leeteuk bias

My top 10 Bias list.

Here we go from 1-10

1) Kyuhyun Cho (Super Junior) ULTIMATE BIAS.

2) Yesung (Super Junior)

3) Lee Jun Ki

4) Jimin (BTS)

5) Jungkook (BTS)

6) Song Joong Ki

7) Lee Jong Suk

8) Leeteuk (Super Junior) 

9) Leo (Vixx)

10) Ravi (Vixx)

 So nay beautiful beings…. my heart cant take it…

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Seriously, though and 83Line subunit. I mean look at them

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Th amount of sexy craziness they would bring to an album/the stage is just a thing I think the world needs.

Here's a memory for ELFs to laugh at...

Remember that one time when Donghae got almost half of the members of Super Junior pissed at each other, punished for no reason in one way or another, and indirectly caused Kyuhyun and Leeteuk to cry, and indirectly caused Shindong and Yesung to almost fight, but still somehow managed to get away with it and was the only one unharmed even though HE STARTED THE ENTIRE FREAKING THING?

Because I do.

I use to hate Super Junior because of what Leeteuk said about women, if that’s how the leader felt what does that say about the group as a whole? But one day during Aug. 2011 I saw the Mr. Simple music video, I’ve been a hardcore ELF ever since. I was going through such a hard time & their lyrics made everything better. Thank you Super Junior for being my sunshine on a cloudy day, thank you for making me smile when I’m down! You are truly my Supermen! Leeteuk is my ULTIMATE bias now btw c: