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The Joker x Dead Reader (part 2)

You were gone in an instant and he never thought he would be so lost without you. Too bad the dead can never come back…

A lot of you guys asked for a Part 2 and it’s finally here. I hope you like it :)

Read Part 1 herehttp://diyunho.tumblr.com/post/151876494011/the-joker-x-dead-reader

The Joker drove all night like a maniac, taking all the back roads he knew and avoiding to be seen at all costs. By morning, he is closer to the place, but still has to travel all day because it started down pouring like crazy; it slows him down and he hates it. He feels exhausted, drained and enraged at the thought this might not work, but what other choice does he have? He wants you back so badly it hurts. He rubs his eyes, trying to keep himself awake, he can’t afford to stop and sleep. He accelerates and cracks his neck in anticipation: he is now close to the spot. He can almost hear you besides him:

“Slow down, J, you’re gonna get us killed!” and then your giggle: “I’m joking, baby, step on it! Wooo-hoooo!” While he sped through the night, you always leaned your head on his shoulder, kissing it first. He missed your touch and the way you kept your hand on his the whole time.


He slams the breaks: finally here, no more roads. He takes a deep breath and gets out of the car. It’s so dark in the middle of the woods, but he knows the place. All he needs is the moonlight. He adjusts his purple coat and starts walking down the path to his left, feeling the gun in his pocket. He knows it’s not going to help him.

It must be almost midnight when at last, The Joker is where he wants to be. For the first time in his life he is not prepared for the encounter, but he has no choice. On top of everything, it’s starting to rain like crazy again. Exactly what was missing… It actually feels kind of reinvigorating though; it wakes him up a bit more. He takes a few deep breaths before he speaks:

“I know you’re here, show yourself!”

The lighting brightens everything for a few seconds and he turns his eyes towards the skies above, waiting for her.

“I know you can hear me!…Show yourself, Enchantress!”

She appears behind him, slowly digging her claws in his purple coat and scratching her way down, burning fabric and flesh alike. It hurts badly, but he bites the inside of his cheek and doesn’t move or wince.

“What are you doing here, mortal?” she hisses in his ear, the scorching heat of her body making him close his eyes really tight for a few seconds. “ Leavveeee…now!!!”

It seems like there are so many beings talking in the same time, but it’s only her, now in front of him, irradiating that insufferable, unwelcoming warmth. Her unworldly gaze makes his skin crawl.

“I’m not leaving. I’m here to ask for a favor.”

“A…favor?” she laughs and more ashes burn around her. “You have quite the nerve, human. Last warning: leeeeeave.”

“You owe me!” He sternly raises his voice, clenching his fists. He’s soaked, exhausted, out of options and at this point doesn’t really care for much anymore. “I helped you… we helped you,” he corrects himself, glaring at the sorceress. “And I can help you again. You know Gotham is mine. I can give you anything you want.”

She snarls, unhappy with his little speech.

“How dare you? I do not owe anything to anybody.” She moves closer and closer, until she’s right in front of him, blazing everything around. Her darkness is so strong that it takes everything he’s got not to back out. He can’t look weak, not in front of her.

“You do owe ME!” J defies her, staring in her glowing orbs. “I just want you to bring her back…can you?”

“Of course I can. And no… I am not bound to… do anything for… anybody.” She talks slowly, sniffing him, enjoying seeing him antagonized. “But I do need …” the Enchantress pauses, grinning her black, smoky teeth at him, smelling her own ashes on his pale skin. If it wasn’t for the rain to lessen her fire, he would probably be burning like a torch right now.

“…more souls. Always.” She lets out a weird chuckle, bringing her face only an inch apart from his.

Done! I can get you as many as you want,” he agrees without hesitation, feeling a glimmer of hope for the first time in months.

“Including…yours?” she breathes on his mouth, waiting for the answer.


“Do…do you even know what that means?” Her body twitches in anticipation.

“I don’t care, just bring her back.”

“Ahhhhh, human feelings, I’ll never understand. Why do you want her back? Is it because she always forgives you? Because she never thinks it’s your fault no matter what you do?”

Her screechy voice is starting to hurt his ears. His whole body is in pain, straining to maintain control. His bright green hair is now blackened from the ashes.

“What would you know about us, hmm?” he mutters through his clenched teeth, fully aware she could kill him on the spot and that would be the end of it. “Just bring her back and I will get you what you want!”

“You have some fight in you…I like that…”

She suddenly disappears and he just sits there, looking around and not seeing her.

The Joker lets out a loud cry when her arms hug him from behind, burning through his purple coat, steam coming out of their embrace.

You’ll find her waiting for you at your…place.” Her grip intensifies. “I don’t know if she’ll remember you or her life before she died, I can’t control that.”

He gasps in pain, not being able to restrain the agonizing sensation anymore.

“Just do it, I want her back…” he groans, feeling he’s going to lose consciousness soon.

“Have fun, mortal!” These are the last words he hears before he collapses.


He wakes up on the muddy soil, cold and confused. It feels like a truck just hit him. He tries to get up and can’t so he just lays there for a few more moments, watching the grey, morning sky. His body is covered in ashes, slit and sweat. Is she really going to bring you back? he thinks, and that gives him enough strength to finally lift himself up. The purple coat is a mess and he takes it off, tossing it on the ground. J stumbles and almost falls a few times before reaching his car. He wipes his face repeatedly, trying to clean himself up a bit, then takes out his cell from the glove compartment. Frost’s name shows up first as emergency contact. He touches the screen and waits, trying to relax in the driver’s sit. Not even the second ring and:

“Yes, boss.”

“Frosty, I need you to keep everyone away from the penthouse, got it? Total lockdown, nobody goes in, nobody gets out, do I make myself clear?”

“Of course, sir.”

J almost hangs up.

“Boss…are you OK?  You don’t sound…”

“I’m fine,” he grumbles, finishing the conversation and throwing the phone in the back. He readjusts himself in the seat, anxious, not really feeling the pain from the burns anymore and starts driving. The only stop he allows himself on the way back is at a hideout in a secluded area so he can clean himself up and change clothes.


The Joker storms inside the building, running for the elevator. Frost sees him and tries to follow, thinking he needs to report what happened in the last 4 days.

“Sir, you’re back! I didn’t let anyone up there, like you ordered. And…”

“Back out, Frost!!!!!!!!!!” he yells, panting like he run the marathon, pushing the button for the penthouse. The doors close right in the front of a very puzzled henchman.


J steps inside, cautious, trying to contain his nervousness. His breathing stops when he sees you by the balcony and he gasps, shocked. You are wearing the dress he buried you with and don’t seem to notice he’s there. You keep looking around, absent minded.  You see him and there is no reaction on your side. You take a few steps towards the window, ignoring him.

“Y/N…” he drops his car keys and watches you for a few more seconds, taking you in. His heavy steps make you turn towards him right before he hugs you.

“You’re here… you’re real…” he keeps on whispering but you don’t understand what he’s saying nor feel any desire to do anything. The Joker keeps on caressing your hair, still holding you tight. After a few minutes, he pulls back a little bit so he can see you better. He cups you face, kissing your lips repeatedly. You don’t kiss or hug him back; your eyes keep on wandering around, not being able to focus on anything in particular.

“Hey, hey…look at me Princess,” J asks, kissing you again, firmly holding your head, trying to get your attention. “Y/N, look at me.“ Your eyes lock for a few moments.

“Do you know who I am… hmmm?”

The blank, emotionless stare in your eyes answers him, even if you don’t make a sound.

He sighs, hugging you again.

“It’s OK, I don’t care…” he mutters, but the ache in his chest proves him wrong. He tries to ignore it, focusing on the fact that he has you back.


When the night comes, he helps you change into your favorite little nightgown he loves so much, his eyes widening when he notices the scars from all the bullet wounds that killed you.

“My pretty girl,” he sadly smiles, pulling you close to him in bed.  “Would you talk to me? I miss your voice…Say you love me, Y/N,” he kisses your forehead, hoping you’ll remember something. No reaction.

“Hmmmmmm…”, he growls, unhappy, taking your hand and placing it on his Jester tattoo. You slowly move it up to his bright green hair and start playing with it. He turns towards you, glad he got your attention.

“You like my hair?…” his eyes study your face for any trace of emotion. There’s none. “You always did…” He feels so drained. He didn’t really rest in so many months, he couldn’t without you in bed. He falls asleep watching you, holding tight to your waist.


He slept for 36 hours straight. He would have probably slept for longer if it wasn’t for Frost waking him up. You’re not there when he opens his eyes and he jumps, panicked.

“Where is she? Where is…?”

“In the living room, sir…” Frost replies, perplexed, seeing the Joker exhaling in relief.

“So she’s really here, you see her too?”

“Yes…” Frost hesitantly answers with a certain tone in his voice. “Sir…how is it possible that Y/N is in the living room?…”

“Why shouldn’t she be there?” J growls, getting out of bed.

“Boss, she’s…dead…”

“Was…” he grins his silver teeth, not very amused.

“Sir, what have you done?…” Frost knows this question might cost him dearly, but surprisingly, J tells him:

“What I had to. Are you done?” his voice changes, irritated.

“I’m sorry, but…Y/N didn’t recognize me, she seems…different.”

“Tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk…” the Joker cracks his fingers and Jonny knows he went too far.

“Are you being disrespectful to my girl?” J tils his head to the left side, annoyed, licking his lower lip.

“No…not at all, sir! I apologize,” Frost mumbles, flustered.

“Careful !” J threatens with his finger, ”If you weren’t so useful, Jonny-boy, you would be dead right now. Watch it!”

“Yes ,sir.”


“What about our business…”

Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!” the Joker’s insane laugh resonates in the penthouse. “Do you have a death wish today? I told you to leave, and take care of everything!!!!”

Without opening his mouth again, Frost snicks by J and heads towards the elevator. The last thing he sees is his boss lifting you up in his arms, trying to make you pay attention to him.

You’ve been like this for a month: you don’t talk, you don’t understand what is being said to you; you seem absent from your own life, you just…exist.

J left you alone for the first time and you spent your whole day sitting in the same spot on the loveseat. He’s finally back and he turns on the light in the living room to let you know someone is with you now.

“Goodness, doll, did you move at all?!” he sighs, exasperated. “Com’ere, I didn’t have a good day.” You don’t move, you just blankly stare at the ceiling.

“Really?” he grunts, coming to get you. He grabs your hand and you follow him until he stops to kiss you.

“Can you say something…anything?” he pleads, kissing your lips.

“Hmmm? Can you say my name…please?” his voice sounds really low, he’s not used to this word. “Princess, look at me, God dammit!!! What the hell do you keep on staring at??!!” He’s losing his patience and the fact that he almost got killed today doesn’t help.

He kisses you one more time before he slowly lets you go with a suspicious twinkle in his blue eyes.

“You’re not her, are you?…”

He feels the rage building inside of him when you don’t react at all.

The Joker gives you a strong push and you back out a few steps, almost falling. You regain your equilibrium and stop moving.

“Hey, what did you do with my girl? Are you deaf? Why won’t you answer?” he yells, stomping towards you and pushes you so hard that you lose your balance and fall, violently hitting your right side of your body on the marble coffee table. The impact is so strong that it knocks the breath out of you for a few seconds. You pick yourself up, holding your painful spot with both hands, tears starting to form in your eyes, but you still don’t make a sound.

“Finally, a reaction!” he waves his hands around, irritated.

For some reason you run towards the bathroom and lock yourself in. His mouth opens in amazement.

“That’s a first,” he talks to himself, starting to pound at the door.

“Open up, whoever you are, don’t piss me off !”  He charges at the door again and again, until he breaks it.

At this point he is mad as hell and wants to hurt you, convinced you are not Y/N. You are sitting down in the bathtub, your cheeks resting on your knees and tears streaming down, but there is this oblivious expression on your face he cannot stand. He forcefully pulls you out of your so called hiding place and slams you on the floor.

LOOK AT ME!!!!!!” the Joker shouts so loud your eyes finally search for the source of the commotion. Pinned to the floor, you grunt under his weight, not understanding what he wants.

“Did I get your attention?” he slaps you, holding his knee on your chest. You don’t struggle or try to escape. “Give me back my girl, do you hear me?!” He slaps you again and it’s harder than last time. Your ears start ringing and there’s a small blood stream coming out from the corner of your mouth. His hand is mid air, trying to hit you one more time, when your lips move and you stutter:

“S-stop…please…s-stop…” you whisper, before looking away again, like you usually do.

He slowly gets up, stunned. That was your voice for sure.

“Jesus, Y/N, are you in there?” he whimpers, pulling his hair, frustrated. His eyes narrow, analyzing the situation, not really knowing what to do.

He helps you up, wrapping his arms around you, visibly distressed.

“Are you…are you really in there?…” No reaction, no answer from you.

J gets an idea. He places you on the edge of the bathtub and turns on the water. He helps you in and then he gets inside with the clothes on too. The warm water feels good on your body and you don’t show any kind of objection when he pulls you in his lap and places your hands around his neck. He feels your muscles being tense at his touch and he starts feeling guilty, a pretty unfamiliar emotion to him.

His arms squeeze you really tight until his chin rests on your shoulder, close to your ear and he starts rambling about a thousand things, everything that happened in the last months when you weren’t with him. He goes on and on in a low, husky voice, knowing how much you loved to hear it before. He finally senses your body relaxing and he kisses you neck, continuing to talk with a small smile that you can’t see. After a while, he starts purring and his heart stops when you shudder and your skin gets goosebumps all over. In the past, that was always your reaction when he purred.

“It is you…” he sighs, relieved. He’s holding you even tighter, caressing your wet hair. You let out a small moan, letting him know your side hurts when he does that.

“I’m so sorry, Princess, I didn’t mean to do that…” he apologizes, looking in your eyes and this time you actually look back at him also, without him trying to get your attention. He wipes your bloody lip with his thumb, realizing it’s going to look pretty bad in the morning.

“I didn’t mean it…I’m so sorry I hurt you…” His blue eyes look so sad, so defeated.

The Joker wants to start talking again when the movement of your arms pulling his head towards your lips leaves him speechless. You kiss him softly, then bury your face in his neck and close your eyes. He is afraid to even breathe, hoping he didn’t just hallucinate. It’s the first time you showed any affection towards him since he got you back.


The next night he takes you with him to one of your clubs, he has a business meeting with possible new partners. As always in the past, you sit on his knees, tracing his tattoos from under his unbuttoned shirt and playing with his gold necklaces. You won’t know, but it makes him so happy seeing you do all this, at least you seem more alert.

The new guys talk about how to break into the new Gotham bank and the Joker is brushing his fingers on your exposed skin from the backless red dress you’re wearing. Out of the blue, one of the men brings up the obvious, thinking it’s funny:

“Say, Mister J, she didn’t behave, ha?” Kane winks, referring to the bruises on your face and busted lip. “Sometimes you just have to let them know who the boss is, right?”

The Joker doesn’t find it funny, far from it. You don’t care because you don’t understand what’s going on.

“What did you just say?” he hisses and the expression on his face makes the smile freeze on the men’s face.

“Uhhh, I didn’t mean it like that,” Kane tries to correct himself but it’s too late, of course.

“You didn’t mean it like that?! What did you mean like then, hmmmm?” J clenches his jaw, panting, with murder in his crazed blue eyes. The guy looks left and right for help from his partners but they don’t say anything. He’s on his own.

“Do you think you can talk about my Queen like that? Or about ME?”

“Mister J, he’s new, he doesn’t…” one of them starts.

“Jax, did I ask you anything?” the Joker scoffs, annoyed.

Kane is reaching for his gun on the table, not trying anything brave, but just wanting to see if he’s fast enough to make an escape.

The bullet pierces his skull, blood splattering all over the table and he falls on the golden floor with a laud thud. The others guys gulp, afraid to make another move.

J watched you amazed as you grabbed his gun from his holster so fast it happened in an instant. You got up, positioned in front of him and pulled the trigger.

He starts laughing, finally laughing with all his heart.

“Baby doll, you thought I was in danger?” He pulls you back in his lap, taking your gun away. He feels a warm breeze washing all over him. Even if you are the way you are, your instinct is still to protect him. You placed yourself in front of him, just like that time when…

You are definitely Y/N, definitely the real one in his arms.

“Gentlemen, this meeting is over, out!” he commands, not breaking eye contact with you. He’s surprised to see you smile and still looking at him.

The men leave quietly, happy they are not the ones lying on the floor.

J whistles, then yells:

“Frosty! Tell the boys to clean this mess up! I’m taking Y/N to the VIP lounge.”

Frost nods in agreement and goes to inform the others on what needs to be done.

The Joker carries you in his arms upstairs to the VIP room. He purrs all the way up, enjoying seeing your skin getting goosebumps. It turns him on ever more. Once behind the silver beads, he places you on the velvet couch and takes your dress off, then your high hills and your lacy bikinis. You watch him undress and smile again when he crawls on top of you.

“Am I hurting you, Princess?” he asks, stopping his movement when he notices you look kind of uncomfortable.

“Hey, look at me.” This time you listen and look at him right away.

“Am I hurting you?” he gently kisses your jaw line, waiting for an answer that he knows won’t come.

The confused gaze you give him makes him realize something: it’s not maybe that he’s hurting you, but you don’t really understand what’s happening to you.

“I’m sorry, baby doll, but I can’t stop, I’ve missed you too much,” he exhales, starting to kiss you roughly and move on top of you again. You dig your nails in his back and he can’t ignore the small cry slipping your lips.

“What? What is it?”

You slowly take his hand away from your bruise on the right side of your body and move it higher.

“Oh, dammit, I forgot about you bruise, is this what was hurting you? I’m sorry, baby doll; you know I’m a dumbass.”

You actually chuckle for the first time and he’s delighted.

“You remember what dumbass means?” J smiles, biting your lower lip.

You moan in response and he begins to thrusts faster. It feels so good to have you again; it just drives him insane, but in a good way.

All of the sudden, you tighten your legs around his waist even more and sigh:


The Joker’s heart is about to explode with ecstasy when he hears his name coming from your mouth. If he wasn’t sure he had a heart before, now he’s certain it’s right where is supposed to be.


People are disappearing; it is all over the news. Nobody knows what was going on, it seems like an ever-growing epidemic.

There are so many rumors going around Gotham’s underworld about you. The word was there you died many months ago and now you were starting to be seen with the Joker again. A hoax? A prank? Knowing you two, probably you planned the whole thing together because you were bored. Who’d be demented enough to play around like this if not The Joker and his Queen?

The craziest rumor out there is that the Joker has no shadow. Completely bunkers. But then again, who could get close enough to him to see and live to tell?

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'Kiss Me' Fic - Seven

(Based on the ‘kiss me’ HC by @mysticmessengersreact)

You can find that >here<

Your feet thudded against the pavement as you sprinted back to the car, the mall getting further and further away from you. Seven was attempting to shield you both with his jacket but it was useless. Every inch of you was soaking from the pouring rain, and a quick glance at him confirmed he had the same issue. Finally the car came into view and you left his side to make your way to the passenger door as he fumbled with the keys trying to unlock it. As soon as it beeped you were both inside, soaking wet and panting from the running. You looked up at him, rain water seeping through his red hair and dripping down his face. The thought of how beautiful he was wouldn’t leave your mind. This crush you had was really taking over lately. All you ever thought about was Seven. How kind he was, how funny he was, how he made you feel like you were on top of the world. Never before in your life had you met someone that affected you as much as he did. Everything he said intoxicated you. All those nights sat up together watching films and eating junk food had teased you into thinking about what a life with him would be like. You imagined it would be like living with your best friend. Well, it would be. He was your best friend. It was your close friendship which had held you back so far, but right now something felt different. Adrenaline was pumping through your veins from running through the rain, and you couldn’t hold it in any longer. “Kiss me,” you requested softly. He looked up at you with surprise sweeping across his face, and then a look of humour. You could see him about to make some stupid comment. He thought you were joking. You weren’t. Grabbing him by his jacket you pulled him into you, crashing your lips together. For a moment you swore sparks flew from you both, electric shooting through you at the touch of his lips. Your heart was beating so loud you were sure he would hear it. He didn’t pull back, instead bring his hands up to your face to pull you in closer. You don’t know how long you sat making out for, but it was incredible. Better than you could have ever imagined. When you parted the two of you were breathless, just staring into each other’s eyes. He wanted more, pulling you back in for a second round. Now you had tasted him it was clear to you. 

This was definitely not a crush. It was much, much more.

We’re on an empty highway.
The sun has exploded into a thousand different hues
red orange pink yellow red orange pink yellow red—
the wind rages chaotically; a thunderstorm is coming.
You don’t slow down the car.
I don’t tell you to do so, either.
Your right hand between my thighs, I arch my back and pray to the sky.
To the stars burning milky-white
To the planets rotating in the same direction they do every day
around and around and around and—
To the Gods who are angry.
Please don’t be angry.

The first splatter of rain hits my face.
You smile, your left hand tightening around the steering wheel.
Foot pressing harder against the race.
You always loved having a roofless car.
I turn on the radio
and sing at the top of my lungs
the song that made me first think of you.
It feels good to be here it feels good to be here it feels good—
You tell me to sing louder.
I try.
I lose my voice.

The rain is pouring now.
Your car is soaked, flooded.
It won’t move.
The sun has set, the sky now a single hue of
midnight blue midnight blue midnight blue—
the wind cracks the windows, the windshields.
Glass explodes
into a thousand pieces a thousand different—
I can’t unbuckle my seatbelt.
Blood is seeping out of your face.
Out of my face.
You don’t care.
Your foot is still on the pedal.

The storm hovers over our heads.
I look at you once more.
You don’t look back.
Your fists pound furiously
against the horn
honk honk honk honk—
Lightning flashes, strikes me into two.
You sit in your broken car,
and weep for it.


Modern domestic Flintham fluff. With a ginger cat named Randall. (if you read my peach verse I guess this is an au version of that cat).


Your precious little beast won’t let me in the house. Hurry up!

James winced a little at the latest text from Thomas. He’d told Thomas he’d be home in an hour.

He’d also forgot that he had let their orange tabby Randall outside this morning, and he’d not put a new cat door on their new front door yet.

Randall had developed a most unhealthy habit of becoming obsessively territorial when outside; only James could approach him. If anyone else neared the porch or the door Randal threw a fit, hissing and spitting and threatening legs with claws. Inside, he was a bundle of joy to both of them. 

Now was not one of those times.

By the time James left the gym (early) it had started to drizzle down the rain. By the time he turned onto their street his duffel bad his text messenger was blowing up.

Thomas was sitting in his car, door open, in the driveway and looking very disgruntled. And wet. Randall was sitting on the top steps, quite dry under the roof but also looking disgruntled.

Trying hard not to smile James pulled up beside his husband. Thomas rose out of his car.

“Thank the gods! That little wanker won’t let me in and I’ve got groceries and his damned cat food!”

Thomas wagged his index finger at Randall, who licked his nose and perked up once he saw James. James chuckled. He went to Randall and the tabby meowed loudly, looking up expectantly. James picked him up and scratched his head. Randall purred.

“Honestly my sweet I think you overreact sometimes. Doesn’t he, Randall?”

James let his nose touch the cat’s. Randall gave it a single lick.

James bit his cheeks to hide his grin when Thomas narrowed his eyes at them both and muttered under his breath.


Once all three of them were inside James put away the groceries while Thomas went to change his damp clothes. James slipped out of the kitchen and to the bedroom. He gently rapped on the door before opening it.

Thomas was pulling on a pair of pants. He looked at James with a slight frown and shook his head. James came up to him and kissed him softly on the lips, then hugged him from behind, dotting his skin with kisses.

“What is this?” Thomas asked.

“Randall wanted me to apologize on his behalf.”

“Hmm, well…”

James soothed his hands over Thomas’s tight stomach, then over his back and down his arms. He turned him around and kissed him longer and harder. This time Thomas was all smiles.

“I suppose I can forgive Randall,” he said with fake reluctance. Then his eyes lit up. “And if Randall really wants me on his good side, I’m sure he wouldn’t object to you cooking us dinner, then, yes?”

James opened his mouth to protest, but Thomas was biting his lower lip and hooking a thumb through James’s belt loop. That alone make him weak in the knees. Then he grinned.

“Randall wants tuna for dinner. I hope that’s alright?”

“Ack, no James!”


This one turned out differently to how I expected but I hope the date was okay. I didn’t want it to be cliche but I also wanted it to be special. It might be a little short and frankly there wasn’t as much description of the date, rather of the aftermath but I subtly slipped some Natasha x Tony in there (though it didn’t really work out as Tony might have liked). Either way, I’m happy with the result but perfectly content with a rewrite if you’re not quite happy with it. For thegirlwiththeimpala​. Enjoy!

Prompt: Thank you so much for writing my request again 💛 … Maybe you can write a part 2 about their date.!? 💛

“The Photograph” (Part 2)

Part 1

“Nat!” You cried out.
As a result of you pounding your fists against the door to her sleeping quarters, you almost gave Natasha a black eye when she finally opened the door. Luckily, her cat-like reflexes caught your hand in her own when she opened the door.
“What?” She hissed. Apparently, she had been napping – not an activity you thought that a highly skilled assassin would partake in though it did fit in nicely with the cat metaphor.

“Sorry… I didn’t mean to disturb…” You mumbled apologetically as she let your hand go. Natasha sighed.
“Never mind. What is it?” She asked folding her arms and crinkling the large striped hoodie that she was wearing over leggings.
“I need help.”
“What else is new?” She smirked and you nudged her playfully.
“I need specific help – I have a date.” Nat’s eyes got wide.
“With…?” She suggested and you smiled nervously, wringing your hands together. Natasha gasped and held her hand over her heart before pulling you inside her room.

Several hours later and Natasha had “dolled you up” (as she’d put it). Frankly, you hadn’t wanted to go all out for this – Steve either took you as you were or not at all – but your friend had insisted. You now stood in a red floral dress reminiscent of the 1940’s but modernised with a denim jacket. Underneath you wore tights and a pair of black heels that were frightfully uncomfortable. However as you looked in the mirror, you had to admit that, when combined with the subtle dark make-up that Natasha had painted around your (y/e/c) eyes, you looked pretty damn fine.

A soft knock came on Natasha’s door.
“Nat, have you seen (y/n)? We have… uh, plans… and she’s not in her room.” Steve’s voice said from the other side of the door, obviously not intending to reveal the nature of your plans. The assassin placed her hands under your arms and placed you in front of her door. She then hid herself behind the door whilst opening it melodramatically.

“Mr Rogers, meet (y/n). Your date for the evening.” She snickered from the other side of the doorway.
Steve was leaning against doorway holding a single rose. When he saw you, he stood up and corrected himself, adjusting the tie that was around his neck. He was wearing a white shirt and tie with a black blazer and trousers. Steve broke into a beam when he saw you and stepped into the room, completely blanking Nat who came out from behind the door.

“You look…” He began, taking your hand and spinning you around. Your hair had been styled but luckily his actions weren’t enough to disrupt anything.
“I’m not sure I have the words.” He laughed softly. You stopped spinning and looked up at him with a small grin. He reminded himself that he was going to have to adjust to this newer, more modest version of you.

“Thanks. You’re looking pretty dapper yourself.” You said, no hint of the nervousness you were feeling in your voice. Natasha rolled her eyes.
“Good God. If you’re going to spend the whole night undressing each other with your eyes, at least do it in somebody else’s bedroom.” Steve blinked and shook his head abruptly. You giggled.
“Right. Yes. Sorry.” He said but then suddenly corrected himself.
“No, wait, no, I wasn’t… Undressing- no! I mean-” Natasha had pushed you both out of the doorway before he could finish his protests.

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Build A Boyfriend - Yongguk

Originally posted by daehyunny

This was a disaster. Could this day get any worse? First off you had had a ton of work to do before you got off work. Then your oh so lovely boss gave you even more files to finish before you left. Then your car broke down which resulted to you calling a repair man who said it would take 30 minutes. He got there in 45 minutes. Then you had to walk to your apartment. And the best part? It started raining. Apparently the heavens decided Seoul needed more rain. It was just not your day. To top it off your friends have been calling and texting non stop to get you to go out with them. You would go, if you weren’t going to become the 5th wheel. You politely declined each of their requests to go out. All you wanted to do was put on some comfy clothes and curl up on the couch watching your favorite drama. And that’s exactly what you did. Since it wasn’t airing on the TV, you decided to grab your handy dandy laptop and watch it from there.

“Why is there so many ads? What is this drama fever?” You asked to no one in particular. You mindlessly scrolled down the page, lazily glancing over the ads as you went until one in particular peaked your interest.

“Build a boyfriend?” You muttered in interest as you clicked on the ad in curiosity. The ad then took you to a page with what seemed like endless questions. You glanced at the clock to see it read 6:30 and you thought ‘eh I’ve got nothing better to do.’ And started answering the questions. You giggled to yourself at how some of the questions were worded but nonetheless you still answered honestly. Once you had finished you found that only 20 minutes had passed. You reread your answers and once you were satisfied clicked submit. It then proceeded to thank you for your answers and closed out of the page entirely. “Alrighty then..” You shrugged going back to watching your show. About 3 hours later a sharp knock came to your door. You groaned, thinking it was one of your friends coming to bug you about getting a boyfriend. ‘Why wouldn’t she? She’s don’t it before.’ You thought as you prepared yourself to open the door. You counted to 3 and swing the door open. Except one thing, it wasn’t who you were expecting.

Tall stature, hair styled up, dark brown eyes and a lovely smile greeted you. The male had on casual street wear with his ripped jeans and red t-shirt paired with some sneakers. He looked like he stepped straight out of a fashion magazine. You continued to gape, resembling the face of a goldfish.

“Hello, are you y/n?” Holy mother of Jesus, his voice was like liquid gold. His voice was deep and alluring quickly putting you in a trance. You continued to stare not saying a word. 'Who is this beautiful male and how does he know me?’ You were broken out of your thoughts as he waved a hand in front of your face. “Huh? Y-yeah I’m y/n.” You stuttered slightly. He smirked slightly and gently caressed your cheek. You felt your cheeks heat up as he touched you. The combination of his smile and eyes made your mind go blank for a minute. “Well y/n, may I come in then?” He asked smiling. You blinked once, twice, three times. “W-wait! Hold on! Who are you?” You questioned as said male walked into your apartment closing the door and kicking off his shoes.

“I’m yongguk, your boyfriend.” Your eyebrows shot up. “Boyfriend?” You questioned puzzled. Yongguk smirked at your confusion. “Yeah. Your boyfriend. Remember jagi, you built me?” You blinked mind racing through your day. By now he had backed you against the door slightly smirking at your flustered state. That’s when it hit you. “Wait hold on just a minute buddy. The build a boyfriend ad questionnaire? That thing was legit?” Now you were just plain out baffled and it showed on your face. Yongguk once again chuckled and leaned down to nuzzle his nose with yours. “Well I’m here now aren’t I?” You sighed. 'I regret making you sassy.’ “Oh but you love my sarcasm and sass though.” You blinked again. “Did I just say that out loud?” Yongguk chuckled. “Yes. Yes you did.” He leaned down closer just a few inches from your lips. He looked up in your eyes silently asking permission. With a hesitant nod, yongguk’s lips were on yours. You hummed slightly as his lips caressed yours softly sending sparks through your body. His arm wrapped around your waist tugging you closer while the other hand gently caressed your cheek with his thumb. You slowly wrapped you arms around his neck relaxing your body immediately. Yongguk pulled away slightly to let you breathe. He slightly chuckled kissing your nose as he took in your dazed expression. Yeah, you were definitely O.K with this. You thought to yourself as you let Yongguk wrap you in his warm embrace made only for you. The perfect ending to a terrible day.

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Promise Me

Y/N opened her eyes slowly, her mind feeling sluggish as she struggled to keep her eyelids from falling back down. The sound of the rain echoed around her as it slammed against the windows and the top of the car. Darkness surrounded her, which was her first clue that something was wrong. Shifting just a little, barely an inch, she tried to figure out where she was

That was when the pain hit.

It left her gasping for air as she stilled, sucking in a breath in an attempt to get the pain to stop. Slowly she lifted her hand to her hand, and pulled back, rubbing her fingers together. Sticky. Blood.

Blinking, her eyes adjusted to her surroundings. She was still in her car, her seatbelt had at least kept her from flying out the front windshield, but she was no longer on the road.

The constant thump thump thump of her wipers was the only sound aside from the rain, and Y/N’s eyes followed them for a moment before she reached forward to hit the switch to turn them off. That small movement sent another jolt of pain through her abdomen.

Looking down, she saw the cause of it. Somehow, during her course from the road to wherever her car now sat, a piece had separated from the car and lodged itself into her stomach. Her shirt was already soaked in blood, and Y/N’s mind slowly processed that she had lost a lot, too much. This realization brought a sense of calm over her.

Taking another look around, her eyes landed on what she had been searching for, and she reached out her hand to grasp the phone that had ended up on the passenger seat.

Pulling up her recent calls list, she clicked on his name and brought the phone to her ear, watching the rain continue to pound against the window.

“Hey babe!” His cheerful voice came through the speaker, she could hear a few of the other guys in the background, but it was his voice, that was what brought the tears to her eyes. “You almost home?”

“Hey, uhm, not quite.” She managed to get out, feeling the first tear make its way down her cheek. “Can we talk for a moment?”

“Of course, hold on.” Joe said before the happiness of the guys in the background faded, followed by the click of a door shutting. “You alright?”

“Just, wanted to talk. Remember our first trip we took?”

“Of course! How could I forget, we nearly missed our flight.” Joe chuckled, and Y/N could see the smile on his face in her mind.

“We had quite a few times where we almost missed flights, trains, buses…you had a knack for that, didn’t you?”

“Oi! If someone didn’t take so long to get ready, we would have made it.”

Y/N smiled softly at that, she knew he didn’t really mean it. He would wait forever for her.

“We’ve had some amazing times together over the past three years, haven’t we?” Her next breath shook a little with pain, but she pushed past it.

“Yeah, we have. And we’ll have loads more in the future.” More tears continued to make their way down her cheeks at his words, and she couldn’t hold back the sob that escaped past her lips.

“Y/N, are you okay?” Joe’s tone turned serious, concern laced throughout his words.

“Yes. Kind of. No. I don’t know.” There were too many thoughts running through her mind, but she was too tired to grasp one of them.

“What’s going on? Where are you?” His tone turned to worry, and panic.

“I, I don’t really know. But I just knew I needed to call you. To hear your voice.”


“I’m sorry.” She interrupted. “I am so sorry that I went to this stupid meeting. I should have stayed home and hung out with you and the others. I should have stayed in your arms a little longer.”

“You’re scaring me, love.”

“I’m sorry, I’m not meaning to. I just wanted to talk with you.”

“Well, I’m right here. We can talk. And when you get home, we can talk more.”

Y/N knew she should tell him, but she couldn’t form the words. And she was getting tired, there was black creeping in around the edge of her vision.

“Do you regret anything about us?”

“Us?” Joe paused, but only for a moment. “No. Not at all.”

“Me neither. You’ve been wonderful, truly.”

“Are you sure you’re okay?” Joe asked again, still worried.

“Just making sure you know how great you are. Because you are. And I was so lucky to have you.”

“You still do, babe.”

Y/N couldn’t figure out what to say, but time was running out. She could feel it.

“Joe, I’m sorry. I, I have to go now.”

“What? Y/N what the fuck is going on? Where are you?”

“I don’t know. But that’s okay. Because I got to talk to you one last time.”

“Last time? Y/N…”

“I love you, Joe. Don’t forget that.”

“You’re freaking me out.”

“Promise me.”

“I won’t forget.”

“I love you, Joe.”

“I love you too, Y/N.”

All he hears is the sound of rain against the car.


Part 2

Prompt from @msarahv​: Castiel is sacked from his job and finds himself outside, holding his office stuff in a box. He’s all depressed as he wonders how he’ll feed his kid sister, when a stranger parks his car and come comfort him. In the end, Destiel + Sam hires Cas as his assistant. This got so much longer than I intended. 1.4k

The cardboard box in his hands grew soggy and flexed beneath his palms, unlikely to survive the half-mile walk from his former office to the house he rented on Ohio Avenue. The least his former employers could’ve done was offer him a trash bag to cover it, but the security guard had stood adjacent to his desk while Castiel furiously scraped the personal contents of each drawer into the single box that had been thrust at his chest, then escorted him to the sidewalk. No warning, no curious co-workers watching him – Castiel had returned from his lunch hour to find the office vacated, senior partner Zachariah Adler waiting next to his desk with a pleasant expression and a termination notice, effective immediately.

Downsizing, Zachariah had explained, meaty hands folded on his lap. A necessary staff reduction. He promised Castiel an excellent reference and wished him good luck. With a stiff jaw, Castiel had bit back what he really thought of Zachariah’s well wishes and refrained from clocking him in the face.

He hurried at a pace just short of a run, shaking with anger and with cold – of all the days for his car to be in the shop. The wind picked up, blowing the rain sideways, and soaked his pants. His overcoat slapped heavily against his legs as he went, head bowed, blinking every second to keep his eyes clear. His desk plant, a rescue he’d nursed by fluorescent light, tickled his chin as he went.

He should’ve called a cab, but he needed every dollar for rent, the local service was questionable, and Hannah would need new books again soon.

It was just rain. He’d dry off once he got inside.

He cursed when the bottom of the box gave out three blocks from his house, and stood looking down on the water-logged contents scattered on the sidewalk. None of the items held much value, but he knelt in a puddle to retrieve them, putting the engraved pen (a graduation gift from his brother Michael) in his pocket and balancing the ruined pictures on top of his books, held in the crook of both arms. He’d never get the plant home. He left it on the sidewalk, among the ruins of the cardboard box, and hoped it would still be there tomorrow once the rain had stopped.

A few cars passed him, politely arcing their path to spare him the spray off their tires, but that couldn’t be said about the driver of a black car that peeled past and sent a wave of water up Castiel’s back.

Today was an abomination. 

Seething, he clutched the books tight to his chest and bit out, “Assbutt!” at the car, though he knew perfectly well the driver couldn’t hear him, probably hadn’t seen him, wasn’t aware what he’d just done. And that thought, knowing Castiel was expendable, disposable, invisible, was the proverbial straw and Castiel the broken camel, trudging through a rainstorm.

The car stopped just shy of the intersection, tail-lights pulsing momentarily red before the reverse lights came on bright, and the car pulled alongside him.

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One Night Stand

Words: 1305
Request: Can you do a Dean x Reader where Dean and Sam finds the reader drunk in an ally, they help her and the reader and Dean has a one night stand. The next morning the reader is trying to get out from the motel as silent as she can but Castiel shows up and ask her alot of questions, and then when Dean wakes up it gets a bit awkward? Thank you so much!
Pairing: Dean x Reader
Warnings: Smut

“Hey, are you alright?” You could hear a rough voice coming from above you. You could feel the rain dripping on your face and the ground was hard and cold. You were too intoxicated to answer the man. You just wanted to lay there and feel the rain pour and sing Hysteria by Def Leppard. You started humming the song, with your eyes still shut. “Atleast she’s still alive.” Said another deep voice. “We can’t just leave her here in the alley…” You could hear the men move. Maybe they’re rapists. Or just kind people who wants to help a drunk girl… haha I’m so funny. You started to laugh of your own thoughts, and rolled over to one side. “She’s not hurt… she’s drunk.” The man with the deepest voice said. “Really drunk.” The other man agreed. You felt two hands around your arms and suddenly you stood on your feet. You opened your eyes, and stared into a pair of brown eyes. “Hey, you have really pretty eyes.” You said in a drunken slur. The man made a face and turned away. “Do I have a bad breath?” You took a step backwards and almost stumbled. “No… you just… smell of alcohol.” He said, and gripped you tighter.


“We have to find out where she lives so we can get her home, Dean.” The man with brown eyes said silently. You found yourself sitting, almost lying, in the backseat of a car. You coughed and sat up. “Where do you live?” The rough voice filled your ears like a sweet birdsong on a beautiful spring morning. “Like I’m going to tell you that!” You felt a little bit sober after passing out, and spoke more clearly. The man snorted and gave you a little smile. “Well, can I at least have a name to that pretty face of yours?” He asked, looking at you in the mirror. “Y/N” you said and sat back in the leather seat. “Nice to meet you, Y/N. My name is Dean, and this is my brother Sam.” “Nice to meet you.” You said and smiled.

Dean parked outside a small motel, and turned the engine off. “Since you won’t tell us where you live, you can stay over for tonight so you’ll be sober enough to get home by your own.” Dean said, and turned around. You cocked an eyebrow. “Fine.” You said and opened the door. Sam went inside first, and tossed his bag on one of the beds. “Where am I supposed to sleep?” You said. Sam smiled at you, and sat down on a chair. “I’ll sleep in the car, you can take that bed.” Dean said with a low voice. You nodded once, and kicked off you shoes. You laid down, and felt sleepy. The boys went to bed, but you couldn’t sleep. All you could think of was Dean. He was laying outside, in the car, while the rain poured down. He must be cold. He didn’t bring any blankets or anything. You thought to yourself, and got up. You gathered the pillow and the duvet, before you put your shoes back on.

The rain painted your face wet, as you ran to the car. You opened one of the back doors, and saw Dean sleeping with his arms crossed. You shoved the pillow and duvet inside the car, forcing Dean to wake up. You followed and closed the door behind you. “What the hell, Y/N?” Dean mumbled and sat up. “Sorry, I thought you might be freezing out here, so I brought you a pillow and a duvet.” You shrugged your shoulders, and gave him a smile. He smiled and looked down. “Thank you. But aren’t these from the bed you were sleeping in? What are you supposed to…” He stopped and looked at you. You blushed a little. “It’s fine. If you had left me in the ally it would be much colder, so I’ll be fine.” You were about to open the car door when Dean grabbed your hand and pulled you towards him. You laid on top of him, with the duvet between you. The rain poured down, making a drumming sound on the car roof. You leaned closer to him, biting your lip. He stroke your hair behind your ears and looked at you with lust in his eyes. Your lips met, and your blood boiled. He laid a hand on your neck. His tongue explored your mouth, and you bit his lip carefully. He closed his eyes and let out a soft growl. He flipped you over, and kissed your neck. He took your tank top off, and slipped off your skirt. You removed his shirt, and unbuttoned his jeans. He kissed you down your body, and ran his hands all over your body and you couldn’t help it but moan. He smirked at you with a satisfied look on his face. He pulled down you panties and took off his boxer. Your breath got heavier as he teased you by kissing your hips. His name rolled off your lips as his hips were thrusting into yours. He was breathing heavy, and had a tight grip at your hips. You grabbed the door handle as hard as you could, and moaned loud. “That’s it, babe. Come for me.” he growled. “Let me feel it.” His hips stuttered, the tip of his cock barely inside you until with one last moan, he thrust forward and filled you completely, every inch of him inside you. With a desperate whimper, you came with him.

You felt sleepy as you got dressed. Dean yawned and took a swig of a whiskey bottle that had been lying on the floor. “Wait, are you drunk?” You asked. He nodded, and took another swig. “Yeah, I am pretty drunk now. I didn’t mean to drink that much, but sometimes that’s what happens.” You shook your head, and curled up under the duvet. You fell asleep after a couple of minutes, listening to Dean humming a lullaby.

The sun woke you up, and you felt a bit nauseous. You could hear Dean snoring, and you sat up, rubbing your neck. You sighed and opened the door, and shut it as carefully as you got out. The smell of morning filled your nostrils and filled your lungs with air. You opened the door to the motel room, and saw Sam sleeping. Good. You thought to yourself as you walked to the bed to grab your things. You heard a flapping sound, and turned around and saw a man in trench coat. “How… What… Who are you?” You stuttered. He looked uncomfortable with the question. “I am Castiel. Who are you?” His blue eyes were scanning you from head to toe. “Y/N.” You said, and stuffed your things into the bag. “Why are you leaving?” He asked again. “I really don’t want to talk right now… Eh… Castiel. And I have to get going. I have this… eh… thing.” You said and threw your bag over your shoulder. “Stay for some coffee then?” Sam asked with a yawn. You smiled and put the bag back down. I am never going to get out of this, am I? You walked towards the kitchen and started to brew some coffee. The front door opened and Dean came in, rubbing his face. “Good morning.” He said to Sam, and Castiel. He obviously don’t mind that weird man in trench coat just show up from nowhere when they’re sleeping. You poured coffee in four cups, and placed them on the table. Dean looked at you, and smiled a wry smile as he picked up a cup. Well, this is going to be an awkward day. You thought to yourself as you took a swig of the fresh, strong, coffee.

Somebody hates me because I'm Chinese.

It started with eggs. I would find them smashed on the back of my car every morning. You could tell they hit at the top left corner and slowly dribbled down the window and onto my bumper. The rain would come, but never enough to erase the aggression. I thought it was some kid, just trying to rebel and live outside the law for a moment in the darkness of the night. I didn’t fault them for it, I was a teenager too. But it was clear that I wasn’t getting the message. They gave up on eggs and decided to be clearer so they wrote “chink” and “Chinese” in the dirt of my car so that I could always read it in my side mirror.

Somebody hates me because I’m Chinese.

Dirt messages don’t last and the rain fell again. They decided to get creative and let us know in new ways. As I walked home last night through the fresh snowfall, I walked toward my car and noticed that the snow didn’t sit as it should. On my windshield was a giant face, with slanty eyes and an angry frown. I went inside and it froze overnight. Today, I scraped it off my windshield, bit by bit. I guess it was a pretty good depiction because I narrowed my “slanty” eyes and I frowned pretty angrily too.

Somebody hates me because I’m Chinese.

It’s been 3 months since it started. They don’t know anything about me; nothing for them to love, tolerate, or hate. They see me as an outsider, as nothing more than the collection of physical features given to me as I was being knit in the womb. They don’t see me as the precious creation that I am, designed for a purpose with love and intention.

Somebody hates me because I’m Chinese.

I was born a Canadian. I even have all the documents to prove it. My written/spoken English is better than the average citizen. I suffered through years of frigid prairie winters and desert-like SK summers. I eat poutine, and I love democracy. I’ve finished my sentences with “Eh?” and I refer to hoodies as bunny hugs. I’ve been an active part of Canada Day celebrations, and I’ve learned to sing the national anthem in both of our national languages.

But somebody hates me because I’m Chinese, and I wonder if they watched me scrape my windows today.

The Honourable Miss Hooper.

I watched Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries on Netflix and though I wouldn’t say this is necessarily an AU of the show itself, it is heavily inspired by its tone. The basic premise is that it’s the 1920s, Molly Hooper is a private detective, Sherlock is a consulting detective, they compete/not so reluctantly work with each other over/on cases and they share a history which they both like to bring up in an attempt to make the other flustered. In an ideal world I’d do a series of this, but I’m me and I’ve got WIPs and yeah. Have this drabble anyway.

It was not often that Molly Hooper, private detective, found herself in an awkward social situation. At any party, she was the life of it. She kept conversation and champagne flowing in equal amounts, the jazz hot and her dancing impeccable, sure-footed with even the clumsiest of gentlemen. She never let a guest leave her parties without a smile on their face and a companion on their arms. (Though if a male guest happened to get a little hands-on in the duration of a party, then she always made sure to send him home with nothing more than a bottle of champagne and his driver.)

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Remembering (Victuuri)

just a little unedited something I wrote at 4AM.

I do.

In that single moment, Yuri remembers. He remembers walking through the crowded streets of  St. Petersburg, their tongues stuck out to catch every falling snowflake. He remembers Victor’s cold fingers laced with his own. Yuri remembers the cheers, the blinding flashes, the loud camera shutters. The gold medal that had dented as he lightly bit into it, the bruises he’d left on Victor’s pale hips that night.

He remembers the countless road trips where they drove everywhere and nowhere at the same time. In the very first car they’d bought together, the roof rolled down. Yuri remembers Victor’s carefree laughter, his cheeks rosy as he threw his head back. He remembers frantically whispered promises on top of mountains. Dancing in the rain like it’s what they were born to do. Making love under the stars, Victor’s azure eyes wide as his breath came in harsh pants through parted pink lips.

There was the time they’d snuck into the city pool. He remembers the fear in Victor’s eyes. How he had traced the soft curve of Victor’s waist, pulling him close. Closer. The taste of sake on Victor’s lips, the look of awe in his eyes as Yuri’s fingers danced across his skin.

He remembers that one time he was more scared than he’d ever been in his life. They’d been skating, together, and he’d let go. Yuri still hates himself for letting it happen. It still haunts him when he least expects it. There were those few hours when Victor was in so much pain he couldn’t string together a proper sentence.

Yuri swore to himself he wouldn’t let anything happen to Victor on his watch. Or ever.

Yuri remembers when Victor started to grow his hair out, and suddenly Yuri was that twelve year old starstruck boy again. Victor never cut his hair short after that. Yuri didn’t mind much.

He remembers when he first went to Victor’s apartment in Russia. He’d been so unsure, so nervous. Then he remembers the last time he went there, before Victor sold it once they’d found a place together. Yuri remembers how they’d made katsudon together. How it was all messy and it didn’t turn out like his mother’s, but the way Victor smiled and kissed Yuri when he’d pulled him to his chest made it all worth it. So worth it.

I do.

Yuri looks up at Victor. The man with the long silver hair and that smile he’d reserved only for Yuri long ago. The man who had ran to Yuri, and leapt into his arms, kissing him in front of the whole world.

He looks at Victor, and he knows. He knows he’ll love this crazy, beautiful being until the very end of time. And Yuri can’t be more happy about anything else.