These are obviously non-nude tips. If you’re up to getting naked, don’t be afraid to ask for more! In fact never be afraid to ask for more. Again, you’d be surprised what people are up to helping you for.

Don’t be afraid to chill between countdowns. If you finish a countdown really fast, give it five or ten minutes before you put up a new one! Chatting and getting to know people is important so leaving some space between shows gives you room to relax – and people will still often tip in between countdowns, too, so you can sneak extra tokens in like that.

Don’t worry about your profile for now. I’ll talk about that in another post. With what you’ve just read, you should be more than ready to tackle your first few shows.

Keep in mind these countdown numbers are my numbers. I used them on my first day and I continue to use them today. If you aren’t hitting your goals and it’s bumming you out there is nothing wrong with asking for less. If you want to do 500 token counts instead, nothing is stopping you. Some models prefer to do higher countdowns with the chance of not finishing them, others perfer to do lower countdowns in order to feel successful every show. This is personal preference. Wiggle around and see what suits you best.


So my tumblr post here. has blown up a lil bit so i did a video exploring and testing some things and i think i came up with most of what is going on.

Tumblr seems to block posts (in the search) with external links to specific websites, or id assume its more likely, it blocks external links, but has some internal white list of websites it has deemed “legit” or “big enough” to be “safe.”

With that I suggest you check your posts to ensure they made it into the tag, and ALSO use at least one unique tag that you can track to ensure they remain there. If a website you want to link to is commonly blocked, consider using the ‘content source link’ option. (Click the gear in the top right corner of a post editor, and paste the url into the content source line. The Source Link will then appear in the bottom left hand side of the post in dash-formatted posts. its location may be different in your actual theme if being viewed in that way)

The Original Post was created from a place of outrage at tumblr, and concern for fellow indie artists, I had seen a sharp decrease in traffic and revenue, and finding out it was because of this change was pretty terrible. For me that revenue is not something i rely on, but extra. Not so lucky for SO MANY people in the tags who my heart goes out too. For those that feel i was fear mongering or lying, it just isnt the case. I am always willing to talk to folk (and my msgr is open to you whether you follow me or not) about it, answer questions and help as best i can. Thank you.

Oh and promised by me, some official proof that this is at least partially accurate:

Black Butler Analysis – Twins or Just Ciel only?!--Baron Kelvin & Flashback


– Baron Kelvin

I HATE HIM!!!! That’s all I can say.


This analysis post is base on the Manga & Animation ep 8 & 9.
Toboso san has involved in the animation production, she must give some advices to the animation team.  We can see the extra foreshadowing that didn’t exist in the manga.

Bo-chan / Ciel’s name is on the list.  He knew the Noah’s Ark is after him which is befitting!  However, Bo-chan didn’t realize that the whole kidnap case is created for him.  He’s the one Kelvin looks for; from day one they met, all the time.

First Met – Phantomhive boys & Baron Kelvin

Baron Kelvin was a kind philanthropist; no doubt, I believe he truly want to saved Joker and the Noah’s Ark members.  It’s all happened before the obsession of the Phantomhive twins.

He was a good man, a good father and a good husband.

Bo-chan said he doesn’t like philanthropist so he still has memory of his name – Kelvin.  I guess Bo-chan is not doesn’t like to has interaction with philanthropist, is with any strangers.
Why?  Will explain as below.

It appears the “weird” angle of view again.   At the left corner at the bottom, it’s Bo-chan’s angle of view, Toboso san is utilizing Bo-chan sight view to tell us the story.
Who’s that boy?  Ciel.  That’s the elder twin.  Remember, this is Bo-chan’s angel of view so he won’t saw himself who’s greeting to Baron Kelvin.  (It is linking to the below explanations, Bo-chan was hiding at Vincent’s back, peeping the environment and what’s happening at the ball.

5 Years ago, everything was starting at that day.
(Back to the general angel of view)

The obsession of little twins started.
Manga Right bottom corner – Vincent and Ciel at his left hand side.  Vincent was looking at his right hand side.  
A Question for you.  Aren’t he looks like holding someone’s hand?  Vincent is holding Bo-chan’s hand and looking at his second son.

<THE PARENT TRAP> Oh yes yes yes, Linsay Lohan.

Why?  Why was Ciel was standing at Vincent’s left hand side at first and appear at his right hand side suddenly?
Why?  Why the production studio is using the Vase and those Ladies to cover and hide one of the boy?
Left hand side is the real Ciel which is the elder twin, and the right hand side one is Bo-chan, the weak and shy one.

I am trying to say, the anime production studio is using the same shooting method as “The Parent Trap”.  Linsay Lohan was acting twins by herself only, but in Black Butler Toboso san and the production team is giving the clue to the audience, they are trying to tell us there are 2 little boy, 2 Ciel, a pair of twin.  But no in an obvious way, so as my point of view, they are utilizing different storyboards to present the elder twin & Bo-chan to the audiences; at the same time, they are going to hide one of another.

Bo-chan = Shy Ciel

Vincent you are so HOT!!!
The little Ciel who is hiding at Vincent’s back is Bo-chan.  Why?  So Shy.
As I mentioned before, Bo-chan has asthma and so weak, he’s not allow to go outside as much as the elder twin.  He seldom meet strangers in the public area, how could a kind be out-going if he always stay in his room to take rest?!

Someone were saying that’s only one Ciel.  He ran from the left hand side to the right hand side, so that’s the same Ciel.  Vincent was turned around and greeting to Baron Kelvin, so Bo-chan is hiding from Vincent’s left hand side back and elder twin was standing at Vincent’s right hand side.
As per the shooting method that production studio is using, they are trying to cover some “secrets” that aren’t obviously telling the public.

Elder Twin = Cheery Ciel who has energy & more active

Stop staring at Ciel you creepy old man!
Elder twin was not afraid to greet to strangers, maybe he was trained to be out-going and meet different kind of people, is a tutorial to teach him the social skills.
Moreover, the expression & manner of elder twin looks more alike as Vincent  -  crafty & wicked.

See, not the same feeling as Bo-chan.

Also, Vincent said “Okay…You are going to greet first!” and touching elder twin’s head, the hand Vincent was using his right hand.  At the same time Bo-chan was hiding at Vincent’s back.
So, no way to be one Ciel only!

Addition Bonus Scenes from Animation

In manga, there’s no zoom in storyboard of Baron Kelvin after the elder twin greeting.
This is extra scenes in the anime.

Baron Kelvin was looking at elder twin because he’s the one who greeting first, after that his eyes rolled to his right hand side & our left hand side.
Why?  That’s someone else there and he’s waiting for the greeting from Bo-chan.
That make sense, at the above general angel of view, Bo-chan was standing at Vincent’s right hand side until Vincent was turned around to say hi to Kelvin, the left & right theory has changed.

Bo-Chan.  Little shy sweet pie.

Vincent has explained to Kelvin for Bo-chan doesn’t want to say hi and hiding at his back.
Vincent said Bo-chan is shy with strangers because he has a weak health condition (asthma) and seldom go outside.

Okay…Vincent’s right hand side …. (I was getting crazy and don’t understand what’s happened, anyone is the same???)

Elder twin ran away from Vincent to Chlaus.
Chlaus asked “Oh~~Is Ciel?” Chlaus was guessing which one is it.  Ciel and Bo-chan are twins.
If not, why would Chlaus asked this question?

Chlaus said rare to see all of you participate the ball / party.

RARE?  Oh yes, Bo-chan is too weak to go out too often.

Vincent replied Chlaus and said Bo-chan was not biddable at all and insisted to follow and join.  Bo-chan is just recovered.

Addition Bonus Scenes from Animation 2

Ciel who’s behind Chlaus was elder twin, after he said hi to Chlaus then he ran away again.  And the one who stand next to Vincent and just recovered and insisted to join, that’s Bo-chan.

(Baron Kelvin Creepy revolution >>>> Creepy Old Dude)

Kelvin said he can’t move his sight away from 3 of them.
Three? Who, who and who?
At the first stage, I was assumed the three of them are Ciel, Vincent and Chlaus.
Of cause, the answer is no.
We cannot find any clue from the animation, but in Manga we can.

Look at Vincent’s eye, he’s looking downward and seems like touching Bo-chan’s head.
Also from that frame, Toboso san put screentone on Chlaus, only him but not Ciel (elder twin) and Vincent.  I estimate that Toboso san is excluding Chlaus from that “Three of them” sentence, Toboso san is trying to lead the audience to think that the three of them are who we can see in the manga.
Why would she needs to put screentone on Chlaus?  
What we can see in the manga doesn’t mean is the whole story.  We can imagine the pictures out of the frame / border, Toboso san didn’t draw it clearly doesn’t mean Bo-chan didn’t exist.

From each scene here; except the frame has Bo-chan or elder twin only, with multiple peoples storyboard / frame, the audiences are not able to see Bo-chan & elder twin appear in the same frame.
Why?  Toboso san and the anime production studio is utilizing Vincent / Kelvin / Chlaus / whatever vase or other people to cover another kid.

- TBC -

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kryallaorchid ha respondido a tu publicación: does anyone know in which part of the Agreste…

on the left hand side at the bottom of the stairs, I believe. There’s a few clues, but the biggest one is in Lila’s episode

So, looking in from the front door into that foyer area, its on the left

Ah, yes, thank you!

Skyrim Alchemy Assistant program

Hey, so I’m done being greedy. I made this program (which is really just a formula heavy excel sheet) that lets you enter in what ingredients you have in your inventory, and tells you which potions you can make with them! It even has a full catalog of all the ingredients, their effects, worth, and where to find them. Also, I’ve compiled a list of some of the potions I’ve crafted and their worth. It’s all on here for yall

Makes you a LOT more gold, saves a LOT of time, and makes alchemy a LOT more efficient!

It can be found to download on google drive HERE.

Before trying to run any of the programs, make sure you enable macros on your excel.

This step by step guide to enable macros works for versions of excel 2010 and higher

Go to Options in the lower left corner of the file tab

At the very bottom of the left-hand side index, select “trust center”. Then select “trust center settings…”

Around the middle of the left-hand side index, you should see “macro Settings”. Click on that, then select “enable all macros”

You’re all set!

Happy Potion making!

(feel free to send me feedback on this file or if anything is not working)  

anonymous asked:

How do you make an interesting tags/navi page? I have a page with a list of links to my tags, but it looks pretty crappy. I've looked on Google to try to find a tutorial, to no avail. Nothing seems to have what I want. If you can help, I would greatly appreciate it! (By the way, this is the user this-anonymous-whovian, but you can't ask a question from a side blog)

Hello @this-anonymous-whovian! There are loads of people who make navi pages. The theme hunter blog has a huge collection of navi pages people have made. Most posts have instructions on how to install them, but here’s a quick description of what to do:

When you’re in your theme editing mode, scroll to the bottom of the left-hand side bar, and click the button that says “add a page”. A new page should pop up on the left-hand side. At the top, it should default to “Standard layout”, but if you click the dropdown menu, you can select “custom layout”. Once you have that, copy the html code of the tags theme you want, and simply paste it in. Easy peasy! Save your page, and set the url to be whatever you want it to be, such as /navi.

Most of the themes also give you instructions on how to properly type out the code to make the proper link to the tag you want.

I hope this helped! Good luck!

Went back to the grocery store and saw a Big Hero 6 sticker activity book. Here’s some of the funnier things from it.

Wow! These characters all look so awesome! Like they’re ready of have the most epic battle of their 

Jeez, Callaghan! Who shit in your coffee? (Probably Krei)

Next up is a “Find The Differences” style activity! Sounds easy enough. Let’s start from the left hand side. How’s the bottom different from the

Too soon, sticker book. Too soon.

And finally, a true or false quiz!

For those of you with vision issues, the questions are thus:

1. Tadashi is Hiro’s younger brother.

2. Hiro hates hot chicken wings.

3.Fred’s suit allows him to breathe fire.

4. Aunt Cass runs a cafe called The Unlucky Cat.

5. Wasabi is very neat and tidy.

6. Fred collects comic books.

7.Big Hero 6 live in San Fransokyo.

8. Baymax is a personal haircare companion.

9.Fred is an inventor.

10. Professor Callaghan works at the hospital.

You know the drill, tumblr! Time to write an AU where all of this is true!

Taking notes in a lecture (with a modified Cornell method)

So for my lecture notes, I use a slightly modified version of the Cornell method, and it’s been really helpful to me, so I figured I’d make a guide about that and a little bit about lectures in general!

Before the lecture

  • Get your Cornell outline ready. I use a standard A4 notebook, and I do the left-hand line about 3.5cm from the side, and the bottom line about 4cm from the bottom of the page.
  • Find out whether or not you can record the lecture, or if it’ll be recorded by the lecturer. Trust me, this is so helpful. Even if you only use it once or twice, it’s still worth it. Not only is it useful if you don’t get everything down during the lecture, it’s also useful later, when you’re writing an essay and you want that little bit of specific information which you didn’t write down. I use MiniRecorder (for Windows Phone) on my phone; this also means that I can’t get distracted fiddling with my phone.

During the lecture

  • Arrive early and try to get a seat at the front. This is something a lot of people will tell you, but it is really helpful. Sitting at the front gives you a good view of any lecture slides, and lets you hear the lecturer better. It also means that you’re less likely to get distracted!
  • Pay attention. This one seems obvious, but it’s so easy to drift off for a moment or two and then realise that you have no idea what the lecturer is talking about. This is where your recording of the lecture comes in useful!
  • Put the date and the title of the lecture on your notes. I normally put the date at the top of the left-hand column, and the lecture title centre top in a little banner.
  • Notes. Keep them as relevant as possible. One way I use to decide what I should write is: what points does the lecturer repeat? What points are on the slide? What things do I not understand? What will be useful in an essay/exam?
  • Quotes. Don’t bother writing down a whole quote unless you want to and think you have time. I normally just get the first and last three or four words, with a “…” in between, and the source of the quote. This means that if I need to find it later, I should be able to get hold of it online.
  • The Cornell method. Normally with this method, you don’t write in the left-hand column during the lecture. Because I study English Lit, I do things slightly differently. If a lecturer asks a question which feels more ‘general’ (for example, how would [x] author react to 2015?] I put it in the left-hand column under the heading of ‘Lecture Qs’. Other than that, I focus on writing in just the centre column.
  • Space & decoration. I try to keep to just one page for organisational purposes (I keep a contents page at the front of my notebook to make it easy to find the notes I want), but you can use as many pages as you need/want, just make sure to draw up the Cornell outline before the lecture! Banners are also useful for me - I use them to highlight the title of the lecture and to separate bits of a diagram if I need to draw one.

After the lecture

  • Highlight your notes. Pick 2-5 colours and use each colour for one main topic in the lecture. For example, if I had a lecture on Alice in Wonderland mentioning 1) the context, 2) Victorian attitudes to imagination, and 3) the structure or text of the book itself, I would use three colours to highlight those points. I also tend to use a separate colour for quotes.
  • Summarise. Try to sum up the topics covered in the lecture in 2-4 lines in the bottom box. The points you’ve picked to highlight are helpful here - is there a way you can condense the information from each point into a single line about that topic?
  • Questions. If you have any questions after the lecture, put them in your left-hand column to think about. I normally use banner-fied headings of ‘Lecture Qs’ and ‘Post-lecture Qs’ to separate the two.

And that’s about it! Of course, this is just the method I use. It won’t work for everyone, and it might not work for every subject. I’ve found it useful for English Literature, but that’s no guarantee it’ll work for other topics. Use whatever method works for you! Good luck!


Prompt: You’re the only one who can calm Bucky down when he has his nightmares. You have been shot by a Hydra agent when you are driving around in your car late at night, after you pop out to the store. Steve calls you to come calm Bucky down. Your wound however is worse than you originally expected… 

Warnings: mentions of death

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

God this request breaks my heart D: Anyway, hope you enjoy!

It’s okay, I’m here now

It is just turning midnight, luckily you knew where to find a twenty-four hour convenience store. You needed some basic stuff like milk and bread for your home. You could be living at the Avengers tower, but you preferred the comfort of your own home. Plus, you only worked there as Bucky Barnes councillor. Of course Bucky meant more to you than just a client. Feelings have developed on both parts. No matter what, you’d always be there for him. He wouldn’t be able to cope without you. 

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Imagine.. Spending Valentine's Day With Jared Leto

“OK this one is a joke.. I promise..” Your Mum shot a look to your sister who was already sneering in her chair.  

Today it was February 13th and your 24th birthday. Your parents had come over to visit you along with your sister, brother and some of your closest friends. You watched your sister skeptically for a minute before starting to peel off the wrapping paper. As soon as you grabbed a handle of a mug and ripped the paper to reveal Jared’s face you were laughing. 

“Very funny guys..” You say as you pulled off the wrapping paper completely revealing a china mug with a topless Jared Leto showing himself on it. “I’m guessing this was your doing?” You say as your eyes meet your sisters.

“Maybe..” This makes all of you start laughing. “Seeing as he couldn’t be here we thought we’d bring something of him to you.” Her tone returned to a serious one which made you snap back into reality. Jared had been on tour for a while and had been doing a lot of promotion for Dallas Buyers Club which required him travelling all over the world which meant you hadn’t seen him for 4 months and it had been hard on both of you. It was soon to be your year anniversary of being with him and you’d never felt so distant. Neither of you could help how much you missed each other and wished things were different. 

“Anyway,” Your Mum beings as she sees you starting to over think the situation once again. “You better go get ready - we’re booked for Revenir in an hour!" 


"Blue or red?” Your sister said as she hovered in your doorway. 

Examining the two dresses in her hand, you get up and start to examine the material. 

“Red. You always look so lovely in that dress!” You say as she smiles and hooks the two dresses to the door handle and hugs you. 

“What’s this for?” You say as you are squeezed tighter.

“I know how hard this must be,” You didn’t want to say anything because you knew she knew what she was talking about. Her boyfriend is in the army and regularly leaves home for months at a time. “I know how you feel. I’m always here if you need to talk. Okay?" 

There was a long pause as you buried your face into her hair.

"Okay.” You finally spoke. 

“Let’s go then - this is one of the nicest restaurants in London.. Believe me!” She said smiling. 


Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you..

The people around the table consisted of your Mum, Dad, younger sister, older brother and your friends Mel and Fleur. The meal at the restaurant Revenir had been wonderful and now your Mum had started the choir of very out of tune people singing. The restaurant was very small and so their loud voices made the people sat having their meals all turn and look with a smile on their face. All of a sudden there was a voice from behind you. 

Happy birthday dear Malfoy..

At this point your head snapped around to look behind you because there was only one person who called you that and could sing in such melodic tones. Ever since you’d seen the last Harry Potter they had started calling you it because your hair colour was almost exactly the same as Malfoy’s and you’d always had an intense love for the house Slytherin. 

"Happy birthday to you.” Jared spoke with a cake balanced on one hand, a balloon in the other and a huge smile on his face. 

Before you had time to examine everybody’s reaction or read the writing on the cake or examine the pattern on the balloon your arms were around a suit collar as you squeezed Jared the tightest you ever had. Your Mum got up from the table and slowly relieved Jared of an unsteady cake and a fluttering balloon as she leaned in close to your ear.

“Happy birthday.” She whispered with a smile. 

You couldn’t believe Jared was here for you as he had so many tour dates and so many commitments that were causing him stress and taking up all of his time. You couldn’t believe he hadn’t called or that your Mum and Dad hadn’t told you. Most of all: you couldn’t believe how much you had missed him. 

“I hate you.” You said with a laugh as Jared pulled away and looked at you.

“I love you, too.” He said with a smile as he planted a kiss on your forehead. 

A waiter had brought over a chair for Jared at the end of the table and as you took your seat Jared broke his grasp on your hand. Before he sat down he gave your sister a kiss on the cheek and your brother a hand shake as he had met your parents numerous times but never your siblings. He spent the next 5 minutes introducing himself and complimenting the woman’s dresses and the boys’ hair as everyone smiled and spoke.

This was the first time the people you loved most had been in the same room and the first time you had been completely whole in a while. 


“So I’m just sat there and in walks Dennis Dixon and I’m just like.. Do you even dash?” Jared says as your brother erupts into laughter. Everyone had bonded with Jared over the end of meal coffee which included your brother who he couldn’t stop talking to. 

“You know I think it would of taken him exactly 4.58 seconds to punch you..” Your brother said as Jared and your Dad dissolved into uncontrollable laughter. 

“Okay.. I do have one last present for the birthday girl..” Jared said as he finished chuckling. The whole table apart from your Mum and Dad watched in awe as Jared put his hand into his suit pocket and rummaged around. Your Mum and Dad sat with a huge smiles on their faces and their hands gripped tightly. After a couple of seconds of looking: Jared pulled out a long, thin envelope. 

“Happy birthday.” He said as he handed you the envelope. 

Everyone sat on the edge of their seat as you began to open it. Slowly, you pulled out 2 plane tickets. 

“Lyon in France?” You say speculatively. 

“Appropriate for the restaurant, right?” He said with a cheeky smile. 

A smile grew massively over your face. He had planned all of this so well and without anybody knowing except for your Mum and Dad. 

“We’re spending Valentine’s day in France?” You say, your smile growing wider and wider as you speak. You see your sister in the corner of your eye staring in complete awe at Jared. 

“We’ll be spending it with a few of my friends, too. Our spontaneous trip begins in an hour if you accept.” He said with a wink. 

“Your bag is all packed,” Your Mum added which releaved Jared of the 7 pairs of eyes that had been locked on him since the word go. “It’s in Jared’s car. It’s all been arranged.” Jared’s eyes met your Mum’s.

“Thank you for that, Annie.” He said as he smiled at her.

“It’s my pleasure.” She said, going slightly red. 

“Let’s go on an adventure.” You whisper as you kiss the side of Jared’s head.


You had finished saying your goodbyes to everyone as they all wished you well. As you were saying goodbye to your sister, you could see Jared and your Dad having a very long conversation that Jared had asked to have with him which finished with a handshake and a hug. You were now sat on the plane and travelling to Lyon. You spent the whole 2 hour flight holding Jared’s hand and catching up with him about what you had both been doing. Soon enough it was 2am and you were flying into the twinkling city of Lyon.

“And this.. Is our room..” Jared said as he slowly opened the door. Jared had booked a room in the 5 star hotel Villa Florentine which was the most luxurious hotel you had ever been in. The bedroom was huge and was decorated with swirling patterns all over the ceilings and walls with an en suite and artwork everywhere. You were in complete awe of the room as Jared slowly rested his hands on your waist and whispered in your ear. 

“We better go to bed - we’ve got a big day tomorrow.”


You slowly wrapped your arm around  Jared who had been awake for the past half an hour watching you sleep. 

“Good morning chick..” He whispered as you slowly opened your eyes and smiled. 

“Happy Valentine’s day.” You say as you run your fingers through through his short, brown hair. 

“Happy Valentine’s day to you too.” He said. All of a sudden you realized the room seemed different and was showered in a different shade of red. Sitting up in your bed you noticed that in the night Jared had put balloons all of the room, hung hearts from the ceiling and scattered petals all of the bed. 

“I know it’s cheesy and stuff but.. It’s our first Valentines and-” You stopped him with a kiss that said thank you. 

“I don’t have your presents because I wasn’t aware of this trip until last minute and most of them would of been too big but..” You put your arm down to the right hand side of the bed and rummage for a small gift wrapped in red tissue paper under the bed. “Here is one of them." 

Jared’s eyes became bright as he opened this present slowly and then held it up. His eyes became wide and looked like they were going to fill. Jared had lost his triad necklace a few months ago when he was crowd surfing at a show in Russia and he admitted that was the one thing that he loved most that he owned. 

"Turn it around..” You spoke with a smile. 

Slowly Jared span the triad necklace to display that down the right hand side length was the word ‘SHANNON’, to the left hand side was the word 'TOMO’ and on the very bottom length said the word 'JARED’. This time Jared really had to bite his lip so he didn’t fill up. 

“Thank you so much,” His eyes met yours. “I love you." 

"I love you too.” Your lips met and Jared rubbed his hand along your jaw line. 

“Hold on 2 seconds..” Jared hopped out of bed and went to the desk in the corner of the room where he got a scalpel from the draw and started doing something to the triad. 

“What are you doing?” You say as you try and move to see his hand movements as he turned his back and blocked your view further.

“Nothing - go and get ready. Our day begins in an hour!" 


The day consisted of visits to various places in Lyon, a meal in Archange and a long walk hand in hand as you looked in various shops. Just spending chilled out time with Jared made you the happiest person you had ever been. Around 4 o'clock Jared kept looking at his watch. 

"What’s wrong?” You say back in your hotel room as you finish opening the presents Jared had bought for you. 

“I have to go.” Jared’s eyes became wild as he started to pick up his jacket and put on his shoes. 

“Where?” Confusion has started to spread over you because it looked like something was wrong. 

“Trust me. There will be a car to pick you up at 6:30.” He was about to put his hand on the door handle when you grabbed his arm.

“Jared!” You said sternly before he escaped through the door. “What’s going on?" 

"Do you trust me enough to let me leave?” His mouth moved into a side smile. 

“Along as your promise to come back.” You reply, a little unsure. 

“As I always have.” He said before he kissed your forehead and raced out of the door.


At dead on 6:30 there was 2 beeps from a car outside. Wearing your black skinny jeans, red t-shirt, leather jacket and red converse you bound down the stairs and knock the the car window which winds down. 

“A lift for the girlfriend of Jared Leto?” Says a taxi driver. You smile and get into the car as you are whisked away somewhere different. After about 15 minutes of driving, the taxi driver pulls up in front of a huge building which is flooded with people. 

“Ah.. Halle Tony Garnier! What a fabulous place.” He spoke in his French accent. Indeed, it was fabulous and huge. After a minute of wondering you remembered that this was where 30 Seconds To Mars were playing tonight. You smiled.

“Thank you for the lift.” You say as you get out of the car.

“Enjoy it!” The driver said with a wink. 


Whenever you had been to a 30 Seconds To Mars gig before, unless Jared has specifically asked you to go to the side of stage area, you had loved being on the floor. This time was no exception. 

One life.. One love.. Live!

The concert was now in full swing and City Of Angels had been a huge success with the crowd. All of a sudden, the music got quiet at the end of the song.

“Well.. How are you feelings guys?” Jared spoke as he took a drink from a bottle of water.

Infinite, you thought. 

“So today is Valentine’s day - right?” The response to this was a mix of cheers and awkward recognition of loneliness. “Who wants to be my Valentine?” He said with a smile. The cheers from the crowd got louder and louder. Although you had gotten to the concert 30 minutes late, for some reason all of the crowd seemed to let you get very close to the front and a few of them even recognized you. Jared’s laugh got louder.

“I’m only kidding guys, but you are all beautiful and wonderful. Where is my Valentine?” He said, scanning the horizon. Everyone started clapping and a few starting pointing to you. “There she is - come on up here!” Various security guards help you over the barricade and up to the stage where Jared draped his arm around your shoulder and the whole crowd went wild. 

“Okay so um..” Jared pushed hair hair up and the crowd’s noise didn’t subside until he ushered them to hush. “It’s Valentine’s day and I love you. Everything about you. The way you make me a better person, the way you’ve made me interested in things like Harry Potter and Doctor Who and all that weird and awesome stuff and the way you..” He stifled a choke as he tried hard to breathe normally. “They way you saved my life.” The whole crowd went dead silent as you did. He had done exactly the same to you but you’d never thought you’d done it for him. 

“So.. I want to say something. Well, they do.." 

All of a sudden Jared dropped onto his knee and looked at the crowd with a huge smile and beckoned a response mouthing the words ’as we practised’ towards them. Without any hesitation, different sections of the crowd started to shout a different word. 

"Will..” Shouted the far left section. 

“You..” Shouted the middle section.

“Marry..” Shouted the far right section.

“Me?” Jared spoke. Silence fell in the room. 

You inhaled sharply. 

“Yes.” You spoke before you dissolved into tears as did Jared and the crowd went wild. Shannon and Tomo walked forward clapping and smiling and the whole place was erupting with happiness.

Jared pulled you close as you both cried with happiness. All of a sudden, you noticed Jared’s necklace. On the middle of the triad, the length holding all points together..

Jared had engraved your name. 

How to spot stolen gifs and graphics

I kept seeing people asking how you can tell if gifs/graphics are stolen so I made a list of how I usually check to see if the graphics are originally from the source.  As a regular blogger and gif maker, I can easily tell if something’s stolen but I understand that it’s not the case for most people so let me try to explain my process when I come across a gif I like from a blog I don’t recognize or feel sketchy about.

  • Check the tags.  

A good blogger and gif maker would tag their stuff accordingly (actress, show, episode, characters etc.) ESPECIALLY (x9999999999999) adding tags like #my edit, #mine, #my graphic, #my things, or something along those lines.  Check the source for those tags.  THIS IS THE EASIEST AND MOST LIKELY WAY TO FIND OUT IF IT’S STOLEN OR THE ORIGINAL.  THE REPOSTER WOULD NOT TAG STUFF AS #MY EDIT, UNLESS THEY ARE A SELFISH, CALLOW bitch PERSON.  How do you find the source?  It’s at the bottom of the post, on the left hand side on your dashboard then check the tags.

  • This method is specifically for gif sets:
  1. Does the gif set follow a theme or not?  
  2. Are all the gifs differently and randomly coloured (from sepia, to black and white, to coloured, to vibrant, to less saturated, different tint)?  
  3. Are they different sizes, ranging randomly from 540p, 268p, and 177p?  
  4. Are they all different qualities (some looking HD, others look blurry or some pixelated)?  
  5. Are the gifs set at different frame rates (are some slower or faster than others).  

Click on each individual gif to judge for yourself the above^.  If yes to MOST, if not ALL, of these, they’re probably stolen and likely come from multiple sources.


It’s a little difficult to find out if they changed URLs so keep reading if that’s the case or use the above methods.

  • Have you seen that blogger make gifs before?  

Not a good basis to go on as there are many contributors in a fandom.  However, you will notice that there are the regular gif makers if you keep up with a fandom.

  • Have you seen this gif before?  

There are a lot of times I can recognize a gif/gif-set and see the url and it’s definitely not the source.  That’s how you know I spend too much time on tumblr.  Again not a good basis to go on as the same scene can be recreated, BUT, gif makers have their own method of making gifs and they can vary by colour, sharpening, text, sizes, frame rate, etc. (Example: I tend to go with a blue tint, less saturated look, while some like vibrant more reddish look) After awhile, you can recognize the blogger who made the gifs just by looking at it.

  • Check the blog.  Look for links that says something like “My edits.” 


Example from my blog:

See how I have my own “My Edits” page?  Some might not have one so eeep more further investigation is needed. *x-files theme song comes on*

  • Not the most reliable method, but does it have a lot of notes? 

Usually, stolen gifs get less notes because the original gif had been reblogged many times before.  I say this isn’t reliable because a lot of casual bloggers (who aren’t really in the fandom) may reblog it anyways or a popular blog might reblog it not knowing it’s stolen.  Sometimes, reposted gifs become more popular than the original WHICH IS THE BIGGEST BITCH SLAP IN THE FACE FOR A GIF MAKER.

Final things:

I recommend to always reblog and/or follow bloggers who regularly make their own gifs/graphics so reblogging stolen gifs is less likely to happen (and they’re probably knowledgeable about reposts so they’re likely not going to reblog them).

If you see someone reblog a stolen gif/graphic TELL THEM SO THEY CAN TAKE THEM DOWN.  They 99% will, if they don’t, unfollow.

If you like a gif, REBLOG THE POST AND ADD YOUR COMMENT ON IT.  Do not save the gif, repost it on tumblr just so you can add your own comment or for selfish reasons *coughs* notes. (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ

Lastly, DO NOT REBLOG THE STOLEN GIF IF YOU KNOW IT’S STOLEN.   Tell the reposter to take it down and if they don’t, let others know it’s stolen.  I hate witch hunting people, but reposters need to learn their lesson BUT DO SO IN A CALM MATTER AND EXPLAIN WHY IT’S WRONG.

~Shoutout to gif/graphic makers for filling up the tags and making them more entertaining.  Without them, tumblr with be hella boring and wouldn’t be as popular as it was today tbh.  I wouldn’t have had discovered as many gay shows as I have if it wasn’t for gif sets of hot ass people or cute animations popping up on my dashboard. (◕‿◕✿)~

sorry this was long this is very important to me if you have any questions just send me an ask

                                                   ❄Issue 2

❄ 1924 was going to be a very good year. The war was over, everyone had new cars, new products and money to burn. Tony Stark is ready for it with his new club, “Maria’s Rose.” Profits are high, the music is good, and what could possibly go wrong?

[Warnings: pg-13 content. Also, kissing.] 

❄ Pre-orders will receive special gifts! 

❄ Pricing: 

$19.99 per issue + shipping in the USA $5 and international $10 


Step 1: Find the donate button on bottom left-hand side of my tumblr page. This links to PAYPAL. [ paypal payments only ] 

Step 2: When entering the amount, please make sure to include ‘comic’, YOUR TUMBLR USERNAME, and the number of comics in the “Purpose” section.

IMPORTANT: Please include your CORRECT ADDRESS AND NAME in the “Purpose” if your paypal address is not correct

Step 3: Please contact me with any questions and also let me know if there is an alternative way to contact you other than the email listed with your paypal, or your tumblr name. 

Just a reminder, this is a pre-order which means the estimated time for the finished project will be by late November. 

~ And as always, thank you for your eithisam for this project! 

anonymous asked:

I was stalking you blog and saw something about a pantomime, Hello Kitty Scooter and a russian proposal what was that about?

Right before we start, I want you to bare in mind that I am socially awkward and effectively my life is a series of dramatic failures destine for cringe attacks. And this story is one of them. By reciting this, it is causing me a lot of pain. But we shall begin. 

I want you to set the scene - it’s England, beginning of December so it’s cold and icy, and had a bitter wind. Not a mildly wind that you’re like ooh that’s a bit cold NO IM ON ABOUT YOU STEP OUT THE DOOR AND GET HYPOTHERMIA but I still refused to wear a coat. I was in a zip-through hoodie, a pair of light blue skinny jeans and a baggy blue shirt. I live in quite a hilly place, and I live on top of this steep hill near two woods, with those weird trees that drop weird lumpy seeds. I had also been cast to play one of the ugly step sisters in Cinderella in our schools Christmas pantomime and required two scooters, one I had already brought into school - just a gray, metal scooter, and today was the day I would bring in the second scooter, a bright pink metal Hello Kitty scooter. Scene set? 

So I had no lessons until nine and all other students would be in at 8:40, so I left a bit later, so I didn’t get seen riding this monstrous scooter 2 miles it takes to walk to school. My friend, who lived near school, a-dinosaur-stole-my-skittles, was waiting for me at her house for me to come and knock for her to go to school. So I left about half past eight, knowing I could get in there in time for my lesson. Went up the tiny hill to the top of my road and noticed it was a bit icy - nothing much, just a bit of black ice and frost but I decided scooting was a good idea. Because I’m an idiot. But I went across this flat expanse of road with house one side all fine and I saw two men, hugging.

Now, in no way am I homophobic. From a distance I could hear them talking and from the sharp, harsh tone I could pick up it was either Siberian or Russian. It sounded Russian, and one of the men were doing a speech so I scooted past smiled, and wished them ‘Morning’, like I always do. They smiled back and carried on, and so I got back on this Hello Kitty scooter and rode down the hill. The hill was scattered with these tiny, brown seeds, and covered in ice. Can you guess where this is going. I sped up, but when i tried to break, i just skidded so as soon as i went to jump off, I hit a seed and a pothole, and was flipped over the handle bars and skidded down the hill.

I wasn’t in pain. I was lying on the floor like huh that went well, and i heard one of the men yell in broken English 'Ma'am you okay?’ So I jumped up and waved to them and yelled 'I’m fine thanks!’ and only then did i see one of them on one knee, with a ring box in his hand and the other male, crying with silent tears. Then I stood up, picked the scooter up and went to hide to assess the damage thingy FUCK SHITTY FUCK COCK BALLS I JUST RUINED THEIR PROPOSAL but it didn’t really sink in. 

I assessed the damage, just a hell of a bruise and a cut on my knee that didn’t stop bleeding. So I called Lauren saying i’ll be late ad my mum telling her im coming home to get changed, and i ruined a Russian gay couples proposal. And only when i got changed (i split my jeans across the knee, so hipster) and i rode back into school (NOT DOWN THAT HILL OH MY GOD) that it sunk in. I fell off a scooter, a bright Hello Kitty pink scooter, I was 16, and I ruined a Russian couples proposal.

A few months passed, and I had really bad rib pains in only one rib, the bottom left hand side, and after a doctors examintion they found that when I flipped over the handle bars of the scooter, i cracked my rib and broke it, and it was pushing into my lung and the muscle grew back around it.

So, summing up the story, I fell off a Hello Kitty scooter down a hill, ruined a Russian gay guys proposal, broke my rib and had it for 8 months pushing into my lung, ripped a pair of skinny jeans, get cringe attacks when I go down that hill, and can’t even look at that scooter. Enjoy laughing at my embarrasement