Yesterday at Pride, I saw this guy that I thought looked so familiar, it took me a minute to realized I followed him on Tumblr, so when we got home I sent him an awkward “Hey I follow you and I think I saw you today” message as it turned out I already followed him and his boyfriend, so today we ended up meeting up with them, and we spent all day hanging out.
It was an amazing day, these are two stellar guys.  :)

More Pride pictures to come. 

anonymous asked:

top ten hottest men you follow ;)

Uhhh…I WILL answer this, but more than that I WILL forget people, so if I forget you, I’m sorry.

In no particular order…









…okay I tried to answer this, but I’m tired ans such…so this is who I came up with. 

ghostofqueernessyettocome  asked:

Can it be a sixsome instead? Me, thebeardedmystery, cleverbearpun, wishes-he-was-king-of-bears, and leeshoron. Or would that be too much going on at once?

Oooh Jesus! :P
My five favorite bears all in once sex filled room? Too much? THAT sounds like heaven. 

But we’d need to get everyone else interested…