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Can you write one were the reader has an abusive boyfriend and when he finally finds out he gets super mad and beats him up? That would be great.

So this is my very first JokerXReader in english, I hope you like it Anon and of course all my other supporters! <3 Requests are now open, leave them all at my old blog, to be sure I will get them! 


„What’s this?! Hey! I’m talking to you, you little slut!“

Your eyes were filled with tears as you looked up to your boyfriend.

He was in a rage, like everyday when you came home from work and you were fucking sick of it.

„This is not mine“, you said quietly.

„Not yours? Okay …“, he said, suddenly very calm.

He turns his back at you and right after you wanted to stand up from the floor, -where you laid since he has beaten you down-, he comes back and kicked you in the stomach.

You cried out in pain.

„DON’T FUCKING LIE TO ME!“, he screamed as he holds the black dress infront of your nose.

„Who gave you this? Come on, tell me, who did it? I will beat the fuck out of this freak!“

You asshole, you thought, HE will beat the fuck out of you, if he sees the bruises on my body tomorrow.

„Haven’t you heared me, slut? I asked you something.“

„Fuck off, Cole“, you hissed with the last power you had in your body after this nightmare.

„Well, good. I hope you have nice and long dreams, because you will not get out of this apartment until you told me which bastard gave this to you.“

And with those words, your boyfriend leaved you alone on the cold kitchen floor.

Your body ached and you felt so alone and stupid again.

How did you got into this?

How did you deserve this?

Cole wasn’t the abusive boyfriend from the beginning.

When you two first met, he was caring and just lovely to you.

But then things changed.

As soon as you started living togehter in your apartment, he became more and more jealous when he sees you talking to other men, even if it just was your neighbour or something.

It was ridiculous.

A few months later everything you were in, was a total mess.

Cole lost his job, so you decided to go searching for work by yourself, even if you had to go to college besides.

You didn’t told him about your job.

You knew he would lock you away forever, if he finds out, that you’re working at a nightclub as a singer and dancer.

Ever since he began to ask, where you have been all the night, you always said you were with your best friend and studied for several exams or just college work.

Of course he did not believe you anymore as he heared this excuse a little to often from you.

So that’s how it happened.

How you get beaten up from your boyfriend, the one who always said he would be there for you, if the times become hard.

You don’t even know, why he stays here with you any longer, when everything he says about you, is what a little slut you are and that he knows, about all the man you had behind his back; what clearly wasn’t true at all.

He was sick and all you wanted was to get away from this man.

But how could you, when you were lying here on the cold floor and can’t even move because the pain in your body was too much.

If you could only stand up …

Maybe you could call for help, was the next thought you had.

But what help?

Your best friend wasn’t in town at the moment, visiting her parents because of spring break.

The police, would arrest you.

At the first look you seem to be an innocent little girl, but if they would take a closer look at your life, ooh they would find something that no one ever would’ve expected from you.

But what if …

Your head (still in pain, from the hard hit on the ground), turns to the kitchen counter.

Your phone … if you could only reach it.

Carefully you tried to pull you up at the ankle of the fridge.

„Fuck …“, you whispered as you came up on your legs again.

You prop yourself with your arms at the kitchen counter as you try to write a message, at the only person that could get you out of this hell.

Mr J I’m sorry to hit you up at this time, but I’m in a very bad situation and please could yo help me?

I wouldn’t ask you if I could ask someone else, but this is an emergancy, I need help, right now. And I will never ever ask you for anything again, if you help me. I’m in my apartment and can not open the door, ‘cause my boyfriend literally has beaten the fuck out of me. Please …



The moment when you click at the send button on your phone, the lights in the apartment turned on again and your boyfriend was standing right infront of you.

His look straight at your phone that you were holding in your hands.

„Please … don’t …“, you whispered as he took a big step towards you and whacks your phone out of your hands.

„What are you doing, sweetheart? Are you texting for help? One of your lovers, maybe? DO YOU?“, he asks aggressiv.

„No, I just …“, you couldn’t speak further, because he grabbed you by your neck.

He was choking you and you tried to pull his hand away.

His grasp hurts and your air was getting thinner and thinner.

„L-leet go … off me …“, you begged with a chocking voice.

„Come on you slut, tell me the fucking truth!“

Tears ran down your cheeks again.

„It’s not true, I did not cheat on you“, you said whining.

„Liar!“, he spits out and throws you against the next wall.

You feel warm blood running down from your forehead, as you hit on the ground again.

Everything seems so blurry, the room was circling around in your eyes.

You couldn’t even scream, you were too weak, your body had to deal with too much damage.

„I loved you, (Y/N). I really loved you. But you don’t even care.“

That’s it.

This is how your life should end up?

You’re nineteen years old, not even finished college and-

Suddenly a loud bang hits you out of your blurry mind.

You turn your head a little, but what you see there in the hallway must be an hallucination.

Three really big hechman were standing there and in front of them you saw your boss, green slicked back hair, a half unbuttoned shirt what makes you see his chiselled and also tattoed chest and a baseball bat in his hands.

The Jokers look was murderous, as he saw you lying on the ground, your boyfriend still obove you and ready to bring it to an end.

„So“, the Joker starts swinging his baseball bat.

„You must be the little fucker, (Y/N) told me about.“

„W-what … I-I don’t understand, t-this must b-be an misunderstanding …“, Cole stuttered.

His eyes were wide in fear and you could almost feel how scared he was.

No one, really no one, wants to mess with the Joker, when he’s mad.

„Really? Than you should tell me, why your now ex- girlfriend, lies on the floor bleeding and damaged as hell“, Joker said through squinted eyes.

With every word he said, he came in closer to Cole, while Cole just wanted to have more space between him and  Joker.

„She … she …“, Cole started searching for an explanation that sounds reasonable.

„WHAT?“, Joker growled and seized Cole by his neck.

„I’m sorry“, Cole whispered.

Now it was his turn to cry out in pain, ‘cause the next thing that happened, was that Joker slammed his baseball bat in Coles face.

„Murphy, would you please be so kind and help (Y/N) to stand up and lie down on the couch, while I have a little chat with this young man?“, Joker asks almost calm.

One of his henchman, -you know him from some business meetings at Jokers club, yes the one you were working at-, carries you to the couch and helps you to get comfortable with all your injuries.

In the background you could still hear Cole’s whining.

„That doesn’t feel nice, right?“, you hear Joker saying.

„Get up!“

„Bob would you help him get up“, Joker said in a very pissed off inflection.

The second henchman, -a real life Godzilla, if you want- brings Cole back on his feet.

He was crying and beggin‘ for mercy.

„Ooh, Cole your such a filthy little bastard.“

Cole cries out in pain again, after Joker hits him in the stomache several times.

„Look at me. Look at me!“, you hear his rough voice saying.

„Now tell me, does it feel nice to get beaten up like that?“

Actually Cole couldn’t say anything, except for a quiet moan.

His whole face was bloody and his nose looked like Joker broke it a few times.

He couldn’t even stand without Bob‘s help.

„Bruce, the hammer, please“, Joker said smiling at his third goon.

The man handles him an old carpenter’s hammer, with a wooden helve in which the words HAHA were engraved.

„NO PLEASE!“, Cole screams in panic.

„I’m sorry! I’m sorry for everything! (Y/N), please I know I hurt you and that was totaly wrong, but please don’t let him do this!“

You turn your head as far as you can, after Murphy fixed your neck a little to make help the pain more bearable.

Joker looked down at you, holding the hammer casual in his right hand.

He was waiting for your opinion, what surprised you more than a little bit.

„What do you say, doll? Do I have to let him go?“, he asks, his voice now a little more soft, as he stroke your cheek.

„Beat him up“, you said without any emotion in your voice as your eyes glanced at Cole.


„Mr J?“

„Yes, doll?“

„Thank you“, you smiled at him.

He smiled back at you.

„Thanks for the present“, he said and give an evil smirk to Cole.

„And (Y/N).“


„Don’t call me Mr J.“

„Why?“, you asked a little confused.

„‘Cause you’re mine now and I don’t want you to treat me like your boss any longer“, he said.

You opened your mouth in surprise, but Mr J just lays his finger onto your lips and shoke his head.

„Later“, he said.

„This work has to be done.“

He swings the hammer in his hand and started laughing as soon, as he hits Cole’s face again and again, and again.

Until you can’t hear any sign of life from Cole anymore.

You did not look up, you know what Joker has done and that was enough for you tonight.

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ahhhh the post about 1337/leet going around about hacker and being hacked is making me even more nervous about that mail thing 😰

jkfsh are you the same person who sent the earlier ask lmao im nervous too rip but skam fandom loves to analyze the shit out of everything so