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Merwin, 'Why are you covered in glitter?'

“Why are you covered in glitter?” Merlin mumbles, rubbing at his tired eyes, woken by the sudden movement of the bed as Eggsy falls onto the soft cotton sheets. The young man blinks up at his lover, wiping at his skin and staring at the shimmering gold left in his hands.

“Oh, Rox took me to a club,” Eggsy says, “apparently there was mission information she had to gather and it’s easier when she isn’t alone.”

“You smell sweet,” Merlin remarks, rolling over to look at Eggsy, taking the young man’s hand and taking the index finger into his mouth. Eggsy shivers as Merlin’s tongue runs up and down the digit, taking in the glitter, before the older man pulls away.

“Edible glitter,” Merlin muses, hungrily racking his eyes over the rest of Eggsy’s body. Now awake, he sees what Roxy probably forced the boy into. There’s some kind of tattered cloth strewn across Eggsy’s chest, barely enough to be called a shirt since Merlin can clearly see the contours of muscles through the open holes.

The pants are leather, which while they made Eggsy looks absolutely sinful, would probably prove to be a nuisance to take off. 

The glitter was everywhere. Caught between abs, in his collar bones, cheekbones, on his arms.

Merlin wanted to lick it all off.

“Merlin?” Eggsy questions, suddenly turned over and feeling the familiar weight and warmth of Merlin pressed against him.

He got no verbal response, instead Merlin busies himself with licking and biting marks onto the boy’s neck, the glitter an afterthought when Eggsy aches into his touch, breathy moans escaping their mouths.

Eggsy woke up with less glitter on his body, but a whole lot of something else instead.