You can call my anti-capitalism short-sighted. You can say my anti-militarism is unrealistic. You might tell me my veganism is naive. You could put my unabashed leftist views squarely in the “never going to happen” category. But know that I’m for compassion, and equality, and seeing every individual as worthy of life and happiness. 

People went from tribes to colonies to countries. People went from fire to the wheel to the plow to the moon. And you’re telling me I’m naive to think that people can’t be better to each other? You’re telling me I’m unrealistic to say that we can live in relative harmony? 

Come at me with a plan that gets us to the goal of a better world for everyone and I’ll listen to your nay saying. Actually, I won’t. We’ve already wasted enough time on people clinging to the status quo.

Greece defies creditors over more cuts as economy shrinks unexpectedly
By Helena Smith

The standoff between Greece and its creditors escalated on Tuesday with the embattled Athens government vowing it will not give in to demands for further cuts, as data showed the country’s economy unexpectedly contracting.

As thousands of protesting farmers rallied in Athens over spiralling costs and unpopular reforms, the Hellenic statistical authority revealed that Greek GDP shrank by 0.4% in the last three months of 2016.

After growth of 0.9% in the previous three-month period the fall was steep and unforeseen. On Monday the European commission announced that the eurozone’s weakest member was on course to achieving a surplus on its budget of 2.3% after exceeding its 2016 fiscal targets “significantly”.

The setback came as prime minister Alexis Tsipras’ lefist-led coalition dug in saying it would not consent to additional austerity beyond the cuts the country had already agreed to administer under its third, EU-led bailout programme.

Oh my god. Yes, we get it. Hilary is a bad person, she’s done bad things. You know who else is a bad person and has done bad things? Trump. If you’re a liberal/lefist/left-leaning stop making posts/sharing shit about her being a terrible person because we need her. Trump and the republicans want to reverse all the progress we made and while I’d love to have Bernie in office, he’s not a guarantee; if it’s down to Hilary v. Trump, I want to have every single Bernie supporter voting for her. No vote = a vote for Trump. And if it leaves a bad taste in your mouth, as is does mine, don’t think of it as voting for Hilary, think of it as voting against the republicans. 

Every time I walk out the doors of my shitty retail job another last shred of Capitalist ideology is stripped away.

This has been quite an education.

It’s sometimes difficult, of course, to distinguish between run of the mill incompetence and systemic incompetence… but certainly not impossible, and I’m willing to bet that some of the run of the mill incompetence stems from the existence of managers who have never worked under the sorts of conditions their lowest-tier employees work under, or have not for a decade or more which amounts to the same thing. So, maybe individual incompetence is ultimately systemic incompetence as well.

The most valuable part of the education, however, has been realizing the actual implications of my paycheck. Now, if I wanted to “save up to go to college,” and I had the grades BUT NOT THE MONEY to be accepted to the very institution I graduated from… Well, let’s sit down and do the math, shall we? I’m making, if I’m generous (I’m rounding up to simplify the math somewhat) $400 a week, working somewhere between 40 and 60 hours at two jobs. I needed something like 40,000 a year to attend the college I graduated from. (I’m discounting, again, the two years I spent at Community College, because the simple fact of the matter is that for the vast majority of students, an AA does not lead to a four year degree at a prestigious institution! Surely that’s obvious?) So, what we’re looking at here is 100 weeks of work. I.E. a month under two years. Therefore, realistically (ahahaha) I would have to work seven and a half years to pay for college… with no other expenses whatsoever.

This is sick.

And remember, this is if I have the GRADES, but not the MONEY. I am INTELLIGENT AND HARD WORKING enough to attend a prestigious university, but not RICH enough. And while on the one hand, I personally lucked out and was in the right place at the right time to get support, not everyone can depend on what is frankly dumb luck.

Oh, and let’s toss a bone to intersectionality!

You might say, if you can manage to get a better position you’ll be better off, surely! You can afford it if you work your way up the ladder! Well, leaving aside the fact that shitty retail jobs don’t actually have lots of opportunities for promotions, consider the possibility that I’m a woman. Or Latina. Or a Latina woman. Or a gay Latina woman! Each time you add something onto that list, your chances to improve your economic situation go down, your pay at higher levels gets less compared to men, and, if you are queer, you run the risk of working your way up and then getting fired after being outed, because you aren’t legally protected!

Sick sick sick sick.

That’s enough of a rant for today.

Maybe another day I’ll post some pictures of the massive bins of food we throw away every day.

It’s, say it with me now, pretty sick.

Sorry for the non-Media related rant. I’m not sleeping very much, I can feel my anxiety and depression getting worse, and I guess I just needed to get some of this off my chest, or at least direct all the stress in something resembling a positive direction…