left coast brewing

Left Coast Brewing’s Trestles IPA (Picked up at a Ralph’s). A 2 of 4. Some nice sticky lacing, and a nice light fruity and pine nose. The body is unfortunately lacking in terms of a bright hoppiness, though - there is some bitterness there, but not a ton. There’s a bit more maltiness than I was expecting in the body with some caramel and candy-like notes.

Beer 74: Left Coast Brewing Hop Juice Double IPA

This beer is like one of those Man vs. Food Spicy Challenges - this is EASILY the hoppiest beer I’ve ever had - far and away. This is a hop-head’s lost ark, holy grail, insert other mcguffins here.

There isn’t much to say about the taste because it is 100% big & floral punch-you-in-the-tongue hops. It smells like hops, it tastes like hops, it is hop juice.

Reading the brewer’s description let’s on why:

Here at Left Coast Brewing Co. we pride ourselves on being one of the first breweries to pioneer a Double IPA style beer. In 2003, we brewed our first Double IPA, and haven’t looked back since. This hop monster uses Premium American 2- Row and a touch of light crystal malt to create a solid malt foundation. The recipe calls for hops to be used in every step of the brewing process; in the mash, in a hop back, in the fermenter, and in the bright tanks. We use hop extract, hop pellets and hop flowers, hence the name Hop Juice. Hop Juice spends more than 4 weeks dry hopping in the fermenter and the bright beer tank. It is approximately 9.4% abv and has massive IBUs. Hop usage is over 4lbs per barrel. Hopeheads, step up to the plate!

Hop extracts, hop pellets, hop flowers, five kinds of hops and in every stage of the brewing process… 4lbs of hops per barrel of beer. That’s a lot of hops - and I have to say it was delicious - even though it was crazy potent. 

Caution - if you don’t really enjoy the hoppiness of IPAs - you will not like this beer. Otherwise, I give my whole hearted recommendation to the hop-heads

Beer 91: Left Coast Brewing's The Wedge

This black ipa was also very very tasty and flirted with the balance of IPA and porter as well, those in comparison to the others I’ve had this one doesn’t pack the bite. It’s a bit like the boogie-boarder on the label. Scooting along the wave - just dead down the middle. Almost too-balanced and without risk. this drinks much more like a plain ole dark ale rather than some sort of heart of darkness cursed relic that stabs your tongue with hops. 

When i drink a Black I.P.A. I drink it because I want to be metal - and in a Tenacious D/Spinal Tap  sort of way - just RAAAAAWWWWWWWHHSHAHHHH and kick it up to 11 and take some risks. This beer just wasn’t a risktaker, it was a boogie boarder, with a leash who just really digs the wave pool at Ragin’ Waters.

Left Coast Brewing: Hop Juice

Grade: B

What a fucking terrible name.  actually, its not only terrible, its horrible as-well.  i guess it is what it says.. HOPPY.. its more of that “malty” instead of “floral” style of double IPA, but finishes crisp, instead of cloying.

Tasting Notes: Dates, Krispy Kreme, Grapefruit Smoothie