I'll be on tumblr all day just in case I leave tomorrow!

I might go to Leesville, LA. with my uncle to pick up my aunt and there’s no computers for me to get on. Well, at my Uncle Charles house but he’s mean and there’s no use in bringing my wifi connector to even try to using my phone’s internet because the service is super low in that country town =[

But I still love going there lol

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3 kids at my schools middle school division got expelled for going on a racist rant, filming it, and putting it on Instagram. The school is now on the local news and people are afraid it'll become national. Just look up Leesville Road Middle.

holy shit it’s real


benson h. lyons house by Exquisitely Bored in Nacogdoches
Via Flickr:
c. 1900, queen anne revival / eastlake style


The graves of my great grandparents are mounds
in the ground.
It is hot and I stand over them as my father does
the same
while wiping the sweat from his forehead.
The sun beats down but it does not
burn his black skin, as I suspect it never will,
hard as it tries.
I remember that one of those mounds used to
sit in a rocking chair while I played Mozart.
I do not feel proud in this thick air and I look at my
father.  He is stronger than me.  I pick my
cuticles and think about alligators.

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