left fixed sidebar

anonymous asked:

Dear sir or madam: why in the name of all that is holy, does your site have a massive left bar that persists even when the window is left-aligned or what have you? I know your fish bunny banner thing's pretty and all, but I have less appreciation for its design when it takes up literally a third of a 1080x1920 monitor's screen space AND cannot be scrolled away by middle-clicking and dragging. Please make it either collapse from a button, hide via scrolling, or something that's not insane.

Hi anon,

1. My name and pronouns are in the sidebar.

2. I did not make this theme

I am not skilled enough in CSS or HTML to make it disappear when scrolling or collapse via button, but I did compress it so it doesn’t take up much of the screen. Most tumblr themes have fixed left or right sidebars so it would be difficult to find one that does not have these features while still giving out the info I need to for followers and unless this is an issue of accessibility for the disabled or other followers have issues, I don’t plan to change the theme anytime soon. Hope these changes help.