So I was watching the new SuJu Performance version video of Devil and during Heechul’s rap I noticed Leetuk being adorable in the background, so I stopped it to take this screencap:

But then I was looking at everyone else and……well…..

I think Ryeowook is my favorite here. But Kyuhyun’s hover finger is also great, and Donghae looks like he just found out the meaning of life. And you know. Siwon just looks plain dumbfounded.

I also managed to stop it right as Siwon was lifting Heechul’s hat…

Fly away my child. Fly away.


[OFFICIAL] Super Junior ‘MAMACITA’ Teaser Set 3 (cr)

Considering the pain that Leeteuk and family feel right now. Dispatch decided to respect the family and refrain to make any report about it. They said rather than celeb news, it is a family tragedy that can happen to anyone. So they decided to stop making reports and news about it.

Korea Dispatch @dispatchsns | Translation: @kibokiee