leeteuk obsessed

If Super Junior member were Mean Girls characters.

Leeteuk = Ms. Norbury

Heechul = Regina George

Yesung = Kevin 

Kangin = Principal Duvall

Shindong = Damian

Sungmin = Janis Ian

Eunhyuk = Cady Heron

Donghae = Karen Smith

Siwon = Aaron Samuels

Ryeowook = Scared Boy

Kyuhyun = Gretchen Wieners


Zhoumi = Mrs. George

Henry = Jason

Don’t ask… [If Super Junior member were Harry Potter characters.]

Why are all new suju shows not getting subbed fast enough or at all anymore. This is so depressing, no one understands my crave to see these episodes. Its nearly reaching over 10 episodes and we've only managed to get one episode done and sobs for life. Not to nag any subbers but I see every other fandom getting their new shit subbed and I get extremely jealous because I need to see my suju. Like id spend an entire year watching nothing ever on tv just to get all these suju shows subbed for me. And the Eunhae previews cant they just get released already, and even when they do I still wont be able to understand shit. Like fuck, sometimes youre so obsessed you just kinda stop caring but then when you start thinking about it again you realized how much you absolutely do care and its like the end of the world.

And dont even get me started with copyrighted issues. like seriously I just want to watch my international shows.

Someone give me a korean teacher.