Leeteuk: The once immature idols have become big sunbaes.. The young girls screaming Super Junior’s name from middle school have returned into college students, some fans have even become moms. I feel very happy to have spent this time with everybody, to have created this memory together, and to have stood under the same sky. I don’t know how many members we have either.. Shindong-ah and Eunhyuk-ah, you guys have worked hard preparing for this concert.Thank you guys, You guys are very great! Yesung-ah, you’re our lead vocalist. I believe in you. Donghae -ah, when we first met you were still in middle school, and now your’e already in your thirties. You’re the most handsome 30 years old I’ve ever met. Siwon -ah , i wont say anything else beside thank you. Heechul-ah, my friend. When you’re in pain, let me be the one to carry you. ELF. I’m always thankful to you. I love you all. ©