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Second Chance - Part Two

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Wow. The response I’ve gotten is just…wow. I can’t even. I am so glad that y’all are enjoying this as much as I am! Thank you so much for your comments and likes and reblogs. You are all amazing! Here is the second chunk! I hope everyone continues to enjoy the story! Let me know if you’d like to be tagged in the next part!

Also, thanks again to @sannvers for editing and to @mmegaston for doing a final proofread!

Title: Second Chance

Pairing: Eventual Gaston x Fem!Reader

Rating: T

Words: 5,479

Summary: You try to stop Gaston from shooting the Beast and falling to his death, but you arrive too late to save him. As you sit there, sobbing, the Enchantress offers you a second chance to save him.

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Learning to trust

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Words: 2100
Part one- Just one look
Part two - Learning to trust
Part three - Living with the bond 
Part Four - A new wolf
Part Five - Facing the Future
Part Six - The promise

It had taken everything in you to trust the pack, it was a hard uphill struggle that you were constantly on the edge of losing. Every time their play fighting got too rough or their voices to loud you’d jump up and spring away from them and it hurt them so much. You could see Embry’s heart break a little every time you flinched away from him or Paul’s jaw clench with anger any time Jacob spoke to you because in his mind it was Jacob’s fault for giving you such a poor introduction to their…lifestyle.

It had torn at rift in the pack, mostly leaving Jacob on his own even though you tried to insist that you would be fine when you got used to it all. Embry felt like he was going insane. You’d not let him touch you since that night in your backyard and a few nights a go they’d caught the scent of leech a few streets from you and it set him on edge. Any Vampire worth their sparkles would be able to smell him and the pack, what if they followed that scent back to you? He’d phased a few times thinking about it.

You were sat at Emily and Sam’s place, as seemed the usual now, you’d pushed yourself into the corner of a couch and made polite conversation with the guys with a small, tight smile.
They left you alone as Paul came over and dropped himself down next to you and flopped his arms out of that his hand landed near yours. He’s been doing this since you’d found out, so that he could be close to you but only if you were feeling up to it.

You slipped your hand into his and you could see him visibly relax.
“How’re you doing Y/N?” He asked and ran his thumb along your knuckles.
“It’s hard.” You admitted.
“You seem fine with me.” Paul answered honestly.
“I’m not shackled to you forever.” You mumbled and Paul’s head shot up from where it was resting back on the back of the coach.

“What are you talking about?” He asked his brow furrowed in confusion.
You gave him a bored look, “I grew up with these legends Paul, I know I’m stuck with Embry and I’ve got to give him babies.

Paul sat up straight and gave your hand a squeeze, “No Y/N that’s not how it works.”
You gave him a bored look, “What part of any of this screams choice?”
Paul leaned forward and pecked a kiss to your forehead, “Leave this to your bestest big brother.”
“You’re not my brother Paul.” You laughed softly as he jumped up and started towards the kitchen, he leaned back over his shoulder laughing, “Yeah I am, you’re my lil sister and you’ll like it.”

When Paul burst into the kitchen he tried not to laugh at Emily, as small as she was in comparison, reaching up to brush Embry’s hair to one side in an effort to make him more presentable.
“You need a serious talk with your girl Em.” Paul advised as he dropped himself down at the table next to Jared.
“Whats happened ? Is she okay?” Embry panicked almost instantly.
“She’s fine, Y/N’s just being a bit fatalistic about the imprint. Thinks she needs to be everything for you.” Paul explained and Embry’s face fell.
He’d convinced you to go out with him, Emily was just fixing his hair and then he planned to take you a walk down the beach and have a picnic that the other imprints had put together for you both. He figured it would be perfect for you, an intimate setting where you could both just properly talk but physical closeness could still be at a minimum to help you stay feeling comfortable. He kissed Emily’s cheek in goodbye and hit Paul and Jared in the back of the head as he went to see if you were still up for your picnic.


You’d walked for maybe twenty minutes when Embry broke the thick silence and suggested you both take a seat. You waited patiently as he struggled against the breeze to lay down the picnic blanket on the sand, you couldn’t help but giggle at his attempts and it turned into a full laugh when he gave you a playful glare over his shoulder. Damn wolf hearing.

You both settled down and the awkward silence rolled back over you both.
Embry let out a small cough, “So er Y/N, Paul let me know that some things got lost in translation.”
You didn’t say anything so he got onto his knees and shimmed around, with more grace than you’d give him credit for, so that he blocked your view of the water.

“Y/N when it comes to you and me, you’ve got the reins.” He tried to explain.
You gave him a disbelieving look and he caught your hands in his and ignored the way that you had to stop yourself from flinching.

“Y/N the imprint can be an amazing thing and yes it does mean that I love you but,” He swallowed hard, “But you don’t have to love me, I’m never going to force you to do anything like that. You chose what you need me to be for you, I can just be a friend if that what you want. Whatever happens, I will always protect you, that’s a given.”

You let the information wash over you and tried to ignore the pull on your heartstrings at his words or how the heat from his hands that held yours seemed to demand attention.
“I don’t know what to say.” You admitted after a moment.
You were free, well not free. But from the legends you’d assumed you were stuck having to play wife for Embry with no say and no enjoyment on your part. But here he was telling you that, yes he would love you to be together but his happiness meant more. You highly doubted that if you started dating someone else that Embry wouldn’t beat him up but you felt relief none the less.

You looked up at him and it was almost like when you first met, before you knew about his furry secret identity.
“You never did take me on that date you know.” You started quietly and watched as his face lit up slowly as though he was worried that you may take it back.
“I’ll get on planning that.” He assured and ran his thumbs over the back of your hands.
“As long as you don’t do this.” You teased and took one hand back from him to ruffle his still styled hair back into the mess that you were used too. He grinned and leaned forwards to rub his nose against yours with an Eskimo kiss.

“Don’t be adorable, it makes it hard to be disgusted by you.” You laughed as he continued to rub his nose against you.
“Well in that case.” He laughed as his hands caught your sides so that he could tickle you as he put his face into the side of your neck and began nuzzling you making you laugh.


It had been two weeks since you and Embry had your chat on the beach and things were finally starting to settle for you. You didn’t flinch around the boys anymore but they were still careful not to get to rowdy near you in case it got too much. Well apart from Paul who continued to throw you over his shoulder at any given moment and Embry who always seemed to have an arm around you or your hand in his.
You and Jake were talking again and things were slowly getting back to normal between you and your best friend after a brief shouting match were he’d admitted that he was an idiot. Now you were working on getting the boys to get back on track with Jacob and he seemed to back on good terms with everyone apart from Embry who was still being grouchy about the whole thing.

Not that you blamed him.
In your efforts to bring everyone back together you’d even offered to hang out with Bella so now you were sat at her house, watching Romeo and Juliet making polite awkward conversation. You were supposed to be going to Sam and Emily’s to hang out with everyone tonight but Embry had rang in a panic to say it was all hands on deck as they’d smelt a Leech in the area and he gave you strict instructions not to move or leave Bella’s unless one of the guys fetched you.

You heard the front door click and raised an eyebrow at Bella, Charlie wasn’t due home for a while yet.
“Edward has a key.” Bella shrugged, the door opened it definitely wasn’t Edward.
Two red eyed men stood in the doorway, “Honey we’re home.” One grinned.

Everything was a blur then.
Edward and Emmet appeared behind them faster than you could blink and began to wrestle the men back out of the room, they moved faster than you could follow them.
You caught Bella by the arm and pulled her back to the edge of the room and after knocking everything off of a small coffee table next to you held up it up as a pathetic wooden shield between you both and the fighting.

It was over almost as soon as it started when you heard the growling. The wolf pack was here. Your chest heaved with breaths that threaten to spur on a panic attack, you could feel sweat from adrenalin and fear clinging to your skin and your stomach churched from the sound of ripping clothing and flesh.

You stayed back against the wall using your weight to keep Bella back as well since she insisted on squirming to try to get towards the fight, surely this girl had a death wish.
Then you heard Embry shouting and you dropped the coffee table and took tender steps towards the doorway.
“Do you really think she’d want to see you dude? You’re wearing a dead guy’s jeans, doesn’t the smell bother you?” Emmet’s deep voice rumbled through the house.
“I’ll deal with the smell later I need to know that Y/N is alright!” Embry snarled and you took off running away from Bella and through the doorway. You ducked underneath Emmet’s arm that he’d been using to block off the doorway and threw yourself into Embry’s arms.

He locked your arms around you and patted his hands across you to check for wounds. The Cullen men excused themselves and went to check on Bella.

“I was so scared.” You admitted into his chest where you’d buried yourself.
He stroked your hair and continued to murmur that he was there and that you were safe.

He took you home not long after and the wolves left the Cullens to fix Bella’s house or come up with an excuse for Charlie since it turned out to be their fault.  You got out of his truck to find the rest of the pack waiting outside your house, thankfully all human though they wrinkled their noses from the smell of Embry’s Jeans.

Leah rushed forward and caught your face in her hands as she checked you over for injuries.
You laughed and brushed her off before addressing them, “What are you all doing here?”
“We know you’re home alone, figured we’d crash here in case you weren’t feeling up to being home alone, if that’s okay?” Embry asked and you gave him a small nod and leaned up to kiss his cheek.

“You got any food in?” Paul asked seriously as he took your keys from you and made his way into your house.
“Probably only enough to fill you all for only tonight.” You called after him laughing.
You’d been left outside with Embry and Jacob, the later went to join the others inside when Embry caught him and stopped him.
“If you hadn’t caught their trail, we might not have got there in time. Thank you brother.” Embry gave him an honest smile which Jacob returned and the pair embraced and for the first time in a long time everything felt how it should.

“Hey Embry you’re supposed to be my boyfriend, not Jakes.”  You laughed and the excitable puppy that he was, as soon was Embry heard the word boyfriend he turned and lifted you up and span you around while you laughed.

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“It was different when there was a Stark in Winterfell. But the old wolf’s dead and the young one’s gone south to play the game of thrones, and all that’s left us is ghosts.

“The wolves will come again,” said Jojen solemnly.

“And how would you be knowing, boy?”

“I dreamed it.”

A Different Fate (Elriel Fluff)

So I read these elriel pregnancy headcanons by @fck-tamlin and @sparkleywonderful again the other day and I couldn’t stop myself from writing this little drabble. (Starts off a little angsty but ends up fluffy.)

Elain knew the pain of heartbreak well. She’d suffered through the loss of a mother and a father. She’d lost a mortal life. She knew what it was to lose love.

But this… this pain was another thing entirely. Nothing could quite explain this kind of heartbreak. Her chest felt like it had been cleaved open, her entire body numb with realization. It was one thing to lose something she’d already had… but to never even have it in the first place?

By the Cauldron, it hurt

She should’ve known. She should’ve known. There had been nothing in their future. Even when she’d first gotten her visions, she’d seen her sisters grow big with children. She’d seen Feyre glow with her pregnancy, Rhysand always close at hand. She’d seen Nesta grumble through hers and bicker with Cassian for causing her so much discomfort. (Though their hands were always linked through this, a show of unity for all – including for their unborn child. Both her sisters hid surprisingly soft sides.) 

But she’d seen nothing of pregnancy or children in her and Azriel’s future. There would be no babies with Azriel’s beautiful wings and her pointed ears. There would be no brood of children running wild around them, their laughter helping to heal their parents’ oldest wounds.

Mother above, she should’ve known. After all, both her sisters now had children and yet Elain and Azriel had been trying for longer than both of them combined with nothing to show for it. And the future, always open to her, had been suspiciously blank in just this one regard. 

Their visit to the healers only confirmed what Elain and Azriel had begun to suspect. 

Incompatible. The word rang in her ears. They were incompatible. Infertile. Barren.

And so Elain’s heart – the heart that had ached for children and family ever since she was little girl – broke. 

And Azriel, he was just as distraught and blamed himself. He thought it was his fault – after all, he wasn’t the mate the Cauldron had chosen for her. The worst part of it was that, in a way, he wasn’t wrong. They were incompatible in this base sense… But she and Lucien wouldn’t have been, not in terms of children. 

Still, that was neither here nor there. That future was long gone. Because when Elain pictured home, she saw wings wrapped protectively around her and felt scarred hands holding her tightly. She saw smiles wreathed in shadows and heard a gentle, patient voice coaxing her through her every vision.

She saw Azriel, every part of him, good and bad – her constant, loving companion throughout their eternity.

So even in the midst of her heartbreak, of her grief, she held on tight to him. She would not let this break them apart. Neither, she was sure, would he.

And they didn’t. There were hard days of course, when their house was too empty and when the nursery they’d so lovingly prepared years before seemed to taunt them. They had each other, however, and they had all their nieces and nephews to fill their hearts. 

Feyre and Rhys’ son was first – a fickle boy with all the sass of his parents combined, who always drifted to Elain’s soothing presence. Feyre and Rhys’ daughter was quiet in comparison, but could throw a tantrum like no other. She’d been a fussy baby as well, though that was quickly solved with Azriel’s magic touch – Cassian laughingly called his Illyrian brother the baby whisperer. Elain’s brother-in-law quickly stopped laughing when his own twins were born, however, especially when it seemed that Azriel was the only one who could keep both babies calm at the same time. 

Soon enough her and Azriel’s house became the go-to place for all their nieces and nephews, the children always happy to spend time with their favorite aunt and uncle. Despite not being the future she’d always wanted, Elain found she was happy, content. She wouldn’t mind spending her forever like this, a guiding hand for a her sisters’ children and with Azriel – her husband and her dearest friend – always there with her.

No, that wouldn’t be a bad life at all. 

But then Azriel came back home one day with something that Elain had never seen in her visions. A baby. A little Illyrian boy with hazel eyes and a wrecked wing. Abandoned in the forest for his perceived imperfections. 

“They left him out there. They left him for the wolves… all because he isn’t like the rest of them,” Azriel explained, growling. He cradled the child with the utmost care, his eyes shadowed with anger and grief. But there was also hope in that gaze. Hope that Elain found echoed in her own heart. Hope that she thought long lost. Azriel raised his eyes to her. “They left him to die because they think he’s weak. But they never even gave him a chance. He needs a chance to live, to grow up and become strong… he deserves that much.”

Elain saw the pain of her husband’s past in his expression, in the protective way he held the baby. And when she turned her eyes to the little boy, to his deformed wing and his perfect baby cheeks, she knew. She felt it in her very bones.

“Then we’ll be his chance. And he’ll be ours,” Elain said, feeling the rightness of it in her chest. She laid a hand on top of where Azriel’s lay on the boy’s little chest, leaning into his side as she peered down at the baby – their baby.

“He is ours, isn’t he?” Azriel asked her, voice raw with hope. Elain could practically see him falling in love with this little boy. 

She smiled. “Yes, he is. He’s our son.”

Azriel grinned back at her, his entire face alight with his joy. “Our son,” he repeated, almost dumb with happiness. “We have a son.”

As if he couldn’t help himself, he cuddled their son closer, dropping a lingering kiss to his little forehead. Elain’s heart ached viscerally for her husband. He never thought he’d have this. Finally, Azriel looked back up at her, his eyes shining.

“I think it’s about time he met his mama, don’t you?”

Elain felt overcome with emotion, her throat thick with tears as Azriel handed her their son for the very first time. Her baby curled instinctively in her arms, slowly blinking open beautiful hazel eyes. “Hello there, baby,” Elain whispered, utterly awed. “I’m your mama. We’ve been waiting for you for a long, long time.”

Her son cooed at her and then the future opened up with thousands of possibilities before her very eyes, visions flying past as if tied to the life she held so delicately. But there was one thread that Elain yearned for. Because Elain saw their family in that thread… and it was not just built up of their friends and siblings and nieces and nephews. No, their house could be filled with the laughter of their children. Not just this beautiful little boy in her arms – their son who Azriel would teach to fly despite the odds – but several others. She saw a little girl for them one day, with Illyrian wings and a wicked smile. She saw another girl, this one High Fae, her ears delicately pointed and bearing the scars of mistreatment on her back. And then she saw their last, a third girl who was neither High Fae nor Illyrian, but rather a so-called lesser fairy with skin that glowed like the stars. (Estelle, they’d call her, star.)

And their son would love all of his little sisters with the fierce loyalty he learned from his father and the gentle sweetness he learned from his mother. He would take to the skies with the oldest, help their second girl through her nightmares, and defend the youngest from all those who would call her ‘lesser’.

Elain saw the family of her future clearly for the very first time… tears of happiness rolled down her cheeks, unstoppable. She hugged her boy a little closer. He would have a beautiful life. She would make sure of it.

Eventually, Azriel’s soft voice brought her back to the present, back to the boy she was rocking gently.

“What should we call him?” he asked, coming to stand behind her and wrapping an arm around her waist. He ran finger down their son’s downy tuft of brown hair.

Elain leaned back into her husband and smiled. “Let’s name him Darien,” she said. “It means–”

“Gift,” Azriel whispered. “Yes. That sounds right. Darien.”

Our gift.

Because, that’s what he was. A gift. One she would treasure for all eternity. And one day his sisters – Semira (who would fly faster than she would walk), Isa (whose scars would never batter down her strength), and Estelle (who would learn to be proud of her star-blessed skin) – would join them. But for now, for now, Elain simply held her son and leaned into the endless comfort of Azriel’s hands.

You’re not Your Disability

I suggest you do a ivar or a ubbe imagine where the reader has a disability either blind or deaf, and often made fun of since they aren’t considered a full Viking.

A/N: Requests are open!!

You walked through Kattegat, trying to ignore the stares. You were the only deaf Viking in the whole world, it seemed. Vikings. You weren’t considered a Viking. You were a disability.

You felt something grab your ankle, you jumped in surprise. Looking, you locked eyes with a smiling Ivar.

“Got ya,” he signed at you. You rolled your eyes.

“Hello, Ivar,” you signed back. “You scared me to death.”

He smiled again. He sat up, patting the ground beside him. “Sit with me for a bit.”

You sat beside him, taking his hand. You both tried to ignore the stares that were being given to you. You really hated living in Kattegat. You hated being deaf, being different.

“What’s bother you, Y/N?” Ivar signed.

“I want to move away from Kattegat. I hate living here.”

Ivar looked shocked, he began signing to you very quickly. “What? Y/N, what’s brought this on? What’s wrong? You can’t leave.”

You looked down, tears pooling your eyes. “I am not a Viking,” you moved you hands slow and sad. “I am deaf. I don’t belong here. I am nothing more than a disability.”

Ivar looked insulted, that he could slap you for saying such things. He moved you chin to look toward the ground.

“What do you see? My legs do not work. I am a cripple, love. My father left me to the wolves when I was a child because he thought I was just going to be a henderance. Now, I am Ivar the Boneless. I am feared, ruthless, and murderous to people who do not know me and to some who do. Do you want to know what I see when I look at you?”

You quickly signed ‘no’. He laughed. You wish you could hear what it sounded like. You were sure it was completely beautiful.

“I see someone who is strong, beautiful, and kind to everyone she meets even though they may not be the same to her. You can talk with your hands, those long beautiful fingers can speak words. Your ears do not work, neither do my legs. Your eyes are able to see the most beautiful colors, the most beautiful features in even the most cruel people. In people like me. Believe me when I tell you, angel, you are not your disability.”

You smiled at him, a tear sneaking down your cheek. “I wish I could hear how you sound, Ivar.”

“I wish I could hear you speak, but that’s okay that I can’t. You are who you are, deaf or hearing, and that is completely perfect for me.”

“Can I do something?” You signed. He looked confused, but nodded. You cupped his cheeks, and smashed your lips to his.

His lips molded and danced with yours as he placeda hand to your hop. You pulled away, feeling your heart beat wildly in your chest, your chest heaving. Your nerves spread over your body.

“I may not know what you sound like, but I do know what you taste like,” you gave him a smile, getting up. You bounced away, throwing a glance back at him. His cheeks were flushed, his smile wide.

He leaned back onto the ground, sighing. “I see you had some luck with the deaf girl,” Sigurd said, coming up.

“No luck,” Ivar said. “Her name is Y/N. Don’t call her ‘the deaf girl’ for she is not what makes her disabled.”

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Don’t Mess With Baby

Summary: The Winchesters and the reader catch a werewolf case right in the middle of a prank war of epic proportions.

Challenge: Halloween With Dean Drabble Challenge hosted by @torn-and-frayed
Prompt: Scaring Each Other

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 999 (phew, I don’t lose!)

Warnings: cursing, practical jokes, major character death?, it feels like angst but it’s not - I promise

A/N: This was fun and keeping it under 1000 words was a challenge (I’m always the first to admit that I’m a wordy bitch!).  I had wanted to get this posted on Halloween but Kink Bingo took over my life at the end of October (but I got the blackout! If you’re over 18, check out @impalasutra for 25 kinky fics!). 

Like I said in the warnings, it’s going to feel angsty but stick with me on this one.  If you’re really worried you can check the tags for spoilers.

Don’t Mess With Baby -

“This is not going to end well…” was all you heard before you pushed the motel door open.

You walked into the room, your eyes drifting to where Sam, Dean, and Cas were all seated.  “What’s not going to end well?” you asked the now suspiciously quiet group of men.  You looked longest at Cas, who had been the one you had heard speaking.

Dean stood and crossed to where you stood, pulling you in for a hug.  “Nothing, babe,” he assured you before planting a kiss on the top of your head.  

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Season I has finished!!

(And we still don’t have an official name for the server yet!)
Season II will be launching on Friday the 3rd, so we’re opening the doors once again for anyone who might be interested!

• Server is Vanilla, Java Edition, Spigot 1.12.2.
• Seasons last 2 months each. At the end of each season, the map gets reset and is put up for download.
• Server and Discord should be kept SFW (PG 17-).
• Server has a whitelist; entry is somewhat selective.
• A bigger list of custom changes is under the cut!

If interested in joining, please read ALL the info in the “How To Join” section under the cut!

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Luck Isn't on Your Side

Word count: 2585-ish
Warnings: violence, some graphic torture scenes (only this chapter), some graphic flashbacks, language, future smut(?)

Summary: You were captured by a coven of vampires and kept locked in a room for a year and a half. A year and a half of near starvation, having your feet burned and then forced to stand on them for hours on end, being kicked and thrown around. Thinking you were nearing the end, the vampires decide they’ve had enough of you, so they set up a meeting with a local pack of werewolves, hoping to sell you off. Fortunately for you, the werewolves weren’t a vicious as the coven made them out to be…

They had finally let you stumble back into your “room” after hours of torment. Throwing you to the cold floor, they locked the door with gleeful sneers on their unfortunately attractive faces. This was the third time in a week that they had burned the bottoms of your feet and then made you stand for hours on end. There were cuts all over your legs and arms from the razorblades they liked to use.

Rolling onto your back, staring up at the ceiling, you wondered how you got into this situation. Vampires. They existed, apparently, and they liked to torture humans for fun. You had never heard anyone else, so you assumed it was just you and the coven.

You were walking home from work that night a year and a half ago, against your better judgement. It was two in the morning by the time you left work, and it was about a half hour walk to your house. You should have called a taxi but it was only half an hour, right? The first 20 minutes of the walk were fine, only stumbling once over the dark sidewalk, it was just another ten minutes to your apartment. You hadn’t heard footsteps, breathing, no jingle of keys, not even clothing rustling, and then there was sharp pain in the back of your head, then nothing but the sidewalk rushing up to meet your face.

You had lost the will to fight back months ago. A year and a half with no possible escape will do that to you. You stopped eating, hoping they would tire of you and let you expire. Your plan somewhat worked, but luck was not on your side in this situation. They had told you they were going to try to sell you to a local pack of werewolves, apparently, they were real as well. Their sickening laughter told you it would be nothing but the same, if not worse for you.

The meeting was tomorrow, so the beatings had been worse this week. One of them said that werewolves liked their playthings to have obedience, as if they aren’t dogs themselves. Maybe one of the wolves would take pity on you and end things.

Sighing, you curled up in a ball on the floor, trying to get some sleep before you entered another level of hell tomorrow morning.

You woke up to the metal door banging on the wall of your cell. Vampires poured in, some holding you while others tied your hands and feet together and one put a black hood over your head. They didn’t bother with a gag, but you knew better than to make a sound. With one on either side of you, they half drug you across the floor as you tried to stay on your feet rather than scrape your cut up legs across the concrete. You gave up shortly after, allowing them to drag you wherever it was they were taking you.

You heard a door open, and you were pulled into what you assumed to be the center of a large room. They threw you down on a chair, adjusting the ropes so that you were tied to the chair. You took a shaky breath, hoping none of the supernatural beings in the room could hear it.

You felt the vampires’ presence leave your side, and heard him as he addressed the werewolves across the room.

“Welcome to the coven BTS,” you imagine him bowing obnoxiously with a stupid grin on his face. “Well you all know why you’re here, Namjoon, I’m sure you briefed the rest of your pack on this meeting and what we are offering you, yes?

It was a deep voice that replied “Yes, we are all aware of why we’re here. It’s a shame we can’t see the pretty things face. Or did you rough her up that badly?” His voice held the same tone that you’d been hearing from the vampires for the past year and a half. Great.

You heard the footsteps grow closer to you and the hood was ripped unceremoniously from your face. Your eyes took a few seconds to adjust to the light in the room, and you started looking around the room you were in. Across from you were the wolves. Seven of them, varying heights, and body types, but all lean and muscular. What looked to be the tallest wolf stood slightly in front of the rest of the pack, he must be the alpha. Your eyes met and you thought you saw the slightest bit of sympathy in them. You looked away first, your eyes turned to the floor.

The same vampire spoke again “Now that you can see the “pretty things” face,” he was mocking the wolf, trying to push his buttons, “do we have a deal?” He had wandered while he walked, ending up next to your chair. He grabbed your hair and pulled your head back, exposing your neck to the wolves. “We all know how much you like leaving your marks on these filthy little humans. Her neck is just waiting for your teeth to sink into her. We thought about changing her for ourselves, but she’d be too strong. She didn’t obey until we beat her almost to death as a human so that would have been a terrible decision on our part.”

The wolf, Namjoon, looked you up and down, eyes meeting yours again. Holding your gaze, he finally replied to the vampire, still grasping your hair like a vice grip, “We’ll take her for the agreed upon price.” He finally looked away from you, eyes instead meeting with the cold being beside you.

“Very well. Marcello here will handle the finances and then you may be on your way with your new plaything.” He finally let go of your hair, moving to stand next to another vampire, and you let your body rest against the restraints.

The alpha followed Marcello into a side room with the rest of the wolves, leaving you alone with the rest of the coven. “I’m disappointed (Y/N). This is the last we’ll see of you.” The leader faked a frown, stalking over to the chair once again. “Why don’t we have fun just one more time hmm?”

He pulled a lighter out of his pocket and you knew where this was going, again. Pulling against the restraints in vain, you tried desperately to get away from them, but luck was not on your side today. They loosened the restraints around your feet and you tried to kick your feet out, but another stepped in to hold your legs, leaving bruises in his wake. Your feet were already burned and raw but they still held the lighter under your feet, burning the skin once again.
If you screamed you knew it would get worse, so you were reduced to whimpers, waiting for them to stop. When he finally backed away, they untied the rest of the restraints, you slumped over in the chair, trying to catch your breath.

“Come on now, let’s see you walk with those pretty little feet of yours, doll face.” It was the one that had held your legs that spoke this time. You forced yourself up, knowing that if you stayed sitting it would be worse, and tried to take a few steps.

They made you walk a full circle around the room, collapsing three times due to the pain in the bottom of your feet, by the time the wolves came back out of the room. You stumbled once again falling to the floor, not being able to find the strength to stand up again. Black spots started to cloud your vision, but you forced yourself to stay conscious.

“Ah, your new owners are here (Y/N), now they get to play with you.” He grabbed your hair and pulled you to your feet. Shaking, you tried to stand up straight, pleading with your body not to give out on you again. The vampire next to you shoved you hard enough that your body fell into the wall, your head smacking it with a thud. The black spots came back momentarily, and you fought unconsciousness once again.

The deep voice of the alpha rang through the room, commanding attention, “We’ve paid the price now she’s ours. Touch our property again, and we’ll rip your throats out.” He had migrated across the room as he was speaking, now standing next to you. He leaned in close enough so that you could hear him, “Can you walk by yourself?” you nodded your head, afraid of the consequences if you said no. He pointed to the door that lead out of the compound, and you followed him, trying to walk as confidently as possible so that you would not give away the damage done to your feet. Wolves left behind the members that slowed them down. That was something one of the coven had said to you last night. As ready as you were to leave the earth, you didn’t want to do it starving alone somewhere in the woods.

The other pack members followed behind you as the leader led you out the door and into the woods. You hadn’t been outside the entire time you had been locked in the compound, you stumbled a bit, elated to be outside again, even though it was only for a short period between two different hells. The sun was up, it was mid-morning, you could hear birds, there was a breeze ruffling the leaves on the trees, it was a beautiful day. You almost had a sense of hope, until one of the wolves behind you cleared his throat, interrupting your staring at the trees around you, and you were reminded exactly where you were. The wolf that had gotten your attention earlier reached out to hand you a small bag, “We’ll be shifting since it’s easier for us to navigate back home. We’re going to put our clothes in this and then shift. Do you have enough strength to carry it with you?” He was shorter, with round cheeks and dark hair. You nodded at him, again afraid of the consequences of a different answer. “Close your eyes now and don’t open until we tell you, okay?” You immediately closed your eyes and heard the rustle of clothing, then the clothing was stuffed into the bag you had held out in your hands. You were startled at first, when you heard bones cracking, what sounded like tearing, groans, and then silence. You jumped back when you felt a cold nose touch your leg, and you heard a voice in your head, that sounded exactly like Namjoon’s deep tone, “Are you ready?” You stared at the wolf in front of you, realizing that the voice had come from him. Hoping he couldn’t read your thoughts or anything, you just nodded and let the wolves lead you deeper into the woods.

One of the wolves in particular had slowed down and kept by your side, whining when you stumbled every so often, the pain in your feet travelling up your legs was almost unbearable. You kept reminding yourself of the consequences if you stopped, or If you passed out. It felt like you were walking for hours, and you were starting to feel your consciousness slip away from you, pain fogging your mind, it felt like a dream, like a nightmare, you felt yourself slowly falling, waiting for yourself to wake up in your bed. You thought you heard your name (Y/N)…(Y/N)…it sounded small, quiet, like a whisper, getting smaller and more faint every time you heard it. The trees blurred in your vision, the sky melting in with the trees like a watercolor painting, until the colors all turned into black.

Optional bias’ POV
I knew who she was, as soon as we walked into that hell hole, all I could smell was her. Mate. The rest of the pack heard it through the connection. We knew when we walked in that we would be taking her. It took everything I had not to rush to her, to keep my face stoic as we negotiated. She had gone through hell and back, she looked so small tied to the chair. I heard her breathing become irregular when they dragged her into the room. She was terrified and I could do nothing. Not when they tied her to the chair, not when they almost ripped her hair from her head, not when we left the room and the mother fuckers were taunting her, not when that scum put his hands on her and shoved her into the wall. Now she’s in my care. I must keep her safe.

She’s been struggling to walk for the past hour or two, she keeps pushing herself even though she stumbles. She has almost fallen a few times but she hasn’t asked to stop and rest. I can smell blood on her but I can’t tell if it’s old or fresh. I just want to check her over, try to soothe the cuts and bruises.

She stumbles again, this time falling to the side and trying to support herself on the tree next to her. She was swaying back and forth, fighting to stay upright, I called for a halt to the rest the pack, using the connection to try to keep her conscious.

“(Y/N)! (Y/N)!”

“I have to shift guys I can’t help her like this!” I addressed the rest of the pack and immediately shifted. She was losing the battle, her face pale as she stared at the sky, eyes unfocused. I saw her start to fall, by the time I had caught her she was already unconscious.

The rest of my pack, my brothers, stood around me, they were still wolves. We can’t use the pack connection unless you are shifted, “Guys, I’m going to carry her back. I don’t think she’ll wake up anytime soon.” One of the others had shifted closer to her feet, I felt a growl unintentionally bubbling out of my throat, he was getting too close to my mate. He nudged at the bottom of her feet, whining, his tongue slipping from his jaws to ghost over the them. Laying her down as carefully as I could on the forest floor, I made my way around so that I could see her feet. The tops looked somewhat normal, some bruising and scratches here and there, but mostly normal. The wolf had nudged the bottom of her foot again, trying to pull my attention there.

I wanted to go back and kill every one of those leeches in that compound. The bottoms of her feet were an angry red, some spots were black, it looked as if she was missing skin in other places. I didn’t need to be in wolf form to smell the blood that was seeping out of the scabs that had opened while she was walking. It had to have been incredibly painful. I can’t believe she lasted as long as she did, I don’t understand why she didn’t ask for help.

I lifted her into my arms, too easily. I pulled her shirt up a bit and you could see her ribs. They had really done a number on her and I wasn’t there to protect her.

“Never again.” I promised her. I knew what I said wouldn’t reach her, but it was a reminder for myself.

I feel like this is a terrible ending but hopefully you guys understand enough of the plot! Please let me know what you think! I hope everyone enjoys <3

“That’s what happens to unmarried women after their fathers die”

“What do you say we run away?”


*Maurice gets punched in the face*

*Maurice gets tied to a tree and left to be eaten by wolves*

“The town hag?”

“Do you want to be next?”

“I fear the wrong monster is released”

*Adam gets shot 3 times*

“How would you feel about growing a beard?”

Looooonnngggg Post about Gaston and LeFou BatB 2017

Okay, so I was going to wait until I saw Beauty and the Beast agin to make a post, because I’d get a new perspective on it, but I’ve been in listening to the soundtrack since Sunday, so I’d say it’s safe to say it’s on my mind.

Like, what the did with LeFou and Gaston in this movie is one of my favorite things to come from it. LeFou actual has a personality in this movie because he’s meant to be an actual character instead of just comic relief, which I Appreciate A Lot. And he’s really witty and funny in this movie too, like the first line he says “but she’s so well read and you’re so… Athletically inclined” and that line later when Gaston’s talking about Belle and’s like, “she doesn’t throw herself at me (or something like that) What would you call it” and LeFou’s like “Dignity” It’s Great™.

And I like how Gaston’s an actual person, too. In the beginning, he’s pretty chill, yeah, he’s kinda full of himself and is a little tiny bit jerky, but he’s not over the top, and it makes sense why the villagers would love him so much (plus him being a war vet doesn’t hurt that reputation, either) but I like as the longer we get in the movie, the more we see of his outer layer peeling away to reveal his actual personality, like, he slowly gets more creepy as the movie goes on. (I.e. Him leaving Maurice to be left to the wolves, the mob scene when it happens)

And on the other side of that, as he slowly gets creepier, you see LeFou’s conscience slowly getting the best of him and him realizing that Gaston Isn’t as Great as he Thinks™. Like, it’s very well done, and we see him hesitating and challenging Gaston twice (when they tie Maurice he’s like “hey, let’s not” and right before the Mob Song, he tries to talk Gaston out of it, but he backs down) this all comes to a head with that awesome added line in the Mob Song. It’s right after Gaston sings about how the town will follow him blindly with LeFou looking on rather coldly from behind him, and then LeFou sings “there’s a beast running wild, there’s no question, but I fear the wrong monster’s released” (when I heard that, I started hitting my mom’s arm really hard at the theater, and she was like “what™”) It was just really cool, the LeFou character development

Also, Gaston and LeFou seemed like actually friend. Gaston was putting down LeFou that much, or really at all as far as I can remember, and Gaston actually thanks LeFou, during Gaston: “I needed encouragement, thank you LeFou” It’s a simple line, but it shows that he actually appreciates LeFou as a friend. He also compliments LeFou multiple times, most in The Gaston scene. I can really see why LeFou sticks with him in this version, and why you can see the betrayal on his face as he realizes Gaston Ain’t That Great™. I love this sssooooooo much.

(Also, Josh Gad and Luke Evans work so well together and it’s a shame I didn’t know who Luke Evans was before this. I love him so much now, he did so good as Gaston. He was so aware of who his character was and he’s Great™)

Would anyone be interested if I set up a community Minecraft server?

A few friends and I have had a small server up and running for a few months now, and it was actually a really good bonding experience - I hardly knew some of them to begin with, and now we’re really good friends.

This server thingy is mainly going to be a fun place to hang and get to know each other, good for those of us (me included) who suck at casual conversation without a common medium like a game!

Development is still in progress (getting there!), but I wanted to see how many people would be interested in joining? O:
Questions, concerns, comments, warnings, etc are welcome too!

Server will be vanilla with added features. You’ll be able to connect without having to mod your client. The HUGE list of custom stuff is under the cut!

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Teen Wolf: Alternate Universe

Jackson x Reader

Part One  Part Two  Part Three  Part Four  Part Five  Part Six  Part Seven

Part Eight  Part Nine  Part Ten (Smut)  Part Ten (Non Smut)

At this point in the morning you were pretty sure there were no words in existence to describe how nervous you were. Today was your first day back after the holidays, you’d graduated top three in your year and had been handpicked by Professor Stilinski to join his personal training program rather than the schools more basic one.


Professor Stiles Stilinski had become world renowned for being the first human to prove that the humans and werewolves could co-exist. He and his wolf Derek Hale worked together for years to create the Werewolf Initiative.


As a last ditch attempt to not be eradicated by the Werewolf race the humans accepted the Initiative and a fragile peace was settled between the humans and wolves. Which was why you were nervously stood in the hallway of the apartment blocks that would be your home for the next three years.

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masterd1mwitt  asked:

I'm sorry if you've answered a question like this before, but what's the general consensus of if red wolves are wolves or wolf-coyote hybrids?

The few wild red wolves left right now are not pure wolf, but basically gray wolf x coyote hybrids (and, as hybrids, are not eligible for protection). Red wolves have always carried a large percentage of coyote genes, and may never have even been a distinct species in the first place. A lot of the classification of red wolves as an ancient species was made from fossil evidence - fossils that may well have been ancient coyotes rather than red wolves. 

There’s a lot of misconception about red wolves, caused for example by institutions like the Wolf Science Center who keep talking about how there are still few endangered *pure* red wolves alive in the wild that badly need conservation, because they can’t risk to lose the funds they get from the government for their red wolf recovery programs once they admit they’ve been preserving ordinary hybrids.

Some sources on this:

Secret Abilities

an: Here you go anon– I hope you enjoy :)

“Hey Doctor Banner”

The white lab coated figure of the scientist straightened from the beakers he’d been hunched over in examination as the door closed behind Peter.

“Hi Peter.” Bruce shot him a smile “How was school today?”

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Beauty and the Beast Ch. 4

Originally posted by magicalseasonsofthewitch

Requested by: @yourtropegirl

Special thanks: @imoutofmyvulcanmind for being my idea bouncer and helping me slog through this story.

Star Trek AU -  Leonard x Reader - 2,679 word(s) - maybe a little angsty?

Chapter 1  Chapter 2  Chapter 3

Tags: @outside-the-government @hellhoundsandunicorns @kirk-enterprise @aeryntheofficial @dolamrothianlady @dragons-of-the-usa @imagineangryspacegrump @fanscribbling @pokeharvest @captainjimsexypantskirk @starmission @star-trekkin-across-theuniverse @elenawrit @malindacath @janora00 @lovelyturtle36 @arrowsshootyouforwards

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You woke up early once again after an unrestful nights sleep, you felt guilty for last night. You shouldn’t have invaded his privacy like that. What were you thinking? You sighed as you made your way to the window and peered outside, it had finally stopped snowing. You were glad for a reason to get out of there for the day.

“Thank goodness” you say quietly “I need to go check on Quinto”

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