1. Leeteuk Forest Project **Extended Deadline: Saturday, May 3rd 2014 KST**

This project is created by 830701.com consisting of 4 Korean Leeteuk fansites: parkjungsu.com, leeteukfamily.cn.com, leeteukfan.com and onlyleeteuk.com.

The goal is to collect 5,000,000krw (appox. 5,000usd) to create a Forest in Leeteuk’s name. You must donate a minimum of 5,000krw(approx. 5usd). The more that is donated, the larger the forest will be. More detailed explanation about the project.

To participate please read through this and contact their twitter or Q/A board to send in your payment.

*After sending your donation, make sure to send in the payment confirmation so that you are added to the QR list which is a list that will be placed in the forest of people who donated.*

They extended the deadline for another week so it’s your last chance to donate for this project! You have till Saturday, May 3rd!

For more information on this project go to: leeteuk-tree.com | twitter.com/19830701_

2. SEELeeteuk Project *Deadline: May 31st, 2014*

SEELeeteuk is a collaborative project by Leeteuk Biased fans and fanbases all over the world dedicated on organizing a charity funding project for Leeteuk's Comeback in 2014. 

All funds collected by SEELeeteuk will be donated to SEE International, an organization that provide sustainable medical, surgical and educational services with the objective of restoring sight and preventing blindness to disadvantaged individuals worldwide. More info about SEE International.

If you would like to participate, contact SEELeeteuk and they will provide you with the proper information to donate individually or through your fanclub country representative. Country reps are giving different items to those who donate so double check through them, but these are the two main ways to donate:

Visit these sites for more information about this project: seeleeteuk.wordpress.com | twitter.com/SEELeeteuk | facebook.com/SEEleeteukintl

3. Dream Rice Project *Deadline: June 15th, 2014*

This project is created by Teukbar.

The Dream Rice will be given to a charity to help feed the poor in Korea. TeukMom will decide the event where the rice will be given to Leeteuk and, after that event, Leeteuk will choose the charity he wants the rice to be donated to.  More detailed info about this project.

Any amount given will be accepted for this support project.

You can donate through a fanclub country rep, with a group of friends or individually. All donations will be used to purchase bags of rice and a list of every individual who donates will be given to TeukMom to give to Leeteuk.

**Teukbar will make a special Collector’s DVD ver A(with 10 videos)for the Leeteuk fans who donate more than 44lbs ($60USD) of dream rice. The DVD content is exclusive videos of Leeteuk’s performances (non public) in the armed forces.  A very unique collection not found anywhere else in the world!!!**

Various fanclub country reps are also giving Teukbar’s Leeteuk hand fans, Teukbar photobooks, and other items to those who donate through them so double check with your country rep. 

For more information on this project or to find your country fanclub rep, contact Teukbar.