Spectacle and neomanagerialism

Though we believe that a society should not oppose freedom of speech, this does not include every kind of speech nor every kind of freedom. Freedom of speech is not of equal importance with the freedom of work, education, health, housing and the city, and a declaration of the material rights of material man would be neither more nor less effective than the former declaration. Freedom of speech might possibly be placed on a par with the freedom of the city as a skyline of civilisation, more than as a right claiming institutional recognition; moreover only critical and poetic speech can be considered in this context, and these forms of speech owe their acknowledgement to their own power; terrorism will always try to silence such voices and it is therefore up to them to find ears that will hear, cracks in the walls of discipline through which they can infiltrate… Henri Lefebvre … 1971.

This was written against the state of terror that Keynesian liberalism created, a terror doubled by neoliberalism and which the developing technocratic neomanagerialism will attempt to make worse. It will be worse because the depth of the class society can only become deeper, the distance between the rich and poor will be managed to become greater…