This is Starke!
I found him abandoned m on the side of the road, but now lives with me and his Pitbull older sister Leesi. He’s an old soul for a puppy that likes to sit in the dirt (not grass) and stare at the clouds go by


ask-leesie  asked:

Flannel, I know Jewel is just there for pressure, and I get that Petal hasn't fully satisfies you. But have you considered you try to teach her what you really like? I know that Petal also loves you, and I think she wants to make YOU happy too, and you have to let her try. And even when you're doing this you can still go to Jewel when you still aren't fully satisfied, but tell her about your fantasies so she can help you. But don't pressure her too much take it slow and help her satisfy you.

“You never know, maybe by some miracle, something will change.”

yep yep yep well for a million years now I’ve had an ask in my box asking for a lineup of all the characters. And so I went to go do that but got immediately frustrated once I drew Leesie so here you go, the loneliest line up. Maaaaaaybe next time

(Also this is me trying to draw a little more simpler)


Act IV: Homecoming

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((This was supposed to go up yesterday, whoops.

Just so you folks know, there will be no update the following week. I’d like to spend more time on the next post so I’m giving myself some buffer time to get it done the way I’d like it to be. So yeah, in two weeks’ time, new post!

I’ve got a late Valentine’s thing to post in the meantime though. I had a something else too, but I can’t even find the original post anymore, so I just have that. So that’ll be posted later.))