Holy shit so Kumoricon

WAS AWESOME. I met so many people and I had such a fun time with all the homestuck fans. It was a lot less stressful than Sakura Con, surprise surprise! Basically everyone was nice and super cool to hang out with. I’m really proud of myself and Clayton and anyone else who helped lead the homestuck shoot on Saturday too, I never thought I would step up to the plate of leadership like that! And it was a big success too! Yay!!!
Anyways I’m STILL RECOVERING TO BE HONEST LOL. I slept a fuck ton last night and I just took like a 4 hour nap. Let’s hope I regain all my strength soon.
If I met you at Kumoricon con, or even of you perhaps saw me, feel free to chat it up with me! I’d love to talk :) my Skype is kehega, of you’d prefer that.
Alright I’m going back to sleep again lol. This con was a huge success and had a good ending!